“How the Left Dupes Conservative Voters” /This

A portion of J. R. Dunn’s article “How the Left Dupes Conservative Voters“:

As far as electoral politics in the United States is concerned, the progressive political machine has figured out how to manipulate conservatives in order to get the political results that they desire. They have done this repeatedly, and with mounting success. They will continue to do so as long as they are allowed to get away with it.

The left is not manipulating conservatism as a whole, but they don’t need conservatism as a whole. They need only a small percentage of conservative voters.  In many cases a few percentage points are all that is required to swing a close election. By trial and error over the past decade, the American left has developed a method of obtaining control over those few percentage points in a limited but crucial number of contests.

This method is aimed at the most unworldly and least experienced members of the conservative coalition: religious believers, single-issue voters such as gun owners, and newly-recruited voters who became involved in the tea party movement over the past four years. The program operates counterintuitively, by manipulating the beliefs and convictions of the voters to misdirect or negate their political activities. Rather than persuade voters to act against their own interests or to vote against their convictions, the left, with the aid of the media, manipulates those very convictions — public morality with religious voters, conservative ideology with traditionalists or tea party voters, and various stances on single issues, to persuade voters to waste their votes on obscure or bogus candidates, to throw support to hopeless or seriously flawed “pure” candidates, and in some cases not to vote at all.

Read it all.  I wish I’d written it, actually.  It’s what I’ve been thinking but was unable to pull together into a coherent argument.


5 thoughts on ““How the Left Dupes Conservative Voters” /This

  1. It would help, too, if we had more candidates that didn’t fall all over themselves trying to get the msm to like them. Have an ethical position and hold to it and defend it rather than become a sniveling wimp trying to explain what they “really meant.”

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