For Leftists: Thinking, Hard.

I’m not sure whom I find more despicable, the leftist pols who spin the most amazingly absurd narratives or the leftist morons who gobble them up as Gospel, infuse them with their own special brand of hate, and spew forth bile and vitriol like an overactive, over-reactive volcano.  Yes, I’m kind of talking about what’s going on as the left struggles to defend their Dear Leader and “messiah” on Benghazi.  Note that the last link was to a British news site; oddly, apart from Fox News, the only coverage of this massive story is being conducted overseas (oh, and it’s the leftist Guardian, not the rightish-but-still-faaar-left-of-me Telegraph, but you know how those Brits are just RAAAACIST Republicans who hate Obama.  Or something.). Note, too, that some tabloid television networks, like NBC, are willing to admit that Obama is incompetent or “sloppy.”  That’s huge.  He’s been the bestest best thing since best things were first found to be best, but now suddenly he’s incompetent? That’s one hell of an admission from the salivating, slavish media.  And we know why they’ll throw out that bone.

And, frankly, I–at least–don’t care.  We’re talking about “news” organizations that failed to cover the Gosnell trial because it was “local” but spent hours and hours on some crazy, murdering biotch’s guilty verdict . . . while the Benghazi hearings are the actual news–national and international news–of the day.  Indeed, the hearings are being covered not only in Britain but in Germany, even in Russia and in the Middle East.  Our “media”?  Dancing around like puppies for scraps from their master’s table.  Massive fail.

But I’m not really talking about that, per se, others are covering it amazingly; instead, I am mostly talking about . . . well, just generally. I was just reading through some articles and a couple illustrate my point magnificently: one talked about how the majority of Americans accept gay people and the other was about the Traitor in Chief’s comments about immigration.  Oh, and let’s not forget the bogus stat that 90% of Americans support background checks. Dude, 90% of Americans can’t agree that the sky is blue, but the myriad lies–outrageous, in-your-face-ridiculous, “not one dime” lies–this president tells are not really my point.

Here’s the thing, the point, if you will.  A poll shows that the majority of Americans accept gay people, and that’s probably true.  I do.  And I know that my conservative friends and relatives do.  But here’s where everything gets murky for sophomoric leftist brains: I can accept gay people without *gasp* supporting gay “marriage.”  Yes, it’s true!  I can also accept that Obama is president without wanting to make him dictator for life.  Imagine that!


Nuance that is, of course, totally lost on the all or nothing, my way or the highway left.  You can’t just accept gay people, you can’t just accept that the government should recognize gay relationships as they do those of heterosexuals.  Oh no!  That’s not good enough, not “tolerant” enough for the most intolerant people on the planet.  You must accept that God is wrong, that your religion, your faith, your beliefs are all wrong.  You must embrace something that you might accept but not endorse; if you’re not ready to don a pink tutu or a suit and tie and march in the gay pride parade, then you’re not tolerant enough.  Actually, well, you’re just a toothless troglodyte teabagging troll.

Uh huh.

It’s sad, isn’t it that our wanna-be intellectual and emotional superiors on the left are incapable of reason, of compassion, of understanding, of anything remotely resembling human feeling?

Sad, and I used to find it perplexing, but it’s really not.  They just have simple, childlike thought processes that literally jump from “you accept gay people” to “therefore, you must accept gay ‘marriage'” and with that the utter destruction of religion and of religious freedom in this country.  And if you don’t, well, everyone knows you can’t accept gay people without supporting gay “marriage”; therefore, you must HATE gay people!  Again, uh huh.  The lack of logic, of critical thought, is mind-numbing.  But not unexpected.

The left does this on purpose and urges its mindless sheeple to not think, to be “tolerant” and to think that tolerance somehow means acceptance, even submission.  It does not.  I can tolerate something without accepting it, much less submitting to it.  There’s a huge difference, actually, but the English language seems to be a bit problematic for shallow, unthinking leftists (probably why they feel the need to “revise” and “adapt” it so often).

And we see this knee-jerking, conclusion-jumping, skipping over major points and differences, ignoring of language and its meaning again in Obama’s statement that “unless you’re a Native American, you came from someplace else.”  Well, no . . . poop, Sherlock.  (omg, is that an awesome show or what? Anyway,) yes, Dear Leader, we–well, okay, maybe not me, personally.  Or my parents.  But sure, somewhere down the line, some of my relatives–came to the United States from someplace else.  But here’s the thing, they didn’t come here illegally.  They came here within and abiding the law, respecting their new home and hoping to succeed in the land of the free and home of the brave.  They didn’t sneak in, they didn’t “overstay their visas,” they didn’t come as “birth tourists,” they came as legal aliens who acquired citizenship and paid their own way, often against great odds.

