Paul Ryan: Smart, Savvy, and Sexy

Okay, so the alliteration makes me sound like a fangirl (yeah, yeah, I kind of am), but how wonderful that Mitt Romney chose the marvelous Paul Ryan to be his running mate.  I’m ecstatic.

Good choice, Mitt.  Seriously good choice.

Everyone’s running their favorite Ryan clips, but here are a couple of my faves that I’ve not seen elsewhere:

House Budget Trailer: America Deserves A Better Path

Paul Ryan’s CPAC 2012 Keynote Address

*sigh*  I would have loved (loved) to have seen Paul Ryan on the top of the ticket this year, but this is good, too.  Oh, so good. Don’t forget Ryan on the urgency of the entitlement crisis or on the “contraception ruling” that tramples, if not explicitly revokes, our First Amendment rights to freedom of religion and religious expression.  And note his organized, fact-based response to one of 0’s many lie-laden speeches.

You Eeyores among us, take a break.  A decade-old dog bone dug up and left to fester under the hot Florida sun in a garbage dump  would be a better VP than Biden.  Ryan is everything we’d hope for in a vice president, not the least of which is being actually presidential in both manner and temperament.  As Professor Jacobson notes, this election goes far deeper and is far more meaningful to America than either Romney or (*sigh* #DreamyVP ) Ryan, so Eeyores:  Get on board or get out of the way.


14 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Smart, Savvy, and Sexy

  1. when everyone was speculating who romney would choose, i didn’t dare hope for ryan, i was actually nearly convinced that he’d pick portman. i feel more hopeful now than i have in weeks. maybe months.

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  3. Paul Ryan is an awesome pick! i didn’t think i could get more pumped about the november elections, but i am! let’s go Romney/Ryan! woo-hoo!!

    as for the eeyores you mention, fuzzy. i’m sorry to see some of our teammates cheer with fear and/or doom-gloom. win or lose we should all get AMPED UP TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!! as you say, let them take a break. great post my friend! 😉

    • This pick has really energized me, too, and I didn’t think that was really possible. But I’m finding a shift from being energized to get 0 out of office to being energized to get Romney/Ryan IN office. It’s good. 😀

  4. I just hope he isn’t being built up too much at this point. Balloons are both sturdy and fragile. Well not how is that for being the proverbial bucket of cold water, eh? haha

    • I know what you mean, Mrs. Al. But if we haven’t learned anything over the past four years, we’ve learned not to put our faith (or hope) in one bigger-than-life man. I think we can build him up without the crazed, over-the-top, “Messiah” crap that surrounded 0. Besides, Ryan doesn’t strike me as a narcissist who’ll promise to stop the rising of oceans, etc. and expect people to believe it. :p

  5. It was a great decision by Mitt and tells me that Romney is more than capable of make sound decisions for the good of the nation. I’m very excited about the Ryan pick.

    • Excellent point, John. This pick does make me wonder if there’s more substance to Romney than I’d thought. Who knows maybe he’s done what a lot of us have over the past four years and evolved into more conservative patriots. It’s possible.

  6. FanGirl! : ) Or is it FanGurl? Sorry, can’t remember.

    I was happy with the pick too. Very happy. If nothing else, it reiterated Romney’s mouthing of conservative positions. Doesn’t matter really. Academic Leftists should not be running a free government– their past track record is both awful and murderous. Go figure that revolutionary rhetoric equals massive death… huh.

    Completely off topic, but did you notice that Kevin DuJan is back at HillBuzz? And apparently healthy! Terrific news!

    • Heh, fangurl! I can’t help it, there’s really nothing more attractive than an intelligent conservative man with a plan. I did see Kevin is back (I only read his posts over there, so will have to add it back to my “rounds”).

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