Phony Schizophrenic Interpreter Inches Away From American President

This story is completely crazy to me, and very very worrying.  Whatever I think of Obama, the very last thing I want to see is him harmed, or God forbid, assassinated; he’s the American president, for bad or worse, after all.

Yet, a Secret Service who–obviously on Obama’s paranoid orders–had all cutlery removed from Latinas/os at a fund raiser for fear someone would stab with a salad fork the man begging them for money, who refused to eat the possibly-poisoned food at a GOP function because no royal tester was present, who insist that Marines who appear with their Commander in Chief be disarmed, that same Secret Service lets someone they’ve not vetted, someone who turns out to be a schizophrenic and not even an actual sign-language interpreter within inches of their charge?

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.


19 thoughts on “Phony Schizophrenic Interpreter Inches Away From American President

    • Heh, my initial response was to laugh, too, but then I thought . . . even if this random guy weren’t a schizophrenic, a “fake” translator could have nefarious intentions. I was similarly shocked and dismayed when those lunatics “crashed” the first WH dinner. What the hell is going on with this admin? They seem to have no sense of caution in protecting this president . . . except from Republicans and the TEA Party. Neither of whom would ever harm a hair on his gigantic head.

  1. I agree with you 1,000&, Fuzzislippers! I don’t want to see the Resident die for any reason while in office. I want him to serve his full term. It would be disastrous for our country otherwise.

    The fact that our own SService didn’t vet this guy is weird. Gosh, what is going on?????

    • Agreed a million percent, Mrs. AL! If this loser dies in office, he’s practically canonized, riots would be insane and destructive to our country. Oh, no, I want this tiny little person to serve his full term. I can’t bear any other thought, so the only way I want to see him leave office early is in an orange or striped jumpsuit. If that doesn’t happen, I want the Secret Service to treat him like a precious jewel not like some random moron whom any loser party-crasher, schizophrenic can attack on a whim.

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