ISIS, ISIL . . . Barbarians By Any Other Name

Much seems to be being made of what we call the barbarian hordes who are beheading American and British citizens with the stated goal of instilling terror in the hearts of the British and American people.  Personally, I’m not too bothered.  ISIS.  ISIL.  Gutter scum of hell.  Whatever.  They are Islamic nuts who are hell bent on killing everyone on earth who doesn’t follow their loony toon ideology, an ideology that calls for a global Islamic caliphate, an ideology—let’s not pretend otherwise–that Islam itself calls for, that the so-called “moderate” Muslims believe will occur.

I see the beheadings, and I don’t feel fear.  I am not cowed.  I am not terrorized.  Instead, I feel rage.  I feel outrage.  I feel motivated to stop the animals who commit these barbaric, uncivilized, unconscionable acts.  And most of all, I feel closer than ever to my God, a God who eschews the violent “conversion” of followers; my God neither needs nor wants followers who are coerced at the end of a dull blade into sputtering a false belief.  My God doesn’t need such indignity and would be horrified at such actions by His followers.  For all the anti-Christian crap we’ve heard for years, no Christian has yet held hostage a mall and systematically slaughtered anyone who could not recite the Lord’s Prayer (the equivalent of what these godless Islamic beasts did in India, Kenya, and wherever they spread their homicidal intolerance).

All these grasping lefties who can’t see what is right in front of their face, who refuse to see that we are all under attack, keep talking about Christianity as if we still lived in the 12th Century, as if we were still beating back the Muslim hordes of the Middle Ages Crusades.  Even the idiot man-child Obama has muttered Biblical passages and attempted to make sophomoric arguments about the violence of Christians and Jews.  Gee, look, there is a passage about an eye for eye in the Bible!  Oh my God, that must mean HAAAATE!  Never mind, that under Islamic Sharia law, there is a very very literal “eye for an eye” mandate, that hands and heads are severed, that victims of rape are buried up to their neck and stoned to death.  Never mind what actually happens!  Let’s look at what the Bible says, not what Christ’s followers DO.  Uh huh.

The main problem for these blathering idiots whose blinders are so large, so dark, so narrowing is that Christians haven’t beheaded people in the name of Christ in . . . oh, hundreds of years.  We don’t do that.  Well.  Yet.  Obviously, we’ll be drawn into this war that has been declared on and forced upon us, but when we are, we will not flinch, we will not whine, and we will not take the blame for Muslim aggression as we did in the past.


If you haven’t watched one of the ISIS beheading videos, do it.  I’m not kidding.  Watch them conduct their “righteous” “work for Allah”; look at what we are facing.  See it.  I will never forget watching the beheading of Daniel Pearl.  It made me sick to my stomach, it made my heart ache, but it did not make me afraid.  It didn’t instill terror in my heart.

It pissed me off.


Watch one of those videos and then ask me if I care whether we call the barbarian hordes “al Qaeda” or “ISIS” or “ISIL” . . .   Better yet, ask yourself.


9 thoughts on “ISIS, ISIL . . . Barbarians By Any Other Name

  1. Whether the muslims are coming at us with weapons or just living next door and working to breed us out, I consider them all the enemy. There are not moderate muslims. They are all the enemy.

    • I resisted this view for years, but I have come to understand that . . . (see, it’s still hard to say) . . . Islam is our enemy. Militant Islam isn’t any different than moderate Islam.

  2. I have never felt fear myself, your Fuzziness. Hey, it takes crazy Mooselimbs to get you back. The left is afraid of these cowards. The left wants their love, and I want them in a deep hole that will put them closer to hell.

    • Words of wiseness, Odie. I’m not sure what the lefties are doing with their Islamoblindness. Some understand enough to be afraid (and rightly so), but some seem to really believe the crazed babble (that started on the large scale under President Bush, let’s not forget) that American politicians understand Islam better than practicing Muslims. These pols are so used to dictating to various groups their core values that they are oblivious to how condescending and wrong-headed they are.

  3. Ah Fuzzy, after such a long absence you’ve returned as I’m recovering from a shoulder surgery and can’t type for too long a time. Oh, forget my complaints– it’s just great to see you back.

    Certainly these actions of ISIS are reprehensible. And yes, the beheadings are both barbaric and savage– but so is crucifying civilians living under the yoke of ISIS, or chaining children to poles and exposing them for a day or two without food and water for trivial slights against ISIS beliefs. These actions, done with great frequency by ISIS, have been largely ignored by most Americans (MSM and otherwise) since they weren’t inflicted upon Westerners.

    As much as I am enraged by these beheadings, we need to look at the full breadth of ISIS atrocities to see all of what these people are waging war against.

    And let’s also remember ISIS enabler Obama who has funded (possibly directly) ISIS, and pulled troops out of Iraq for the benefit of his own political image. It turns my stomach seeing travesties like this fueled by this man’s bloated yet so fragile ego.

    • Aw, Yukio, I hope that you are doing okay and that your shoulder is healing well. 🙂

      I am outraged by the crucifixions and other atrocities perpetrated on the people, particularly Christians, not only by ISIS but also by other groups who emulate them. I suppose I should have mentioned that in this post, but I was mostly talking about the western media and its inability to decide what to call these barbarian fiends from hell.

      And oh, yes, Obama is totally to blame for ISIS. Totally. The blood of every single person who has died and will die by their hand is on Obama.

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