Mitt Romney: You Can Win This Election

Fact 1: 0 is two seconds away from a full-on, total and complete meltdown.  He’s someone who craves, thrives on, gets fuel from adoring masses.  Those adoring masses have shrunk.  A lot.  They’re worried they can’t even fill the stadium for his acceptance speech, for goodness’ sake.  He gets second billing to clown shows or something.  This isn’t new; I remember when he dashed into Massachusetts to “save” Croakley from Scott Brown (didn’t happen, of course), and they couldn’t even fill a crap-sized auditorium at Northeastern University.  They were having trouble giving out free tee-shirts.  Sad.

And nothing has improved since then.  0 has turned into exactly what the “youth vote” hate: a cynical politician dedicated to cronyism and the DC status quo . . . oh, blahdy blah, we know 0 is, easily, the worst president in my lifetime, and arguably, the worst we’ve ever had.

He knows it, too.  He probably knows that four years into his leadership, Hitler still had the German people in his thrall.  So 0’s dying to get out there with his real message, the one he truly, to his heart of hearts, soul of souls believes is the right message:  that at some point you’ve made enough money, that it really is better for everyone if the wealth is spread around, that quite frankly, you didn’t build that.  He believes all this to the core of his commie being.  And he’s dying to tell us; he’s an ideologue, after all.  Give him his wish, his Howard Dean “scream.”  He’s on the edge.  A little push will shove him right into full-blown commie mode.  Give him his chance to make the case that he really wants to make:  that America is evil, that capitalism is the bane of the world, that . . . oh, what the hell ever.  Let him tell America what he believes, let him tell America who he is.  Just push that button, he’ll melt down.  It’ll be funny.

And you’ll win.

Fact 2: 0’s record sucks. It’s okay to go ahead and chase after every lunatic side- and freak-show that they throw out.  For now.  But I hope you have a plan to pull it all together come late September / early October.  Let them bite at your ankles about stupid crap (dogs, taxes, whatever); it’s funny.  But be preparing something positive, solutions, a way to bring American together again.  Americans want a unified America, at heart.  We want to be one nation under God.  0 knew this in ’08, but he lost it.  You need to find it.  Fast.

Fact 3: McCain lost 2008, 0 didn’t win it.  Got that?  He didn’t win by a landslide, not even close.  Reagan beat Carter far more resoundingly.  Do you know that more PUMAs voted for McCain than actual republicans, than conservatives?  Yes, the onus is on us, as voters, but for God’s sake, for America’s sake, don’t make those same mistakes.  America wants and needs a leader, a conservative American-values leader to stand in sharp contrast to the Food Stamp, kill list president.  Say so.  Don’t surround yourself with RINO nightmares like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John McCain.  Grow a pair.  Fast.

Fact 4: No one really likes or wants you.  Know that.  Use it.  Most of us think you’re a progressive lunatic with answers to every problem rooted in more government study, regulation, and control.  Change.  You’re good at that. It’s time to embrace true Constitutional conservatism and to do so with gusto, as you did in the days after the 0 revelation that he thinks “you didn’t build that.”  Go there.  Go there hard.  And fast.

Fact 5: because no one likes you, you do need a VP who is either another wilting lily like you or an actual conservative.  Don’t go near the RINOs.  Pick someone you can sell as American in spirit–i.e. don’t go with a dhimmi like Christie or a “compassionate conservative” like Jeb Bush.  We don’t like or trust these types . . . anymore than we like or trust you.  And we’ll be watching you, don’t forget that.  We’ll be putting pressure on you to walk the talk you’re talking now.  We’re not going to blindly support craziness from you.  Know that and pick a VP who won’t piss us off.  Fast.

Fact 6: GOTV matters.  And you won’t get it out in the needed numbers if you don’t organize better.  Sure, we’re doing our thing in the TEA Party and locally, but don’t count on it (see Facts 4 and 5 above).  Work that GOTV thing as if you know that ACORN is still out there, just in smaller groups but doing the same damage.  Dead people will vote, illegals will vote, Mickey Mouse will vote (twice), so you need to make sure you rally the rally-able.  Not every Paulbot will vote for you, not every libertarian, but you can still make the case that you are better than 0.  Do it. Fast.

