Bill Clinton’s Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

I was reading Daniel Greenfield’s (aka @Sultanknish)most magnificent post on What Bill Clinton Knows, in which he says in part:

What Clinton understood, and Obama doesn’t, is that politics is about people. And that politics is nothing without people. 400 glowing articles don’t compare to what people are feeling when they’re unemployed, when they’re not sure how they’ll make payroll next month and when they sit toting up the numbers late at night and worrying about the future.

Obama isn’t so much a machine politician as he is a politician of the machine. A man whose career was made by one machine after another. Smooth gleaming urban monstrosities guiding him from one organization to another, from handshakes to dinners to ballots to signatures. Politics to him is nothing but a power game almost completely detached from the people. They’re spectators, showing up to faint, cheer and buy him drinks afterward.

[snip, but you must read every word of this post; it’s that good]

Clinton, like McCain, underestimated the power of the machine behind Obama. The new world order of digital power, manufactured cult-of-personality media complex and sheer arrogant rule-breaking. Slick Willy had tasted two out of that three in his time, but no one ever worshiped him as a god. And certainly no one was going to faint on listening to his wife or build statues to her. Hillary would not inspire works of art or paeans of praise.

But Bill also had the last laugh. Because gods are not allowed to let you down. Gods are not allowed to keep blaming Bush or the Republicans. They’re not allowed to promise to take care of things later. That’s not what people elect gods for.

There’s no doubt that he saw this coming early on and that in the dregs of his bitterness at losing, not just failing to win, but the humiliation of defeat, he knew that the day would come when the statues would fall. When people would stretch out their hands expecting help… and when it did not come, the hands would clench into fists.

[really, go, now, read it all, I’ll wait . . . ]

As I was reading this post, I kept flashing back to 0’s 2010 tax cut presser in which President Clinton takes over . . .I wrote about this at the time because I was so amused that President Clinton told 0 to “please go.”  So I was prompted, of course, to go back and watch that clip again in light of Greenfield’s insights.

Several things stand out.  Note how 0 starts by admitting that when it comes to the economy, Clinton did a better job and then rambles on in typical “erm ugh d’oh” 0 fashion with what he imagines to be lighthearted remarks, and how when President Clinton begins speaking, 0 stands to the side, head tilted up in that grating trademark self-righteous and superior manner.  Note, by contrast, how President Clinton is . . . well, there’s no other word for it, genuine.  Now we all know he can lie with the best of them, but what Greenfield points out, what 0 can’t comprehend, is that President Clinton is, in many ways, very genuine and even more importantly that people read him as such.  It matters.

Next, note how President Clinton tosses out several body blows to Teh Won in the first five minutes.  One, he’s genuinely shocked that the President of the United States of America just told a press conference, that he called on the spur of the moment, that he had a party to get to.  Two, he admits that he feels “awkward” being there.  No way does President Clinton not love it, every single second of it, but the point, of course, is that 0 had to call in back up because he’s weak, ineffectual, and incapable.  Three, he notes that he still spends time each day studying our economy.  No one believes for one second that 0 spends time . . . well, ever doing that; he’s totally clueless, and we all know it.  President Clinton knows it.  And he told us he knows it, if not in so many words.  Indeed, as President Clinton starts getting into the details of the economy, 0’s head drops, his eyes glaze over . . . he checks out.  Totally.

Then he calls 0 a “partisan,” causing a bit of a lip pursing-sneer-snort thing to erupt from our Dear Leader.  It was golden.  And then, particularly interesting given what has transpired since, President Clinton expresses his support for the 2010 tax cut deal by explicitly stating that he believes in it but “not because of class warfare.”  He’s no drooling rube, he has 0’s number, and he’s had it all along.  President Clinton saw the class warfare nonsense in the works, and he called it out.  At a 0 presser.  How freaking priceless is that?

And then, perfectly at ease, totally in command, President Clinton begins taking questions from the press.  0’s disgusted by it and lets it show.  But President Clinton is all too happy to accommodate the press (just as he always was); unlike 0 who rarely holds a presser, and when he does, he doesn’t take questions (mostly because he has no idea what’s going on and can’t answer them).  President Clinton goes on to demonstrate that he has a better grasp on everything from the economy to START to “green” energy.  The absolute best part for me is still at around the 11 minute mark, when President Clinton tells 0 “please go,” but looking back at this, in light of all the recent Clinton maneuvers, is certainly of interest.

