The Biggest Mistake Leftists Made

Whether or not Mitt Romney wins on November 6th, it’s clear that leftists made several key mistakes that destroyed what many in ’08 declared the end of the Republican Party and the new day of Democratic leadership that would last decades.  It was, indeed, the end of the Republican Party as it then existed (few will mourn that “loss”), but it was far from the triumphant victory for Democrats that was hailed at the time.

The first mistake, the one that continues to haunt them, was holding Barack Obama up as a “god,” “the one,” and other such insane, impossible ideals.  In doing so, they not only made the rest of us sick to our stomachs but also shot themselves in the foot. No man can “stop the rising of the oceans” and “heal the planet.”  No man, particularly in public service, should be worshiped, pledged servitude to, and otherwise hailed as Messiah.  There’s only one direction to go from such a lofty peak: down.

Not only did legions of Obots believe this drivel, but so did the Narcissist in Chief himself.  His arrogant declaration to John McCain that he won the election has become a punchline when paired with Oprah’s career-destroying comment.  Now 0 is ridiculed as “Teh Won.”

Believing from Day 1 that his second term was locked up, a foregone conclusion, 0 and his traitorous horde squandered all of their trump cards.  All of them: their substantial–but not infinite, as we knew at the time, even as they didn’t–political capital, their race card, their supermajorities in both houses of Congress, their propagandist tools in the media, and even the president’s supposed “likeability.”  All gone.  Much of it gone in the first two years while they ignored the desperate state of the American economy, the plight of the American people who wanted and needed jobs, and everything else in order to take over 1/6 of our nation’s economy and destroy the best health care system in the world.

Stupid moves by Teh Won were hailed as wonderful by the lapdog media who made him . . . and destroyed themselves in the process.  2009 was an interesting year.  That year saw 0 receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishing . . . absolutely nothing.  Some leftists even had trouble understanding that one, saying they were “surprised” by it.  Everyone was or at least should have been.  And remember him thinking he could swoop into Copenhagen, condescend to the Olympics committee, and bring Chicago the 2016 Olympics?  It was funny at the time, but in hindsight, it’s just sad (well, okay, and also funny).  Shored up by a doting media and swooning lefties, 0 really believed that he was unstoppable, that the world would bend to his will.

He actually believed that.  To this day, he looks at the mess he’s made in the Middle East and still declares that the world has a better opinion of us now than it did when he took office and that we are safer for his mere presence, that the war on terror is “over,” and that al Queda is “on its heels.”  This while average Muslim citizens across the Middle East burn the American flag and burn him in effigy, cursing him, calling for his assassination.  Sure, they did the same thing to President Bush, but at least they respected President Bush and America then.  Now they have no respect for our president or for our country.  They continue attacking and killing American citizens, including here in America (Fort Hood was a terrorist attack, not “workplace violence”); they’ve raped and murdered an American ambassador and raised the black flag of Islam over American embassies (i.e. on American soil).  Appeasement does that, gives away the upper hand in some misguided belief that apologizing and caving in will build good will where not even a kernel of it exists.  Appeasement doesn’t even do that on the playground where bullies are inspired by pockets full of lunch money to bully more not less, and it certainly and demonstrably doesn’t do that on the global stage where our enemies are emboldened by perceived weakness.  It’s really not rocket science.

Other mistakes were made in keeping the president away from such nastiness as press conferences, from serious interviews with serious journalists, and from any kind of challenge to his failed policies and questionable acts based on a faulty worldview.  As we saw in the first debate, a president unused to being made to think about and defend his policies is unable to do either.  Again, not rocket science.  Unchallenged on blatant lies and illogical decisions, 0 really thought all he had to do was keep lying, and voila! he’d win reelection.  He may still, but at what cost?

Should he win reelection–and I sincerely hope that he does not, I have little doubt that the American people will insist, even demand, that he be impeached.  If Republicans take the Senate and keep the House, he will be impeached, and he will leave office in utter disgrace.  We’ve murmured about impeachment before, and such murmurings are becoming louder as details of the Benghazi cover up are revealed, but it’s nothing compared to what will happen should he win.  Almost everything he’s done is an impeachable offense–indeed, he’s crossed more Constitutional lines than any president since FDR, but Fast and Furious and the Benghazi tragedy should seal the deal.  If it does come to that, leftists will howl about RAAAACISM like never before.  That’s a given.

