We’re All Extremists Now

So this is making the conservative internet rounds:


h/t Todd Starnes, FOX News

Apparently, the Army is being trained to spot terrorists, especially those dastardly evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, and anyone with a “Christian identity” (whatever that means).  Oh, and let’s not forget those people who worship in the church of “Islamophobia,” a well-known and oft-practiced religion.  (Good grief)

Troubling on many levels, of course, but my question is why is the Army being warned about ANY terror or extremist group operating in the U. S.?  The United States military should only be fighting on American soil in the event of an invasion by enemy forces, and they should only be doing so to fight the invading enemy, right?  Don’t we have law enforcement, the FBI, and a string of other domestic law enforcement agencies?  So why is the military being trained in this at all?  Or are we in the U.S. (count how many of those extremist groups are tagged “U. S.”) now under the “all enemies foreign and domestic” clause . . . because the Commander in Chief said so?

Perhaps it isn’t as sinister as tin-foil hat Fuzzy imagines, perhaps it’s “simply” that the military is “ready to purge Catholics and Evangelicals.”  Whatever it is, it’s not good for any American of any religion because apparently believing in any God, having any religion, is now enough to get you investigated for possible terror ties . . . not that anyone mentions investigation anymore.

Nothing quite so regressive as a “progressive,” right?  Religious persecution here we come!  Let’s just hope that burning at the stake or gas ovens aren’t on the tiny tyrant’s 21st-century list of genocidal techniques.

14 thoughts on “We’re All Extremists Now

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with “any American of any religion because apparently believing in any God, having any religion, is now enough to get you investigated for possible terror ties”

    The Left hates religion (don’t let their fickle adoration of Islam fool you… the American Left loved Israel back in the ’60s) as it’s anti-thetical to their political philosophy. It seems like this is just one mare attempt at throwing in a little anti-religious propaganda by associating religion with terrorism.

    I guess no one needs/wants to be reminded of the Godless political terrorism of the Left in Germany, Italy, etc. in the 60s and 70s, or Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.

  2. No, there probably won’t be burnings at the stake or gas ovens. You’ll just be arrested on some trumped up charge and then never heard from again. What was the name of that guy that made that movie that supposedly caused the Benghazi massacre? Does anybody know what’s happened to him?

    • That’s how it always starts, too. People get “arrested” and “disappeared” to test public sentiment; if there is no outcry, the arrests and disappearances increase . . . and so on. It’s the way they all started, actually. Well, except the genocide in Guatemala and Bosnia and a few others that don’t make the news. Okay, the “big” ones started that way. Have you seen the documentary Worse than War? I think you can see it for free online; I saw it on my Roku (love that thing). Anyway, it’s pretty good, and interestingly talks about the years of division and stoking people’s fears and hate before the actual orders come down. Sound familiar?

    • Wow. Just wow. Taking the Bible “too seriously” means . . . what exactly? Believing in God? Reading it? Going to church? Holding Bible study? Good grief, that’s simply appalling.

  3. #Communist tactic. If you dont name them what they are; #Communists . They will just keep doing this.
    Look up the Bolsheviks enemies and you will see the same thing they did there is happening here

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