Happy Thanksgiving, Patriots!

This Thanksgiving, I’m making a salad with some unusual ingredients from my garden.  Unusual to me, anyway, as I didn’t know you could eat the tops of radishes, carrots, and beets, as well as the leaves of Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and other cabbage-family plants.  Heck, maybe everyone knows this, and I was the last to know . . . and now I’m posting about it like “hey, I just found out about this new-fangled picture box that you can watch little people act out stories on. It’s so cool; you have to check this ‘television’ thing out!”.  I’m rather excited about the whole thing, to be sure, especially as this poor specimen of a Brussels plant doesn’t look likely to grow any sprouts. Ever.

But look at all those yummy leaves!  It’s the small things, this year, for which I am thankful–the big things, too, like family, friends, all of you, but . . . well, you know, learning that I can eat radish leaves (and that they are actually yummy) is quite special to me.

Happy Thanksgiving, Patriots. . . and of course:

Happy Thanksgiving, PatriotsYou know, I might just watch that episode of Buffy later today (on my Roku, of course, another of those little things for which I am thankful).

Happy, thankful thoughts, prayers, and love to all of you this Thanksgiving (pick the one or ones you want :)).

12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Patriots!

    • Oh, my goodness, Tammy, how funny. I was JUST thinking about you. Thank you for the thoughtful wishes, and I hope today is one of your “gratitude days,” but if not, know that you are loved and prayed for by people like me. God bless you and yours.

  1. Have you tasted the broccoli leaves raw? I ask because they can taste pretty bitter. They’re awesome fixed like stewed collard greens or whatever.

    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend! *hugs*

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Kerry! Your friendship is something that I truly treasure and am grateful for every day. *hugs*

      No, I haven’t tried broccoli leaves raw. Mine are still very small (this is making me think that I waited too late to plant them, but I’ll chalk that up to experience and plant them earlier next year). I’d read that cooking Brussels leaves like collards (sans bacon fat) was good, but I hadn’t heard about that with broccoli. I will definitely try it. I did try cabbage leaves (no heads forming, so just the leaves), and they taste good. I don’t have enough of any one thing (except radishes) to make a whole salad, so I used a lot of different things. It was delicious. I still can’t get over that wonderful feeling of . . . I don’t know, satisfaction, pride, joy, gratitude, that I feel when I eat veggies that I grew myself.

  2. Sorry I forgot to come by a wish you a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday. 😦
    It’s been a madhouse here since the tree fell onto the house.
    I Hope your holidays are filled with much happiness this season!

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