Why Vote Romney? Best of Two Bad Choices

Holy crap, so here we are, faced with a TEA Party nightmare: Mitt Romney, progressive extraordinaire, will win the GOP nomination (that seems all but written), and he’ll be running against 0 (that, I believe, is still not as certain. Watch the Clintons and their wing, what survives of it anyway, of the Democrat Party).  Anyway, I thought I’d go ahead and compose a post explaining my rationale for supporting Romney (I don’t really think of it as supporting Romney, I don’t per se, so much as defeating 0).  Sure, within DC GOP establishment circles it’s “his turn,” but within our circles, he’s what we were stuck with, and we’ll make the best of it.  Or we’ll suffer truly dire consequences of our short-sightedness, of our ignorance of history.

Here’s the, as I see it anyway, bottom line: 0 is an anti-American (in that he literally opposes American principles and foundational ideals) communist.  Oh, sure, we can piddle about whether he’s Marxist or socialist or whatever, but do remember that no “true” Marxist or socialist dictator hasn’t clearly stated that socialism is the path to communism.  0 has no ties, to speak of, to America or to her people; he’s a post-colonial “globalist” who sees America and capitalism as a cancer on the world.  To him, we are a tumor to be cut out, we stifle the world’s potential and make the world poor, weak, feeble, whatever . . . we are to blame for poverty the world over, we are to blame for .  . . well, everything.  He’s a rabid, radical ideologue. Period.

And like all such ideologues, he’s a danger, a clear and present danger, to the lives (literally) of the American people.  We joke about gulags, we mock the FEMA camps being outfitted as we speak, but let’s be a bit real, let’s pretend we’ve read a history book.  Wannabe dictators committing mass genocide is not unheard of, it’s not tinfoil hat land.  It’s happened.  Frequently.  And recently.  And by people much less-disciplined, much less-supported, and much less-intelligent that 0 and his goon squad.  How can you know that 0 has granted himself the right to not only craft death lists of American citizens but to actually carry out stealth assassinations of same, based on his own authority, and not be somewhat alarmed?  You do realize, I hope, that to 0, radical Islamic jihadists are NOT terrorists; they are somewhat misguided “folks” who probably need some help from NASA to understand their “contributions” to global culture.  Or something.  No, you know whom he deems a “terrorist”? You. And me. And every other conservative “enemy” he needs to “punish.”  That’s not fantasy; that’s his administration’s actual policy.

Romney, on the other hand, is a big government, nanny state progressive.  To some, that means the same thing. It’s not the same, though.  Romney doesn’t hate America; he doesn’t seek our destruction.  If anything, he’s smart enough to recognize that if we are poor, unproductive, weak, then we can’t bulk up others  Yeah, that sounds the same, but 0 clearly doesn’t think beyond the moment.  Disarming the U. S.? Great idea.  Consequences? Huh?  Disarmed, our sovereignty handed over to the UN, yippeee! We’ll be just another member-state.  Impoverishing America, destroying her economy? Woohoo, shouts 0 and his team–not thinking that an impoverished America will be useless to other nations that he’s deemed deserving of our wealth and ability.  A one-time pay-out (or pay back, I guess they see it, for our horrible sin of being a free market capitalistic society) is somehow “the” answer.  Uh huh.

Am I, a former resident of Massachusetts and survivor of the Romney governorship, a Romney supporter? Hell to the no.  Do I, with my actual experience under Romney’s governorship, think he’d be a better president than 0, hell to the yes!

It really all comes down to how damaging you see 0.  If you think, mistakenly, that he’s “just another big government pol,” then sure, Romney looks just the same; however, if you know what 0 has done, what it means, and what it reveals about his true (lack of) “values,” you’ll understand that America cannot survive four more years of 0.  We can and will survive four years of Romney.  And then, hopefully, we can elect a true conservative.  Until then, though, Romney has my vote.  The alternative is a true nightmare that this republic may not survive.

