Fuzzy Rant: We Stand Tall, Firm, and Bold Against Tyranny

Oh, it’s so rant-time at Fuzzy Central.  In case you missed it, Herr 0 has recently been channeling Elizabeth I have high cheek bones just like all the Indians do so deserve special favors Warren and her views on collectivism (actually, it’s all communism . . . if only people would listen).

0 on 7/13/12

Another zero, Warren oh, sometime in September 2011 (who cares when?):

That’s the what; here’s the rant . . .

Are you freaking kidding me?  You had a good teacher so you “owe” the government?  Really?  What about before the stupid, useless, wasteful, wanton and base Department of Education was formed?  That was in 1979.  Nineteen. Seventy. Nine.  Got that?  So what, 0? Before that America was an educational wasteland, full of stupid people?  Actually, quite the opposite.  You know when we started losing our academic leadership in the world?  Oh, on or about October 17, 1979 (thanks Carter, previously, the worst president in my lifetime, now replaced by 0, the worst president ever).  Give that a thought, you freaking moron.  The government lays waste to almost all it touches, yet you dare stand in front of the American people and belittle their ingenuity, ability, drive, and ambition?  You dare state that your Dept of Education–that foul, evil pit of the pedagogy of masturbation, sodomy, America-bashing, and communism–is responsible for any American small business?  You dare?!

You dare imply, if not explicitly state, that every successful American “owes” the federal government higher taxes for their own, hard-earned success?  Based on what?  Yep, tax-payer funded roads and rails, the internet, some bizarre notion that without government America would be full of starving, uneducated, incompetent losers.  Well, no.  Quite the opposite.  In fact, if you look at American history, we did far better in terms of scientific advancement, inventions, wealth-creation, education, and just about everything before the federal government became so freaking large, so cumbersome, so intrusive, that business, science, and industry can scarce function. Indeed, businesses are now hindered by so much regulation, so many taxes, so much “oversight” that it’s a wonder anyone starts a business at all.  Was it Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who said that they couldn’t have started up their company in today’s regulatory environment?

Do you seriously imagine, really, that there would be no freaking roads in America without the federal government?  Are you stupid?  Do you know who funded the nation’s roads prior to the New Deal communist nightmare?  That’s right, the states, the people.  Do you know that private roads existed, still exist?  Do you know that private railroads preceded government ones, that they, too, (at least for now) still exist? Do you know that Americans don’t look to or need the federal government beyond those offices explicitly stated in the United States Constitution?  Do you not know that we are not collectivists, that we are not socialists, that we are not now and never ever will be communists?  Do you know anything of America? Anything at all?

Apparently not.

And that, Sir, makes you singularly unfit to lead this great nation, this nation of people who are smart, capable, and driven.  This nation of ingenuity beyond your wildest dreams, this nation that has stood tall, firm, and bold in the face of every adversity, every tyrannical nightmare, yet thrown at her and will stand thus against every one to come.  Including your tyranny.  You are an abomination, a disgrace to America.  And we stand tall, firm, and bold against you and your anti-American, unAmerican traitorous horde.

As you will learn in November.  Rest assured of that, you communist bastard asshat loser.


10 thoughts on “Fuzzy Rant: We Stand Tall, Firm, and Bold Against Tyranny

  1. Amen, Fuzzy! I am so appalled at what is happening in America, with what seems to be happening at an accelerated pace. Good is being called evil, and vice versa.

    You have quite a gift, and I hope God gives more people the opportunity to read and hear it.

  2. I love it when you’re mad. Why did you cross off those two words in that last sentence?

    Let’s all stay mad until NOvember.

    • Hee! Well, I do try to keep it “clean” over here in terms of curse words, but every now and then they will slip out. 😉 Oh, I’ll stay mad, and have little doubt that 0 will do and say things between now and November to ensure it.

  3. Sometimes it does feel better to get it all out! I had to laugh at my liberal friends (I have a few) who seriously have their panties in a bunch because of everyone on the right jumping all over what BO said about businesses. Somehow it’s okay for them to bash everything Palin, Beck, Romney, etc. say, but say something about what BO said, and it’s just not tolerable in their minds.

    • It’s truly strange. I’ve had people who took great pleasure in bashing President Bush suddenly stating (with a straight face) that the president is sort of like our “boss,” and that we may not like him, but we should respect and support him. Absurd on its face, of course, American presidents are not our “bosses,” they are not our “rulers.” Leftists truly want a dictator, they WANT a supreme ruler. It’s not only unAmerican but truly pathetic and repulsive. I can’t really stand to be around leftists anymore; maybe that says more about me than them, but it’s almost impossible for me to sit there and listen to their illogical, inane, subservient blathering.

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