Working Through The Five Stages Of Grief

Okay, so after my self-indulgent election night meltdown, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This process has been . . . interesting, to say the least, so I thought I’d share with you the stages of grief that I experienced and continue to work through (I’m giving myself until tomorrow evening to snap the heck out of it and get back to work for America).

The DABDA model works as a decent outline, so I’ll be using it as a guideline. It’s not exact, of course, as everyone experiences grief differently, and “grief” may even be a bit hyperbolic.  But I doubt it.


So I’m sitting here, laptop on my lap with many tabs open to many things (LI’s election night blogging, Florida results, Twitter, and a couple other state results . . . along with the usual tabs for my reader and email) and the television on, remote at hand (I like to flip around because I don’t trust any “news” organization), and things aren’t looking good.  Not good at all.  I’m emailing and dm’ing with a few very important people about the way things look, and we all agree . . . it’s not looking good.  Not good at all.  But I still manage to be hopeful . . . somehow.  And then it happens, Ohio is declared for 0, seconds later the entire election is declared for him.  Shock. Horror.


Like Rove, I wasn’t willing to accept the truth.  I wanted the numbers to be wrong.  I wanted to hear that election wasn’t decided with only 2 and 3 and 5% of precincts reporting and votes counted.  I wanted to . . . have it be different.  This couldn’t be.  America couldn’t have just re-elected the most radical, most anti- and unAmerican president this country has ever known.  She just . . . couldn’t.  Right?!

Wrong.  America just did just that.  Cue the . . .


Stupid, stupid America.  Slackers and loser and greedy, envious dependency addicts one and all! Julias and Julians across the nation voting for “free” stuff without a clue that for every “free” thing they receive, they’ll be paying for it twice over not only in increased taxes, fines, fees, and cost of living but in relinquished freedoms, muted voices, lost selves.  What a bunch of idiots!  Greedy little Gimme! goons sucking our nation dry and changing it forever.  Selfish, clueless, myopic, uninformed leeches.  All of them!

Well, screw that.  And screw them.  I’m done–enter fuming, disgusted, dejected Fuzzy busily typing up a farewell post and angrily–somewhat resignedly, too, if truth be told–redesigning Fuzzy Logic.  If you missed it, it was all green and purple–my two favorite colors–and had a lovely nature tree thing for a header. I love nature and was secretly looking forward to going back to blogging about flowers and leaves and bugs. And shoes. Maybe about some television shows I’ve been enjoying.  Maybe about coffee and Cadbury eggs.  But certainly, absolutely:  No more politics! No more pouring my heart and soul into something that was never going to be appreciated or fulfilled.  No more loss.  No more constant, unsettling negativity and anger.  No more.

But then something happened, something unexpected and heartening.  My conservative blogging friends, the ones I love and respect as you can only love and respect those who’ve been with you in both your finest and your lowest moments, began posting comments, sending emails to let me know that I was wrong. Oh, it was wonderful, not the “you’re wrong, you stupid sloth” crap that I have been known to spew, but nice, supportive, caring, sincere, generous, fabulous comments and emails reminding me not only of what is at stake but of who I am.  What it means to be an American, an old-school never-say-die, live free or die American who is not crushed by defeat, who does not give up in the face of challenge, who pulls herself up by her bootstraps and proudly moves forward.  So begins the . . . .


But it’s not really the “can we still be friends” after a break-up bargaining, or the “God, if you let me live through this, I’ll do X, Y, and Z” bargaining.  It’s more like an introspective journey through what has happened: trying to understand why and how it happened, trying to figure out what we can do differently (a huge part of that is figuring out what went wrong, what we did wrong), wading through the emotions, remembering that there is more at stake than my own feelings and ideals.

About that last one, I will say that I never understood–not one tiny bit–the people who gave up, who seemed content to just shrug and say, “well, the whole damned system sucks, let America be damned.”  I got it.  Finally.  And part of my “bargaining” phase was actually contemplating, however briefly, letting the regressives have their way.  Why not?  America voted for that, apparently, right?  As conservatives, we don’t riot, we don’t murder and maim and vandalize when we lose.  We just acknowledge the loss, try to learn from it, and move on (or settle back into our long slumber, as I was sorely tempted to do).  We don’t beat people who voted for the other side, we don’t intimidate and threaten them, we don’t set things on fire.  Conservatives appreciate our Constitution, and as 0 was duly elected (whatever the reason and however much fraud was involved–on both sides), we accept that.  I accept that.  It’s what America wants.

