Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the “TEA Party Terrorist”

It happens every single time there’s a shooting, a bombing, or almost any type of violent crime.  From George Zimmerman to Nidal Hasan, from Jared Loughner to Amy Bishop, from the D. C. sniper to the IRS plane crasher . . . no matter the deed, some leftist in the media starts blaming the TEA Party, either making the most outlandish accusations based on a Google search and a common name (Jim Holmes) to the outright statement that some hack writer “hopes” that the Boston bomber is a “white American”–he means, of course, white, conservative American, preferably a TEA Party member but any old white supremacist would do just fine in a pinch; after all, they’re all the same. Everyone knows that all TEA Party members are white supremacists.  And violent.  And ready to start shooting up schools, theaters, parking lots at the drop of a hat.  Except . . . well, that’s just never happened.

You know who shoots things up and bombs things?  Crazies, leftists, and jihadis.  That’s it.  I was visiting my mom when the ricin letters and the Boston marathon bombing took place, and I said to her, “the ricin guy’s a white American nutter, and the marathon bomber is a Muslim radical.”  Am I some sort of seer, one gifted with “the sight”?  Can I truly see events and their perpetrators from thousands of miles away?  What is this strange magic that enabled me to nail it within seconds of hearing of the incidents?

Logic.  Logic, more specifically, based in what we know about crazies’ and jihadis’ past actions on American soil.  Crazies do crazy stuff, they fly into IRS buildings, they mail letters laced in ricin or send bombs through the mail, they shoot up movie theaters, parking lots, high schools, even elementary schools.  What they don’t do is bomb public events.  Indeed, they don’t really use bombs all that much (McVeigh did, Bill Ayers did, and I’m sure some others).  Most of the crazies have turned out to be leftists, Obama supporters, and Obama voters, but that doesn’t damn the entire left (as certainly one loony TEA Party member would damn us all); no, crazies are mostly crazy.  Sure, they have some reason, however incoherent to sane people, for their crazy act.  It might be that they are mentally ill (as is usually the case), or it might be that they are paranoid geniuses (okay, that’s mentally ill, too); they are all pretty much the same, though, and seem to fit into two categories: political nutters (these generally leave behind rambling manifestos under a tinfoil hat paperweight, or if they survive, they become professors at top American universities) and social misfits (these don’t leave manifestos).  Well, maybe home-grown terrorism should be given its own category, because it’s not really mental illness that motivates the domestic terrorist, at least not always, sometimes it’s ideology (leftist only so far in our history)–even so, they bomb the Pentagon or some other government building; they don’t bomb marathons.

Unlike crazies and homegrown terrorists, jihadis do bomb public places.  They do it all the time, all over the world.  And right here in America.  Jihadis are driven by Islam, or if you prefer, by their radicalization, by their belief that their god wants them to kill as many non-Muslims as they can to prepare the way for the great global caliphate they failed to achieve in the early Middle Ages (those darned Crusaders put a stop to that).  Bombing the twin towers or a marathon is right up their alley.  So all in all, it wasn’t really hard to figure out which group was responsible for the Boston marathon bombing (generally speaking, I have no idea the exact affiliation of the Muslim terrorists who are responsible, but I didn’t for one minute imagine–much less HOPE–that it was a TEA Party member).

So I can look at the patterns, at what has happened, and surmise from that what is most likely to have happened in two new scenarios.  It’s not hard.  It doesn’t take any special ESP ability, and it certainly doesn’t take Islamophobia or whatever the “you’re a big RAAAACIST” charge would be.  It’s just that there are patterns of behavior one can look at.  Simple, right?

You’d think.

There have been exactly zero TEA Party bombings or attempted bombings or thwarted bombings; there have been exactly zero TEA Party shootings (mass or otherwise, though I think one guy did shoot his own television in his own living room).  Despite this lack of any reason whatsoever to imagine that any TEA Party person would be violent, each and every time something happens, leftists hoppity hop and skippety jump to their go-to conclusion that surely THIS TIME, at long long last the elusive TEA Party bomber or shooter would be spotted, perhaps leaving behind evidence in the form of a giant footprint (barefoot, of course) or some tufts of unruly hair hanging from a bush.  Or maybe there’s a grainy video of a long “TEA Party terrorist”-shaped neck skimming through the water.

