Fuzzy Shorts: Sultan Knish, Gov’t Bullets, Leftist Ayn Rand, Medicare, OccuDregs

Daniel Greenfield, Freaking Fabulous

So, Daniel Greenfield (aka @SultanKnish) has added me to his blogroll, can I just take a moment to do a happy dance?  This guy, for those of you who don’t know, is freaking brilliant.  I am in love with his mind.  Every day.  Have you read about the VVI?  You really should.  Have you pondered the demise of the American mule?  You really should.  Have you read his satire?  It’s Edward Bellamy (of Looking Backward fame) meets H. G. Wells meets Jonathan Swift, and you really don’t want to miss it.  And don’t skip his “roundups” (but one example),  they are meaty and good intellectual fodder.  Always.  I write, what, one, maybe two actually decent posts a year? Greenfield cranks them out every single day.  My brain spasms just wondering how he manages.  If you’re not reading him, do it.  Now.  You will never be sorry.

So what’s going on in the world? In America? With the Traitor in Chief?  Oh so many things….

So, just whom does the government intend to shoot?

That’s a really good question as it turns out.  In case you haven’t heard, the 0 admin is stockpiling hollow point bullets . . . oh, no, not for the military.  For the Social Security Administration, for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  I kid you not.  It’s real.  I  mean we all know that the SSA and NOAA must have a means of . . . what? Blasting Americans into pieces with hollow points?  Seriously?  Some SSA paper pusher needs hollow points?  Some scientist at NOAA needs to blow . . . what?. . . penguins away?  With tens and hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow points?  I think not.

This, my patriot friends, is . . . well, let’s just say, not good.  But hey! The 0 admin, the epitome of honesty and transparency, they who are happy to trumpet their true “values” (oh, wait, they lie. Morning, noon, and night to the American people about their “plans”), have scoffed at the idea that this stockpiling is problematic.  Indeed, they claim the black United States major general speaking out about this curious use of taxpayer money is . . . yes, you guessed it a RAAACIST!  So, well, I guess we can all sleep well tonight.  Wonder about this, Patriots, and ask questions.  It’s not good. Not good at all.

Why is there no liberal Ayn Rand?

Do you even need to ask?  I mean seriously?  You lot have your Ayn Rand, he’s called Karl Marx.  That you can’t claim him as a testament to your revolutionary, communist ideals is a function of their unpopularity with the free-market, free-spirited, liberty-lovely American people, but he’s the guy.  He’s your Ayn Rand, your everything. Got hate? He’s your guy.  Got stupid people believing they actually matter as people?  Send in Marx, he’ll quash that in two seconds flat.  Got people who believe their own initiative pays off? Send in Marx! Got people who dare to think that what they earn is actually theirs? Marx is your guy.

There is not a “liberal” Ayn Rand because what today’s so-called “liberals” believe (and make no mistake, they are not even close to being liberals in the real sense of the word) is that totalitarianism is not only the answer, but the question.  The only people in history who share this worldview are genocidal maniacs  Oops!


Dude, does anyone believe that 0 is “saving” it?  Look, there is one goal and only one goal of the communist left: single-payer, government-controlled healthcare.  He doesn’t see himself double counting that 700+ million, he sees it as a step toward ensuring that our healthcare system is not viable for our elderly  He wants socialized medicine, and if that means he has to kill (vicariously or whatever) a few hundred or few hundred thousand elderly people, that’s A-OK.  It’s for The Greater Good.

Occu-dragging the TEA Party into craziness

So, I’m watching what’s going on with the OccuDregs with a great deal of interest. And utter skepticism.  The 0 admin has ordered local police to leave the Occudregs alone, they are sponsored by leftist, 0-supporting groups.  MiniMe Herr Pelosi has espoused the wonders and glory of the pooping ‘pods, she’s championed the rapists and murderers who make up the movement.   But now, suddenly, for no apparent reason, they are protesting 0?  Do. Not. Believe. This.  It’s scripted to involve peace-loving, law-abiding Americans into lawlessness, into being unwitting pawns in their crazed “revolution.”  Frak that.  We are smarter than that and will never ever stand with the Occudregs.

We believe in our Constitution.  We will vote this traitorous poseur out of office.  We will not, I repeat NOT, be dragged into their lunatic plans for destroying our nation.  The Occudregs are revolting.  In every sense of the word.  But they will do it on their own. 0 has his hollow points, but does he have his “civilian security force” to use them?  I don’t think so.  But it will be interesting and horrible to find out  . . . if he dare push it.  We are still armed, we are still Americans, and we still protect and defend our Constitution.