So.  Let’s give America what she wants, bargaining-stage Fuzzy argues.  Let’s stop the House from being “obstructionists.”  Let’s just rip off the band-aid of slow, steady, inevitable decline.  A decline that will continue to be blamed on “obstructionist” conservatives.  After this last election, we’re not even really slowing it down; 0 has proven that he will bypass both Congress and the Constitution at any and every turn.  So why bother?  Why not do the only thing that will show the American people that socialism / marxism / communism / fascism  (whatever you want to call today’s regressives, all those labels apply) cannot work . . . why not give them their wish?  Let them enact all their doomed-to-failure policies.  What better way to learn how wrong they are?

They seem to think that everyone who works should be working for government and that this makes fiscal sense.  Well, fine.  Let’s look at that in miniature: say five people have government jobs and they each make $100,000 per year and are taxed at 15%.  Those five people cost $500k, but they are putting back into the system $75k in federal income tax.  That doesn’t quite work, does it?  The government is paying $425k and getting nothing in return (except whatever work the government worker provides, and let’s pretend it’s not some filler government position, let’s say that it’s something useful like a new road or teacher or a first responder; all necessary things, but there is no fiscal value to that service). The government, then, loses $425k in hard cash.  Money that will then either be printed or borrowed; both of which will result in the dollar being worth less than nothing.

But hey, I’m not taking into account all these five workers pay in other taxes, both those that exist and those that will.  Silly me.  And I’m not taking into account the many benefits that statism provides.  Each of these five workers will have a generous healthcare plan–provided by the government, a college education–provided by government, and a generous pension–also provided by the government. The government that is losing 85% on each worker and which will also be paying for all of these things for people who do not work or who do not contribute to the system (they pay no income tax, they pay no property or state taxes other than sales tax). I know!  Let’s just tax each worker 100% and provide them with housing, education (including college), healthcare–including birth control and abortions-on-demand, food stamps, and for fun, let’s send them on vacation once a year.  They have no income, no money for anything the government doesn’t provide, but they get all these great things in return. They are existing not living, but hey, who cares about that?!

Meanwhile, people are catching on that they are actually better off if they don’t work.  They’ll still get the same benefits from the government as those who do work, so why even bother?  Oh, but the regressives argue, that’s not human nature, that’s not how people are.  History, however, begs to differ.  Reality begs to differ.  When success is punished, people do not strive for it.  Without incentive (and just try to convince regressives that subsistence living is not an incentive), people do not produce.  So the 100% tax on the remaining workers, as more and more people clue in and realize that they can get everything for nothing, continues to chip away at government coffers.  Workers can never pay enough in to afford both their own and everyone else’s government services, so there is always a loss.  But now that more and more people are saying, to hell with working my butt off for everyone else who gets what I get and doesn’t lift a finger, the government cannot continue to supply such lush percs.  What happens then?

The same thing that always happen.  The government decides that there are just too many people . . . and works out ways to eliminate them.  The slackers are the first to go, by the way.  Always.  The ones not contributing to “The Greater Good” are starved usually, but are also dispatched in other equally or more inhumane ways than starvation.  Always.

The trouble with this, beyond the clear moral, ethical, spiritual, and legal problems with genocide, is that this model doesn’t even work with five people, all of whom pay into the system up to 100% of their income.  The services the government promises exceed the income they generate.  Period.  It’s not rocket science.  You can’t break even (much less function at a profit) if you are paying out in cash and entitlements more than you are taking in.

The American people don’t seem to understand that anymore, so let’s let it go.  Let them have their way. Let them give everything to everyone . . . for as long as it lasts.  China won’t keep paying for our unemployed and poor–they can’t pay for their own.  Printing money will lead to inflation . . . well, actually, because the economy is such crap, so unbalanced in terms of makers and takers, it will lead to stagflation and the eventual collapse of not only the economy but also of the government.

