Chick-fil-A, Gay “Marriage,” Religious Freedom, and God

So, we’re seriously debating whether or not the government has the right to deny licenses to businesses who don’t have the right “values” (actually lack thereof, but whatever)?  We’re having a “national discourse” about whether or not free people in a free society have a right to their own thoughts and beliefs?  Seriously?

“Corporations aren’t people” is the rallying cry of the radical left . . . unless said corporation is headed by a person with whom they disagree.  Yes, okay, Chick-fil-A is privately-held, but when has that stopped the radical left attacking “corporations” before?  But now, now corporations aren’t just people, they’re person.  One person.  Stupefying.

The heartening thing about this whole Chick-fil-A “debate” is the revelation to many Americans–who’ve not been paying attention–of just how fascist and totalitarian today’s “Democrats” are . . . and they are not Democrats, not in any sense of the word as Americans understand it, but their posturing as such has certainly fooled a lot of Americans.  But that may be changing.  Finally.  People rallied around Chick-fil-A in support of free speech, freedom of religion, in support of traditional marriage, and perhaps most importantly, against fascism.  (For those in doubt, fascism is exactly what Mumbles and Twinkle Toes were embracing: the government dictating who is acceptable and can have a business and who is–and can–not.  Fascism seeks to destroy all opposing viewpoints, control all business, and of course, strive for a “perfect” union of “perfect” people.)

The radical left (aka commie fascists) were truly surprised at the show of support for Chick-fil-A this past Wednesday.  They really don’t get it.  The ones who truly believe that supporting traditional marriage equals hate are befuddled that this Christian nation apparently disagrees, and the ones who know better–who know what this is all really about–are shocked, stunned even, that we can’t be bullied into silent complicity any longer.  That’s the real problem for them, of course.  They knew we were out here, in flyover redneck country, bitterly clinging to our guns and God, but they thought they had us cowed.  The race card worked so well, they just knew that the gay hate card would be a winner.

It’s not.  The race card expired while they were busy drumming up new bludgeons with which to beat us into submission, so they didn’t even notice that we weren’t playing along this time.  In some ways, we can thank the dinosaur media for this, of course; without their downplaying traditional American values, the TEA Party, and anything remotely resembling patriotism and Judeo-Christian morality, their little friends in the fascist “community” wouldn’t have been so gob-smacked.

Now, many conservatives are still thinking that the far left is really interested in gay “marriage.” Let me assure you that they are not.  As many have noted, heterosexual leftists often choose not to marry as either a way to “stick it” to the “man” or simply as a way to save their money (marriage is increasingly penalized in our tax code, with 0 and his horde wanting to make it still more financially taxing–as it were–to marry).  As long-time readers of this blog know, I once believed that they were after civil rights and equality, but I was very much mistaken.  They are not.  This is about destroying religious liberty; indeed, about destroying religion itself (and yes, all religions, they’re just starting with we Jews and Christians; communism requires complete submission to the state, no God can be permitted.).

How do we know they are not after civil equality?  Because the gay marriage crowd refuses to even discuss civil unions for everyone, gays and straights.  Civil unions are all that are needed to meet the “civil rights” claims of the gay “marriage” proponents, but these are rejected out of hand.  Why not move marriage out of the government sphere and back into the religious sphere?  Why not have everyone–gay, straight, religious, atheist, whatever–count equally under man-made law?  Because equality is not the goal, civil rights are not the goal.

To destroy religion, you have to put man, not God, at the helm.  You have to have man rewrite God’s law, and you have to force people to accept it.  I can’t “approve” gay “marriage” for God; I can’t say, “why, yes, God does believe that marriage can be between members of the same sex.”  He just doesn’t.  That’s God’s Word.  Not mine, not any man’s (or woman’s).  Do I think that civil unions should be recognized for gays and straights by the government?  Yep.  Do I “hate” homosexuals”?  Nope.  But that’s not acceptable to the radical left, so they have to force religious people to, in essence, refute the Word of God, to denounce Him.  And it’s got to codified in man’s law: that’s why 0 is forcing religious institutions to provide birth control and abortions, that’s why blocking businesses whose owners are religious will become the norm (oh, we haven’t won that one, not by a long shot), that’s why military chaplains are being forced to perform gay “marriages.”  The more people who turn away from God in thought or deed, the better for the commie fascists who think they are gods.

Never forget that for the radical left the personal is political, and the political is always about forcing their totalitarian “utopia” on the rest of us.  When they can do so through the political process, so much the better, but if that doesn’t work, they’ll use other means.  That’s why the far left seem to be so schizophrenic in touting the wonders of “democracy” one minute and then stating that “democracy” doesn’t work the next.  They resort to the courts, to ugly bullying and fascist totalitarianism when “democracy” doesn’t go their way Remember, when the people are able to vote on gay “marriage,” they’ve/we’ve voted it down. That’s when “democracy” is not so desirable to the far left, so they rationalize forcing their beliefs on us against our will via passing laws and penning executive orders.  And yes, banning Christian businesses.  Or trying to do so.

