Fuzzy’s Farm: God Loves the Farmer (aka Why GMO’s Suck)

Okay, I’ve been pretty much silent about the bizarre and counterintuitive stance of conservatives (not “so-called” because these are actual conservatives who are, as yet, simply misinformed), but I can be silent no longer.  The right is doing something that I would not dream possible: supporting massive government expansion into and intrusion into the simplest–yet most necessary–portion of our economy: our food source.

There’s this wacked out, leftist lunacy film called “King Corn,” and while it’s full of utter crap, some of what they say is true.  Americans are practically (and genetically) made of corn these days. It’s in freaking everything from the gas we put in our cars to the beef we eat (I was just at a friend’s house, and she proudly showed me her latest beef purchase: all grass or CORN fed. Huh?  Cows don’t eat corn, they weren’t made to eat and should never eat it.  Period.  But yay, this was non-steriod, non-fracked with beef.  Really? It’s stuffed full of the awful, Monsanto (and others) faux corn. Woo.  And hoo.

Did you know that corn actually has a natural defense against its biggest threat?  Neither did I until I saw a show on the Smithsonian channel (Thanks to my fabulous Roku).  Corn plants have a means of defending themselves, a God-given (or if you’re not all that religious, a Nature-given) defense.  Corn plants send out these (measurable by science) electronic signals that tell nematodes to come and save the corn from the infestation.  And it works.  Naturally, by God.  This is totally lost in American agriculture; instead, our corn can literally never send that signal, never call for help.  It is dependent on . . . yep, Monsanto and other proponents of the anti-God, anti-nature machine that both Democrats and RINOs support.

There is nothing good, nothing, about “teaching” plants to NOT defend themselves.  There is nothing good about creating “better than God” plants that will “feed the whole world.”  That’s total crap.  There is no way that man can improve on nature, and every attempt is doomed to fail.  These franken-crops we are stuck with from Monsanto?   Absolute garbage; they rely on Monsanto products to kill . . . whatever.  This is not better corn, this is franken-corn shoved down our throats and deemed a famine-savior.

Famine?  Let’s talk for a minute about what these franken-seeds produce. They produce utter  crap because they are designed to grow in nothing at all. Plants get their vitamins, minerals, and everything else from the soil, not from Monsanto.  You can have a corn cob grown from a real farmer, one who rejects Monsanto’s franken-lunacy, or you can get one from a Monsanto acolyte.  The corn will look exactly the same, but the nutrients and value of an actual cob of corn grown under normal conditions will be higher.  Every. Single. Time.

Monsanto and its peers can stuff bellies all day long, but if their produce is substandard, geared toward growing bigger, not more nutrient-rich, veggies, the Monsanto sap will eat crate-loads of nutrient-deficient nothingness.  And die.  This is not a recipe to success, and it will never ever cure famine.  Famine is not defined by having enough to eat but by having enough that is nutritious to eat.  Franken-seeds promise nothing but further and prolonged famine.

Count on it.

Oh, and never ever click an ad link on my page. I apparently have to pay to get rid of them, so that’s not going to happen. If I like something, I’ll tell you about it, promise. Do. not. ever. hit. these. ad. links. If you like something, please copy and paste into a new window: I endorse only what I explicitly, in a post, endorse.


8 thoughts on “Fuzzy’s Farm: God Loves the Farmer (aka Why GMO’s Suck)

  1. I was so excited last week when bill whittle said he had started rethinking his initial unquestioning support for Monsanto. We need to keep getting the message out there that small farmers are small businessmen. That corporatism is not the same as capitalism and we should be against all forms of welfare, including corporate welfare.

    • I looked for this Whittle video (I love that man!), but I couldn’t find it. Did you happen to bookmark it? I’d love to see it. Hot Air and Red State ran some scathing posts about anyone opposed to GMO’s a while back, and I keep meaning to do a serious (not ranty) post in response, a Whittle video would be a great help.

  2. So very true. It is amazing what God has designed Nature to do, and how beautifully intertwined all of life is. We need for the Farm bills to start tying subsidies to natural practices in addition to conservation. Speaking of links, this is not commercial LOL but here is an interesting link I found recently. I have not delved into it much but it provides some transparency into where some of the money goes: http://farm.ewg.org/index.php

    • I’d actually like to see all such subsidies stop. There is no need at all for government to regulate farmers and farms . . . or conservation. These are progressive idea/ls (FDR, Teddy, both progressives), not capitalist ones, and they don’t work.

  3. I don’t want Monsanto screwing up my food.

    And I want high fructose corn syrup taken out of the bread, sauces, bakery products, candy, and everything Americans eat. Take out the corn!!!

    • I’ve become very careful about what I buy and have limited the corn and its by-products in my food. However, it’s in everything. Corn-fed beef is but one example, the milk from corn-fed cows (and those who’ve been pumped full of God knows what) is equally dangerous and unhealthy.

  4. As a conservative, what I’d like to see happen is most of the farm subsidies to go away. Stop subsidizing corn, sugar, milk, stop paying people not to farm, etc. It may hurt for a while but we need to get back to natural supply and demand. The reason there’s so much corn in everything is because it’s subsidized and its the most profitable crop to grow.

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