It’s tempting, oh so tempting, to let it happen.  To stand back–conservatives tend to be more prepared for economic and social collapse than lefties who really believe that it can’t happen no matter how outrageous their demands for government spending–and let marxism fail.  As it always does.  Let it fail unfettered by conservative argument or GOP “obstruction.”  Let them have their way . . . eventually, they’ll realize the error of their ways and embrace common sense once more.

For too long America has struck an unsteady balance between capitalism and socialism; we’ve used our profits from capitalism to fund a largely socialist state.  It worked for a while.  But the statists demand more and more government and less and less free markets and capitalism.  They reject the very engine of their entitlement society, the thing that funds it.  No, they don’t just ignore it, they demonize it.  Let them.  Let government run private industry, decide who works in what job and who lives where and what they will receive as their “fair share.”  Let government pay out more than it can ever take in for actual workers/contributors let alone the millions of Americans and illegals who don’t contribute in any measurable manner.  Let it happen so that we will all finally wake up to the reality of the role that enormous government plays, always, in the decline of a superpower, a nation, a people.

But that’s no answer, that’s almost spite.  “Let them fulfill their fantasies and they’ll see that they are deluded” smacks of mean-spiritedness, nastiness, amorality.  Like the stories of grandpas who made their grandsons chain-smoke a carton of cigarettes so they’d never touch another one.  Whatever the deluded are, they don’t deserve the consequences, the reality, of what they demand.  So what now?


What’s the freaking point?  For me, this stage was just a return to denial and anger.  I’m not depressed, haven’t been depressed, I just skewed from bargaining to “no way” and “screw you, 0merica.”  I did cry real tears for America at some early point, but it was a segue from denial to anger.  My sadness was for our country, for the many millions of American patriots who worked so hard, fought such tough battles, cared and invested so much in our nation’s salvation.  Depression, for me, was fleeting.  I moved from bargaining to acceptance in pretty short order.


Acceptance actually came in two stages: one and as I’ve noted above, I accept the will of the people.  They voted for 0.  They got him.  And two, this is our new reality, so how do we deal with it?  I don’t think the answer is in making the entire nation, including the ass clowns who can’t think beyond the moment and demand government largesse that cannot ever be funded by the American people, suffer the poverty and slaughter that always accompanies statism.  But I’m not sure what the answer is.  I’ve reached acceptance, but not of the status quo, not of 0’s “fundamental transformation”–never, ever of that.  I just accept that this country is no longer center-right.

It’s just not.  Demonstrably, provably, factually, our nation is no longer center-right.  Some are saying it’s center-center, but I think that it’s foolish to try to parse it that way.  We are definitely a divided nation (and those divisions will be pressed, used, widened, manipulated, and exploited for the next four years), and we are definitely a nation conflicted in identity.  My America is not the same as 0’s or of any Obot’s.  My America is about equality of opportunity, liberty and freedom for all.  My America is about a proud people working hard to achieve beyond their parents’ accomplishments.  My America is exceptional, a beacon of freedom and opportunity.  My America sees American citizens who are equal and capable and strong, not divided groups scrabbling for scraps from the master’s table.

My America does not exist.  Not Tuesday.  Not today.

Okay, so maybe I not only experienced but am still experiencing the “Depression” stage.  I’m working through it, and I hope that every patriot who reads this, who is helping me work through this, will work through it, too.

God Bless America.

33 thoughts on “Working Through The Five Stages Of Grief

  1. I’m still in the “let them burn” phase. Which one was that? Anyway, I am still working through my own stages of grief. *sigh* But I am with you. We can’t just roll over. I don’t know what we do, but we can’t give up.

  2. I have lots to say, but I’m in no condition to do so now (besides, I’m on “break”.) I had a bad nosebleed just as I arrived at work today and had to work for 4 hours wondering when it would let loose again. A nosebleed when you’re demoing food is not cool. “Here’s your sample cocktail weenie, Ms Customer. Just ignore the blood running down my face. heh

    My hand surgeon’s nurse was in and assured me I didn’t have a malignant sinus tumor that was probably eating into my frontal lobe while strangling my optic nerve, but was just older and the weather was cold and dry. Yahoo!

