Yes, Romney Won the Debate, But . . .

I watched the debate, and I’ve listened to/read the spin and follow-up commentary.  I agree with the consensus from both left and right that Romney won the debate, but I also agree with Joel Engel over at LI:

Last night was a major reason why so many people, including Professor Jacobson, were so jazzed by the idea of a Newt Gingrich nomination.  Obama spent the debate pretending that he hadn’t been president the last four years.  Romney spent more time than he should have doing the same.

Every haymaker Romney landed came when he remembered to mention how Obama was responsible for [fill in the blank].  Every time he didn’t he missed an opportunity to get deeper under Obama’s gossamer thin skin and trigger a glimpse of the president’s authoritarian arrogance that he struggles so hard to hide.  You can see him fighting it, which I think is why he looks down.

What I’m waiting for is that defining moment when the real Obama is revealed, just like at the end of Elia Kazan’s A Face in the Crowd, when Lonesome Rhodes accidentally lets the mask drop on national television to devastating effect on his career.

Romney has the power to make that happen by channeling his inner Newt.  If he can’t do it at least once over the next two debates—well, I tremble for our country.  You can bet that, next time, Obama won’t blow off his prep. Next time, he’s bringing Chicago with him.  And Salt Lake City won’t cut it.

I’m not as “if only we had Newt” as Engel, mostly because I think that just about any conservative has the ability to “reveal” the real 0.  Or more aptly to set the stage for the real 0 to reveal himself.  I also think–as long as we’re engaging in wishful thinking–that it would be better if someone like the fabulous Paul Ryan did it than Newt.  Newt can be abrasive and off-putting to all but those of us who already support “not 0,” while Ryan has that genuine niceness that could rip off the 0 mask without offending any but the most die-hard koolaid-slurping Obot.  But we have Romney, and he either wasn’t willing to “go there” or is saving that for the third debate (the next one is town hall-style and won’t lend itself to the sort of prodding that 0 needs to reveal himself).  My sense is that he doesn’t want to go there, that he wants to appear presidential and doesn’t have Reagan’s (or Ryan’s) ability to pull off what needs to happen while remaining presidential and without stoking the leftists’ slapping down the expired race card, en masse (they’re doing that anyway, though, so . . . ).

I’ve been saying for ages that thin-skinned, arrogant, petty, mean-spirited, petulant 0 will meltdown, publicly and epically, and I believe that is more than possible, it’s highly likely . . . IF Romney is willing to take off the gloves just a bit.  Not only does America need to see 0 in all his spiteful, sneering, condescending glory but 0 is ready to spout all sorts of commie nonsense, to define his real vision for “fundamental transformation,” and to provide some further “you didn’t build that,” “at some point, you’ve made enough money,” and “I think it’s better for everyone if we spread the wealth around” revelations to the American people.  He’s been ready, that’s who he is and what he really wants to say.

“Forward!” is not a mistake; it’s right in line with every other (failed) commie tyrant’s campaign slogan and vision.  Romney needs to take him there–channeling either his inner Newt or his inner Ryan–and let 0 explain that in his own stuttering, rambling, hesitant, confused way to the American people.


15 thoughts on “Yes, Romney Won the Debate, But . . .