But conflating all immigration with illegal immigration, all immigrants with illegal immigrants, is par for the regressive course.  Now, do you really think that Obama himself doesn’t understand the difference?  Of course he does.  Do you really think that Obama doesn’t know the difference between accepting gays and demanding that gay “marriage” be the law of the land?  Of course he does.  As in all things from the economy to foreign policy, he just plays his mindless minions like a fiddle.  Rome may burn . . . but his disciples won’t notice.  Until it’s too late.

15 thoughts on “For Leftists: Thinking, Hard.

  1. I think I have a solution to the problem with leftists: I think what they need is to have their nappies changed and be put down for a nap. Maybe with a nice, warm bottle.

  2. Despicable is the right word. For Obama and his thugocracy, for Hillary Clinton who wants to be our next president, and for the press who are happy to dismiss out of hand these brave men who testified about what they knew. Sadly, none of these entities really care whether they are despicable or not. They have an agenda, you see … which makes them despicable.

  3. I’ve found myself amused watching the political Left in this country continually contort themselves into all sorts of uncomfortable positions so they can maintain their arrogance and “rightness.”

    First it was “there’s no media mias” and then after Journolist comes out, then it’s “of course there’s media bias, but it’s no big deal.”

    First Obama could no wrong, then it’s “well, of course his State Dept. is incompetent– but there’s no cover-up.”

    Geez. If this was happening in another country, I’d be laughing my butt off. When it’s the US, well let’s just say that the world’s a bit more volatile now.

    • This is typical. First, it was Obama’s not a socialist, then, well, okay, maybe he is . . .but so what? The odd thing here is that they’re willing to say he’s incompetent. That indicates to me that they know he’s much worse, that what he did was incredibly wrong.

      And yes, in another country this would be funny. But if we fall, there is nowhere to go. Kind of sucks the funny out of it.


  5. I disagree with one thought here in the above article, I really do think Obama does Not know the difference between accepting gays and accepting gay marriage, or conflating illegal immigration with all immigration. I believe that he is a small, petty, vindictive man with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) who ‘accepts’ his own BS with all the passion of the non-rational NPD affected; therefore he can not think rationally or even accept the very idea of an alternative point of view. Look up NPD, he meets every criteria.
    P.S. There is no psychological treatment or medical Rx for a personality disorder.

    • Hmmm, you make an excellent point. I’m torn, really. I truly believe that Obama is one of the stupidest people I’ve ever seen (I teach, and he very much reminds me of the student who repeats everything you say and waits to be patted on the head for parroting you successfully), and thinking that he’s not as stupid as he seems and is just using his useful idiots to their full potential. I’m not at all convinced he’s the brains behind this particular operation, so you may be right that he does believe his own rhetoric.

      • An NPD may be stupid or smart, I do Not think he is smart. Conceited beyond measure and with innate intelligence, but his logic I believe is subject to his ideologies. I fear we have a National Socialist with NPD who is also Islamist. No American and No Christian would bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, no American would go to sleep with Americans under attack, No Christian would argue for the termination of born-alive abortion survivors, and on an on. He truly is hell bent on transforming us into them.
        I agree with you that there are others behind this operation.

        • I’m not really ready to say he’s a Muslim, but it is . . . notable that he favors and sides with radical Islam over the U. S. and Judeo-Christian peoples/beliefs. I used to think he was a dyed-in-the-wool commie (i.e. an atheist), but now, well, I’m just not sure.

          If we look at his actions–starting with refusing to help Iranians in ’09 and ending with his using our tax dollars to fund the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, it’s hard not to wonder where his sympathies lie. Of course, he famously told Egypt he’s “secretly” a Muslim, and he’s supposedly said that if the tide ever turns against Islam, he’ll stand with Islam. And he’s supported the insupportable “Arab Spring.” . . . I don’t really know what to think beyond the obvious fact that he has no idea what America is, what it means.

          Instead, he has knee-jerk hatred of the U. S. usually not seen except in the most radical ’60’s types (i.e. Bill Ayers who justifies his terrorism . . . somehow.).

        • Oh, and he’s definitely a fascist. No doubt about that at all. “National” . . . no, not so much; his goals are global.

          People are accepting now that he’s a “socialist,” but he’s not. He’s a fascist-communist, and yes, those two go together like champagne and strawberries. Hitler was both (he wasn’t a socialist, not really; of course, I’m not convinced that socialism and communism are separate things. The one is INTENDED to lead to the other, after all.).

          • Glo-zi or Na-zi, Fa-scist or Commun-ist, or Dem-scist, or Dhimmi-scist, all 20th Century terminology for Our current day ‘progressive’ ‘manchild’ ‘dear leader’, whatever. He was raised in Indonesia/ the most beautiful sound quote/ a man who bows to Muslim Kings/ who refuses to call terrorism terrorism; if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a chicken.

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