    I’m actually feeling better every day. We’re making plans. Cashed in the Roth IRA, checking out some automatics (and more ammunition!), and getting a bit of freeze-dried food. We have tons of other “stuff” including wood for our wood stove, etc. We’re also spending time building our networks

    I’m not letting that POS ruin my life! No siree, Bob. Keep in mind the people who will be most hurt are the very people that voted for him. And that includes all the “Catholic’s” who voted for him – again. Good! As my pastor says, “You have to pray for them, but you don’t have to like them or have them over for dinner.” Thanks. Father Bill!

    Someone or other said, “Living well is the best revenge.” How true that is. Libtards are unhappy, envious, and greedy people. I have no plan to join them in their misery.

    Fuzz, if it wasn’t for people like you, who have become my friends, I don’t know what I’d do.

    Now I must go wash the blood out of my work t-shirt. Thank goodness the weenie sauce was red so people wouldn’t realize those spots were really blood. Ick!

    Bless you!

    P.S. As always, please insert or remove errant commas. Thanks…

    • Oh dear, Adrienne, I’m sorry that you are all nose bleedy, but how you make me laugh (heh, I’m one who tends to expect everything to be fatal, too).

      Getting ready is smarter than smart; the economy will not recover any time soon, and may well crash now that there is no presidential election offering investors and business owners hope to hang on just a little longer. That’s done.

      I’m taking care of stuff in my own little world, as well, and suspect that everyone we know is doing the same. While we will certainly suffer whatever happens, you’re quite right that it will hit the commies who voted for this lunatic hardest. They’ll be the ones standing around wondering what happened, how their messaih failed them, whining about how they are suffering, and waiting for government to rescue them. Well, good luck with that, suckers! Our brother and sister patriots will be/are much better prepared both emotionally/psychologically (we know what’s coming) and in real terms (everything from going Galt to prepping and everything in between).

      I feel just the same about you, Adrienne, knowing that you’re my friend and that we are here for each other really makes such a huge difference. It’s funny how this whole thing might actually be a blessing in disguise in that way–I’ve never felt more close to, more connected to, more inspired by, and more love for our fellowship of patriots than I have this week. And that’s really saying something.

  3. Keep going! Don’t give up now when the battle is finally openly engaged! We Classic Americans are everywhere. Did you see the map? Of course America still exists. Time to start doing what America has always done best: figure out how to do right here what we need to do to have a good life regardless of what happens in government.

    For anyone that isn’t already, I highly recommend getting back into a local church. You will find that church has changed from the insipid or scary place you either remember or were told about – the non-denominational Christian churches that are sprouting up on nearly every corner all over the country are places to find Truth with a capital T – and to find real people of all colors and backgrounds that think like we do. The internet is wonderful, but church is the closest place to find a local community that you will be able to count on when the going gets tough. Our worship last night freed and empowered hundreds of people who arrived in mourning and left with renewed, lasting, confidence.

    • “Classic Americans”–I like that! 😀 Your advice about going to church is excellent for people who aren’t already attending regularly. Not only is it important to be around people who share our values, but it’s important for believers to “get back to God,” as it were. Great point!

  4. Cocktail weenies and a nosebleed? LOL!

    Oh Fuzzy, big hugs! You are one of my very very favorite people online. I could take it if you leave, though, because I want what is best for you. I wish I could protect you and all the people I love from what awaits us.

    But at least if we hold together we can keep our spirits up. Heck, even prisoners of war do better if they share a cell block and are not in solitary confinement.

    So. We have each other. And that is a good start. In fact, we have 49 million of us. That is nothing to sneeze at. We need to figure out how to cherry pick off another 5% from the other side and we can WIN. I hope we sneak through a sleeper conservative, like they snuck through O on us. Some guy who talks moderate but will go balls to the wall for US!

    Damn I want to beat them at their own game!

    What stage am I in?

