Right to Work Means Just That

Okay, I’ve had enough.  Again.  Not sure I can take much more of having enough, actually.  I’m becoming a bit of a cow with all the comfort food.  Sigh.  But this crap–this utter, absolute, lunatic crap–about the “right to work” bill (now law) in Michigan is making me have enough.  Again.  The union thug violence makes me sick to my stomach.

And what spawned these horrible, violent acts?  The we-demand-“choice” leftists are determined to deny the choice of joining or not joining a union to Americans.  That’s it.  In a nutshell.  All the “right to work” law does is say that people will no longer be forced to join a union, they get to . . . wait for it . . . choose!  The horror!  The shame!  The wrongness!!  How dare someone–anyone, anywhere dammit!–how dare they think that being forced to join a union is a bad thing, having one’s wages literally garnished for the “right” to work in your chosen profession is somehow “bad” or “wrong” or “immoral” or “unjust.”  If this was the mafia or a street gang, they’d be arrested for coercion and worse for forcing people to pay “protection” money simply to work in their chosen field.  But nope, unions have paid big money to lots of Democrat/regressive politicians for years, so they actually have many states literally deducting union “dues” (i.e. coerced protection money) from people’s paychecks.  It’s absolutely intolerable that states are involved in this form of . . . what? forced taxation to private “business”?  I’m surprised anyone agrees with this, it’s absolutely abhorrent.

That’s freakish conservative thinking, that is!  Unions know best!  Join that union or never work in this state or profession again!  If you don’t want to join the union in some states, that’s fine, too.  They’ll just garnish your wages for your union dues and not represent you when (say) you sexually or otherwise assault your students.  Won’t that suck?  People who join unions are exempt from punishment for such crimes (and they are crimes) and get to go to some “room” to sit out their day . . . and collect their tax-payer funded paycheck all the way up to their tax-payer funded retirement.  Yay!?  They won’t defend your “right” to drink alcohol or do drugs on your lunch break!  Tell me how this isn’t a criminal operation?

“Right to work” means that you have the right to work in your chosen profession without being forced to join a union.  Right now, in many states, that “right” does not exist.  If you want to work in many fields, you have to join a union.  Have. To.  No choice at all.  Joining a union means you pay union dues; that gets taken out of your paycheck before you even see it (hmm, is that before or after actual taxes?  Hee! Why do I ask?  I wonder if protection money for the mafia is taxed?  Oh, yes, of course it is.  At least for the poor sod who is buying “protection”–i.e. the right to operate their business in mob “territory.”).

And of course the Divider in Chief is out there spewing his lies about how the right to work bill denies people their “right to be represented.”  What a total and utter and complete load of . . . crap.  Anyone who wants to join a union will still be able to do so, no one is denied anything.  Indeed, a great many people–including, possibly, A Conservative Teacher–will likely stay in their unions.  But here we go again with that absolute loser, that commie freak: letting people decide if they want to join unions is not good for them.  Obama and his union thugs know best, far better than the sad sack who wants to use those union dues being stolen from his paycheck for silly things like the doubled gas prices under Obama.

But this is what Americans voted for.  Obama takes something very straightforward and (dare I say it) fair and makes it into something ugly and heartless.  Personally, I would hate to have my paycheck docked against my will simply for the privilege of holding my job.  Now, if I chose to do that, that’s another thing entirely.  And really, if you’re a sex offender or alcoholic, your union dues money is well spent!  The trouble with Obama and his union thug cohorts is that they don’t want you to have a choice.  You join the union or you don’t work.  Period.

Isn’t that the very definition of “fairness” in a regressive utopia!  Woohoo!  Where do I sign up for some of that coercion, thievery, and oppression?


6 thoughts on “Right to Work Means Just That

  1. but right to work is like pearl harbor! i’m not exactly sure how, unless union thugs are going to bomb you, or something. and when you think about it, that’s entirely possible after what we saw the other day, so…

  2. Why must unions enjoy a special exemption no other entity in the US enjoys? Businesses cannot make us buy a product, and no other organization can demand we sign up and pay dues.

    Why should unions be any different?

    They way it should work is any worker who want union representation gets it, and he or she gets whatever salary and bennies they negotiate. Non-union workers get whatever they can negotiate on their own. If the unions consistently are able to get better pay and bennies, then it could be worthwhile to be a member. That’s how the free market works, but its lost on those fat blowhard leftists.

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