Obama’s Illegal War Led To Benghazi Terror Attack

Okay, this is the last straw on Benghazi for me.  Now the Coward in Chief is blaming the CIA for his own failures . . . or were they failures from his perspective? That, to me, is the real question here.

So let’s look back, shall we, to why we were even in Libya in the first place.  Remember the time that Obama went to Congress and got the Constitutionally-required approval to take military action in Libya?  Remember how Libya was a clear and direct threat to the United States?  Remember the required roll call votes from both houses of Congress before any such military action can take place? No? Well, that’s because none of that happened.  Obama decided, seemingly on a whim, to take America to war with the UN’s authorization, not that of the United States Congress.  Here’s what he said at the time:

“Today,” Obama said on March 19, “I authorized the Armed Forces of the United States to begin a limited military action in Libya in support of an international effort to protect Libyan civilians. That action has now begun. In this effort, the United States is acting with a broad coalition that is committed to enforcing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, which calls for the protection of the Libyan people.” (source link)

Yes, you read that right, Obama unilaterally decided to take America to war with Libya.  He did not, as President Bush did in Iraq, seek and obtain the approval and support of Congress.  Obama’s a “global citizen,” and his authority, he seems to imagine, comes from the world, not the American people.  He truly sees himself as above both the Constitution and Congress, and he started the war in Libya that was so mismanaged, so ill-conceived, so horribly executed that the direct result of his hubris and illegal, unconstitutional action was the horrific rape and slaughter of an American ambassador and the murders of two former SEALs and an embassy aid.

Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith died as the direct result not only of Obama’s immensely-misguided illegal war in Libya but also because the Obama administration was desperate not to draw attention to the war and made serious lapses in judgement to cover their tracks.  For months, the Libyan ambassador’s staff, including its security staff, requested more security.  And were denied.  Not only were they denied the additional security they requested, but they also had much of what security they once had removed, against the ambassador’s objections.  This was in August, after the UK saw which way the wind was blowing and withdrew their diplomats and staff from Benghazi in June.  Not Obama.  He insisted that they remain there, effectively unprotected, on the anniversary of 9/11 and in the midst of Islamic terrorists.

We now know that once the attack was launched, the WH and State Department knew within two (2) hours that the attack was a terrorist attack.  We also now know that not one, as originally thought, but two (2) “stand down” orders were issued to any and all nearby American forces that could intervene and protect the ambassador and his staff.  And we further know that only the president can issue “stand down” orders in these instances.  We also know, of course, that both Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, former Navy SEALs who were in a nearby CIA annex, ignored those direct orders and attempted a rescue.  All this talk about how a rescue was impossible, forces too far away, etc. are clearly lies.

After the attack, Obama noted that the deaths of an American ambassador and three other American citizens was “not optimal,” and he insisted that the terrorist attack that he knew full-well was just that was instead the result of a YouTube video.  Imagine!  Both he and Hillary said this with a straight face; indeed, Hillary looked the mothers of the fallen former SEALs in the eye and told them that she would ensure that the video’s creator would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Let that sink in.  I’m sure the still-imprisoned film-maker thinks of little else than his being a “patsy” who was thrown in prison to protect Obama and Hillary.

[Edited to add] And let’s not get too caught up in the latest lies that Obama didn’t know what was going on in Benghazi.  Remember this photo that came out the next day, on 9/12/12:

Ambassador Stephens_BenghaziAnd remember how we all laughed in disbelief when Obama stated that same day that these people were actually dragging the ambassador to the hospital?  Well, it turns out that he was right, that he did know what he was talking about, because we found out during last week’s Benghazi hearing that Ambassador Stevens was taken–get this–to a hospital run by the very terrorist group that had attacked the embassy.  Gee, I wonder why he “disappeared” for several hours and what horrors he faced if he was still alive at that point.  So on day two, Obama not only knows that the attack was a terror attack but exactly where the missing ambassador’s body was. [end edit]

So what do we have here?  A president who unilaterally and illegally takes our military to war in Libya, removes security from diplomats when other nations are removing their diplomats, issues orders that any and all nearby responding forces to the terrorist attack “stand down,” and then tries to hide the fact it was a terrorist attack at all.  Remember, he knew within two hours that a terror attack took place but for weeks afterwards, including in an address to the UN, he blamed the video.  He even had the temerity to spend American taxpayer money to run ads in the Middle East apologizing for the flipping video!  I have no words.

