Mourning For America and the End of (Political) Fuzzy–Updated

I’ve been writing for years about America, about the American Spirit and the American Dream.  It was all for nothing, all about something that simply no longer exists.  I was delusional, in denial, stooopid.  America is no longer the America of my youth, of my dreams, of my spirit.  The American people have re-elected 0, and that tells me all I need to know about the country I’ve always loved and been proud of, about my fellow countrymen and women who rejected all that is good and decent and admirable about our great country and embrace all that is bad and failed and shameful about her and her century-long flirtation with communism.

The American people have spoken, and it’s a sad sad day for our endangered Republic.

As for me and this blog . . . I’m done.  This blog is done, at least as a political blog.  Because I love to write, I may come back at some time to write about whatever interests me, but it won’t be politics.  I’ll stay a constitutional conservative (it’s who I am), and I’ll still vote, of course, still resist in the culture war and stay informed, but I see no point at all in torturing myself for four more years, of agonizing over 0 and his shameful anti- and unAmerican policies when, apparently, he’s just what the American people want.  Well, they have him.  We have him.

I’m heartsick.

And done.


Okay, maybe “And done” isn’t quite correct.  Both my conservative blogger friends here and a very special one over at Hack’s place (*waves at Sol, the great mind behind Wisdom of Soloman*) have reminded me that . . . well, they’ve reminded me of who I am and what I care about.  I will continue to blog, perhaps not as focused on politics (I need to keep some semblance of sanity, and four more years of 0 are guaranteed to deprive me of that if I let them), but I will be here, and yes, I’ll definitely engage in the political arena when it seems useful and wise (or, hey, when I feel like it! Heh).

47 thoughts on “Mourning For America and the End of (Political) Fuzzy–Updated

    • Aw, Adrienne, I could never say “no” to you. I’m not going anywhere, but I just can’t invest so much of my heart and soul . . . for nothing. America is lost, the America we know and love, anyway. I’ll still be here, and I have no doubt that I will still post about politics from time to time (as I did before Fuzzy Logic became full-time political), but my feeling right now is that I cannot handle a political blog.

      I’m small-time, don’t make a bit of difference, and while I have loved being engaged over the past four years, I can’t stay in a state of constant outrage for four more years–and that’s all another 0 term has on offer. More lies, more unconstitutional actions, more horrors. We’ll never get rid of 0Care now; we’ll have at least one (more likely three) Supremes appointed who are just as blatantly communist as Kagan; we’ll have more turmoil and discord both at home and abroad; and most fun of all, we have POTUS’s “revenge” to look forward to. This is a petty, horrible, and I believe, evil human being. But America elected him, and I can’t argue with that.

      I didn’t leave America–I never could and still hold on to the ideal, but America left me. That’s how I feel, and it makes me immeasurably sad.

  1. It is what you say tonight…but choking your voice might not be the best for you…and why give up? Maintain all your options and keep perspective…he is not, after all, elected as the he King of Kings.

    • True. But he thinks he is, and sadly, so do his acolytes and, apparently, many of the American people. And as we’ve learned over the past four years, if they say it, it is so . . . at least it is so to too many people. I’m beyond sad.

      Maybe, as you suggest here, I am just reacting too quickly, too emotionally. I can’t see myself not writing about politics, but at the same time, I look back over the past four years–the sleepless nights, the indignant outrage, the anger at this man who offends everything that I stand for but for whom my fellow Americans voted another four years at the helm. Another four years of treasonous actions, unbelievable lawlessness, and shocking anti-Americanism . . . it’s just too much to contemplate. To live through again. Especially as we know that this next four years of “fundamental transformation” will make the last four look like Reagan on steroids.

      But I will listen to you (and to my hero Adrienne) and not “choke my voice.” I just can’t do the all politics all the time thing any longer. It was for naught. And it cost me dearly in terms of peace of mind and spirit.

      • Yes…it is an art to not drive ourselves into reactivity and craziness…and yet still stand…”and having done all else, stand.” I think taking care of yourself and measuring your steps is wise. I don’t underestimate the danger or the damage possible..I am just saying keep the towel… best wishes.

      • Feels like you are reading my mind, word-for-word! It is overwhelming, I agree. Not enough sleep, too much heartache…and for what? To have another stolen election. That’s what it was, pure and simple. The only good thing is that when the makers stop making, the takers are going to be shit up a creek — well, even worse. At least we have the smarts and the ambition to rebuild (or hunker down and insulate ourselves) but the parasites WILL be exterminated. Just hope its not by the muslim brotherhood or we are all doomed. I could give a crap about the economy — it’s our security and freedom that I’ve been fighting for!!!!!

