Femisogynists Wage the Real War on Women

I was half-watching some installment of the Twilight saga the other night, and turned my full attention to the screen when gorgeous Edward sweetly proposes to stunningly beautiful Bella in an idyllic field.  (Yes, I’m a softie romantic underneath it all.)  So Bella responds to Edward’s proposal in the language of our times:  marriage is meaningless, “it’s just a piece of paper.”  Groan.  Edward says something to which Bella replies, “do you know the divorce rate?” and tosses out some percentage of failed marriages (maybe 1 in 3?). To which Edward should have replied, “well, gee, Bella, no wonder marriages fail if everyone believes as you do that marriage is just ‘a piece of paper’.”   He didn’t, he said something amusing about the vampire-human divorce rate being lower, but the fact remains: if you diminish what many see as a sacrament, what we as a culture once believed to be inviolate regardless of our religious leanings, then doesn’t it stand to reason that that “piece of paper” can be wadded up and tossed aside like so much . . . paper?

Such circular reasoning is typical of leftists when they are busily chipping away at our socio-cultural foundations in their relentless quest to debase and destroy all that is good and moral and just.  Marriage is “just a piece of paper,” but if you oppose the religious “marriage” of gays, you are full of hate.  Don’t bother pointing out that the left’s mission for decades has been the destruction of the American family, including but not limited to marriage.  Don’t bother pointing out that by their own devices marriage is now penalized in tax codes, including but not limited to proposed taxes by 0 (his $200k for individuals, $250k for married couples is a clear disincentive to marry).  Don’t bother pointing out that many of the very leftists who actively, vocally, shrilly support gay “marriage” have opted not to marry themselves (Susan Sarandon comes immediately to mind, but there are so many others).  And don’t bother pointing out that marriage before God is indeed a religious sacrament, that forcing churches to marry gay people is a direct violation of their religious liberty.  Or that marriages viewed by their participants as sacraments are the ones that tend to last, that tend not to end in divorce after three months (marriage for so many on the left–and yes, even among conservatives because it’s such a prevalent view in our society–is really just a ramped-up form of “going steady,” just like abortion-on-demand is a ramped-up form of birth control . . . morals be damned).  And don’t bother pointing out that civil unions are completely acceptable to many conservatives (myself included), as long as religion is kept out of it.  Equal rights for gay couples can be obtained without trampling on religious freedom, but that’s not what they really want.

The same can be said for their idea of “women’s rights” and “women’s health.”  Leftists repeatedly equate women with only and solely their sexual and reproductive organs.  It’s no wonder that the image of Code Pink dressed up as human-sized, walking labia has become the visual for “women’s rights” and “women’s health.”  Women’s rights and women’s health mean birth control.  And abortion on demand.  Period.  But it doesn’t stop there, these things are already legal, readily-available in our society.  Oh no, now they want everyone else to pay for their birth control, including their abortions-on-demand (which they see as birth control).  If you, as a taxpayer and/or as a Christian (now, but the mandate WILL be extended to Jews, to Muslims, to all religions who oppose abortion and birth control, make no mistake about that, if you), don’t think it’s your or your government’s responsibility to pay with your tax dollars for someone else’s choices, well!  You’re against women, heck, you’re engaged in a full-blown “war on women.”  That’s right, you may not oppose abortion, you may not oppose birth control, you may even use it yourself, but if you don’t demand that the taxpayer pay for everyone’s pills, condoms, and late-term abortions, you’re just a despicable hater who wants to drag “women’s rights” back to the stone ages.

Or something.

Marriage is just a piece of paper, babies are just clumps of cells.  Women’s rights are limited to taxpayer-funded birth control and abortions or to government dependency ala Julia.  Women aren’t smart enough or interested enough in anything but their vaginas or what they can get from a life of government dependency; women are not independent or capable, they are “not really concerned about what’s happened in the past four years.”  That from 0’s top spokesperson.


They say things like this, they believe, things like this.  Women don’t care that we are, for the first time ever, running an annual deficit of $1 trillion; that we haven’t had a budget in three years; that we are $16 trillion in debt (and counting); that unemployment numbers are beating those of the Great Depression; that the price of everything is skyrocketing while the dollar is continually devalued by the Fed; that the entire world has been made unstable and is on the brink of global, catastrophic war; that the government, actually the president, now has the unilateral power to kill American citizens; that there are more people collecting food stamps and welfare than at any time in our nation’s history; that 0 went to war in Libya without Congressional approval (Bush did not ever go to war without Congressional approval, of course, and this precedent will matter in future, something the left never seems to think about); that we have suffered two economic rating downgrades under 0, the only two in our nation’s history!; or that this president has repeatedly said and shown that he has little to no regard for this nation or her people.  But no, according to leftists, none of this matters one whit to women.  They truly see women as uninterested in anything that doesn’t directly relate to their sexual activities.  Funny how woman on the left don’t notice that, aren’t insulted and/or outraged by that.

But then, they are femisogynists who long ago gave up any pretense of caring about women as women.  We are now political pawns, useful idiot composite billboards for government dependency, walking hot pink labia who will reflexively vote (D) . . . just because.



3 thoughts on “Femisogynists Wage the Real War on Women

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  2. It’s a question of messaging and identity politics. Sure things bite economically, but what’s really important is free stuff to a group IDed as belonging to the Democratic Party.

    And I do mean belonging. Look at how Clarence Thomas, Mia Love, Sarah Palin, Thomas Sowell, Condaleeza Rice, etc. are treated by the media and the Left. If you leave where you “belong” then you’re not really a woman, you’re an oreo, you’re a house n****r, you’re suffering from Stokholm syndrome, etc. It’s assinine and hypocritical.

    And the hard Left has been whittling away at the concepts of morality for some time. Sartre the Marxist (so lauded among academia), while playing the existentialist, spent his time continuously attacking the conept of morality. He essentially replaced it with “responsibility” thus setting the stage for any evil to be committed as long as you can stomach it.

    With that as background, is it any wonder that the Dems see unborn children as merely a problem to women? That they see and treat Christians as deluded and self-righteous fools? That they see their own constituents as hungry children looking for people to feed them?

    It’s a terrible situation that’s been put into motion since the ’60s and maybe before. And it’s very hard to say where it will lead, but right now it’s divisive, economically chaotic and unsustainable, and reasonably violent (Occupy etc.). And it could very well all become worse in the near future. Hard to say, though.

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