The trouble, for them, is that they have made another, vital mistake: they made the race card a joke.  All the race-baiting, all the racial divisions, all the invented racial “coding,” all the knee-jerk accusations of racism where clearly there was none, all the manufactured “racist” moments attributed to the TEA Party and later proved false . . . all of it, together, has rendered the race card impotent.  The little boys on the left cried RAAAAACISM at the drop of a hat, and the sad result of that is that when there is actual racism no one will listen, no one will come to the rescue.  And importantly, no one will be cowed into silence and complicity.  That race card just won’t hunt any longer.

A myth was created, a god-like persona who was a skilled rhetorician, a thoughtful academic, a leader of men, a statesman of extraordinary talent, a uniter not just of “red states and blue states” but of the entire world.  One by one, each of these have been stripped away, and the people see that the emperor has no clothes.  He’s no god, no Messiah.  He’s only a skilled rhetorician if he’s on teleprompter reading speeches written by others, when he’s not, he’s an incoherent, stuttering, stammering mess.  His “erms” are not thoughtful pauses as he struggles to express his superior ideas to the uneducated masses: they’re the mark of an incompetent thinker and speaker, of someone who is unable to express even the simplest ideas to his intellectual betters, let alone to the American people (the majority of whom actually are his intellectual superiors).  He’s not a leader, he’s a “lead from behind” appeaser, a lazy lazy man who relegates all but his “kill list” to others and who’d rather meet with entertainment figures than with his intelligence committee, generals leading his wars, or heads of state.  He’s no statesman, when he is challenged, he is petty, petulant, snide, sneering, condescending, and downright rude.  He’s not a uniter; he personally insults the American people–calling us “teabaggers,” calling his own acolytes “whining,” and telling the Congressional Black Caucus they need to “take off [their] bedroom slippers.”  No one is safe from the dripping condescension and mean-spiritedness of this neophyte amateur.  He throws Israel and Poland under the bus while promising indefensible 1967 borders to countries that want Israel “wiped off the map” and whispers that he’ll guarantee “flexibility” to the Russians. He’s a disaster for anyone who truly wishes for peace.

The biggest mistake leftists made, however, was putting all their fragile commie eggs in an ephemeral basket woven of outrageous myth, unicorn dreams, and downright lies.  They thought him–or if not thought him, believed they could present him as–the perfect representative of the post-America global citizen, but he was never that.  Never.  And as we now know and they should have known, no amount of media malpractice, Chicago-style thuggery, and unconscionable executive branch intimidation can change that, can put clothes on the naked emperor.  Their biggest mistake was not finding someone of actual substance to carry their banner, someone that it wouldn’t take so much effort to prop up, someone who was fully-clothed.  Or at least someone who was modestly draped enough to appear on the national and global stage without needing a full phalanx of media, corrupt politicians, and assorted ideologues to hide his nudity.  They should have found someone who was actually “larger than life,” who was capable of formulating a thought that wasn’t fed to him by a teleprompter, who was truly likeable and had at least the makings of a statesman.  But they chose to go with the pettiest, most thin-skinned, least experienced, least capable, least likeable, least inspiring person in the party’s regressive ranks.

And for that I am truly grateful.


9 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake Leftists Made

  1. The stuff that liberals conjure up, like the “war on women” and claiming every bit of criticism of BO stems from racism. The problem with progressives is that they think of government as a “god” and since Obama is the ultra extremist big government guy they made him out to be the god of big government – the one that could fix everything if he was just able to wield his big government wand without the detestable, obstructionist GOP’ers getting in the way. Plus liberals inherently believe that the government can save us from all that ails us. That belief has been debunked as being a bunch of malarkey. If you find that out from reading about history then you just got a birds eye view of the failure of big government policies from Obama’s first term.

    Fantastic post!

  2. it is a shame that our first black president wasn’t Thomas Sowell instead of Barack Obama. It may be long time before Americans will trust a blackman to be president again and that is too bad. It’s also a shame the O has no shame. He will leave office thinking he was the best there ever was and we were just too stupid to see it.

  3. While I think you’re right about Obama on all counts, I do think they were smart to choose him because I don’t believe there will be a move to impeach him. No one wants to be responsible for impeaching the first black president, not just because of the accusations of racism…but also because of the history of it. I just don’t believe there are enough Congressmen and women who don’t care about being recorded as the ones who impeached the first black president for it to happen. Which is why I believe this election is so critical.

  4. An angry commenter bemoaned, “Obama deceived us …” No, I disagree. The people who voted for Obama deceived themselves. As for the rest of us, we were trapped in a bus that was heading off the road into an abyss.

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