  2. Let’s pull an “Amusing Bunni” and post puppies and kittens to get through it. And the other side may hold a (pssst–supermajority).

  3. Now is the time when people like you are needed the most. The majority of Americans didn’t choose Obama’s socialism, because they aren’t even aware of it. When their freedoms start to erode, they’ll all be wondering why. That’s why it’s so important to have blogs and people to lead them to the truth. Honestly, people (as a group) are idiots and they won’t see anything until it directly affects them. I don’t think it’s so different from the time of the Revolution, where there were something like 20% Patriots, 20% Loyalists, and the rest undecided until British troops started showing up. The majority won’t understand until it’s too late, but then they’ll all be scrambling for answers. Now is the time conservative bloggers like yourself are needed more than ever. And don’t think you don’t make a difference, because if you do that, the enemies of America have already won. I share your despair, the America that we love will be fundamentally changed. It may even be dead. But the new America won’t last long and a time for a new revolution will be at hand, if only one of hearts and minds. New Sons and Daughters of Liberty will be needed to open eyes to the truth. You and your ideas are more important than ever before. Thank you for sharing them even though you’re in the minority. You have been an inspiration. God bless you and your family. America will never truly die until it no longer exists in our hearts.

    • Alceste, your words humble me. Beyond measure, really, and I thank you for that. Giving up on America . . . well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Gaahh, yes, I hear the stupid. You’re right; everyone is right, and I’m just being a silly, over-emotional freak. All DOOOOM when I should be capturing the fighting spirit that defines me, that defines all of us, as an American.

      Thank you. Sincerely.

  4. Don’t give up, Fuzzy. We need you.

    It’s hard to say exactly what happened. But we need to remain strong and resolute.

    Should we really re-evaluate our values and beliefs about America because of this?

    What was true yesterday, is still true today and tomorrow. Remember, Obama’s policies cannot work. An election does not change that. And when the failures begin to mount, we cannot allow him to pin the blame on people like us.

    And Obama, being as horrid a president as he is, needs to continue to be checked and blocked. His hypocrisies continued to be made public. Sure he has the presidency (still a bit shocked about that), but that just means we need to continue to WORK to block his crap. And we need to continue to do what we do so that when things break and get a great deal worse in the near future, we as the people cannot allow him to slither away from responsilibilty. Do we turn our backs on Israel now? Do we no longer exert pressure for him to follow the sane course?

    Four more years are going to be hard, but will they be easier if we give Obama a free hand? If we do not hold him accountable for the failure and crappy results of his policies?

    Believe me, I can understand the need to not drive yourself crazy over this crud. So, pace yourself. These are difficult times we’re finding ourselves in, but when the pressure is on, is when the true measure of a person can be witnessed.

    So, as a friend I must say: PLEASE don’t give up. You’re wanted. And you’re needed. : )

    • You bring tears to my eyes, Yukio, my friend. What the hell was I thinking?! OF COURSE we can’t allow this communist fascist lunatic to destroy our great nation . . . d’oh! Hmph. And here I already changed my page . . . what a dupe. I really need to check my emotion at the door before going off on the crazy.

      Defeatism is not American. It’s not ME. Thank you for reminding me of that. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? If not, consider this . . . that.

      • All my best, Fuzzy. : )

        Remember we are not alone. The Left tries it’s hardest to isolate, to make people feel very small and insignificant. Remember that you’re not alone.

        But beyond that, remember that you have value and meaning not determined by others.

        Truth is not determined by the majority. Your views are NOT disproved by an election.

        I’m here for you, and many others are as well. We’ll get through this next term. And then we’ll see where we are.

  5. So glad you added the update to your post. I tend to think that the goal now is to re-focus on each of our respective States such that the onslaught about to be unleashed can be fought effectively. And make no mistake, like the battle I am waging this too will be a battle.

    FS you were given a precious gift and I hope you continue to comment, even politically. Your insights are necessary out here in the blogosphere!

    • Thanks so much, Mrs. AL for this great comment and kind kind words. I saw your post about your diagnosis and have been praying for you daily–I never really know what to say in such cases, but you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

        • This is a good point, Mrs. AL and RA. For example, if I were a democrat, I could easily have voted three times in this election. Once in MA, once in south Florida, and once in the Panhandle of FL. I’m registered in all three places. Annual registration would certainly go a long way to ensuring that people who move (or die) are not voting in multiple places.

  6. Never surrender.

    In my life I’ve been a week or two away from literally being out on the street with no hope for survival. I thought I would never recover. I didn’t know which way I was going to go, because it seemed the only way was down. I had nobody to blame for my troubles but myself, for I had not been strong.

