Fuzzy Shorts: CO Shooting, ABC’s Ross Hackery, 2nd Amendment, 0’s Faux Concern

ABC’s Ross Hackery

So we all, by now, know that there was a tragic mass murder in Colorado, and by now, we all also know that the unhinged freaks on the left have been working their slandering, lying butts off to implicate the TEA Party.  Most notably, of course, is ABC hack-freak-lunatic @BrianRoss whose extensive education and experience as a seasoned journalist apparently includes “Google Jim Holmes+TEA Party+CO” and then declare the findings on national television with a bizarrely-interested George Stephanopoulos nodding sagely and asking to be kept updated about this development.


James Holmes is a pretty common name (and as I tweeted to the hack loser, I have 8 in my phone book, plus 2 J. Holmes listings (pretty suspicious!), and I live in a pretty rural area these days), but oooh, add in a possible “TEA Party” connection, and Ross was salivating at his Google search genius!  It HAS to be the TEA Party!  Remember how we were responsible for the Arizona shooting?  Heck, Pelosi even implied that we were somehow retroactively responsible for the Milk assassination (you know, before we reminded her that he was killed by a lunatic leftist).

Ross, though shockingly devoid of ethics, professionalism, and integrity, is really only singing the song of the far left (see Michelle Malkin’s round-up of this sort of knee-jerk craziness from the fiction writers who make up the still-gasping LSM).  This sort of shoddy crap has been going on for far too long, and we really do need to push back.  Hard.

2nd Amendment Under Attack. Again.

Predictably and with lightning speed, the never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste crowd is (again) exploiting a tragedy like this to demand more gun control.  See here, here, here, here, and here.

Um, no.  Maybe if a few people in that theater were carrying, there’d be a lot fewer dead right now, and one of them would be the shooter himself.  It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that the shooter wouldn’t have even dared his “Joker” massacre if he knew that he was shooting at armed citizens and not, effectively, at fish in a barrel.

0 re: Fort Hood Terror Attack vs. CO Batman Shooting

So, I’m just watching 0’s response to the shooting in CO.  A lovely speech, cuts his trip to FL short, flies flag over WH at half-mast . . . anyone in doubt that CO is a swing state in November?  Let’s remember who he really is:

The terrorist attack at Fort Hood, later officially deemed “workplace violence,” didn’t affect him at all.  He’s Commander in Chief, yet the slaughter of 14 military men and women (and one fetus) on his watch didn’t disrupt his schedule (or his goofy, gross ungainliness) for a second.

And let’s not forget the gross exploitation of the Arizona shooting, the “memorial service” that featured 0 campaign tees draped on every auditorium seat, a Native American blessing for the dead Christians and Jews, and a fun, festive pep rally feel.

Does anyone really believe the display we see today?


14 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: CO Shooting, ABC’s Ross Hackery, 2nd Amendment, 0’s Faux Concern

  1. The “never let a crisis go to waste” attitiude is cloying, but the “never let a tragedy go to waste” idea is vile.

    Maybe the MSM should blame the Tea Party after they have a record of actually commiting violent acts. Once again, the MSM continues to show themselves to be so out of touch with reality… It’s really sickening for them to latch onto this tragedy to promote their fella Obama.

    The vast majority of politically motivated violence is committed by revolutionary-minded Leftists. I mean, it’s in their effin’ charter…

    • That’s the thing, Yukio, the knee-jerk urge to blame the TEA Party is based in . . . well, nothing other than bias and hate. I wasn’t surprised to learn that the shooter was an Occupod, but I didn’t jump to the immediate conclusion that he might be (even though far more leftists go off on murdering rampages than do conservatives). And yes, leftists swear by violence, worship at the altar of Mao and other genocidal maniacs, their clarion cry is for violent revolution. Murder is their “answer” to most questions, yet they “see” that in us. It’s bizarre.

      • Oh, it’s not so bizarre. It’s just dishonest, misleading PR and straight up lies.

        I still do not understand how people can look at Marxism and claim that it’s nonviolent. I mean it’s a theory that’s stated purpose is to bring about revolution. And it’s rhetoric is very bloody. It’s one thing to lie about it– and it’s another thing to look at it and somehow conclude it’s not violent…

  2. If anything positive can come of BO’s ramped up attacks on our freedoms, I hope it’s that more Americans will see what an anti-American SOB he really is. Funny you mentioned the so-called memorial service after the Tucson shootings. A small group of UA employees (myself included) were on campus but not in the arena. We were listening on the radio, and you could just see the sick, angry feelings on people’s faces. It was a pep rally for BO, and the Student Affairs division of the UA bought those t-shirts. It’s sickening…

    …and thanks, good to see you also, and to be getting involved again.

    • It is sickening and was at the time. The fact that the univ bought those tees came out at the time, but it’s important to remember that if the 0 team had seen the problem with them, they’d have nixed the idea. They didn’t. And they didn’t.

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  4. Really appreciate your logic flow here, FS. You have stated the case extremely well and in a pretty pity manner given the subject matter.

    I’ll only make one comment — when I saw the WH flag at half staff I was shocked. Didn’t know that was the custom. Cutting that campaign trip short was, as has already been said, a stunt. I can’t stand the exploitation of others’ suffering. Really makes me ill.

  5. Dennis Ross should be fired for journalistic malpractice. Even liberal Kevin Drum said so!

    Um, no. Maybe if a few people in that theater were carrying, there’d be a lot fewer dead right now, and one of them would be the shooter himself.


    And here is a wonderful resource to refute the liberal lies” Gun Crime by State

    You can sort on each column and see that there is scant correlation between strict gun laws and gun violence. In fact, progressive gun-grabbing Massachusetts has more gun violence that wild west, no-holds-barred cowboy Colorado!

    Great post as usual, Fuzzy!

    • Everyone, especially the gun control freaks in charge, knows that gun control does nothing but eliminate the law-abiding citizen’s ability to protect themselves. That’s the point, right? Sure, some stupid people do believe that gun control would eliminate gun violence, we commonly refer to such people as “useful idiots.” :p

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