Open Letter to Mitt Romney and (Other) Establishment GOP

[insert salutation],

There seems to be some general, and perhaps understandable, confusion among both leftists and the establishment GOP about the TEA Party and its very real role in national politics.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain a few home truths to you so that you don’t misread a potential White House win as some sort of “mandate.”  That would be a big mistake.  Big.

Here’s why:

People–particularly fear-mongering, mentally-incompetent leftists, but also you establishment types–seem to be under the mistaken impression that the TEA Party is a reaction to 0.  It is, in part, but mostly it isn’t.  We’ve always been here, watching with varying degrees of horror as you, along with your progressive buddies across the aisle, spent this nation into oblivion, piling up entitlements we couldn’t afford and forking out our hard-earned money on your pet projects.  We watched as government expanded and the Nanny State ballooned under both GOP and leftist stewardship, and we didn’t like it.  At all.

Remember when President Bush (43) had the highest approval ratings of any president (92%)?  And then remember when he had the lowest approval rating of any president (22%)?  Why do you think that happened?  Surely, you aren’t naive enough to imagine that was all leftist and libertarian opposition to the war in Iraq or their stellar “hate Bush” communication campaign (that never bothered us, just so you know, we were getting tired of that by the summer of ’03).  No, that happened because We, the People, watched the government take control of K-12 education with arbitrary and ridiculous national “standards,” blanket standards dreamed up in DC and then forced on every state; added an unwieldy and, as we’ve since learned unnecessary, monstrous bureaucracy (the DHS) that does more to limit our freedoms and create distrust in the people than it does to fight Islamic terror; and peddled socialist policies to us in the form of the MediCare prescription drug boondoggle (socialist policies, by their very nature, are never sustainable, but certainly not when they are unfunded right out of the gate).

Oh, we were disgruntled going into the ’08 election.  Very much so, and we’d been slowly stirring from of our long, long slumber and starting to question so many things: the role of a rapidly-expanding government, the nature of government spending and taxation, the political correctness and failed “multicultural” experiment that were (are) undermining our liberty and our very culture and national identity.  All things that you support, propagate, and profit from . . . at our expense.   At the expense, really, of the fundamental principles on which this Constitutional Republic was formed.

So if you think, as so many leftists do, that we are a reaction to 0 and HIS overreach, please think again.  Yes, the 0Care debate and disgusting politics, the hubris of the Dems in particular, got us off our couches, but I would venture to guess that we’d have been motivated by some equally-offensive McCain overreach, as well.  Of course we’ll never know that for sure, but I rather think it’s true.

Or perhaps we WILL know that for sure.

If you, Mr. Romney, win the White House in November, and sink back into the “compassionate conservatism” of the Bush (43) years, you’re in for the surprise of your life.  And don’t think you can play the typical progressive “renaming” game; we didn’t fall for it when Bush did it, and we won’t should you decide to do so.  We will not blindly defend you and your policies, and perhaps more importantly, we will not stay silent and essentially–tacitly, by our silence–support you and your policies.  Those days are over.  Don’t doubt it, not for a minute.  When we say we want a return to our foundational principles, we aren’t just talking to hear ourselves talk.  We mean it. And we mean it no matter what letter follows the name of any politician (that means you). You’ll notice, if you’ve bothered to pay attention, that very few (if any?) TEA Party patriots refer to themselves as “Republicans”; most of us call ourselves “conservatives” or “constitutional conservatives,” and that includes libertarian and democrat TEA Party patriots.  “Conservative” does not mean “GOP” or “Republican” even if we are registered to vote in that party; we are bound by principle, not party.  You may want to take some time to think about the implications of that fact.

“Principle” is a word that I’ve used quite often thus far, isn’t it?  Do you remember what those are?  Did you ever know?  Well, rest assured that we in and of the TEA Party do remember and do know.  Unlike leftists who refuse to speak out against 0, no matter what he does or how they hated it when “Bush did it” and unlike leftists who, as admitted by Chairman of the CBC Cleaver, would be “marching against the White House” if 0 weren’t president, we actually have and stand by our principles and values.  No matter who is in the White House.  If you continue in the vein that you likely wish to, you won’t find us making excuses for you or defending you or bashing the other side to “distract” them from your failings.  And you will not find that we slump back into “silent majority” mode, awaiting the next election to shuffle listlessly into the voting booth and regretfully vote for the best of two bad options.  What you will find is us marching on you, protesting, blogging, tweeting, and oh yes “organizing” (we’ve become so very good at that, haven’t we?) against you and your administration.  Presidents and members of Congress are not our rulers, our “betters,” or our nannies.  Read the Constitution.  Your roles are clearly spelled out, as are the limits on your power.  We’ve read it, and we’ll be holding you to it starting on January 20, 2013.

Count on it.

A quick word on being a RINO in 2012 and beyond:  Not. a. good. idea.  Now, most of you are politicians–slick, wily, savvy, grasping–so you’ll probably understand this. The TEA Party is not going away; we’re everywhere, we’re the American people, you can’t stop us . . . but you CAN get on board with us.  We’re not just going to watch Mr. Romney should he win in November, but we’re watching–and have been watching–very closely all of our representatives and senators (actually all pols, right down to our local dog catcher).  We’ve been watching and noting what’s going on with all of you, and we simply won’t keep electing you.  It’s not because we know that you have been subverting our efforts, trying to marginalize us since 2009; it’s because you don’t represent us and our American values in the (too) powerful positions you hold.  You’ve forgotten who you are, you’ve become so bloated by your own sense of importance, that you dismiss and diminish the people.  That’s not acceptable.