    But I made it.

    I found strength in the love of God, my family, friends, and the values I was raised to know are the right values. I stopped blaming others for my troubles, and I accepted full responsibility for my own failures. I worked my ass off to do right by God, family, and devoted friends, and to put myself in a place where I could say “I am proud of me!”

    I’m hearing sorrow and despair all around this morning, I just woke up and the first thing I heard on my local talker was a 63-year old man who just swore off all of it; Talk radio, Republicans as a party… everything.

    It hurts, falling down. We have fallen a long way, and we have a long road of recovery in front of us. But it is when we find ourselves at our most desperate situation that we learn our own character.

    We must be strong. We must stand tall with the conviction of our principles.

    We must never give up hope, because the idea of hope as it has been used against our values is not real hope. Real hope is the spirit that helps us find strength in ourselves, with the love of God and those we trust the most, when all seems lost.

    Come with me. I’ll lead today. Over time, I’ll grow weary and tired as has happened before, and then you’ll assume control. We are a team. and I believe we are the individuals who have been blessed with the responsibility of the incredibly daunting task of preserving the greatest social and political experiment ever known to mankind.

    We are Americans, and we do not accept defeat. We do not look to elected officials or false deities for hope or for change; We affect change. We do not accept what appears to be our fate; We make our own destiny.

    Let’s roll.

    • I will come with you, follow your lead. And yes, gaining strength from that, I can and will take that torch should you grow weary. What a wonderful way to put it. Yes, I remember when you felt as I do now, and I tried, in my own clumsy way, to remind you of what you are reminding me. I’ll be more tempered next time, my friend.

      In the meantime, lead on.

  7. I can’t see America ever being the shining city on the hill again. The morality in this country is gone.

    I am glad you are not going away. It is a comfort to know that good people like you are out there — hoping.

    Now it it take a spiritual rebirth in America, and the rise of a great leader like Reagan for America as we love it to come back.

    • I feel that, too, BC, that the shining city on the hill is gone, but . . . I’m feeling the stirrings of real hope again. We can restore our great country, but we can only do that if we don’t give up (how crazy that I’m saying that on a post in which I give up like some kind of drama queen diva freak. Heh).

      The morality is decayed, limping alone, but not gone. There are still plenty of conservatives out here–the country is still split today, just as it was Monday–and we can still teach our children, work in our communities, fight back against the godless immorality of regressives.

      I’m starting to think that we must move forward under the original TEA Party banner of fiscal conservatism. We cannot keep getting caught up in morality and spirituality . . . not at first. We tried that, it failed. Now we have to start over, stick to fiscal sanity and have faith that the responsibility, morality, and ethics required for fiscal conservatism will renew these foundational concepts in the American people. Part of why we have such enormous fiscal problems is that there is no responsibility, no morality, no ethical concern in our society and culture–it’s a chicken and egg thing. We’re morally bankrupt so being fiscally insane is A-OK. Ditto the other way around: being fiscally responsible WILL affect our morality. It has to.

  8. On a positive note – my heart throb Michele Bachmann won!!! Pelosi had a target on her back…

    As long people like her are out there fighting, there is still hope.

  9. Oh woman of such wisdom I love so dearly … “They have us surrounded … the poor bastards!!!”

    As for me, Old Conservatives never die … OR GIVE UP!

  10. fuzzy, don’t beat yourself up. these events are bigger than all of us. we need to keep hearing from wonderful patriots like you. you have a gift- please keep writing! take a break if you need to, but be sure to come back. hugs! 🙂

  11. I don’t post a lot of politics over at my place (unless I can ram some kind of religious angle into it), but after my post tonight I think I’ll be taking a bit of a break from political blogging, too (what little I actually do of it).

    I can totally understand the frustration – I’ve still got knots, though they’re loosening up. And my take on it is – all those folks who voted for O voted for more goodies; it’s more than likely that for the vast majority of those folks, those goodies are the only income they’ve got; those goodies aren’t going to matter a d@mn once the prices of utilities, food, and gasoline jump; when they do, I’ll be the first in line to tell those goodie-grabbers who start wailing about how bad they’ve got it that they brought it down on themselves by voting for O – and to get off my lawn.

    • Sigh. I know, Nate, and then all 0 will do is point to the GOP and scream “obstructionists!” and the greedy Gimme! goons will believe him. I’m not even sure if I’m upset with 0 anymore. I could see people were duped in ’08, but this time around, they knew the score–or should have, so they actually voted for Marxism. In America. Makes me sick to my stomach still.

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