Pre-SOTU Ponderings

Tonight the big 0 will be delivering yet another State of the Union address.  Sigh.  When at all possible, I avoid listening to this man.  He’s a despicable, horrible, tiny little person in whom I vest no admiration and for whom I have even less respect.  Despite this, I do have a morbid curiosity about what he’ll say this year.  This curiosity is rooted in the strange and troubling transformation he’s undergone since his reelection; the real him is becoming more and more clear to everyone but his most die-hard salivating Obots.  And it’s not pretty.

Besides, I’ve posted on each of his previous SOTU’s (he didn’t deliver one in ’09):

2010: POS BO’s SOTU: WTH?

2011: The SOTU In A Nutshell

2012: BO’s Subterfuge of the Union Address

What do I expect from tonight?  I’m not entirely sure because I’m not sure how much of his hand he’s confident enough to reveal, but based on his inauguration speech, I do expect it to be even more transparently leftist than any previous such speech.  And I expect it to be loaded with buzz words that are designed to unruffle the feathers of center-right Americans.

He loves to toss out things that sound like he “gets” America but that actually have nothing to do with true American sentiment or our foundational beliefs.  So he’ll talk about guns as if they are only for sport hunting or shooting skeet in mom jeans, saying things like hunting is an American tradition or some such nonsense.  And he’ll talk about rugged individualism . . . in the context of the “federal family” he seeks to impose (it’s very like Hilary’s “village,” by the way, as you’d expect from a collectivist loon).  He’ll talk about “who we are as a people,” and most of us won’t have any idea what he’s talking about because he not only has no idea who we, the people, are, but he doesn’t even understand that he doesn’t understand.

His speech will cover a laundry list of things that are anathema to the majority of American people:

Amnesty, gay marriage, forcing religious institutions and individuals to act against their conscience, global warming (or climate change, whatever the newest catch phrase is for this hoax), raising taxes, fair shares, infrastructure, teachers, guns, and our individual responsibility . . . to the government (i.e. 0 himself) and to a lesser degree to the collective.

Things he won’t mention:

His kill list, his drone attacks on American citizens, Benghazi and our raped and murdered ambassador, the fact that there has not been a federal budget during his entire presidency, the fact that war deaths have sharply increased under his “leadership,” the amassing of ammo by his administration, the numerous unConstitutional executive orders he’s signed and intends to sign, drone activity in the U. S., the fraud that it took to “win” the election, the fact that death panels are indeed a prominent feature of “cost-savings” in the 0CareTax, or the fact that Gitmo is still open and that he not only extended President Bush’s warrantless wiretaps but added to their scope and intrusiveness.

Things he may mention but shouldn’t:  his new healthy housing initiative whereby the federal government imposes requirements on homeowners to meet as yet unclear “healthy” standards (this is in compliance with, added to, and/or justified by the 0CareTax monstrosity), his nuclear disarmament plans (whereby the only country who currently has nukes and won’t in the near future is the United States; all other countries, of course, will keep theirs), the fiscal benefits of the 0CareTax (there are none, so far it’s a complete failure in every way–“not one dime” was a lie; “illegal immigrants won’t be covered” was a lie; “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it” was a lie; “abortion won’t be covered” was a lie; and on and on) except that it does seem it will fulfill its goal of shutting down private health insurers), and his “cyber-security” plans (i.e. a kill switch).

But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us all and actually tell us the real state of the union:  we’re broke, divided, pissed off (on both sides of the aisle), and teetering on the brink of at least two (more) wars.  Three if you count the civil war he seems intent on creating.  Naw, he’s not got an honest bone in his body.  Add that to the fact that he’s a coward, and we can expect more happy BS that sounds right but isn’t.



13 thoughts on “Pre-SOTU Ponderings

    • This made me laugh! And then I sat down to try to watch the speech and felt my glance slip to the coffee table in search of sharpened pencils. I just couldn’t watch it. I tried. I even tried to watch it the next day online, but I just can’t listen to him anymore. Sigh. Oh well, we all know what he’s up to and what’s coming, so what’s the point anyway?

  1. I can’t watch this guy either. His manner is so baselessly arrogant, pompous and parentally scolding that I find myself cussing at the TV which annoys my family and the cats.