Fact 7:  You can win this election, but it’s important that you don’t overestimate the anti-Obama sentiment in this nation, that you spell out how you will improve the economy, that you have a real plan to protect and defend Israel and our other allies, that you know that what is going on in the world is . . . actually going on.  You have to stand against Fast and Furious, against the Julia dependency model, and FOR America.  That last is most important.  Do that, and you win.

19 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: You Can Win This Election

  1. i’m so enjoying o’s foot in mouth and meltdowns. i am looking forward to Mitt Romney’s win! i hope he’s ready for this. if your post is any indication, Americans are at the ready with their list of expectations. good post!

    • I sincerely hope that Romney wins; the alternative is too frightening to contemplate.

      And yes, we have expectations of Romney, and I wonder if he understands that. And what that means for his presidency . . . and all future presidencies, come to that. We’re awake and not going back to sleep!

  2. It is his to lose. My big issue right now is that some on the right seem so convinced that Obama can’t win. Obama can win. yes, we are that stupid in this country. I am still leaning towards not voting for Romney, but I am still out two or three times a week doing something to GOTV.

    Speaking of which, if Virginia is any indication, they are doing well with GOTV efforts. They have already contacted 1M voters here.

      • I will vote for him if it is close in my state the weekend before the election. If it is obvious it will go one way or another, I am voting my principles. I am sick to death of voting for the lesser of evils. Yet another reason I want to live in a solidly red state. Then I don’t have to worry about this nonsense. If I must pull the lever for Romney, I will. But I won’t be happy about it.

        • I don’t think anything is going to be “obvious” about this election. Remember how “obvious” it was that Reid would lose his seat and he still won it (to my mind by an unbelievable margin).

          We’re all sick to death about voting for the “lesser of two evils,” but in this case, this year, one of the evils is . . . *actually* evil. To his core. I cannot fathom anyone deciding it would be better not to vote at all and risk 0 getting reelected. It’s beyond me completely.

          • First I am voting. I have a big senate election in my state. Second, principles only matter if you stand by them when it is hard. At the end of every day I have to look at myself, and there is nothing that trumps that. You have your set and I have mine.

            • Why vote at all in the senate election if the polls suggest that either one will win or that your one vote won’t make a difference? Isn’t that the logic you say you’ll use to decide whether or not to vote for Romney? And yes, by all means, stand by your principles, I certainly am. And one of my main principles is to stand in direct opposition to communism, to stand up for and defend my country and its Constitution (in case you haven’t noticed both are under direct and blatant assault by 0), and to ensure that I do everything in my power to help move us back to a more limited government (this, as even you must know, cannot be accomplished by one election, particularly if people who expect magical change to occur over night decide not to vote . . . for the highest office in the land. And before you say you’re not for magical, overnight change, exactly how do you imagine we’ll ever get the sort of presidential candidate we want and need without chipping away at the establishment and replacing them with conservatives, without taking back our schools, courts, and culture? That doesn’t happen over night, it’s a process. And it includes ensuring that we have a country to save in the first place, and that means 0 has to lose in November. Period.)

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  4. just a conservative girl – I can identify with your frustration relative to voting for “the lesser of evils.” I have struggle with this myself. That said, I have thought this through and here is where i net out:

    We are on the path to economic collapse. I think we can all agree on that. Now we don’t know the day and time, but given the direction this country is being sent, economic collapse is assured if something does not change and fast.

    So I made a decision (right or wrong from your perspective) to vote for Romney. Why? Because if the Reisdent is elected again, we will definitely collapse, If Romney is elected and we have a more conservative leaning House and Senate, there is a slim chance we can come out of this eventually.

  5. Even though I actually LIKE Romney a LOT, I still completely agree with what you have to say here. Romney DOES need to spell it all out better, what he stand for, feels about American, his plans for the economy, and for goodness sake, don’t be afraid to call Obama on his complete LACK of transparency about everything in his life during his college years and beyond. You know, those sealed records….

    • You’re so right, Loralee, I shouldn’t have used an all-inclusive “we.” There are plenty of people who do like Romney, and I know you always have 🙂

      I totally agree that Romney needs to go after 0 hard. McCain refused to do so, and look what that got him. (flashback, “I won”)

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