For the leftist media and its devoted readers believe as firmly in this “TEA Party terrorist” as many believe in Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster, and assorted other things that may or may not exist . . . but they hope they do.  This time, this time, they hope, they pray (or whatever they call it), they do little private dances of barely constrained glee at the thought that this time, oooh, if only!  Imagine!!!  A real live incident by a real live “TEA Party terrorist”!  Everything they’ve always believed would be, in that one event, instantly verified, proven beyond any doubt at all, they’d have the solid evidence they’ve so long claimed was out there but that they could never produce.  They’d have their evidence, finally, that there really is a Big Foot Loch Ness Monster “TEA Party terrorist.”  They know they’re out there . . . they can feel it in their bones.  After all, they’ve heard from someone who knows someone who saw someone who said something about seeing one . . . .


21 thoughts on “Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the “TEA Party Terrorist”

    • Yes, they sure are. But on the bright side, this knee-jerk finger-pointing at the TEA Party is going to backfire, and leftists are going to find that their audience, even dulled by years of leftist indoctrination and gallons of koolaid, will start to wonder why they are never right. They get their hopes up and then dash them when the truth comes out; even the dullards on the useful idiot left will start to see the pattern and stop believing. I guess the ridicule that Big Foot and Loch Ness believers receive is too much to hope for, but a dose of doubt will be a good thing. 😛

  1. There were three separate al Qaeda like bombings that killed more than 30 people in Iraq the same day of of the Boston Marathon bombings. Did any U.S. media immediately note them or speculate on a pattern? If they did, I didn’t see it. But I did hear about Tax Day, Patriots Day, and such.

    We live in perilous times. And a media with an agenda (or perhaps more like a media that’s allowed themselves to be brainwashed into adopting politically correct tunnel vision) is adding to our peril.

    • What amazed me about all that leftists nonsense about Patriots Day, in particular, is that the majority of Americans have zero idea what that is or what it means in Massachusetts. Hell, I had no idea until I moved there. Every state (or in this case Commonwealth) has its own days of celebration (Rhode Island still celebrates Victory Day, for instance), and it’s just absurd to imagine that anyone in the TEA Party is going to give a damn about that stuff; it’s amazing. But then, leftists really have no idea what the TEA Party is, so I guess it’s not all that shocking.

  2. I recall the Norway shootings being attributed to Muslims by right wing bloggers and pundits before any details were out there. And of course the guy was white, home-grown and a right-wing extremist. I don’t recall any apologies coming from the right on this occasion. The moral of the story? Extremists come from any religion or ideology ……. and the vast majority of people are not extremists ……. there’s a clue in the name!

    • Hi again, Amie, thought we’d lost you. I’m not really sure where to start with this because nothing you say here is at all relevant to my post. But here goes …

      The Norway shooter was a nutter, he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and as suffering from psychosis ( But you do prove my point that any ties at all to conservatives (if not the TEA Party–the main point of my post) are celebrated and held up as examples of rampant “rightwing terrorism.” Yet you have one name. One guy who turned out to be a crazy ( As Yukio suggested last time you posted here, you really really shouldn’t rely on Wikipedia for your news and information. Are you aware that anyone at all can (and does) edit that site on a whim? I can go there right now and add that the Norway shooter was wearing Spongebob boxers. I could, but I wouldn’t. But then, I have scruples and morals; not everyone does and those entries are edited all the time.

      I have no idea at all what you are talking about in terms of an apology. Who asked for one? Certainly not me. Would you demand an apology from someone who swore they saw Big Foot outside their tent only to find out it was just a raincoat or a bush? Of course not. I demand, request, and expect no apology from the leftists in the media or public. So not at all sure why you bring that up. Unless you think that these mysterious bloggers who said that the Norway shooter (you do realize this post is about America, right? Did you read it?) was Muslim should apologize? If so, why have one standard–one of higher accountability and veracity, especially!–for conservative BLOGGERS and another–lower standard of accountability and veracity–for NEWS channels, anchors, and reporters? Weird.

      Extremists certainly do come from any religion or ideology; it just happens to be a fact that the only extremist group that bombs public places right now is Islam/Muslims. If this had happened in the ’70’s in London, the first conclusion most normal people would draw is that it was the IRA. You know why? Because the IRA was actively bombing public places in Great Britain in the ’70’s. It’s really not rocket science.

    • So you’re trying to draw parallels between a right-wing Norwegian and a right-wing American (“white” “home-grown” & “right-wing”). LOL. That’s the best you can come up with? Really?