    • Big hugs right back, Opus! 😀 I so wish that what is coming wasn’t, but . . . well, it is. And I’m not going to sit back and let it, either. I’m going to keep fighting it every step of the way because you’re right, we DO have each other, and I can think of no better people with whom to work for our great nation and its foundational principles.

      Heh, I love the idea of sneaking a sleeper through! How fun that would be . . . .
      What stage is that? Probably bargaining. I think that there should be a sixth stage that is beyond acceptance . .. something like steely resolve.

  5. There’s probably nothing this libtard-ObamaZombie-commie-thug-jerk-moron-idiot can say to help, but for whatever it’s worth, I felt pretty similar after 2004, and for me the biggest thing was feeling alien in my own country, as if the world I called home no longer fit, no longer seemed to welcome me. It was tough, I won’t lie. I remember standing for hours in line in Columbus, OH (in the libtard-central part around Ohio State campus) feeling like “we got this … we’re taking the reins back.” Then the early exit polls favored Kerry (it was only later I realized what an terrible president he would have been) and all our hopes were up, only to find them dashed. I couldn’t believe it. When the anti-gay amendment passed by a 2-1 margin, I just thought, “How can my people hate my friends THIS much, BY this much?” It was genuinely painful.

    — by the way, I don’t mean to provoke debate on the gay marriage thing, just mean to point out how deeply personal and painful these things can be —

    I realize my opinion doesn’t, and shouldn’t, count for much, but I think you’re really a brilliant writer with a sharp wit. You’re my favorite conservative out in the blogosphere, and for purely selfish reasons I hope you don’t quit. There’s a lot to be upset about with our government in general and Obama in particular, and we need strong opposition voices. The point you made in an earlier post — that Obamaism has shut down the critical faculty on the left — is an important one that can’t be too often repeated. I read what you write carefully, check frequently, and although I disagree with many of your conclusions, I’m usually forced to think through issues in a new way, and I almost never find myself hardened into my preexisting opinions. (Which often happens when I read TheBlaze or other blogs.) You’re a really good writer, and I hope you stick with it.

    I have to say, though, I also wouldn’t mind hearing what you have to say about nature and Cadbury eggs. The little things in life matter too.

    • Hee! Heyas Michael, so great to see you again (I meant to write a response to your first comment, but . . . well, things happened *sniffle*). Actually, you’re one of the few lefties I still have any respect for (i.e. that I still interact with or “listen” to) because unlike most of your kind (“libtard-ObamaZombie-commie-thug-jerk-moron-idiot” types) you don’t attack me personally or denigrate my viewpoint. You’re like this throw-back to a time when people could discuss opposing worldviews somewhat objectively, even intellectually. Sometimes I think that you stand out because unlike so many of your frothing-at-the-mouth, brain dead pack of commie brethren, you are capable of grasping, understanding conservative principles. That’s a nice change. It gets tiring talking to lefties who actually believe the stupid crap leftists spew (conservatives want to reinstate slavery and roll back women’s suffrage, etc.). You’re at least a grown-up.

      And then you say something like this, and I just want to scream. You can’t honestly believe that conservative opposition to gay “marriage” is about “hate.” Please tell me that you were being hyperbolic here. We don’t “hate” gay people; we pray for them if we are Christian and whether Christian or not, we don’t care what people do in their bedrooms (and as an aside, we don’t want to pay for the consequences of it, either, thus our opposition to tax-payer funded birth control and abortion-on-demand). We don’t oppose the government recognizing gay “marriage” for the purpose of whatever government percs there are for marriage (those, by the way, are shrinking as lefties push government to discourage marriage–talk about irony!), but we do oppose it being called “marriage” and are more than willing to call our own marriages before God something else for the purposes of the state.

      What we oppose is making a civil, secular thing a RELIGIOUS thing. Government is not a religion; its tax breaks, legal recognition of “marriage” has nothing to do with God or any organized religion. When government decides that something that is a covenant between a couple and their God is actually a matter of state, then government takes on a whole new role, the nature of government changes–government can then dictate to churches what they can and cannot do, what their beliefs are. We know this because government is already ordering military chaplains to “marry” gay couples and religious organizations to pay for things (contraceptives, abortions, morning after pills) to which they are fundamentally opposed on religious grounds. That’s wrong by any measure. And is actually why I don’t support DOMA–it’s not the government’s role to define marriage. Period. Not leftists, not conservatives. But let’s not pretend that it was an “anti-gay” law; it was an attempt–clumsy, ill-conceived, wrong-headed–to protect religion. That is not the same thing as “hating” anyone.

