Duck Dynasty and GLAAD Tidings Of Hate

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a few years (*waves happily* at Kerry and Dudge) know that I was once a shrugging, not-my-place-to-judge accepter of gay marriage as a concept, as a hey, who cares, it’s not really up to me, God will be the final voice, government shouldn’t decide, blah blah blah kinda thing.  I’ve since, of course, changed my opinion, but not because I hate or fear gay people; I neither hate nor fear them . . . at least not in the leftist-accepted senses of those words.

Leftists, generally speaking, tend to claim that if you don’t embrace and do a happy dance at the [fill in the blank] parade, you “hate” the [fill in the blank].  Tolerance doesn’t mean tolerate, it means full-on, march-in-the-streets-support . . . or shut the hell up.  Bizarrely, not one of these self-appointed intellectual superiors questions this at all.  You can’t oppose gay marriage and not “hate” gay people.  All gay people, all the time.  You can’t oppose any of their pet projects and not “hate” . . . minorities, women, the planet, whatever.  It’s such myopic, sophomoric thinking that it’s truly laughable (honestly, if one of my first-year students tried to pass off a paper using this level of critical thinking, I’d be horrified. And their paper would certainly earn an “F.”).  I can’t believe, and don’t believe, that they actually believe this; in fact, I’m almost one hundred percent certain that they laugh at and ridicule the mindless leftist minions who gobble that up and spout it back as their version of gospel.

The far left doesn’t hate hate; it loves it.  Thrives on it.  Needs it.

Everyone and everything they target starts out as a “phobic” of some kind.  That phobic is then turned into the villain, who is then vilified, hated, silenced (and sometimes, with the left, that means literally killed).  But the end is not the hate for the “hater.” Oh no, that’s actually the means to the end.

Which brings us to what I do actually hate and fear about gay groups like GLAAD: their agenda.  They want gay “marriage,” not because they’ll get great government benefits or insurance breaks.  Indeed, 0Care and more and more tax laws are actually penalizing married couples–and all are Democrat initiatives. If marriage is so great that gays must have it, no matter how the people vote, then why are leftist legislators making it financially unrealistic to get married?  And why aren’t gay “marriage” activists screaming to high heaven about it?  Gee, maybe “marriage” isn’t the goal, not the actual agenda?  Consider, too, that these gay “marriage” activists never even contemplated any other option, such as making civil unions–for the government’s and contractual purposes–the rule for all of us.  Nope.  That wasn’t even on the table, it was derided as unfair (though how it’s unfair to have the same exact rule in place for all couples, gay or straight, as it pertains to government and civil law is beyond me.).

No.  They insist on gay “marriage” not because they value the institution of marriage but only to use the courts, use government to undermine religion, to force religions and churches to perform gay “marriages,” to go against their religious–and until now–protected conscience. That’s just wrong.  The goal, ultimately, is to undermine religion completely; after all, the “opiate of the masses” is never permitted in truly leftist regimes.

We’ve seen this gay bullying activity play out over the past few days with the uproar over the A&E, Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson thing.  Apparently, A&E intended Duck Dynasty to be rather like Doomsday Preppers . . . only with more national mirth and holier-than-thou, I can’t believe such back-woods losers actually still exist in this century disbelief and ridicule.  Instead, the Duck Dynasty family appealed to millions and millions of Americans because they are real, they put family and God first, they love America, and they have actual principles and values.  They are, in essence, us.  Or whom we’d like to be, or whom we see our core selves as.

A&E was horrified (as it raked in the cash), and tried numerous times to bust the Duck Dynasty bubble . . . bizarre, really, since it was their own cash cow.  But they told the Robertson’s not to pray, they started “bleeping” randomly to make it seem that the Robertsons were cussing up a storm (and during prayer!), they edited and fudged and did everything they could to make that show about how low rent and laughable these apparently good-hearted people are.  This white trash, for goodness’ sake, we–goes the A&E logic–are better than them; they’re laughable with their provincial and quaint Christian values.  They have guns, for goodness’ sake!   They should be mocked!  And as far as A&E was concerned they WOULD be mocked.  No matter what it took.

Isn’t that just insane?  Imagine if Hitler’s antiSemitic cultural barrage had met with the same sort of resistance?  If his propaganda about Jewish people being dirty, worthless, animalistic, etc. had backfired so intensely, so spectacularly?  Imagine if the German and Western European peoples had seen, instead, that spark of humanity, that love of God, that sameness that they could relate to, embrace, celebrate . . . .  The comparison might seem outrageous; heck, it might even BE outrageous, but propaganda is propaganda, and its goal is always the same: to minimize, to mock, and ultimately, always, to dehumanize fellow human beings.

I’m proud of America for standing up and saying “no more!”  We should remember this and push back every single time the GLAAD bullies or any of their leftist race- and gender- and political affiliation buddies do the same thing.  Crazed feminist Camile Paglia even called them out for their fascist, “Stalinist” attacks on the Robertsons; if she can see the oppressive horror that is GLAAD and its ilk, we certainly should be able to  . . . and stay strong, stand tall in pushing back against it.

Part of that push back has to be buying only Duck Commander merchandise (the Duck Dynasty label is owned by A&E), getting rid of A&E (if you still have cable or satellite), refusing to support their sponsors, letting them know that their propaganda and attempts at social engineering will not work, and letting them know exactly how we feel about our religion and support for the free expression thereof.


13 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty and GLAAD Tidings Of Hate

  1. Good article, and you have hit the nail on the head: all of this is about destroying Christianity. I had an interesting facebook discussion yesterday in which I think I was able to point out that the whole Freedom of Religion bit to America’s early settlers and founders rested on freedom to *preach* and freedom to tell others about our beliefs. That is an aspect of persecution that non-believers have never been taught, and it is critical, for they have no concept of true religion, its tenets or practice. We know that Christ has already won, but it remains to us to fight the good fight. May we open our mouths when He opens the doors, so that the Holy Spirit will give us the right words to say. God bless you and yours. And a Very Merry Christ-mas! 🙂

  2. Your argument is logical, spot-on and revealing, Fuzzy. Take a bow.

    Personal input – have a relative who was “married” to her ‘partner’ in one of the State’s allowing such a thing. Do I love her any less? No. Do I care about her ‘partner.’ Yes. Do I acknowledge they are “married.” No. Simple as that.

    • Thanks! And I’m the same way, Mrs. AL; most conservatives are (at least the ones that I know). It’s not for us to decide what is right or what is marriage; that’s already been decided by God. Leftists seem to think that they’re more powerful than God. They’re wrong.

      • And I would not want to be in their shoes when they ultimately have to answer for their attitude. In that regard, I feel for them.

        Fuzzy, to you and your family and friends, have a Blessed Christmas and safe New Year. Looking forward to more Fuzzy Logic in 2014.

  3. I’ve been watching this crap for more years than I like to admit. It started with the word “Gay” being substituted for homosexual. This all boils down to one thing homosexuals want in this world from us. They want to be excepted as “Normal”. Sorry, Mr. Savage, it ain’t going to happen!

  4. Amen Fuzzy!. You can disagree with someone and not hate them. I have relatives and friends that live a homosexual lifestyle and I treat them with the dignity and respect that I would give anyone else. Yet, as everyone knows I am opposed to their lifestyle.

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