Pledging Allegiance To The Republic, Not Servitude To The President

Oh dear, I feel a rant coming on.  Yes, again. I just read this headline “Actress Jessica Alba asks voters to pledge allegiance to Obama” and my head almost exploded.  Before I even clicked the link, I was transported back to the truly creepy, truly awful Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Stepford “pledge” to be “a servant to our president” (meaning, of course, 0):

And I remembered this bicep-kissing guy (no idea who he is, but I guess he’s someone famous to people who like that sort of thing) pledging to be “of service to Barack [weird bicep-kiss] Obama [weirdly kisses other bicep].  At the 0:51ish mark:

This put me in mind–again, before I even clicked the Alba link above–of a conversation I had with a 0-supporter on Twitter.  It was some leftist who originally seemed sane, so I followed him back. Briefly. (As most of you know, I don’t follow leftists as a rule: I gave up any fantasy that they were open to any ideas but their own ages ago, and as I’m certainly and proudly not open to their commie-crazy ideas, well . . . what’s the point?  Oh, I did try, for ages, to engage with leftists, but it really was just an exercise in futility, so now I don’t follow them on Twitter or even read their comments when they wander onto my blog.  I just block, ignore, delete forever.  Yes, I know, many conservatives still engage with them in the spirit of the great Andrew Breitbart, but I just can’t be bothered. Anyway, back to the point. . . ) This leftist guy on Twitter wrote to me in a lengthy-ish pm exchange that I should support 0 and his agenda because (get this!) the president is our “boss” (his word), and just as we wouldn’t “disobey” (his word again) our boss in the workplace, we shouldn’t (and you can’t make this stuff up) “disobey” 0.

50-foot statue of Dear Leader anyone?

Well, you can imagine my response.  I pointed out that the American president is not “our boss,” that his job is not to “rule,” and that the American people pledge allegiance to no man , to no office–not even to the office of the presidency.  We pledge allegiance to our flag, and to the republic for which it stands.  Period.  I also noted that our military and elected officials pledge to protect and defend the United States Constitution, not the president, not the office of the president.

So it turns out that Alba wasn’t actually saying, as that bicep-kissing moron and Demi Moore most certainly did, that we should pledge allegiance to 0, to a mere man, to a relative nothing in the great scheme of our beloved republic.  Instead she likened pledging allegiance to our flag to pledging allegiance to communism, or at least to a version of it as expressed in the old Soviet constitution and in FDR’s commie Second Bill of Rights.

“Growing up, my classmates and I started every day with a ritual: We’d stand up, put our right hand over our hearts, and say the Pledge of Allegiance,” explains Alba. “To me, that gesture was a promise. A promise to be involved and engaged in this country’s future. A promise to work for liberty and justice — and for affordable education, health care, and equality — for all.”

Maybe that’s the same thing as pledging allegiance to 0?  And we all know that to 0, as to all leftists, “equality” is exclusive, not inclusive.  Leftists have a long list of “justices”: social justice, green justice, racial justice, and on and on.  But nowhere in their list is “equal justice.”  Conservatives, in this construct, aren’t “equal” and aren’t deserving, to their totalitarian beliefs, of free speech, freedom of religion, nor of any other liberty they claim for themselves.  This is the danger of government-granted rights and is exactly why our Founders specified that our rights are unalienable, granted by our Creator, not by government.  Totalitarian states–the regressive leftists’ ideal–do not permit true liberty, and they certainly are not built on equal justice for all.  Every instance of “social” or “green” or “racial” justice is built, inherently, on injustice to others.

We know this.  And as I recently posted, they know this even if their useful idiots do not.  And there can be no clearer evidence of useful idiocy than of their pledging allegiance, actual servitude, to the president of these United States.  Americans are not servants, obedient or otherwise, to any elected official, to any man (or woman).  We are a free people, and we will, despite their best efforts, remain so.

Make no mistake about that.