And now, the Obama White House is so desperate to distract attention from Benghazi that it’s willing to admit that its IRS was targeting, intimidating, and silencing conservative, pro-life, and Christian organizations (I write “was,” but we don’t know that it’s stopped or that it won’t start again when the heat is off).  Remember, we wouldn’t even know about the IRS thuggery if the IRS itself hadn’t said something about it.  What on earth could be so explosive about Benghazi that the president is willing to show his true Chicago-style, thug-like use of the IRS to strong-arm his political opposition in direct violation of both laws and the Constitution?

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Illegal War Led To Benghazi Terror Attack

  1. A precise and devastating analysis. He who goes it alone bears responsibility for the failures alone. The same karma hangs over ObamaCare – which he and his party shoved down the republic’s throat on a strictly partisan vote.

    • Thanks so much, LAS! And yes, the same karma hangs over the 0CareTax, but I have to admit I am deeply concerned about the IRS being the enforcing arm of it. I have been all along–it makes no sense to have the IRS involved in healthcare–but now that we know how corrupt and malicious that Obama agency is, I have even more concerns (fears, even).

  2. But deflecting responsibility and assigning blame to convenient targets is what “community organizers” generally do. Would we expect more from Obama and his ego? Nothing is below this guy. His political theory justifies just about anything in the quest for “heaven on earth,” “fairness,” and “social justice.”

    Yeah, Benghazi was a mess, and I still think there’s more to the story than simply Obama Admin. incompotence. The media and the Left have been pushing the incompetence thing too much, and there have been false stories and various Obama couldn’t have done anything that Obama could push if he chose to. Yet, he hasn’t.

    There’s a lot of speculation going on about the embassy being either a CIA front, part of a plot to run weapons to Syrian rebels, etc. But they’re all just stories so far, and I don’t give any credibility to them.

    Certainly there’s Obama incompetence in play here, both in what led up to the attack and in the aftermath, but I think there’s something else at work. I’m not sure what.

    “Remember, we wouldn’t even know about the IRS thuggery if the IRS itself hadn’t said something about it.”

    Not true. The IRS copped to it in preparation for an IG report that was coming in the next day or two. They laughably tried to limit the damage to a few low-level workers in Ohio, and are behaving basically like these people do when caught in a scandal.

    You seem to suggest that the IRS scandal was timed to deflect blame from Benghazi. I find that extremely doubtful Fuzzy.

    • See, that’s what’s making my spidey sense jangle, too, why is the media so eager to accept that Teh Won is incompetent and ignorant of what goes on in his own administration? The same media, we all know, who depicted him as the most capable, most intelligent, most savvy, most most person to ever walk the earth. It makes no sense to me. And it’s not just the media who wants the administration to look like, and I quote from a piece at your place, “idiots,” it’s the administration itself saying “aw, golly gee shucks, we sure are bone-headed morons, huh?”. Again, I’m leader of the free world, and I’d rather the world think I’m an incompetent “idiot” than know the truth (whatever that is)? What on earth must the truth reveal?

      I honestly do wonder if the IRS scandal wasn’t timed to roll out to deflect from Benghazi. At that point, Benghazi had been trending on Twitter for 6 or 7 solid days; immediately, everyone’s attention is all over the place from the AP to the IRS to allegations that the EPA is also engaged in partisan thuggery designed to frighten law-abiding Americans who oppose Obama’s policies. I’d be interested in knowing when the IG investigation began and when it was set to be released.

      My guess is the investigation began in 2010 when TEA Party groups started complaining and getting the attention of Breitbart’s Big Government, also the same year that FOIA requests were met with lies and false statements from the IRS; if the IG didn’t get involved that early, then almost certainly in 2011 when several House members started making noise in Congress.

      It’s highly unlikely that it didn’t begin until June 2012, as is the current understanding–that’s when the IG told Treasury about the investigation–simply because I can’t imagine them being as thorough as they seemed to have been in less than a year. Government just doesn’t move that fast for one thing, and for another thing, it would take months simply to write up the report of such a wide-spread investigation.

      If the report was initially set to be released before the election, then we have a very serious problem on our hands here. Why wasn’t it released? Or reported on (though I think we know the answer to that one–the media are in the tank and have been subject to bullying by this WH in the past, I’m thinking Woodward, but others also have complained over the years)? The WH claims it didn’t know what was in the IG report, but then, it claims it doesn’t know anything about anything. Ever. But the IRS knew enough to come out with a preemptive admission and apology. Does anyone really think that the IRS would do this without consulting the WH?

      Now, whether or not all this adds up to either deliberately hiding game-changing/election-changing information or to deliberately deflecting from Benghazi is anyone’s guess. My guess is that this admin could have sat on the IG report for as long as it wanted.

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