Ends Justify Means: Our “Perfectible” “Imperfect Union”

Bryan Jacoutot, one of the great contributors over at Legal Insurrection, penned a winning piece on Target’s gay marriage ad.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with Bryan’s logic, with his argument, or even with his point (essentially that the leftist propensity for boycotts was manifested in Mumbles’ thought police slash “government boycott” of Chick-fil-A and is wrong).  The problem–and it’s not just Bryan, either, everyone seems to be arguing the same thing (though without the “government boycott” angle; probably because that’s a problematic construct on almost every level), so his is just the article that snapped it for me–The problem is that trying to be reasonable in the face of unreasonableness is not useful, not helpful, and ultimately, nothing more than a distraction from our goal of taking our country back.

Here’s the thing: Mumbles knew that he could not legally ban Chick-fil-A from Boston based purely on their CEO’s ideological beliefs, beliefs with which Mumbles and his crowd disagree.  Don’t kid yourselves, Mumbles may sound like a moron, but he’s not.  He, like the regressive commies who parroted him (notably Twinkle Toes over in Chicago), understands very well that what he was saying and what he intended to do was illegal.  What conservatives just can’t seem to grasp, though many say they do and even get the language right when they say it, is that to communists (and let’s stop pretending that we’re dealing with anything else, please) the law is more of a guideline . . . sometimes only for other people.  If the law can be used to their advantage, they’ll do that (we see this in the constant lawsuits regarding God and religion, for instance), but, and here’s the thing conservatives don’t get, if it doesn’t work to their advantage, they have zero problem ignoring it completely.

We have plenty of evidence of how little the law means to leftists.  Off the top of my head: we have cities across the country that are self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” in which illegal immigrants will be free from immigration laws, we have the WH stating that it will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act, we have the DOJ’s “unofficial” stance on not prosecuting crimes committed by black people against white people, we have a president who can unilaterally order the death of American citizens whom he–and only he–thinks are “terrorists,” and we have, only a couple weeks ago, the president illegally creating new law by giving certain illegal immigrants effective amnesty.  These aren’t outliers, this is how the left actually thinks.  If they like a law, they’ll use it to the end of time (and in ways we wouldn’t even imagine), but if they don’t, they’ll simply ignore it.  We know this, but some conservatives, just don’t “get” it or at least don’t “get” what it means.

For leftists, nothing is more important than the end goal.  Nothing.  No law, no moral, no ethic, no nothing.  “The ends justify the means” is their rallying call.  If they can convince themselves that the horrors they inflict, the illegal or immoral acts they commit, are for The Greater Good, then there are literally no means that are off-limits.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.

Every time they do something outrageous or illegal for some aspect of The Greater Good (Fast and Furious, anyone?), we go into “national discussion” mode or we become outraged (righteously, yes) by their means (our government running guns to Mexican drug lords, resulting in the deaths of two border control agents and 200+ Mexican citizens).  And we should.  But we forget to look at the underlying motive, the ends that they seek to achieve.  Connecting the dots is difficult, it’s time consuming, and it’s frightening as hell.

But we have to face it, and the first step to doing that is truly comprehending that we are not dealing with JFK Democrats, we are not dealing with people just like us (only, you know, confused, or misguided, ill-informed, or “wrong”).  We’re dealing with a DOJ that won’t state that they won’t support a proposal to criminalize speech against any religion.  We are dealing with people who fundamentally loathe America and all that she stands for (the evidence for this is massive, if only we’d look at it); we are dealing with people who seek not just to undermine our free-market capitalist principles but our entire Constitutional Republic. And we are dealing with people who have no boundaries at all when it comes to this goal.  None.  They will do and say anything to achieve their ends, even as they know that they are harming real people, forcing their fellow human beings to adhere to something that they don’t believe in, destroying liberty and individual freedoms.  They are not wrong, they are, truly, evil.