25 thoughts on “Pledging Allegiance To The Republic, Not Servitude To The President

  1. I find it interesting how many of the free-thinking Left absolutely need to surround themselves with like-thinking people. Despite their romantic idea that they are a noble political minority “speaking truth to power” etc., they’re almost always, in fact, the majority of their immediate surroundings (academia, Hollywood, pretentious coffee shops, etc.), and merely ridicule and, most especially, fear the evils lurking in “fly-over country”. It’s terribly depressing. But this is typical of the American Left. And I suppose this kind of outlook demands a boss to obey. I mean you’re not standing on your own in any way, thet’s scary, so you need a boss.

    This premise and attitude was wildly popular with American Blacks in the ’60s (look at the writings of Ron Karenga- the creator of Kwanzaa- for instance). The idea to give up independence and individuality for the sake of safety and the betterment of all was pushed very hard and embraced by many. The eventual results were not stunning and created a climate that allows for “oreo” to become an insult for thinking outside the racial box, and for Mia Love to be called a “house nigger” on wikipedia. Cute, huh?

    • Yes, they need an enormous government to dictate their every thought and deed, and they need a “boss”; I cannot imagine how we got to a place at which pledging servitude to a “boss” president is acceptable, even praise-worthy.

      Exchanging messages with that leftie was enlightening . . . and sad. After that whole “0 is the boss of me and everyone else” exchange, I unfollowed the leftie. He tweeted me some nonsense about “free speech,” as if my unfollowing him was the equivalent of the federal government making laws stripping American citizens of the freedom of speech. As I pointed out to him, if the GOVERNMENT tried to stop his freedom of speech, I’d be right beside him, fighting it. But I, as a private citizen, have every right to follow or unfollow anyone I wish, and that if the government tried to step in and change that, I’d fight that, too. It’s like he thought freedom of speech meant that no one was free to NOT listen to what he had to say. Really infantile, pedestrian thinking that I found, as I said, more sad than anything else.

      They just don’t seem to understand the difference between the government’s enumerated powers and our individual freedoms. It’s truly bizarre, really. To them, my personal decision to follow whomever I wish is the exact same thing as the government sending in jack-booted thugs to ensure that I do as they say. I’m not sure how to combat that, it’s truly a deficiency of intellect and reason.

      • “I unfollowed the leftie. He tweeted me some nonsense about ‘free speech,’ as if my unfollowing him was the equivalent of the federal government making laws stripping American citizens of the freedom of speech.”

        LOL. The same thing happened after Jason Biggs tweeted some vile crud about Romney’s and Ryan’s wives. So many people seem to believe that freedom of speech means they can say whatever they want without consequences from people who disagree with them. Except when it’s “hate speech” and then people must be punished by government enforcement (or govt. coercion as in the case of Chik-fil-a). It’s ridiculous and is simply legislating Left opinion into law… and I suppose into fact according to their reasoning.

        The American Left tends to think of individual freedoms as being legislated rather than being recognized. It’s why they try so hard to chip away at them– much like what happened to gun rights in California. They believe that they can legislate their own views into being law (and reality again) at the exclusion of others. It’s standard Marxist thinking from Mao’s China, Lenin’s USSR, Castro’s Cuba, etc. Toned down for American audiences of course, but the principle is brazenly the same.

        Remember Marx was kind of like Plato in thinking that government can (and should) control its citizens’ perceptions of reality. It’s an absolute necessity for Marx’s basic ideas (good societies create good people), thus modern Marxists– no matter how toned down– cannot abandon the concept.

        I don’t think it’s “a deficiency of intellect and reason,” it’s merely values based in the monstrosity of Marxism (a demonstrably wrong economic and social theory). There’s no reasoning with it. It’s their faith. It simply must be fought.

