Vietor’s Attempt to Mock Trump for Praising Mercedes-Benz in Alabama Backfires

Former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor is back in the news. You may remember his bizarre “dude, that was two years ago!” exchange about Benghazi with Bret Baier.


Having moved up from a press van driver for Obama to National Security Spokesman, one might imagine that Vietor would be sympathetic to the plight of the American worker or at least understand how much auto manufacturing matters to a great many American workers, including those in Alabama.

Maybe he does, but it wouldn’t seem so given his response to Trump’s speech in Alabama yesterday in which Trump praised Mercedes-Benz. Vietor, apparently eager to undermine Trump, tweeted:

The responses on Twitter show that while Vietor may not know how important Mercedes manufacturing is to Alabama and its workers, the Twitterverse does.

DUDE! Mercedes has plant in Alabama.NEXT! @TVietor08: “Who has a Mercedes Benz? Anybody? A lot of people” – Donald Trump man of the people” — SeldenGADawgs (@SeldenGADawgs) August 22, 2015

@TVietor08 Looking down your nose at people who make cars, have success in life and can afford nice things are we?

Twitchy has more.

To that last point by David Adams, Mercedes-Benz is the largest private sector employer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. According to the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce website:

Tuscaloosa remains the company’s only factory in the United States. From a 1.1 million square foot facility built in 1995, it will soon expand to 6.4 million square feet with a capacity of producing 350,000 cars per year. Over 8,000 people go to work on the MBUSI site every day and the local automotive supplier base continues to expand.

Presumably, Vietor is supporting Hillary for president, and if anyone’s a woman of the people, it is she. Granted, she hasn’t driven a car since 1996, and I’m not sure how often Trump drives, but he at least knows where Mercedes-Benz is located and whom it employs: the people.


4 thoughts on “Vietor’s Attempt to Mock Trump for Praising Mercedes-Benz in Alabama Backfires

  1. Can you see who Obama has to hire to make himself feel superior. The last time I looked this up, Obama’s staff and advisers were all from colleges with only 8% having real world private sector experience …. Dudette.

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