      Until lefties stop thinking like children, with little complexity and less depth, there is going to continue to be not only gridlock but antipathy on both sides. Screeching that conservatives “hate” gay people couldn’t be more shallow, more intellectually dishonest, more willfully obtuse . . . more wrong. My niece recently begged me to buy her a puppy, and when I said no and explained that such a decision can only be made by her parents and as a family, she daintily stomped her foot, screwed up her face, and crossed her arms defiantly across her chest before announcing that I “hate” her. She’s eight. She can be excused for not understanding something that is rather more complex than her young mind can wrap itself around. I’m absolutely positive that you are not eight, so please stop stamping your foot, scrunching up your face, crossing your arms, and spitting out that we “hate” your friends. It’s absurd and much less cute in adults who should be capable of more mature thought processes.

      And you obviously are, I mean, you think I’m “a brilliant writer with a sharp wit,” so I know you can do it. 😛 Heh. I thank you for your kind words, and very much appreciate that my posts sometimes make you think. I’m glad of that, and if you blogged, I’d be very interested in your viewpoints, as well (I do enjoy your comments on conservative blogs such as the ones where we first interacted; you make me think, too, and I always appreciate that).

      I have toyed with the idea of writing about more diverse things, but I’m not sure that anyone but you would be interested in my ramblings about the little things. Shrug. I may do a few such posts and see how it goes.

      As to your first point about how you felt after 2004. THANK YOU. That actually makes a big difference to me, and it helps to know that what you felt then wasn’t true. What I’m feeling now is likely equally untrue. There are still, as others here point out, 49ish% of Americans who do feel as I do, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. All’s not lost for us, any more than all was lost for you. I needed to think about it in that way. Thanks again.

      • Sorry I made you want to scream. I didn’t mean to provoke debate on the gay issue, I just meant that that was how it felt at the time. It wasn’t meant as a positive statement about the actual state of things. I actually do think there is plenty of hate to go around on all sides, alas. But as a generalization of your position, you’re right that it’s a bad and inaccurate one.

        It took a while for it to dawn on me why America didn’t want Kerry to be president, despite the major problems with the way things were going in Iraq at the time. (It would be sacrilege to admit it publicly in my social circles, but I would probably vote for W. if I was sent back in time to 2004.) It could be that you’ll experience something similar with Romney. Or, it could be that I’ll come to realize that I have been wrong in 2012. Lord knows I’ve been wrong before.

        Just ask my wife!!!

        What I love about you, Fuzi, is how you combine the fire of a hard-core conservative with a genuine willingness to be patient enough to try to get through to me. (Don’t give up on me!) Usually, liberals like me prefer weak-kneed, phony conservatives. But I like my conservatives like I like my bourbon — straight up!

        You seem like you’re already feeling better, which makes me very, very, very happy. If you get a chance and have the inclination, drop me a PM on FB. I got the impression that you moved and had some change in life circumstances that brought you out of MA, perhaps? If a congratulations or best wishes or a sympathies is in order, however belated, I’d love the chance to give it.

        • No worries, I’m not really interested in debating the “gay issue,” either (because it’s not about gay people to me, it’s about religious freedom). As to there being plenty of hate on both sides, I think–sadly–that you are right. The thing that bugs me is that lefties “hate” us on all the wrong grounds. Using my niece as an example again: her response would have been more in line with my perception of leftist’s sophomoric thinking if she had wailed that I hate puppies. “You won’t buy me a puppy so that PROVES that you want all puppies to die . . . because–I know!–you secretly want cats to rule the world.” Uh huh. That’s pretty much what lefties say when they ignore conservative principles and jump to bizarre rantings about conservatives wanting old people to die, to push grandma off the cliff, to put black people “back in chains,” etc. and etc. And etc. It’s so off, so . . . plain stupid that it’s not even possible to have an actual exchange of ideas because ideas are tossed out in favor of knee-jerk emotionalism that even my niece, with her childish thinking, is above. But that’s what I appreciate about you; you don’t do that. It makes me happy.