But we do it on our terms.  Not his.  This OccuDreg thing stinks of manipulation, of begging TEA Party people to join up with the poopers.  I don’t see that happening.  Ever.


30 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: Sultan Knish, Gov’t Bullets, Leftist Ayn Rand, Medicare, OccuDregs

  1. fuzzy, i totally agree with you on what an excellent writer daniel greenfield is! sultan knish is definitely one of the best blogs i’ve read. congratulations on being added to his blog roll! 🙂

  2. i don’t know what the deal is with the ssa, etc., buying up all these bullets. october surprise? i don’t believe any explanation from the administration.

    and i hadn’t paid that much attention to the occutards protesting president mom-jeans. it never occurred to me that it might be staged. if they did think tea partiers would somehow embrace the occutards because of that, they really are dumber than i thought. no wonder they’re buying up hollow point bullets.

    • I don’t believe anything they say, either, and find it alarming that they are sending out the race-baiting attack dogs (they tend to do that when there’s a there there).

      I don’t think the occudregs know they’re being staged, if they are (and I think they are), but this is at least the second time that the leftist puppet masters have tried to sweep the TEA Party up in their mess. Remember when the commie Van Jones was making the rounds expressing his conviction that the TEA Party and occupoopers had SOOOOO much in common and that he was surprised we didn’t stand with them as we had so many of the same beliefs (ha!)? Remember shortly after that when the occudregs’ real organizers tried to “go mainstream” with some sort of unofficial dinosaur media campaign to report on the military veterans who are attracted to the manufactured movement? While the second isn’t overtly reaching out to the TEA Party, it’s no secret that we support and take pride in our military. And remember how many libertarians showed up at a couple of the supposedly less offensive to all that’s decent occudreg gatherings? Oh, so make that at least three times, they did succeed in trying to connect over auditing the fed . . . for about a second. Your final thoughts here are (also) spot-on. And worrying.

  3. Fuzz – I actually think you’re a better writer than Greenfield (and Greenfield is no slouch!) Here’s the thing – sometimes Greenfield is a bit over the top so that his message becomes clouded. You, however, are always clear and you never lose the thread of the message.

    Okay – I’m not doing a good job of explaining myself. I just got out of bed and I’m facing another really, really hot day.

  4. Fuzzy, I hope you still find time for the “Other” bloggers in the outer reaches.

    To me there is nothing more laughable than the thought of a bureaucrat fighting for Obama, looking like a Nancy Pelosi, coming up against freedom loving Patriots. What comes to my mind is “They’ve got us surrounded … the poor bastards.” Think about this … Can you picture a liberal, just one, that is willing to die for what they believe in. I will end my argument with this … picture Bill Maher.

    • I don’t know any “other” bloggers, only my very faves on the net (and you know who you are 😉 ) And hee! I had some of these same thoughts, too. How amusing to see some random government drudge attempting to hold a gun correctly, let alone shoot it. Too funny. And you’re right, I don’t think that any leftist is wiling to die for what they believe in. It’s just not in their nature or ideology (both of which are based on selfishness and self-centeredness, at root).

  5. I wouldn’t jump to the conspiracy conclusion with the Occudregs quite yet, Fuzzy. Obama has been a disappointment to them, and the usual m.o. of the Left is to blame and destroy the person/people, and not the cause. Remember American Leftists are saying that the USSR failed because Russia is full of stupid and uneducated peasants (I kid you not), not because of the inherent flaws in Marxism. I’m drowning in the irony on that claim. I’m betting that eventually their racist claws will come out toward Obama (probably racism watered down w/ some “academic” BS about how blacks don’t think the same as whites so Obama can’t comprehend European principles as well, etc.), all the better to save the cause…

    I’ve also seen only the usual haughty contempt for the Tea Party, GOP, conservatives, etc. from the local dregs and the ones in Portland. I don’t see any change, any attempt to reach out toward or incorporate the Right. I think the only Occupiers left are the true believers, anarchists (self-appointed title and not belief), and radical soft-science majors. They’re the the same bunch of impatient, far-Left radicals that were generally ignored by the media before the MSM needed a pro-Obama ground swell to try to counter the Tea Party (remember the MSM’s feeble attempts with the Coffee Party?).

