President Failure: The “Incomplete” President

President Failure has just assigned himself an “Incomplete”; that’s not good, not good at all.  Let’s pretend, for a moment, that President Incomplete has a clue about how academia works (I don’t think he does, witness his lack of papers, presentations, ANY academic fodder/standing at all, but let’s pretend his “professor of Constitutional law” boast is real).

Okie dokey, time for a quick tutorial in higher education grades.  Incompletes are awarded, not for wishing and hoping something had been done better (perhaps by magic), but when the student is physically or otherwise incapable of meeting the course requirements.  Incompletes, further, are issued not on “potential” nor on any basis other than the student’s incapacity and usually by their work to date:  for example many univs require that a student have completed 70% of their course work with a C or better before an incomplete can be considered.  Further, students are still expected to meet the requirements, but they are given an extension (what I imagine 0 is asking for; so the question is, did he do enough work to warrant an extension?).

Don’t get me wrong, I think 0 is totally incapable of being president, but his “Incomplete” grade suggests that he didn’t meet course requirements through no fault of his own (the criteria on which Incompletes are permitted).  That’s key.  Should he have been able to meet them?  Did he fail to meet them because he was hospitalized or otherwise debilitated? Or did he fail to meet them through some fault of his own?  This matters.  I would not, for instance, give an “Incomplete” in this case:  0 has failed, simply, to meet minimum requirements and shown no ability to earn a passing grade.

The only time I grant an Incomplete is when it’s absolutely necessary, not when students didn’t feel like it, or when they thought something else more important, not when they had this great idea for whatever, only when there was a real, documented reason for a failure that they could potentially turn into a success, that I personally could attest could be turned into a success.

An “incomplete,” in other words, is a disaster for A students, for students who would rather crawl out of a hospital bed to meet requirements (as I actually have) than risk their transcripts being tarnished with an “I.”  Obama, the supposed scholar and “professor” (he was an adjunct) should know all this.  And make no mistake, he does. He’s counting on you not to know it.

So the “this president gets an Incomplete” question of the day is: has he met the bar of 70% completed work at the C or above grade level to warrant an Incomplete?


12 thoughts on “President Failure: The “Incomplete” President

  1. Yeah, Obama’s incomplete grade to himself gave me a good laugh. Why was he unable to complete the course? It was too much golf and absences, along with emotional immaturity.

    He wants an extention because of circumstances that aren’t his fault. I wonder what he believes these circumstances are? Because Americans wouldn’t rollover, sit-up, and beg at his command? Because it turns out windmills and Solyndra (and all the others) weren’t even close to being up to snuff? Because Americans are mostly evil racists clinging to religion and guns and refusing to bow down before Mt. SandObama?

    Be gone puffed-up student, whiny man of unjustified arrogance. Off to Hawaii with you so you may bask in your future of well paid anti-American speaking tours.

    • [quote]Be gone puffed-up student, whiny man of unjustified arrogance. Off to Hawaii with you so you may bask in your future of well paid anti-American speaking tours.[/quote]

      This made me laugh. Out loud.

  2. but fuzzy, it posed him no problem prior to Columbia or throughout his days at Harvard….worked for him then, why wouldn’t it work for him now?
    kinda like when he was a senator and voted present 129 times.
    hidden college transcripts, voting present on important bills, and now at almost 4 years, an incomplete—that’s how he rolls!

  3. Um, you pose tough questions, Fuzzy. You see, Obama supports entitlements, so if we are looking for social justice, then I suppose he could be entitled to an incomplete because … well, he was raised as a poor black child and never had the opportunity to take remedial classes, which under the Constitution, he is entitled to do. You see the dilemma. On the other hand, perhaps we should simply afford him an opportunity to find out what it’s like being unemployed, thereby gain some actual experience as a politician. I’m sure he’ll make a fortune writing hate-filled speeches such as those constructed by Julian Bond, Jesse Jackson, and Rev. Al Sharpton.

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