We know very well that our work won’t be done should Mr. Romney win or even if we keep the House and take the Senate in November.  Please note: when I say “we,” I don’t mean you, I mean the American people who respect and uphold the Constitution; you’re just the vehicle for that at the moment.  That’s something you should probably understand before you start going off the rails thinking you have a “mandate” to carry on undermining America with your big government, nanny state spending, regulating, and legislating every detail of our lives.  Our work will never be done, not in our lifetimes, not in yours.  Each election cycle, we will replace politicians who do not hold and champion Constitutional values; we’ll be successful most of the time, we’ll fail some of the time, but we will never stop voting out failures.  If we miss you one year, we’ll get you the next time you’re up for reelection.  Take a good look at the TEA Party caucus you mock and belittle and try to flick away like pesky gnats; their numbers will grow.  Yours will dwindle, and yes, that includes TEA Party pols who lose their way.

We are “awake,” and that means so much more than you can conceive.  We are embracing our civic responsibility, taking it seriously as our forefathers did, being the informed and watchful citizenry our Founders knew was key to keeping our Republic.  We’re passing that on to our children, so they, too, will know the import and keep watch.

Do let me know if any of this confusing or unclear.

So very sincerely,

Fuzzy, TEA Party Hobbit and American Patriot

23 thoughts on “Open Letter to Mitt Romney and (Other) Establishment GOP

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    • Heyas Snarky, been missing you, too, so glad to see you.

      And you’re right, he won’t win without us. The fact that the GOP would not now have a majority in the House if it weren’t for us seems to have escaped the establishment types, however, so I expect it will escape Romney, too. We’ll see.

  2. If the establishment thinks that they can ignore us they have another thing coming. Our voices will be heard. And, if they don’t like it oh well. They had better start listening to us, and if they don’t the GOP establishment will become a thing of the past like the Whigs. Outstanding Letter!

    • Oh, they can ignore us, they do. But we’ve only had one election–a midterm at that–to show them what we can do. They’ll sit up and pay attention before long and decide what’s important: their political careers or clinging to old, failed, big government nanny state bs. (I’d say that our country is important, but I think they’ve made it pretty clear that the country, and its people, is not important to them.)

  3. If you, Mr. Romney, win the White House in November, and sink back into the “compassionate conservatism” of the Bush (43) years, you’re in for the surprise of your life. And don’t think you can play the typical progressive “renaming” game; we didn’t fall for it when Bush did it, and we won’t should you decide to do so. We will not blindly defend you and your policies, and perhaps more importantly, we will not stay silent and essentially–tacitly, by our silence–support you and your policies. Those days are over.

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    My answer to the sneering lefties and to the completely jaded on our side who insist electing Romney won’t change anything, I say Bull! It removes Obama. With Romney, we at least have a chance of turning things around. With Obama there is no chance. And Romney has proven himself malleable over the years. With a Republican house and senate goading him, I think he’ll to the right thing.

    If they all decide to pull a repeat of the Bush and the progressive Republican congress, blowing money and growing government, they are through.

    • I believe Romney to be malleable, too. I also believe that he’s a pol in the Bill Clinton model; he’ll go whichever way the wind’s blowing (call it “triangulation” or whatever), and the wind is definitely blowing against big government and will for the foreseeable future.

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  5. I don’t care if Romney wins, I want to be sure oBAMa loses. (With the exception of hirod, no way could I take that squealing bitch for 4 years in the news every 5 seconds.)

    I’ve made up my mind a couple years ago to vote tea party anytime I get the chance, locally and federally. I hope that more people wake up, and that genuine Tea Party candidates step up and run and win. Then we’ll see what they can do when they get to critical mass.

    Today’s R’s and D’s are anywhere from Useless to pure Evil.

    • I’m so with you on this, Kid. I’m supporting every constitutional conservative / TEA Party candidate going (unless they’re nutjobs like that “I am not a witch” O’Donnell chick).

      This year, anyone would be better than 0, including Romney. I get so aggravated by the morons who claim they’re “just the same.” That’s patently false; 0 is a radical hell-bent on destroying America. He’s made that clear time and time again. Romney has faults–Oh, so very very many of them–but he’s not an America-hater. To me, that’s a huge and compelling difference.

      One thing we definitely need to watch for, particularly if we kick butt like I suspect we will in November, is posers trying to infiltrate and take advantage of us. We must thoroughly vet everyone and anyone who claims to be TEA Party, too many have already tried to raise the TEA Party banner falsely, and it will only get worse with each of our successes.

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  7. Well, Odie did a service by posting a tease of this on Left Coast Resistance. I will do the same at The War Planner. I came here thinking it was another dreary screed about how someone was going to vote Libertarian (nothing wrong with that) and Obama and Romney be damned!

    Happily, what’s enunciated here is exactly what I feel as well! I am working my fanny off for Romney because (1) we have to rid ourselves of this malignant tumor known as the Obama Regime, and (2) I think Romney has the executive experience — in both the public and private sector — to get this country back on its feet and he will make a good chief executive..

    But, if Mr Romney wins (and I feel he will), then I will also be there at the barricades with you, ma’am; your conservative causes will be mine STRAIGHT DOWN THE LINE. And I will continue to fight for candidates who are willing to do the work of the people and not waste our money.

    Thank you for your thoughts in this post!

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