Support “the” Troops?!

Okay, so I may be a bit over-sensitive in this leftist-ruled semantics-are-king world into which we’ve been thrust, but I was standing at the check-out line at some convenience store and noticed a Bic lighter display:

LCRT1USO_series2At first, I thought, aw, this is great!  I should buy one!  But I looked again and noted that the usual “Support Our Troops” has been replaced by “Support The Troops.”


I guess I don’t really need to point out the difference, the enormous connotative difference here, so I won’t.  But a little part of me wilted when I saw the “USO” added at the bottom.  To be fair, when you go to the USO page, they do write of “our” troops, our men and women, American patriots and heroes.

Our troops.

But not in this Bic campaign that (apparently) ended late last year.  Here we support “the” troops.  What troops?  Not ours, I guess, but “the” troops.  Some troops, all troops, whatever troops.  Color me touchy, but I don’t like it.

Language matters.


15 thoughts on “Support “the” Troops?!

  1. But Fuzzy, how can we move forward into the glorious, utopian socialist/fascist/communist tyran…I mean, wonderland if we have to use exact language and stuff. It’s no fun if we can’t bend the meaning of words to mean whatever we want them to mean at whatever point we want them to mean it. Gawd!!

  2. Well, we are supporting the Syrian Rebels too. Maybe they are just covering all the bases’
    BTW, it’s good you’re back to blogging. We were about to send out an APB.

    • So true, DS. Obama is actually supporting freaking al Queda. Ugh!

      And . . . well, not so much back at blogging, but I’m trying when I have some idea or see something. 🙂

  3. Well, maybe the language doesn’t matter to the Madison Avenue types that designed this ad campaign. I think you could be seeing villains around every corner, but then DuhWon will do that to sane people.

  4. I’ll go ahead and color you touchy on this one. I mean, the lighters have pictures of the American flag and American military vehicles right on them. And the definite article does seem to imply that “the” troops are not just “any” troops. Like, if the lighters said “Support Some Troops” or just “Support Troops,” I think you’d have a point. But “Support the Troops” seems pretty unambiguous to me. And when did the USO become part of the leftist agenda? Didn’t they sponsor like 10,000 Toby Keith concerts? I must’ve missed something… never mind… don’t tell me… (btw, hi fuzi, hope you’re well!)

    • Yay! So nice to see you, Michael. I hope the new job is going great and that you’re loving it. You may be right about my being “touchy” on this one, but as I said to Odie, this is quite a departure from what we’ve seen for almost 15 years.

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