So to those still resisting Romney, I ask, do you really want to lose our Republic because you don’t love the alternative to the Republic’s guaranteed destruction?


14 thoughts on “Why Vote Romney? Best of Two Bad Choices

  1. The day will come, I hope, that I again will have a chance to cast a ballot FOR a candidate that I can actually vote for with good conscience rather then voting AGAINST his opponent.

    • It’s been a long time since I’ve voted FOR a presidential candidate (maybe the first vote I ever cast, for Reagan), so I feel your pain. The difference now is that we are, finally, engaged, awake, paying attention. If we go back to sleep, we’ll be stuck forever voting against people. But as we are now awake and will remain so, this, hopefully, will be our last “against” vote. Okay, maybe our penultimate “against” vote. . .these things take time.

  2. Well stated. I share your view. With Romney we at least have a chance to turn some things around. With Obama there is no chance.

    Also, who would you rather have appointing Supreme court Justices and federal judges? Again, no contest.

  3. i think you’ve made a good argument for romney. as distasteful as voting for him might be, we need to look at it as the starting point in our battle to take back our republic. the progs/marxists/communists worked 100+ years to get us to this point, we were never going to unilaterally defeat them overnight. we have lots of work ahead of us, work that may take the rest of our lifetimes. we’re never going to be able to sit back, relax and say, “whew! glad that’s done! what’s on tv?”

  4. You are delusional to think Romney is different, or that things can be turned around under him or stopped. We do have an alternative to this nightmare: Ron Paul!!! you know the one no one acknowledges, the one that can’t be bought, the patriotic one, the true conservative the only defender of the constitution, yeah that one. Romney during the time he worked for Bain Capital, implemented and made Bain Capital the pioneer on outsourcing American jobs overseas moving hundreds of companies abroad and destroying our economy in the process, not to mention the lives of the newly unemployed, if he wansn’t loyal to the wellbeing of this Nation and its people then, what makes you think he would be if President; with that much more power to alter course under his hands or Obama’s we are doomed, except that under Obama with the increasingly dislike and distrust growing among the people, there is more scrutiny and oposition to anything he introduces, people are not any longer tolerant of Obama and his doings, people are ready to throw him out.now, on the other hand Romney will serve as a distraccion so the agenda can be advanced almost unadvertedly as most people with Obama out of the way will let their guard down. Between the “party” loyalists (Reps) and the “anything better than Obama” our Freedom, Constitution and Liberty are doom. These people need to wake up now! sure Obama is no good, neither is Romney and we should not accept him either, we as people do have a choice to have our voice heard unite and elect someone who will restore The United States of America to its greatness. VICTORY FOR LIBERTY – RON PAUL PRESIDENT 2012

    • It seems you didn’t get the memo, Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee for president; he will never (thank God) be president. But it does seem that 0 has a great cheerleader in you. Strange, but typical of Paulbots.

      Apart from Paul being completely nuts on foreign policy (utterly misguided and naive, even stupid), he’s famous for stuffing bills–that he KNOWS will pass–with pork and then voting against the bill . . . all so he can pretend to be principled (while bringing home some incredible strips of bacon at the tax payer’s expense).

      If you support him, that’s your prerogative, but he’s never had a chance in hell of being president, not in ’08 and not this year, not ever.

      Just an observation: work on paragraphing, those endless “paragraphs” (that aren’t actually paragraphs, just long rants with no pause) are difficult to read, and I’m sure few people even bother.

  5. I can’t take issue with anything you have said and your conclusion. Me, I am focusing on the Senate race here in Virginia. No matter who is in the WH, we need a conservative leaning (if not actual) Legislative Branch.

    • The Senate is so important! As is making sure we have conservatives at the state level. The states can amend the Constitution, and it’s time to limit the hell out of executive branch power.

  6. Fuzzy my Beauty, we have to support Romney in every way … money, time, and vote. The great turd in the White House has TO GO !

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