        • Hmm . . . you make a most excellent point, Yukio. Maybe they’re aren’t stupid, incapable of reason, maybe they are just blindly following some bizarre belief system (“faith” is a good word, Marxism is rather like a religion, and certainly takes great leaps of faith to even imagine it might work . . . now, suddenly, when it never has and never can.). I’ll have to give this some thought. It almost makes me pity them all the more than if they were merely addled, drooling morons. No wonder leftists are less happy and less charitable than normal people; their “religion” deprives them not only of hope but of belief in their fellow Americans. Which I guess we knew. Yes, this needs more thought, you marvelous man, you!

            • I don’t like to characterize the leaders of a political movement as being dishonest, shadowy people who are secretly manipulating the masses like “the illuminati” or something. This thinking imposes the view that these are people who essentially share our values and viewpoints, but who have betrayed them. That view will always paint an essentially incorrect picture of them, and make them appear to behave in a baffling manner.

              It also gives the Left an advantage in that they know we don’t share their “enlightened” values precribed by Marxist doctrine, and act accordingly. They have no illusions that we share their value system and their principles, yet many of us cling to the idea that the deluded “true believers” are but the pawns, and the powerbrokers are just clever people who aren’t that different from us. This is like saying Hitler didn’t believe in National Socialism and his racial dogmas. The American Right often misjudges and underestimates opponents because of this flawed view.

              Looking at the actions of Mao, Che, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Jung-il, et all tells a very different story. They believed in their values, and that belief both dictated and allowed them to take actions that, at times, were genocidal.

              Yes, politics makes pragamatists– but that doesn’t mean that people simply abandon the fundamentals of their morality and political beliefs when they attain political power. Those values are absolutely in play as they work within the confines of political reality.

              • This gets tricky because 0, for example, is indeed shadowy and dishonest about his true intentions. He’s not going to come right out and say he’s a communist (I believe he is) or a Marxist, he’s going to continue to try to make his ideology sound like a “good fit” for America. To do that, he’s constantly lying, constantly demagogueing, and constantly scurrying around behind the scenes setting up the structure for his “new economy.” That’s real, we see the evidence of it all the time, in EO’s and “evolving views,” whether or not we connect the dots. He’s certainly not acting alone, so there has to be some sort of a “conspiracy,” though I don’t think they think of it that way or that we should either. They genuinely believe that their way is the best way, the most “fair” way, to meet the needs of The Greater Good. They don’t believe in individuals, they don’t believe in freedom for the people; they are, whatever else we might call them, collectivists, and they truly believe that forcing someone who can’t find any other job to work on building a road is a good thing (see Mussolini for that model).

                That said, you are quite right that they don’t share our values or ideology, and they don’t really understand them, either. That’s why 0 and Warren are so baffled when there is massive push-back to the “you didn’t build that” crackpottery. They honestly believe that the government is the be all and end all and that if only the nation would submit to its tyranny, all would be well in the country, indeed in the world. They have no clue what we hold dear or why. But they are smart enough to disseminate and try to make their crazy, destructive ideas “sound like” freedom. Their sort has always done that. Always. That’s why the least free, least democratic nations are called “People’s Republics,” etc. They understand that people want freedom, so they try to say that’s what they have on offer, when clearly they serve up only repression, oppression, and fear.

                That’s where the useful idiots come into play. They actually believe, somehow, that bigger, more restrictive, more controlling government leads to a free people. Who in the world knows how they put that together, but they do. They’ve been led to believe, have needed to believe themselves, that big government is interested in, cares about their needs. Even if that were true, and it’s very much–again demonstrably–not, the decision on how to best meet those needs is taken from the individual, from their local government, and moved straight to the central planners. Anyway, they don’t really think about that or about much. This is why I sometimes think they have to be mentally incompetent, but you are right above, so I need to think more about that.