Until we all understand that, fully and completely, we will lose.  We will continue to flail ineffectively at their means–be that illegally banning restaurants or moving against the Second Amendment or seeking to control political and religious speech–without once countering the ends to which they aspire.  Mumbles and Twinkle Toes have back-tracked, but don’t think for one minute that they don’t believe that they have every right to flout the law, any law, to police thought, to squash free speech, to do whatever it takes to “perfect” our “imperfect Union.” 


20 thoughts on “Ends Justify Means: Our “Perfectible” “Imperfect Union”

  1. Why do you think Time magazine was running an article questioning if The Constitution still has meaning? Why do you think people like Biden and Krugman envy mainland China’s ability “to get things done”? Why do you think PETA and other groups with totalitarian aims either originate or immediately gravitate toward the Left?

    These people are obssessed with implementing their agendas against all public opposition (Obamacare anybody?) and even public debate. The blatant contempt that they show toward democratic ideals is really rather shocking. Standing against their agendas results in accusations of racism, elitism, “whore to the 1%” etc. While this is par for the course in academia, seeing this crap so obviously in the general public is probably the most disturbing aspect for me of the Obama years.

    And yes, I am saying it’s more bothersome to me then the economically Fascist Obamacare, the murderous Fast and Furious scandal, the betrayal of our allies in the Middle East (most especially Israel), the incredible debts Obama is racking up, etc. It’s that bad.

    • But I think what you are saying is that it’s more appalling that Americans appear to be, if not okay with, than at least willing to go along with the Marx-rooted, fascist-steeped crap that 0 and his traitorous horde are peddling. I find this more worrying than anything else, too. Btw, have you read Elena Kagan’s masters’ thesis yet? It’s . . . enlightening.

  2. The George Will commentary on the Leviathan (both govt and the whale) is a truly chilling example of what you speak. It is Kafka’s “Trial” brought to life.

    • Will is hit or miss with me, but we’re in big trouble here. Big. We needn’t look to fiction, either; the world has seen this all before. And not too long ago. Let’s hope there’s still enough “America” left in enough Americans to stop it cold this November.

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  4. Because businesses will corporately express a view crafted by marketing people and wall street and shareholder interest, the barnacle-like association of businesses to ‘minority groups’ is FASCIST. It’s also Anti-American because it tried to bully free speech. This is NOT hate speech. No one has to like or support gay people, just as no one has to like or support good looking white people over 21.

    Personally, if I were a CEO, I would simply say, This company makes no political statements as a matter of policy. (so FO and go away)

    This is similar to when the gender Nazi’s attacked the Augusta National Golf Club for not allowing women as members during the start of one of the Masters Tournaments. The Chairman at the time – Hootie Jounson, (who I’ve since named one of my cats) tried to talk through the issue with the vampire-like media at the time. He had to tell them to STFU. The next year, the club simply stated they do Not discus club policy and no such questions would be entertained.

    To me, the bigger problem now is this. Communism moves by 1/8 inches a day. It is happy to do so. It has decades to accomplish its goal (Ditto muslims). Conservatives often let their guard down because they’re too busy accomplishing stuff and enjoying life. The broad acceptance of PC and the acceptance of victim status of practically anyone perceived to be in a ‘minority’ is a big freakin problem.

    I’ll trust in American’s deep down in their genes resistance to not be pushed around by a bunch of Nazi’s to resolve this problem, It just won’t be fast enough for me since I want it solved yesterday.

    • You’re righter than right, Kid. The far left is nothing but a bunch of fascist bullies striving for a commie “utopia.” God allows, indeed asserts, our imperfection; it takes a monumental ego, tens of millions dead, and millions more living in abject poverty under the micro-management of a controlling government to attain the “perfection” of our union. 0 knows and is willing to go through with this. That’s just fact. We can’t forget that his buddy Bill Ayers’s Weather Underground once sought the same “utopia” (perfected union), and he and his comrades expected–EXPECTED–to have to kill 10% of the population. And were peachy keen with that.

      Hitler’s idea of a “perfect” society, a “perfect” Germany, led . . . well, to the same place that kind of lunacy always leads. Always.