      People jump to erroneous conclusions all the time, and uncautious people publicly embarass themselves by publishing their wrong conclusions without knowing enough of the facts. However, the politically motivated accusations constantly levelled out by by the Left at peaceful American citizens, the active attempts to misinform (John Holmes, for examp.) for political ends, and the consistent downplaying of Leftist terrorists (Ohio bridge bombers, Bill Ayers & the Weather Underground for just two examples) for the purpose of building a fictitious political narrative is quite different then prematurely pointing the finger at the wrong terrorist group.

      But hey Amie, keep on trying to build false parallels– it is, after all, one of the typical Leftist strategies. Just do better next time.

      • I think, in Amie’s defense, that she’s just sadly misinformed. In England, where apparently she’s lived for ages, it’s not uncommon to be overly-sympathetic to radical Islam–to the death and detriment of Christians and Jews, of course, but hey, these people really believe that “being nice” will change a centuries-long attempt to build a global caliphate. That they don’t understand Islam is typical; hell, for the longest time, I didn’t either. I kept insisting that everyone was capable, blahdy blah. The trouble with that viewpoint, of course, is that it’s erroneous in the extreme.

        As you know, Yukio, leftist just love love love moral relativism. Despite their whole “diversity” is great push, they believe that deep down, all people on the planet are just like them, have the same values, the same desires, the same goals, the same . . . well, morals. This is why they can’t understand why Islamists hate us, why they relish beheading us with blunt knives. It doesn’t fit their “they’re just like ME!” worldview.

        They think it’s a kindness to think that way, but it’s obviously not. It’s clearly a myopic, dangerous worldview that ignores all evidence and relies only on hopes and unicorn dreams. Hardly Amie’s fault, though, she’s just the product of a western culture that stupidly embraced a “multiculturalism” that pretended to be tolerant but actually kept everyone in “separate but equal” boxes.

        Anyway, Amie has a very limited intellectual curiosity, but it’s enough to bring her here. Maybe we can help her see that what she’s absorbed is not real, that it’s actually dangerous to her, her family, and her adopted nation.

        Hey, it COULD happen.

        • True Fuzzy, but I would quibble just a bit on the idea of the Left being moral relativists. Many Leftists claim it, but I would argue that they’re actually nihlists.

          Yes, I think it’s basically proven that moral relativism leads to nihlism, but there are many people who still try to think of moral relativism as a cultural relativism, i.e. one culture’s idea of good is just as good as another culture’s idea of good– without looking at the source for the ability of making the moral judgement in the first place.

          I think the Left, at its core, skipped all of those steps and moved straight to nihilism. The Left seems to believe in the universal lack of all morals except those that they create. Humanists in that sense, I suppose.

          • Ha, I hit reply after reading your first paragraph, then read your second one, and thought, Damn! He read my mind again. 😛

            You make a strong point, and I’m not going to disagree. Whatever they are, whatever their motivation, they are totalitarians and tyrants.

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  4. One of the things I find most distastful about the Left’s immedate blame-the-Right reaction to mass killings or terrorist attacks, is the gleeful anticipation they so clearly have. You’re absolutely right, the Left is giddy with the idea of FINALLY being able to have their Right-wing terrorist attack.

    And of course the reason for their sick little longing is so they can jump onto the backs of the dead and then push forward a pre-existing political agenda. It happened in Newtown most recently, and it is guranteed to happen again– just as soon as they can figure out a way to twist and distort the event so it can support their political agenda.

    It’s pathetic and more than a little sick.

    • Exactly. One of Alinsky’s top rules (Obama’s minions are still running Alinsky camps for Obama youth) is to keep pushing the target until they over-react. Thus, the sympathies go with the “victim” (union, original aggressor, not with the actual victim of the Alinsky strategy). This is what Obama needs to happen; he NEEDS us to react violently, so they keep “predicting” it, “expecting” it, but we’re smarter than that. 😀

  5. I watched it, just like you. The blame game, American mainstream media style… Couldn’t say I was surprised when Axelrod tried to tie it to tax day out of the gate and the lemming ‘journos’ followed…

    I had no idea what “Patriots’ Day” was in Massachusetts until last week. And I’m a patriot, in addition to being a right-wing extremist who clings to my God, guns, et cetera.

    I so very much think you should do that Wiki edit about Spongebob boxers… heh.

    Good to see you’re still writing, my friend. Be well.

    • See? That’s the thing, Sol, the media is so engrossed in its “TEA Party terrorist” search that it just never occurs to them that we aren’t violent, could care less about (or even know about) weird state-only “days,” etc. They just can’t wait for that one violent act that will validate all their daydreams. Pathetic.

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