Election Eve

Well, here it is . . . the night before the big day.  The biggest, most important election of my lifetime.  I find myself wavering between being hopeful and optimistic (those D+11 polls are laugh out loud hilarious; no way are dems showing up in those numbers) and anxious and worried.  I’ve read the predictions, read the polls, read the pundits, and . . . I honestly can’t understand how this election is so close.  It seems impossible to me that Americans can still be taken in by the naked emperor wannabe.  But it seems they are . . . at least enough so for people to be saying that this election is close.

I’m not so sure, and looking at the crowds that are gathering for the humble, competent, balanced Romney and the hottie fiscal genius Ryan, I can’t help but be reminded of obnoxious, petty, petulant, and unhinged 0’s ’08 crowds.  Granted people aren’t swooning and fainting and acting like total idiots, but that’s a good thing in my book.  Leftists–those who aren’t insanely predicting a 0 blow-out–are calling this election “too close to call” and a “tie,” so that’s also a good sign.  They aren’t saying it’s a 0 win, and they would be if they thought it was really too close to call.  I’ve seen exactly one Obama-Biden sign and scores of Romney-Ryan ones, so that’s also heartening.  Florida, at least where I am, seems to be going the right way.

After I vote for Romney/Ryan tomorrow, I’m heading to Chik-Fil-A again–a lot of people on Twitter are talking about this, and I think it’s a great idea.  And then, yummy chicken goodness in hand, I’ll be settling in for the results to roll in.  I would not be in the least surprised by a Romney landslide, but . . .  I’m not counting on it, either. Praying for it, wishing for it, hoping against hope for it, yes, yes, yes.

I hate this.  Hate it.  I hate not knowing what is going to happen to our great country–will we do the right thing and avert true disaster?  Or will we not?  Are we too far gone?


So what are you thinking?  Who do you think will win?  By how much?  And why do you think that?


19 thoughts on “Election Eve

  1. In the last two days I have gone from predicting a landslide for Romney to worrying that people will secretly vote for Obamacare once the curtains close.

    One strange thing:

    In my hometown in Oklahoma, there are no yard signs – for Romney or Obama. It is weird. Last time, because it is a mostly conservative town, you could find McCain signs everywhere — just 25 or thirty for Obama. Today we drove around for an hour, but did not see one sign. I have no idea what it means.

    It reminds me of when I was a kid one night when we took a long bus ride to championship game. Not one world was said by anyone – I could even here the windshield wipers at the back of the bus.

    • I can’t imagine ANYONE secretly voting for 0Care. I mean, sure, leftie loons, but what conservative would think that’s a good idea? Naw, no way. But yes, I get that sort of quiet, unreal feel ….

  2. you already know i think it’s going to be a romney blow-out. i think that for a couple of reasons.

    1. i’ve been to two romney rallies and a freepac rally. they were all packed. packed! the last one mark and i went to was the rally in west chester with 30,000-35,000 people. sure, there were people (some doofus from the ap whose name i can’t remember, for one) who tried to say that the crowds started to thin out after kid rock played and that the remaining crowds weren’t enthusiastic, but isn’t that what president whiny-pants’ lapdogs do? i was there. there were thousands of us that were still lined up outside when kid rock finished his bit and left and we were all still streaming in.

    and remember a while back on morning joe when they tried to make it seem like a crowd was chanting “ryan” and clueless ol’ mitt was trying to get them to remember his name? yeah, paul ryan was there that night, but romney got a much louder cheer. people are very enthused. people of all ages. i’ve seen so many high school age kids at these things, it’s unbelievable. and they see obama for what he is: a marxist, race-baiting huckster.

    2. getting back to 0’s media lapdogs, they’ve gone so far in for him, they can’t possibly admit that they’ve been skewing things all this time and suddenly their god has fallen. their heads are going to explode enough as it is. i’ve been seeing mentions today of the election predictions from back in 1980. those said it was “too close to call.” and yet reagan won in a landslide.

    i know it’s nerve wracking. especially when we know that the progressive left will go to any means necessary to stay in power. but everybody is on guard. we know they’re going to try something. we know they’ll abandon the rules if they think they’ll get away with it. and we aren’t letting them get away with it anymore.

  3. I feel exactly the same way. No predictions other than I believe social mood, specifically the war between lib vs con is going to get much worse regardless of any outcome.
    But it will be fun to laugh at libs, so hoping..

  4. My bet is for a big Romney win. I don’t think it’s really that close. Here in Oregon–I repeat Oregon— I’m seeing more Romney then Obama signs/bumper stickers. I’m mean Oregon definitely voting Obama, but if here in blue Oregon there’s so little enthusiasm, imagine what it’s like in battleground states. CNN ran a D+11 poll that showed a tie. It’s not that close.

    My main concern is lame duck Obama and especically Obama’s lame duck EPA. They could a lot of damage with b.s. regulations that would be difficult to totally undue. And Obama the kinda guy that would do something like that.

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