                Anyway, I think there are many useful idiots, those who do hold our values and beliefs but have come to believe through the barrage of propaganda in schools and our culture that there is something wrong with America, that we aren’t “fair” or “just” and that the only way to correct that is through tyranny (of course they don’t call it tyranny, though that’s what it is). This goes back to the dishonesty of this admin. They DO know what they propose, they do know what they want to do to ensure there is no dissent, that no one with whom they disagree has a place in their new America. They just don’t tell the people. There is a “conspiracy” in this admin (and in which the press knowingly collude), there are deluded useful idiots who think they are supporting a more “American” America because that’s what they’re being told (they can’t imagine, still, that anything can take America down, that they’re being led down the garden path, and/or they are in denial mode, pretending all is well while the building collapses around them), and there are people who genuinely believe in Marxist ideology and embrace one or more of its off-shoots. There is no reason there can’t be all of these factions within the larger push to statism; indeed, the push actively needs each of these factions to have gone as far as it has.

                • omg, that’s horribly cramped, anyone who replies (nudges Yukio) please do so below somewhere, so it won’t be all smooshed up and hard to read. My apologies for not posting down below myself.

    • This is a reply to Fuzzy Sept. 25 comment.

      I think to cover the specifics (step-by-step strategies, etc.) of something, you have to pretty much stick to a specific issue and not talk in very broad terms about specific actions. Otherwise the practice is pretty much futile.

      I believe that people in power react (exploit, use, are confined by, or whatever) to the conditions that the world and society create. I don’t believe these conditions can be created with any detail or accuracy. Yes, you can make things terrible, but generally not terrible in the specific way you would want, or in a way that allows for your agendas to be successful. Compare The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Mao didn’t want the Great Leap Forward to be as bad as it was, and it cost him. Yet, when all Mao wanted to do was cause general and mass destruction in the Cultural Revolution to allow him return him to power, he succeeded. He learned that he can’t micromanage chaos, but that he could cause and exploit it.

      The way that people in power react to these unpredictable and changing conditions is what allows people to successful. And the way they react is dictated by their beliefs.

      I believe in agendas. I don’t believe in sweeping conspiracies.

      • I know you don’t believe in sweeping conspiracies, and as such, neither do I. I don’t think there’s a Dr. Evil sitting in a control center dictating every move. But I do think that on top of the points you make, and with which I agree, there is and has been for decades an active movement (sounds better than conspiracy) against traditional American values, against America. We both know the foundations of Marxism, and we both know that the United States was not (to borrow a term from an equally dangerous ideology that also threatens our country) Marx-compliant. Yes, I say, “was not” but do still hope for “is not.”

        America and Americans are not the natural fit for Marxist ideas as they manifest in socialism, fascism, communism, etc. We’re an independent, self-reliant, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps people who live in a nation of Judeo-Christian foundation that values that free market, the entrepreneur. We believe in our fellow Americans, we believe in God, we believe in ourselves. Marxism cannot function in such an environment; indeed, as has been proven time and again and is being played out now across Europe, Marxism cannot function in any environment, but certainly not in America. The only way, the only path, to Marxist fulfillment is and has always been to destroy those foundations of America that make us exceptional, that make us a free people.

        And there have been concerted efforts by many groups and individuals to achieve this, and it really did start expanding from our universities and into our culture and society by design. Actually, typing this has made me remember that long-lost (okay, not lost just forgotten) post about the top lies leftists believe about conservatives. Think I’ll pop that up. It covers this bit on Marxism.

        The point for here is that I think it’s pretty clear that there has been a group of people–or in the typically divisive leftist way, several groups of people organized to undermine and attack everything about America that stands in the way of their collectivist utopia. Were they formed with that goal: hey go out and destroy America, here’s your assignment, you are in charge of undermining the role of religion in public life . . . and you, over there, you’re in charge of undermining traditional marriage and family.? naw, not so much, so no “conspiracy” there. But that doesn’t negate the fact that there are indeed set groups “assigned,” if not by some evil figure with a cat on his lap, then by their Marxist ideology to perform those functions.