    Congrats on the link Fuzzy. : ) I don’t know Greenfiled’s work well, but you’re jazzed and that’s pretty good recommendation, so I’ll check him out.

    • I definitely see what you are saying, Yukio, but it’s not really a conspiracy theory if you believe, as I do, that the occupy movement was completely manufactured, from its inception, by the far left. If they built it, they did it for a reason. Whatever that reason is/was obviously didn’t work out, so it’s got to be on to Plan B (or are they further along the alphabet than that?). However, as with all attempts to control human beings (individually or en masse), there are bound to be some who simply insist on thinking for themselves (or some semblance thereof in the case of the occudregs), so it’s entirely possible that these are not staged protests. After all, as you point out, eating their own (after dragging them into the street and slaughtering them) is what leftists do. And this is, so far, about Manning the traitor, so maybe they’re just turning the tables? Could be. In some ways that would make sense; it would embarrass the president, force his hand, make him do what they want (release Manning, which he actually can’t do . . . or can he? Who knows what powers he’s amassed at this point.). Further, it’s interesting that the “leak” about the 0 WH (the WH, not some executive agency acting on its behalf) intervening on the occudregs’ behalf, ensuring they weren’t arrested in Portland. Maybe that was an effort to shut them up? We’ll see. One thing I know for sure is that whatever the purpose of this movement, it was not designed for civil peace and harmony.

      Yes, the poor, the infirm, the elderly . . . anyone who is a drain on their utopian vision of perfection is quickly eliminated. The irony is astounding. And it’s not because it’s not really ironic at all. That’s exactly what the ideology demands, including the lies about the ends that are told to unwitting, uneducated nitwits who jump on board for all the right reasons (most people who claim to be “socialists” and “communists” particularly here in America and even in Europe–where you’d think they’d know better, do actually believe, at least at first, that it’s the better system for the poor, the sick and disabled, the insane, the elderly. Education is a real problem, as is the way our culture idealizes genocidal maniacs like Che.). But the leaders always know what will happen; heck, they devote a great deal of time to devising schemes for the most effective and efficient means of eliminating at least 10% of the population they take over (10% seems to be their magic number . . . almost a goal). This includes both those who dissent and those who will not be “fit” for the new world order.

      Oh, the occudreg plan was completely mismanaged from the outset. They had no built-in contingency plan should its first mission fail (as it did). As I mentioned to Kerry above, though, there have been efforts–if not recently–to incorporate the TEA Party. I remember blogging about (or perhaps only drafting a post about) van Jones going on MSNBC to blather on about how we were just like them, had the same belief sets and goals. It was so nuts that I didn’t know what to make of it, but I smelled a rat. But you’re right, the occudregs are indeed disdainful of the TEA Party; we are exactly what they loathe most: America’s last line of defense (at the polls, of course, not in a militant way, which makes us all the more dangerous to them). Yes, they do keep trying to counter us with crazy leftist “versions” of what we do, not only the “Coffee Party” but the “No labels” party (or whatever that was, it came and went so fast, we barely had time to giggle). Sad, really, but then, leftists never really were much in the way of innovation or new ideas. It’s all the same old failed evil crap.

      • Yeah, the Van Jones thing confuses me too.

        But, if we allow for Jones to be a true believer, then he could be running around trying to build odd coalitions– like back in the days of segregation. Perhaps he believes that he can convince others to the “truth” of his words by finding common ground. Dunno. It’s seems like an awfully stupid idea. And of course it’s a doomed effort since there about a thousand differences between overturning the Jim Crow laws and current Leftist agendas. I don’t know.

        I don’t think that the Occudregs were invented by the Dems or the organized Leftists. I think the Occus were embraced by them and then they tried to fund and direct the Occus. Trying to direct generally dissatisfied mobs is a fool’s errand, and the Occudregs will likely simply snivel and fade back into their anarchist/tree-sitter roots soon enough. They’ll remain in Oakland, Portland, and other places already hospitable to their agendas and actions.

