Fuzzy Rant: GOP Traitors, Snowden, AGW Hoax

It is so time for a rant here at Fuzzy Central; I can feel it coming, so grab some popcorn and stand well away from your computer monitor.

Amnesty and the Traitorous GOP Who Support It

Seriously?  I am spitting mad about this, and my anger is directed not so much at McCain the Regressive Clown or Graham the Closet Case but at Ayotte and Rubio.  Those two ran on, courted, and were accepted by the TEA Party . . . the same TEA Party they are now pledging–behind closed doors, of course–to destroy.  I don’t know diddly about Ayotte, and after this, I don’t really care if she can cure cancer with the mere bat of her eyelashes.

As for Rubio . . . I haven’t trusted him since I found out that he was charging his own personal expenses to the state GOP credit card, of particular, damning interest was that he only paid it back years later–after he was caught.  Really, that was it for me with him.  Notice how after I posted about that, I just kind of shut up about him? He was a disaster in the making, but he seemed a better deal than Crist and that other guy, and conservatives seemed determined to see in him what they waned to see, so . . . I shut up.  No more.  Never forget that the one and only reason Rubio is in the United States’ Senate is the support he got from the TEA Party, the same TEA Party that he snubbed by refusing to join the Senate TEA Party Caucus.  The same TEA Party that he lied to–repeatedly–about his views on illegal immigration and amnesty.

Do not, DO. NOT. let the GOP sneaky snakes who voted for cloture and then voted against amnesty get away with their treachery.  They KNOW that a cloture vote ensures the bill goes forward–just as they did on ObamaCare, and they do it anyway.  Yes, they really believe we’re that stupid.  Enough!

et tu Paul Ryan?  I have no words.  Just lots of sad.  I carry it in a big suitcase with wheels now.

Snowden, the ManBearPig er, TraitorHeroWhackJob

Dude, I’m not sure what Snowden is; his “tyranny tour” is not helping his case with anyone who might be inclined to land on the “hero” side.  He exposed illegal government activity. That’s whistleblower stuff, but . . . *shrug* what the heck ever.  Like he really matters in the grand scheme of America’s destruction.

More on the ManBearPig as Deluded and Frightened Obama Pivots to Global Warming Climate Change (or whatever)

Poverty is skyrocketing, electricity bills are to follow that skyrocketing trajectory (as Obama promised), the number of people collecting welfare and food stamps is fast quadrupling.  Millions upon millions of Americans either have no job at all or are working only part-time (which, thanks to the ObamaCareTax monstrosity is now less than 30 hours per week, further crippling the hourly-wage-earning lower and lower-middle classes).

So what does Obama deem–the very week that the world learns that the earth has not warmed in at least 15 years–the key, most imperative item on his agenda?  Yep, killing U. S. coal.  And along with it, still more jobs, and pushing people who are barely hanging on to their lower and lower-middle class status into the poverty/government-dependent classes.  Oh joy!

It’s not enough that we all actually know now that the whole AGW hysteria is utter and complete bullcrap–oh no, now we need the Divider in Chief pontificating on how he’ll heal the planet.  Again.  Or something.  Sick-making.  I love how he and his horrendous nightmare of a wife flew off–in separate planes, Air Force One AND Two–to the same place and essentially, give or take a couple hours, at the same time.  Yeah, that’s a man who is really worried about his carbon footprint.

Typical commie regressive: laws and rules and government-dictated morals are for thee, not for me.

Sick. Of. It.

So what, you may ask, of the recent Supreme Court rulings, of the ongoing assault on Obama’s “political enemies” while he courts America’s enemies in our White House, of the blatant military and arms support of al Qaeda, of the embarrassing place that America now holds in the world with Putin laughing in Obama’s face and Afghanistan, etc. dictating terms to him, of the Common Core nightmare, the impending amnesty’s effects on America and her people, of the major scandals that reveal a third-world mentality in this country’s president . . . of a million other things that this administration is doing, has done, intends to do.  What of all of it, you ask?

I have no words.


13 thoughts on “Fuzzy Rant: GOP Traitors, Snowden, AGW Hoax

  1. I have to admit, there are so many outrages anymore that I’m finding it hard to care. Let it all crash and burn and I’ll just hope my family and I can survive the fallout.

    • That’s pretty much where I am, too. And I think it’s no accident that we were swamped with scandals and controversy all at once; how much of it was actually discovered, after all? Most of it came straight from the executive branch itself. It’s not like there are any investigative reporters left (that haven’t been intimidated into silence, anyway).