          Bwahaha, I can assure that I will NEVER wish that I had voted for 0. I know exactly who and what he is, and while this election has certainly muted my strong dislike of him (largely because America voted for him knowing full well who he is and what he’s up to, so it’s not really his fault now), he represents everything that I stand against. But I do take your point that time can certainly change our perceptions. Unless Romney comes out as a full-blown commie, however, I’ll always think he was the better choice of the two choices we had.

          Thanks for your kind words, and no, I will not give up on you (unless you suddenly start attacking me personally; that I have no patience for). 😀 And yes, I am feeling much much better. Positive, even, in many ways.

          I don’t use FB anymore, but you are more than welcome to drop me a line via gmail; I’d love to catch up. But no worries about my move, there were a variety of reasons for it, but the main one was that I just had to get out of regressive-land. There are strong–but small–pockets of constitutional conservatives there, but I just had to get out. I very much admire conservatives who can function in that environment, pay those ridiculously high taxes, deal with the regressive policies, be surrounded by wrong-headed Obots, but . . . that’s not me. All in all, I think congratulations are in order. 😛

  6. Just when I feel I’m at acceptance…I bounce back between depression and anger….then back to acceptance. I think I get it though, but it is still hard.
    I saw the what you posted the night of the election, and I was in no position to respond in any way, shape, or form, as the room/world I was in was spinning, but I’m glad you are still here.
    I know our varying conservative opinions/outlooks/ differ here and there, based on our own personal experiences in life- but in this camp, we are united. We need each other. I’ve learned a lot from your blog. Stick around!

    I had no idea that I could request help in inserting or removing errant commas, as needed. I would’ve asked a long time ago! 😉

    • Aw, thanks, Pedaling, and I don’t intend to go anywhere, and am glad that we are all sticking together. We need each other, and our country needs us united. Hee on the removing of errant commas, I don’t actually edit comments of course, but that made me smile.

  7. That’s funny; yesterday I realized how depressed I was and remembered the 5 stages of grief! Seems I’m mourning the death of America too. I think I’m almost to acceptance, but that acceptance means realizing we are the new Soviet Union, another person outside of the Leninist/Stalinist movement will never be elected again, and conservatism will be stamped out by the new Cheka, the populace. I guess that also means accepting a new idea of rugged individualism…like you said, I didn’t leave America, it left me…and focusing more on God and family and less on country, because I don’t think it’s ever going to get better.
    Then again, maybe I’m not quite through grieving yet!
    God bless!

    • I’m pretty sure that we aren’t “done” yet, that we can start getting to work on the 2014 midterms and send another wave of fiscal conservatives to Congress and continue shoring up our states with fiscal conservatives. This is important. The states, our governors, are actually the line of defense provided by the Constitution (well, the penultimate line of defense; an armed citizenry is the last line of defense), and while I’m not giving up on Congress (or the WH in 2016), I do think that we need to put still more effort into strengthening our state legislatures and governorships. I’m not done grieving yet, either, but I’m getting there. We’ll get through this together and come out stronger than ever. You’ll see!

      God bless!

  8. Fuzzy, Love your writing and your clarity on these issues that concern us deeply. What was really startling — and what I hadn’t thought of before — was how all of the dick-tatorships did exterminate their people. I know we are exterminating them in the womb (which is why the libs are do hellbent on killing people either through abortion, drugs, prescription drugs, chemotherapy etc.) but I hadn’t thought about the wholesale slaughter in the offing. Yes, as you say — some solace I suppose in the fact that the weak will be eliminated first. (That’s also what gets me about these muslim sympathizers: gays, blacks and the mentally/physically disabled will be the first to go right off the bat. Next, women’s “rights” will be so strangled that the women would rather be strangled themselves. Oh, the irony of it all…it gives me a gleeful chuckle. I’m glad that I’m in my fifties and have lived a great life in this country; I am equally sad for those who have kids who are going to suffer tremendously. AS for me, I suppose I have moved to the State of Despair (the 58th state). Not sure how long I’ll stay.