I don’t believe for one second that President Clinton doesn’t know exactly what he is doing, including his faux “apology.”   Word salad or ” [wink, wink] nudge, nudge”?  I’m going with “[wink, wink] nudge, nudge.”


22 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

  1. You know its pretty sad when we can think Bill Clinton has more class than Barack Obama. I do think Clinton’s so called gaffes are done purposely. Of course I think Bill still holds a grudge against Obama for his using the race card against him during the 2008 campaign.

    • So true, Teresa. So sad, really, that our current “president” is such a complete failure, such an anti- and unAmerican POS that, by comparison, Clinton looks like a great president. Heck, even Carter is looking more competent these days because 0 is easily the worst president since . . . well, longer than I’ve been alive, that’s for sure.

    • Slick Willie Clinton never bragged that he was “five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!” Clinton never showed by action or word that he HATED the USA!

  2. It’s a testament to Obama’s bumbling ineptitude and corruption that we are nostalgic for Clinton. The writer is right on. Yes, Clinton is a liar (all politicians are, but he was especially accomplished) but he genuinely loves people, loves mixing with him. Also, Clinton was smart enought not to mess with the Reaganomics economy and the nation is better off for it.

    • So true, Silverfiddle. I would have never dreamed that I’d one day be nostalgic for Clinton. It’s not quite at the “Miss Me Yet?” level, but I’m enjoying the Clinton vs. 0 cage match, and have my money on President Clinton. 🙂

  3. i totally agree, daniel’s article was spot on! as for clinton, love him or hate him, he was a real politcian. i’m glad you posted the video too, fuzzy. the body language is truly entertaining. no feaux paus on clinton’s “gaffes” at all. great post!

    • That’s so true, Namaste, Clinton was (and is) a great politician. I’ve never doubted that (though I was sort of befuddled by his “I never had sex with that woman” thing, he was clearly lying and that seemed a stupid misstep). No way is Clinton unaware of exactly what he’s doing. I can’t wait to see his endgame. 0 is toast.

  4. We just had this conversation at dinner a few nights ago. Obama is so outsmarted by Clinton because Clinton is authentically smart. Obama? Silly question.

    Clinton also has the ability to say the most astonishing things in a way that people just nod and say, “Wow, never thought of it that way.”

    Never heard the term “word salad.” I’ve always called that sort of rambling “nonsense syllables.”

    • Well, I guess he kind of tried. At first. But he quickly got a clue and backed off, ensuring his legacy was positive, that everything he did wouldn’t be undone. 0 isn’t that savvy, and he’s not that smart (it doesn’t help that 0’s a wild-eyed radical ideologue. Clinton is neither radical–though Hillary surely is–nor an ideologue.).

  5. Excellent analysis and dialogue Fuzz. I couldn’t agree more. o thought clinton was going to come out and prop up the emperor with no clothes just as everyone else had done to this point in his life. This was probably o’s biggest moment of confusion and “anger with no where to go”. I don’t care for clinton at all since he did so much damage to the country (opened the floodgates for China mainly) but he did his best work here on the o. And he”s still throwing left jabs and uppercuts. As bad as clinton was, he is 1000 times what the o is.

    • I know, I think it still stuns 0 and his team that Clinton isn’t their pet puppet and salivating to be in the good graces of their thug machine. I don’t care for Clinton, either, but I definitely enjoy seeing him take Teh Won down a few pegs. 😉

    • Excellent point, CoF! Walking out like that, getting closer (note how in this video he leans forward on the podium, shows interest in the questions and the people asking them), is natural for Clinton, it doesn’t come off as an act. If you watch 0, particularly in townhalls from ’07/’08, he’s clearly uncomfortable among the unwashed masses whom he thinks so far beneath him. He might walk around, but he oozes condescension. Not Clinton, he had a knack for making everyone think he cared, specifically, about them. Reagan had that, too. Heck, 43 had it, particularly after 9/11 and when meeting real people, including our troops (whom 0 treats like his personal army, who should bow to him, perhaps kiss his ring.).

      Can you imagine President Clinton ever responding to a public outcry by stating, with a sneer and an evil chuckle, that the people should be THANKING him? Ugh. 0 is beyond disgusting and revolting. I simply can’t wait to vote him out in November.

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