      It’s all so frustrating, and the elements of the GOP who are just as anti-TEA Party as the commies makes me want to vomit. They understand the difference very well and have made their stand . . . against America. It is very discouraging, but I’m sure I’ll (we’ll!) rally soon. 😀

      • well i am with you and I also believe it was by design to flood us all at once to overwhelm our thinking. But I just be ****d if I will succumb to it! Don’t give up Don’t give in!!

  2. So glad to see you engaged in this with full vigor. The Left and its cabal of cowards are destined to fail. History shows us that. It’s just a question of whether their thwarted in their power grab, or whether their longed for socialist state later crumbles under its own weight and incompetence. I refuse to be assimilated into their machine.

    Thought crossed my mind today. The Left’s attempts to woo Americans with promises of social justice, empowerment and Utopia is a lot like Satan tempting Christ. In each case, an inferior counterfeit was being offered in place of what already existed.

    Events in America are now moving at the pace of a political thriller. Will evil triumph, and the people fall into a time of tyranny? Or does good prevail, and the republic’s founding principles are restored? The faster things move, the more comfortable I feel in being bold, outspoken.

    • As I was just saying to Kerry, I’m not actually engaged with full vigor–goodness knows I could be posting rants twice daily with all the horrors going on; I’m staying informed and trying to keep up with all the “real” matters and trying to avoid getting caught up looking at Squirrels! . . . but it’s all so much that it’s really overloading my brain. As designed, I’m sure.

      I won’t be assimilated, either, Doug. That way lies soul-crushing evil, and I will never submit to something I know to be tyrannical and evil and doomed to failure. I am certainly not afraid to speak out and will continue to do so; in a way, it will be good if Obama and his traitorous horde overplay their hand and start doing things that even his adoring acolytes cannot ignore or explain away (like jailing people for political dissent, etc.).

      Guess that means I’ll see ya in the gulag 😛

  3. Obama just piles destructive policy upon destructive policy. It’s insane– no, it’s the American Left getting their out of touch, grievance-mongering little hands on actual power and a complicit press.

    I find it so cloying watching the Left pummel the poor and lower classes, all the while patting themselves on the back and announcing just what great and caring people they all are. The American Left is just determined to lock down class mobility.

    • I’m frankly confused by leftists for the exact reasons you mention: Obama’s policies hurt the poor, the working class, the middle class, and they do so now and demonstrably. How on earth can they delude themselves? Oh, I know that Obama and his traitorous horde have no conscience, could care less about the middle class (actually are actively committed to destroying it–no room for middle classes in a Marxist fauxtopia), and really don’t care what happens in America (unless it’s destructive), but I don’t get the (it has to be) willful denial by leftists. I know that most do not have a clue what Obama is about or the vast chasm between what they demand for their crazy utopia and how economics, indeed humanity, work.

  4. Recall the post I made that you commented on about a year ago. The Left doesn’t do this stuff without a plan and the goal is always to punish the United State and its citizens for perceived exploitation of the rest of the world. Everything you have posted here is to that end. It is either a direct assault (AGW) or a ruse to take our eyes off the ball (scandals, immigration “reform”). If you look at it through that lens, everything makes sense.

    • I am seriously happy to see you again, Steve! I love your blog and posts, always have.

      And yes, I do beat a dead horse (you didn’t say that, but it’s true, and part of the reason I’ve not blogged lately).

  5. Dear Ms. Slippers,

    Rubio is a dead man walking in political terms from my point of view. However, I please to note that my senator is Ted Cruz.

    Snowden is no hero but a drone that violated his contract agreement. If he had a beef, he had other options.

    Globule Warmin’ has not occurred since the benchmark year of 1998 for the current warming period. It’s just another scam to gain control and power along with emptying our wallets.

    Regarding the rest of your rant, I’m in your corner but I alone cannot overcome the evil that is precipitating out of DC these days, The Supreme Court has turned to mush, the IRS runs amok, Holder continues to persecute Zimmerman etc.

    BTW, I surely enjoyed your work with the pre-election photos on LI…

    • Heyas, GrumpyOne! I’m sorry that my blog is so our of date; I didn’t realize, though I should have, that the Prof would link me. I’m still in deer-in-headlights mode, but I’ll get over it . . . . with the help of you and others who stop by here.

      I love love love Ted Cruz and think the AGW hoax has been hanging around for far too long. We’re not lost, though. If anything, we are found.. Let’s just hope it’s not too late. 🙂

      [Edit: thanks, too, for your kind words about the Empty Chair series. I loved doing that and am happy to be back at LI; I will always help out a friend in need.]

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