        A couple of weeks ago, I read some idiot leftist actually defending raping children on the grounds that pedophiles are performing their own “natural” role, following their own inclinations, that they, in essence, were the victims of their own urges. After being thoroughly disgusted, horrified, and revolted, my mind boggled. We are now not only to the point that these people feel comfortable demanding, nay entitled to, tax-payer funded birth control, abortions, sex-change operations, but now we are being primed to . . . what? get tax-payer funding for child-sex rings? And don’t laugh, even 20 years ago the idea that the taxpayer should fund sex-change operations would have sounded just as outlandish. The climate that allows this did not happen spontaneously, it’s been a long, relentless attack from many sectors on the left on the foundations of our nation. And yes, I believe that it is organized to a certain extent, as organized as the foundations of our nation were organized. I would call neither a “conspiracy,” but I think the same thing happened to replace our Americanness that happened to instill it in the first place. We can call it whatever we want, but the results are the same.

        • I wasn’t suggesting that you believe in conspiracy theories, Fuzzy. There are those that do– mostly on the Left in my experience, though there are plenty on the Right as well. I don’t think you believe in conspiracies in this manner. I was trying to differentiate between perceived coordinated assaults by nefarious masterminds (individuals like Soros or someone like that with diamond-collared cat) and the way that society has been changing (or degenerating based on your interpretation) due to Leftist influences.

          I think you’re quite right about academia. There’s been a very hard push to make being conservative completely at odds with being an intelectual. Of course, based on the performance of intelectuals in political power (see some of Thomas Sowell’s work on that), that view could be held as a badge of honor. But honestly that’s beside the point.

          The Left looks to categorize and then render judgement– using their own highly biased standards. It’s what they do (the reasons are due to Hegel’s and Marx’s theories and you know all that so there’s no reason to go into it), and why identity politics works so nicely for the Left. Marx substituted class for Hegel’s nation-state, and now many substitute race/gender/sexual orientation or whatever ridiculous identity they want to arbitrarily assign to people for Marx’s concept of class.

          This is why I do my best to not allow Left-leaning people to to set up the rules of the game when I deal with them. It’s ridiculous to allow them to use Marxist and Hegellian theories as standard facts during political discussions. And it’s often useful to point out how many of the concepts they talk about have their base in Marx and Hegel. Most don’t know that– and I deal with college students and graduate students a lot.

  2. Ref:”…and my head almost exploded”
    I haven’t read your post yet (I will in a minute)…just watched that first video and my head is somewhere orbitting the moon…and it didn’t even explode, it just took off!
    What planet did we import these freaks from?
    Are you sure you got the spelling of their names right? Ass-ica Alba and Ass-ton Butcher

    • No kidding, Norm. It’s hard to believe that there are people roaming this nation who actually hold these freakish views. It’s unAmerican and outlandish to assert that a free people pledge allegiance–even SERVITUDE–to the American president. That is exactly the opposite of all this country stands for, all that we are as Americans. Mind-boggling.

    • And it’s everywhere we look. We really have to step up our efforts to take back our country and our culture. Andrew Breitbart was right, there is more to worry about than politics; we obviously have a culture in which “serving” the president takes the place of our founding documents, of our Constitution. It’s scary.

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  4. In a way, this reminds me of some of the things I’ve read regarding the changeover from the old Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

    Rather than pledging allegiance to Rome, Caesar’s army pledged allegiance to him – which led to the establishment of the Empire. Pretty much from that point on (with a few exceptions), whomever the army put forward as the next Caesar became Caesar – the Senate ended up ‘rubber-stamping’ the candidate and that was about it. The Senate rapidly became little more than a facade, a ‘sop’ to the people to make them feel they had a say.

    To me, that sounds awfully familiar to what we have now, what with President Executive-order-because-the-Congress-isn’t-doing-what-he-wants-them-to-do.

    Or maybe I’m just a paranoiac conspiracy-theorist.

  5. Anthony Kiedis, front man for Red Hot Chili Peppers most famously known for singing onstage wearing only a sock on his penis. So, bicep kissing moron pretty much fits. Just sayin’.

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