    As far as content, I think you nailed it. He’s stacked the audience with gun control activists and props, so of course gun confiscation– I mean gun contol– will be prominent. And Obama’s both panicking a little and po’ed at the GOP so he’ll crank up the partisanship from hyper to super-duper or whatever the next level is called, and he’ll appeal to his base of hard Left– probably with global warming, the EPA regulating CO2 etc., more green energy projects, dismantling our nuclear stockpiles, and further amnesty for illegal aliens. And he’ll construct strawman arguments i.e. “There are those who say that we can’t breakrupt this nation AND further inflame cultural, race and class divides. But I say that we can!” to make his opponents look like knuckle-dragging neanderthals who hate the poor/minorities/women/homeless/gays/educated/etc. (I once dared my wife to have drinking game with me, one shot for every strawman argument 1/2 a shot for her [she’s lighter] during his ’10 or ’11 SOTU. She refused, and man I’m glad that she did that. I would’ve been brutal.)

    He will also talk about “mandates from the American people” since he was re-elected and that all who stand against him are doing so againt the people who some such nonsense. He will not talk about a divided nation.

    He’s also unlikely to mention Israel’s precarious position, North Korea’s nukes, Egypt’s instability, Iran’s nuclear threat (although he might mention Iran to bad mouth the GOP (“There are those who believe we should attack Iran and kill their all their children.” Or something of the like), growing anti-Semitism in colleges and universities, and the dropping of median housing income and the increases in taxes.

    Like I said, I won’t watch it. I’ll just read the transcript and cuss quietly at the computer. Man, this is going to be a long 4 years.

    • Typeo. I meant “IT would’ve been brutal.” I’m actually a giggly, stupid drunk and not violent, as that ended up suggesting.

    • Despite my best intentions, I simply couldn’t watch it, either. But it seems from the coverage and the text that he was full of the usual crap, spewing the usual lies (“not one dime” again! I guess he won reelection, so in his mind that worked. Heck, it probably did work.). And yes, this is going to be a really really long four years. Let’s hope we and our country make it out the other side okay.

  2. Last year’s address had a bunch of warmed over lines from previous addresses. I do hope he’s at least given up pitching worthless, unworkable high speed rail down our throats in this year’s outing. I too find him unwatchable, but at the same time, in his ‘more flexible’ second term, I am curious to see what he’s packaging and attempting to sell to the sheeple. I’m also interested to see if Republicans in the audience nod in agreement like bobbleheads in tonight’s theater of the absurd.

    • The more “flexible” second term agenda was my mental motivation for watching, too, but I just couldn’t watch, couldn’t listen. He’s packaging more commie crap, but that’s no surprise. From what I read, he’s also promising to by-pass Congress some more. Not entirely surprising, but I can’t figure out why he’s not been impeached. So frustrating.

  3. Last night the arrogant King Barack offered us the same old Crap-Sandwich that he did last time around and the time before that. It was very predictable, blame the Republicans for his failure(s), Class Warfare, the usual demonizing of the opposition party, making excuses for his lame way of handling the radical Islamist’s …. then Blame Bush.

    That should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Obozo
    If you look up failure in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of Barack Hussein Obozo.
    Sure he was very big on promise’s once again, only he never to us how he’s going to any of these things with a 16 Trillion Deficit.So the bottom line is that he was lying through his teeth… as usual. How about the the cost of his programs?
    I hope that the Slugs who voted for this Failure are satisfied now.

    • His fantasies are disgusting and unAmerican, and while I heard about them, read them, I didn’t listen to the speech. I started tiring of him back in late ’09-’10 when he was constantly giving speeches about the glories of the 0CareTax, and it just went downhill from there. I think the only speech he gave last year that I watched as he gave it was the SOTU. Not this year. I’ve had enough of his lies, his lunatic communist notions, and his condescending mean-spiritedness to last a lifetime.

  4. Didn’t watch it. Sorry I couldn’t bear to watch the man. He’s such a freaking liar and is dismantling this country piece by piece and in a coordinated fashion deceiving the American people. Unfortunately the sheeple are buying his B.S. Maybe I’ll read the speech just so I’ll be prepared for his horrible agenda.

    • Me, either, Teresa, I really thought I could, but as I sat there, I realized that I just couldn’t watch. I can’t believe how stupid the American people are, last time I looked at Rasmussen, 56% of the Americans approved of this lying destroyer. I really don’t get it. But if that’s what Americans want, we’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride.

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