        • Sort of off-topic, sort of on, but I wanted your thoughts on my newest idea. So, say, despite the recent Akin setback, the GOP manages to hold the House, gain the Senate, and win the WH. What happens next is that principled constitutional conservatives push back–hard–on the Romney admin (which is already promising to use tax payer money and government regulation to pursue “green” energy!). We protest, we blog, we dissent. The left, who are incapable of protesting against Dems, even against the most outrageous violations of their supposed convictions, joins in. Suddenly, the TEA Party is held up as the model of the First Amendment, as the paragon of “patriotic speech” (as defined, so narrowly, by the left as anyone who opposes republicans). We keep up our work to vote for and elect constitutional conservatives in every local, state, and federal election. We are then, by their own words, on video that can be endlessly looped, “mainstream.” I see the potential here, but I may be engaging in gross wishful thinking . . . your thoughts?

          • I think your scenario is unlikely, Fuzzy.

            What is of utmost importance in the Left’s identity politics is to have an enemy to focus on in order to unite the race/sexual orientation/gender or whatever identity. Historically and logically, identity politics really only works effectively in a climate of fear and perceived crisis, so the Left has trapped themselves into continually manufacturing enemies to remain relevent. They’ve drawn their battlelines and I don’t believe that it’s politically possible for them to cross over to ceate allies– even allies of convenience. I also can’t see the MSM mainstreaming the Tea Party anytime too soon.

            All of this assumes that the GOP will sweep the legislature and executive, an extraordinarily unlikely event. The mood of the country is very volatile right now, and the election results will likely be disputed. I think the Tea Party will remain a convenient enemy of the Left for any foreseeable future.

            • I definitely agree with the identity politics thing, that may be the wrench in the works. But leftists are notoriously grasping and devoid of principle, as such they are more than willing to form coalitions with people they once deemed worthy only of contempt, demonstrations, and acres of academic denunciation. I spent a good deal of my undergraduate career reading all about the horrors of female genital mutilation, how the left was bound and determined to stop this anti-feminist assault on women. Guess where they stand on it now that their Islamic buds are in the fold? Yep, silent. And it’s happening in London, fgs! Granted, Islamofascists are more “their kind,” but . . . are they really? They are misogynists who literally, today, round up and hang, behead, and stone to death both women and gays.

              • Yes, the Left is fickle. But it’s enemies are based on the current, fashionable issues of the day. Islamists were bad at the time because the Left was looking to put women (ardent feminists really) in their back pocket at the time. Notice how they did not go after Africans who also indulge in female circumcision, but instead targeted the relatively safe (at the time) Muslims. Now they court Muslims and reflexively oppose conservatives by turning on Israel (which the Left used to lionize), etc.

                Remember Marxism is a revolutionary ideology, so it will target the ethnicity/class/gender/etc. who they see as oppressed for their schtick, and then portray the most expedient and politically safest target as their enemy. Who will the Left target in order to court the Tea Party? Obama? Democrats? Socialists?

                Attack the RNC and the Republican establishment?

                Perhaps, but I don’t see the Tea Party as being foolish enough to reverse their political beliefs to be considered hip by the Left. Especially not when their political convictions are the sole reason for their existence. Dump Brown for Warren? Dump Krauthammer for Chris Mathews? Unlikely.

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  7. Congratulations on the Sultan Knish blogrollery! Daniel is a great blogger and a terrific guy, and nobody does sarcasm better than he does; I love when he goes on a tear.

    I would not be surprised if some “National Emergency” occurs either in November, which would of course prompt Ogabe to suspend the elections “for our own good”, or in January ,which would cause him to try to “postpone” Mitt’s inauguration indefinitely, for our own good, of course. Remember, Biden warned us back in 2008 that there would be a “manufactured crisis”, and that seems to be the only thing this regime is capable of producing: trouble!

    • Thanks, Zilla! 🙂 Oh, I’m sure that 0 and his traitorous horde have a “surprise” (i.e. crisis) or two up their sleeve. We’ll see what it is and be wise enough to remain lawful and nonviolent. 😉

      Suspending elections, however, seems a particularly bad idea; he can’t do that. States run elections, not the feds. If he “suspends” them, what do you want to bet that they are still held in red states? I doubt he wants only red states voting. Frankly, I don’t care what he says or does; we managed elections during the Civil War, and I, for one, am voting. Period.

  8. Excellent commentary!!!
    Sorry for not being here more frequently…I still have your old website in my ‘Follow’ index and will update that right now by making sure I have the new Fuzzy Logic…

  9. Also…
    I also meant to say…
    “I listened to Trevor Loudon the other day. He was in Falmouth for abook signing and gave a one hour speech…no tele-a-prompter!

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