One Of These Two WILL Be Elected President

Either an empty chair president who has done nothing but show contempt for America and the American people, who uses executive orders and executive branch agencies to bypass Congress and our Constitution, who has created and cheered on a global crisis that will lead to global war, who has appointed one known communist to the Supreme Court, and who ignored the American people in forcing through a major piece of domestic legislation that takes over 1/6th of our economy and destroys our health care system or Mitt Romney who, given the right (and I mean “right” in every sense of the word) support (and pressure when needed) will undo much of that horror and work to bring us back to our Constitutional principles without pitting American against American.

Our economy cannot withstand four more years of assault and “managed decline” from 0.  Our military cannot withstand four more years of patrolling in war zones without bullets, having our national security secrets leaked (for political gain, no less!), and having our plans for withdrawal disclosed to the enemy. Our people cannot withstand higher gas prices (0 has only managed to double gas prices in the past three and half years; his goal of $7/gal gas is still in the future).  Our people cannot withstand the increases in the price of everything due not only to $7/gal gas but to masses of regulations, taxes, and penalties that 0 and his traitorous horde have created thus far and have in store for us.  Our people cannot withstand the continued closure of coal plants and the illogical blocking of domestic energy production (not to mention the expense of the green energy boondoggles that 0 pursues to line the pockets of his donors at the expense of the American tax payer).  Our religious liberty cannot withstand the assaults of this administration coupled with the primacy this admin gives to sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Our Supreme Court will have at least one probably two and maybe three openings in the next four years, and we cannot have more anti- and unAmerican people appointed to the highest court in the land.  Our nation cannot withstand four more years of the discord, hate, vitriol, and general divisiveness that 0 creates and nurtures.

There will be a president elected on November 6th, and it will be either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

That’s truth.


16 thoughts on “One Of These Two WILL Be Elected President

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  2. Yeah, I have a hard time believing that the race is close. Obama’s economy is tanking, people are out of work, the international relations have been uniformly awful. And then Romney made Obama second-rate, learn&spit intelectual that he is. Yet, Obama leads he by a point because he’s just so likeable or something… I call B.S.

    Hey, I see you got a spot on Legal Insurrection. Congrats. Empty chairs away…

    • I do believe it’s close, and it worries (and scares) the crap out of me that people are still thinking it would be a good idea to vote for that libertarian, what’s his name. One of two men will win, and any vote not cast or cast for anyone but Romney will, in effect if not in intent, be a vote for 0. That’s just the truth.

      And thanks! I love love love Professor Jacobson and am happy to lend a hand.

      • Maybe. I’m just reminded of the Carter / Reagan race. Yes, Romney is no Reagan, but then again Obama is no Carter (we should be so lucky). I think people forget how much the media was in the tank for Carter and how they tried present Reagan as a far-right loon. Just seems too familar to me. Make no mistake, a vote not cast for Romney is essentially a vote for Obama, but that really only matters in the battleground states.

        The problem is that the media and polls are so biased it’s hard to get a sense of what the battleground states really are past the extraordinarily obvious. Is Pennsylvania in play for instance? That’s how untrustworthy the media has become. The only real way to know with any real confidence is to see what the results are after the fact. I know here in Oregon, there’s not a great deal of enthusiasm for Obama (I’ve seen 2 signs for Obama/Biden compared to the 50+ I saw in 2008). Now Oregon is going to the Dems of course, but there’s a major sense around here that Obama will lose. That’s really significant.

    • They’re polling at 2008-level dem turnout, and unless something changes rather drastically between now and Nov. 6th, that’s not going to happen. But I wouldn’t put anything past 0 and his traitorous horde and am waiting for . . . something that will GOTV for them. On another side, we don’t know what either team’s internals are saying, either, but Team 0 isn’t anywhere near as worried as I would like to see them. Their internals must not be that bad, may even be encouraging. That’s bad.

  3. Oh no … I can’t leave banners here anymore. Let’s fix that, shall we. I’ll just have to dig through my email contacts. Oh, I’m voting for the Republican.

    • I love the new banner, but I can’t for the life of me remember how I got the other banners on this site. WordPress won’t let me upload from my ‘puter, but I’m working on it. Thanks for the awesome banner!

  4. Do you think the people who will vote for the empty chair really love their children and grandchildren? Or, are they too stupid to understand the consequences of what their votes mean for their children and grandchildren?

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