  1. I enjoy watching Newt mop the floor up with his opponents, as well.
    But, he was not the right candidate to go against Obama.
    Romney did exactly what he needed to do last night. He kept it classy, while, yes, indeed, Barack kept it mild (maybe due to being unprepared, or lack of intelligence, or his inability to function without his prompter….could be any number of reasons)
    We all know, Romney knows that the next debate will be different. Obama will make it personal. He’ll go after Romney- and depending on which way he goes, Romney will be prepared.
    Newt has a different style. It’s a decent debate style and super fun to watch- though, last night was just as fun, if you ask me. But Newt is not a clean enough candidate. And even though we all believe in redemption (at least we should) having Calysta there by his side at every appearance is a constant reminder of his indiscretions….and we don’t need that. Not because it makes Obama look good- it really has nothing to do with Obama- it has more to do with the kind of voters who don’t want Obama. If that makes any sense.
    Many remanin uncomfortable, uneasy about Newts values and honesty. There are some things, sometimes,, such as former sins, though forgiven, have burned a bridge for future aspects – this being one of those times.
    Many of all faiths, all over the country, were very comfortable backing Romney with prayer–feeling he was worthy of the office, that he has done and lived in a way that is worthy of holding this position of honor. I don’t know the outcome of the election, but I strongly feel that much of last night, was an answer to many of those prayers.
    Romney knew and knows that many are praying for him and that gives him strength and it gives him Power…the kind of power that I don’t’ think Obama is too familiar with. Call me judgmental- but I base what I feel on the actions and words of Obama the man. Knowing that many were praying for him, Mitt Romney did his part, he worked hard and gained the blessings of those prayers, as was manifested last night.
    Trust me, he is the right candidate for this time.

  2. I just freaking enjoyed somebody bringing it to Obama. And with the success of this debate I think Romney will prepare very carefully for the next debates, aware that BO just might try to sting him – and won’t fight fair. At least I hope. The best part last night was Romney correcting Obama every time he tried to lie again. That made my day!

    • Yes, I think the Romney team knows that 0 will be a totally different person next time they debate. It will be interesting to see how much they miss the mark, though. The next debate is town hall style, and I think that is the exact wrong format for 0 to start his sneering nastiness against Romney. I’m popping popcorn for that one.

  3. Romney was good. But at times almost too subtle. A lot of what he said might have been lost were it not for the Democrat supporters and pundits who immediately went into melt-down mode over Obama’s floundering performance. Had guys like Bill Maher, Michael Moore and Chris Matthews held their tongues, would Romney’s performance be seen as as the knock-out victory it’s being proclaimed as?

    • I was thinking this, too, Doug. If the left had just held their tongues, they could have spun the debate any way they wanted to . . . just as they’ve spun everything for almost four years. They won’t, however, make that mistake again. 0 could go full-on meltdown and strip naked on the stage, and they’ll all, as one voice, declare it a victory for Team 0.

  4. Now, now, Fuzzy … calm down. When you look at both of them that night You couldn’t but notice there was a buffoon posing as the president. I think Mitt did just fine. Don’t forget there is a soft, mushy undecided that hates it when someone states an obvious truth. He’s, I’m sorry to say, playing to those to stupid to know what they believe in.

    • Yeah, I know that the undecideds were Mitt’s audience, but he does need to throw some red meat at conservatives to ensure that we get to the polls (not that anything will stop me from voting, but there are plenty of people who will just stay home if they aren’t inspired to get out and vote. Witness what happened in ’08 with McCain.).

  5. Mitt Romney is truly a nice person. I think (hope I am wrong) that what we saw the otner night is as hard ball as Mitt gets. He did a good job in that debate; yet he missed some golden opportunities to land Knockout punches. Obama, because of Bengazi, is ripe to be clobbered on foreigh affairs. A newt would destroy Obama in this next debate. Maybe Romney should ask newt to be his coach for this debate.

    • I hope that’s not as hard ball as he gets, but he does need to be careful. He doesn’t have that “nice” persona that Ryan has (that Clinton has), and if he’s not careful coming at 0, he’ll come off worse than President Petty. That would not be good.

  6. I too felt Newt was the best nominee for the reasons stated here. However, I believe now Mittens has cracked the code – in his own style – *and it is therefore over*. Mittens, above all, is the competent corporate man. Having cracked code, he will now inevitably close the books. It doesn’t have to be a knockout punch. It can be – it is already – a process of progressively diminishing the Empty Suit.

    • Great comment! After the first and second debates, I’m not as comfortable calling him “Mittens” as I was before. He’s taken those off and replaced them with boxing gloves. I love it!

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