    • Thanks so much, RA! Exterminating people happens in every case (China, Russia, France, Germany, etc.), but it never solves the fundamental problem that centrally planning is doomed, always, to failure. It didn’t work in those patchouli stinking communes of the ’60s or in their most recent incarnation among the Occudregs. It’s fundamentally impossible based on things like human nature, logic, and maths. If 10 people can’t make it work on some commune, then an entire country can’t make it work, either. Never has, never will. It’s not a failure of leadership, it’s a failure of ideology. The premise itself is flawed, not its application, but for some reason, tyrants the world over keep trying it.

      Hehe, the 58th state is the State of Despair. I like that. But let’s move back as soon as possible, the actual 50 states need us. 😛

  9. Brava, Lady Patriot Fuzzy. Could’nt a blogged it better myself. I will not give up, I will not give in, I will not display our beloved flag during the time this evil piece of shit America hating muslim facshist departs our White House.

    God Bless the Fuzzy one!
    May our country survive.

    • Thanks so much, honeywolf! Me? I’m not taking down my flag for anyone or anything. Does it “tag” me as a “potential terrorist” by this evil regime? Yes, actually it does. But I refuse to relinquish my flag … or my cross. They need us to be afraid, cowed, beaten. I will not be.

  10. Miss Fuzzette, it’s hard to accomplish anything in an election when 3,000,000 of your base stay home. I’m more mad at those people giving up because they didn’t like Romney than I am at the Lib zealots. Those people have (or should I say had) beliefs that were “right center”.

    Our country is lost and will need OUR help righting it’s course. The first thing that needs to start is taking a close look at our schools. School boards need to be made accountable for the crap the teachers are teaching in OUR schools. That’s where the libs started, and it makes sense for us to start there as well.

    The founders left the world’s finest work in our care. We let them down. It’s now time to regroup and come back fighting.

    • True, it’s annoying as hell that so many patriotic Americans would rather have a communist in the WH than . . . whatever Romney was. We can’t save our country, much less take it back, if so many people are so unwilling to work for it. They seem to think they can snap their fingers or pout on the couch until a miracle happens. Yes, I’m just as angry at these idiot conservatives as I am more generally at other Americans who’ve sold their souls and our country for an “obama phone” and a $9 birth control pill prescription.

      Schools are key. Leftists know it, that’s why such huge efforts have been made there to change the curriculum, to dumb it down and commie it up. We need to start locally, getting on school boards, fighting text book changes, etc. They did it, and we can, too.

      Too right! Regroup and return to the fight!!!

  11. Take a look at the county by county breakdown from the Romney v Obama vote county. While places like the over-run southern border or overpopulated decaying cities, or the once industrial Northeast went for Obama, most the country did not in a geographical sense.

    The Washington Post has an excellent interactive map that showed far more Romney red across the land than Obama blue.

    To me, this reveals why the Lefty MSM is so eager to push the red state vs blue state meme. In reality, even in some “blue states”, the tightly packed blue populations remain surrounded by right-thinking red.

    The parts of America failing the fastest, along with their dense populations, were the ones who embraced Obama and delivered his victory. They continue to cling to the fantasy that thinly veiled principles of redistribution and social justice can save them from decline. Their failed status prevents them from seeing their guiding principles are key in the cause of their decline.

    Where we take it from here is hard to say. We’re clearly on the defensive, in part because the Republican Party has refused to play a serious offense.

    So, we wait and see what Obama tries next. And do what we can to encourage the GOP to show some backbone. But I’m not holding my breath. I’ll look for other ways to resist and push back. That includes talking to family, friends and people I do business with. Many of these people now see things far more like I do than they did four, or even two, years ago.

    • Everything you say is spot-on (as usual), Doug. As to where we go from here, we soldier on. 2014 provides another opportunity to put more constitutional conservatives in Congress (and in our local and state governments), and that’s what we have to focus on. Until the number of constitutional conservatives is greater than the number of establishment types (I can’t call them “conservatives” because they are not), we really can’t do much. And yes, we very much have to push back in our lives and communities.

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