Thanksgiving At Fuzzy’s: Oh, Yes, OFA, We Discussed ObamaCare

This Thanksgiving, I took the kind advice of Obama’s propaganda-thug group OFA and was all set to make sure that 0Care was a topic of conversation at some point during our gathering.  Yes, we have a few die-hard lefties hanging on the family and extended family tree, but they are low-hanging fruit, easily picked off with . . . woah! don’t go there! . . . facts.   But as it turns out, one of our own got the OFA memo and bravely, if ineptly, tried to “sell”  0care to us.  Sadly, for him, we are informed.

The conversation went something like this (I will change the names to protect the ignorant.  And in an obvious case, to protect the patriotic.  The latter from IRS audits):

RObot: It’s so nice to see you!  [RObot glances furtively at black magic marker scratchings on his forearm]

Okay, I made that part up, but he was so clearly confused that it seemed like he should have had crib notes from OFA scribbled on his body.

“Hey,” RObot asks, “did you hear about Obamacare?  About how, erm, it’s . . . ugh, yeah, good for women?  And other people?”

Yes, this last was a completely separate question.  Dear old RObot wasn’t sure who was being helped, but he felt pretty sure someone, somewhere was.

Fuzzy: [glares at RObot, mentally picking over her options: does she respond or does she keep the peace on this wonderful holiday?]

Fuzzy’s mom swoops in to save the day: “Now, RObot, wouldn’t you like some nice appetizers?  Come over here . . . that’s right, waaaay over here. There’s a dear.”

RObot, now waaay over there, to Uncle Liberty: “Mmm, these are good, but hey, nothing’s as good as that Obamacare, huh?”  [guileless gaze]

Uncle Liberty expresses his views of Obamacare in a lengthy, lucid monologue that lasted a full twenty minutes.  I’m not sure he took a breath throughout the whole thing.

Uncle Liberty went into great detail about everything from the locking out of Republicans during the early deliberative process (unless you think “compromise” means doing what Obama, whose only retort to Republican ideas was “I won,” wants) to the stubborn refusal to hear the people not only in town halls across the nation but when Scott Brown was elected to replace Senator Kennedy.  Uncle Liberty explained why over 5 million have lost the health insurance, doctors, and hospitals that they liked and why up to 100 million more will do so in the next two years.  He talked about the ways that 0Care destroyed jobs, income, the economy, and people’s dignity . . . all while doing absolutely nothing to improve access to or quality of health care.

I think it’s going to be much more than only a hundred million Americans who lose their plans, doctors, access to local hospitals, but Uncle Liberty was sticking to facts and numbers put out by the CBO and other viable sources.

I  almost felt sorry for RObot.  But a couple of known lefties were sidling over to get in on the “kill,” so I waited to see what would happen.

RObot, dazed but not out, slowly shakes his head and says–hold onto your hats, everyone, because here it comes–“but but but, you don’t support ObamaCare?  Are you [and I think–maybe choose to believe–he was trying to be sincere] a racist?”

The sidling lefties beamed happily at this.

Uncle Liberty looks at RObot with disbelief.  He sighs.  All those words–twenty minutes worth–totally lost on this person.  He looks good old RObot straight in the eye and says, “hey, RObot, let’s leave Obama out of this.  Let’s just you and me, one ‘privileged’ white man to another, talk about ObamaCare.  Let’s hear what you believe, and then I will tell you what I believe in response to your points.”

RObot, and his would-be rescue brigade, looked a bit taken aback by this development.  You can almost hear the gears grinding . . . wait! I have to defend this?  I can’t just call someone a RAAAACIST and shut them up?

Uncle Liberty wasn’t done: “Only you and me, RObot.  No one else of any other race, gender, class, or other convenient go-to pigeon-hole is included.  I’ll talk about these socialist ideas, RObot, with you on one side, and me on the other.  No vast rightwing conspiracy, no accusations of Koch brothers’ meddling (I’ve known you since you were born, Son, do you really believe that anyone, anywhere has enough money to make me lie?), no scurrying into name-calling when you can’t think of an answer. Just you and me, man to man, we’ll talk about ObamaCare.  How’s that sound?”

Fuzzy: [does silent cheers and mental happy dance all around Uncle Liberty.  Here was a man who got it. Bravo!]

The look on RObot’s face was beyond priceless, and the sidling lefties were suddenly much interested in my mom’s recipe for stuffed mushrooms.  There is nothing I could ever have said that would have left poor old RObot so speechless, so confused, so pathetic.  For what, after all, is a discussion with a leftist that doesn’t descend into name-calling (on the leftist’s part) and other verbal practices that most would deem not-so-subtle bullying? Calling people names in the desperate hope of shutting us up is, quite literally, all they have.

Needless to say RObot didn’t fare well when Obama (or more precisely, his race) was taken out of the equation and the onus was on him to explain why the health care infrastructure for 253+ million people had to be completely upended to accommodate less than 10 million (remember, the CBO estimates that even with 0Care, 30 million Americans will still not have health care.  And all for the cost of $1.79 trillion.  That’s trillion, as in trillion taxpayer dollars.  So much for “not one dime.”).

RObot wasn’t miraculously cured from his years of drinking the 0bot KoolAid, but he was given food for thought for a change.  Unable to attack his opponent on spurious grounds, he found himself unable to defend something that is, fundamentally indefensible.  Maybe that will wake him up, and if not, maybe one of the shifty sidler cowards who bailed when the race card was taken off the table will get a clue that if their only defense of an expensive, destructive boondoggle is “RAAACIST” they may not have much to work with.

Regardless, I plan to practice this in future. How better to engage leftists in ideas than by insisting that they actually stick to ideas, defend their ideology as themselves and not as some talking point-spewing propagandist puppet?

There is no libertarian, conservative, or TEA Party member who wouldn’t welcome this challenge.


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving At Fuzzy’s: Oh, Yes, OFA, We Discussed ObamaCare

  1. That was too easy. Try it with my neighbor who quotes the Sunday morning political shows talking points. He believes everyone of them. I can’t keep up. Then he’ll come back with, “you shouldn’t ever vote for an incumbent.” then I’ll ask, “Did you vote for Obama in 2012?” “Incumbent right?” And he comes back with, “Did you vote for Congressman McClintock?” And I say, “Of course I did, we think exactly alike, but this anti-incumbent thing was your idea.”

    Then we talk about snow fall the rest of the walk.

  2. My festivities are never disturbed by Liberal ranting…Conservatives visit me or my brother and all the Libtards go to my sisters house…She is DHS and I guess they all feel safe there! Have a Merry Fuzzy!

  3. Geez… So there were actually people bringing up ObamaCare at Thanksgiving. Life seems a little duller and humanity a little more silly after finding this out.

    But at least you have a crazy, racist, Fox News watching, evil, awful, terroristic uncle to be the voice of reason at your family gatherings… oh, in addition to your own tin-foil hat wearing ways. : )

    I’m a little glad that I’m hundreds of miles away from my family at times like these. Obama has managed to increase the tension between myself and them. Before there was none, now more than a little. Oh well…

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