The radical left has taken to saying that they are “intolerant of intolerance” and that they “hate hate.”  This is really all you need to know.  They happily embrace and gleefully engage in exactly what they claim to be against.  But remember, this is not hypocrisy, this is literally how communism and fascism work.

It is inconceivable to them that someone might define marriage according to their grounding in the Bible and not hate, literally want to see dead, those who support gay “marriage.”  This isn’t a mystery; it’s how they think.  If they disagree with you, they hate you.  Period.  So they can’t understand that normal, rational people can be opposed to some belief, act, etc. without hating someone who holds that belief or perpetrates that act.  It’s not in their petty little beings to be able to disapprove of something for themselves yet let others do as they wish.  Their whole worldview is about homogeneity of thought and action; everyone must be exactly the same in every way, and if someone strays from their narrow path, they must be reviled, destroyed.  And yes, they project their hate and intolerance of diversity on everyone else . . . in the name of tolerance and diversity.

A more self-deluded crowd you’ll never meet than the radical leftist (commie fascist) “community.”  That delusion, for now, works in our favor.  They truly believe that they are superior, not only in thought but in numbers.

They are wrong.

On both counts.


11 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A, Gay “Marriage,” Religious Freedom, and God

  1. I say you covered all the bases here.
    Always a treat to read your posts.
    The left keep hitting and to their surprise we continue to respond with the simple truth.

    • That depends, I think, on how much black Christians and Latino Catholics vest in their actual Messiah. My guess, sadly, is not that much. They may not like his gay marriage “evolution,” but many will still vote because he’s A.) black and B.) (supposedly) “Democrat”

      • Hi fuzislippers,

        As we’re talking about fellow Christians, I think you have to give them, more credit than that. There are quite a number of sincere Christians who love their LORD and Savior and yet vote Democrats. Bullying and cajoling will not sway anyone to vote against Pres. Obama.

        The Republicans are seen to be, just as bad. I, personally don’t trust either parties. I, also don’t bow down to the altar of conservative or liberal ideology. Jesus is my Lord and I follow him, alone.

  2. Wow. You’re pretty dead-on in this piece Fuzzy. Bravo.

    Like you, I previously supported gay marriage (from a legal and not religious standpoint). In fact, I wrote a rather cumbersome piece about the need for government recognition of gay marriage in order to protect religious freedom and to not bring about a state religion/morality.

    My view began to change when the supporters of gay marriage began their shameful attacks in California. After that it became more and more apparent that the movement had been hijacked by the hard Left (I don’t think you and I were mistaken initially, I think the issue was seen as an inroad by the Left and then hijacked) and that the marriage issue was no longer about equal rights and non-descrimination, but about a quixotic quest to bring about the very state religion/morality that I despise.

    You wrote: “Never forget that for the radical left the personal is political”

    Excellent point. Again, dead on. But let’s also note that for them the moral is political and politcal is moral as well. Morality is not something to shape political actions, but instead to be born out of political machinations and then forced upon the rest of us. The belief suggests that morality is to be determined by the same method as Obamacare, lies, deceptions, lobbying and all. If that doesn’t make you shudder…

    You wrote: “Their whole worldview is about homogeneity of thought and action; everyone must be exactly the same in every way, and if someone strays from their narrow path, they must be reviled, destroyed. And yes, they project their hate and intolerance of diversity on everyone else . . . in the name of tolerance and diversity.”

    Again, bravo. I’ve never really understood how anyone could believe that a ideology based in Marx and Hegel could be possibly considered tolerant. It’s impossible to have tolerance without a basic respect for individuality, belief that an individual alone has a certain worth simply by his/her existence. Hegel and every offshoot of his thinking– Marxism and Fascism among them– believes the individual only has value derived from his/her membership in the State and or social class. And if looking at the philosophies isn’t enough, let’s look at the actions of Marxist governments. From Che to Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot to Lenin to Castro, mass killings resulted from their leadership. It shouldn’t surprise anyone who has read Marx. How much of his and Engels’ manifest was devoted to blustering about the coming death? Geez…

    Anyway, great work here Fuzzy.

    • Always the note of surprise, Yukio. Heh. Thanks, though, your praise means a lot to me.

      Talking about Marxists and morality . . . gee, doesn’t that strike you as hilarious? It does me; they may sell the koolaid as morality, but we all know that’s just a sales pitch, a bait and switch. Marxists are the most amoral group going. And let’s hope they go fast, this November.

      One thing that nags at me is that one of my favorite people from my old blog days is a self-proclaimed communist. She, I’m confident, is not evil or crazy. But they do somehow buy the commie crap without fully understanding that it means genocide, persecution of innocents, and a truly class-based culture/society. She’s not stupid, but I don’t get how anyone can read the actual words of Hegel and Marx and not see what they are stating (and they aren’t cagey about it). Sad.

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