  5. Unless and until the more conservative amongst the population are willing to draw a line in the sand and clearly define the consequence of any governmental entity crossing it, the ideals upon which she was founded will continue to fade away. It’s just that plain and simple, IMO. Am I wrong?

    • *sigh* No, in theory, you’re right, Mrs. AL 🙂 The problem here is that we’ve been so well-infested at this point, that a line in the sand is not yet a viable option. We have to be patient, we have to be vigilant, and we HAVE to vote out 0 in November. Unless that happens, no line, no sand, no nothing matters.

  6. We conservatives are not re-tuning to the new realities fast enough. As Americans raised and ingrained with traditional American values, our minds won’t or can’t accept what’s unfolding around us. The Left knows this gives them advantage – at least for a time. As the Left gets more bold and blatantly breaks more rules, we have to view their revolution for what it is. But most of us, me included, keep backsliding into the trap of trying to interpret what’s happening as politics. But there’s so much more in play. It gets harder and harder to see what their next move will be, but it certainly appears the pace of their timetable has greatly accelerated.

    • Doug, it’s all too clear that too many conservatives can’t or won’t accept what’s happening, see it for what it is. I fear, truly fear, that enough of us won’t wake up until it’s too late. I’m not one to say “I told you so,” but if I were that type, I’d still hope to God that I never have to say it about this. It would take, literally, decades, maybe a century, to restore our Constitutional Republic if 0 wins a second term. And honestly, I’m not sure it could be restored without horrific civil strife. I never. Never. want to see that happen here.

      I guess, to be fair to we Americans, the Germans, Chinese, Soviets, Cubans, Venezuelans, Argentinians, et al. didn’t see it coming, either. But you’d think, hope, that it’s happened often enough–usually by similar blueprints, no less–that we’d learn a thing or two. Alas, no.

      Your last point is not only a good one, but our last, best hope. 0 and his team of traitors did not expect, much less plan for, the TEA Party uprising of ’09. Back in ’08, they had (most, though happily not all) Americans in thrall, excited and happy, full of hopeandchange Koolaid, eyes glued to their door peep hole awaiting their promised Skittle-pooping unicorn with more fervency than Al Bundy awaiting the pizza that never comes. The 0 admin was on a massive high, confident of their control not only of the media but of the message, of the people. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, they were confident with good reason. He never should have won; he never should have been elected. And he wouldn’t have been if not for the complicit media and the race card (well, there are other factors, like why the race card worked on conservatives, among others, but this isn’t my point (I’m such a rambler, gah!).). They truly thought they had it all wrapped up, worked out, ready to launch.

      And then along came the TEA Party . . . ordinary Americans, really, the same types who showed up to support Chick-fil-A / oppose tyranny last Wednesday. Ensconced behind ivy-covered walls, surrounded by like-minded communists, the 0 team just didn’t see it coming; they can’t comprehend what anyone would love about America, why anyone would want to defend her. It’s truly beyond them. So they were blind-sided, thrown for a complete loop. They immediately responded by trying to “take out” Fox News, ban them from the WH press pool and setting up the ever-fun and truly fascist “flag the fishy” campaign whereby Americans were urged to report, to the WH, their friends and neighbors who didn’t support the 0CareTax.

      They got it wrong, in short. Very very wrong. And they are still reeling from it. We wonder, pointlessly and somewhat naively, why the press, Dems, and the admin despise the TEA Party . . . that’s why. We, and the people who have American values and will defend America, were not only unexpected, but unmanageable. They couldn’t sell their narrative, no matter what they did. They couldn’t win. Everything, then, had to go through the executive branch; they didn’t want to do it that way. They were probably (and I speculate, obviously) hoping to do things more legally, more constitutionally (more like Hitler did, actually). But we stood up.

      So yes, things are accelerating. That may be good, it may be bad. We’ll have to see how it plays out. But as of now, this administration can literally take anyone from their home, with no cause or reason, and hold them indefinitely. This president can, literally, order the death of any American citizen. Things are bad. Very bad.

      We can still win, but we very much need this person out of the WH. In January.

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