Fuzzy Rant: #NeverTrump

I haven’t written for a while, but I am just floored by the support The Donald has been receiving, the bizarre delusions about Marco Rubio, and the general anger, disgust, and horror felt by conservatives like me at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

First, Rubio lost this primary back in 2011 when he distanced himself from the TEA Party; he sealed the deal when he became Chuck Schumer’s pet republican on the Gang of Ocho debacle.  He didn’t understand what he had done or what it meant, but we all did.  I live in Florida, and I am certain that Rubio would never have won reelection to his Senate seat . . . let alone the presidential primary here.  He cooked his own goose by being too malleable and too dishonest (a thing I warned about long before he joined Schumer’s amnesty train).

Rubio aside and off to the what not to do if you want to be president dungeons, I’m definitely, 100% #NeverTrump. I was in 2011-12, and I am now. He’s a person who, because of his progressive beliefs in the all-consuming power not only government but of the executive branch, will quickly either get himself impeached (with ROARS of approval from everyone from the most crazed Bernie supporter to the most adamant supporter of the United States Constitution) or who will bring this republic to its knees.

I believe that.  With all that I am.

Trump is a self-serving, self-aggrandizing, self-promoting horror show.  He’s also vulgar and repellent to me on an instinctual level.

When he had his “feud” with Rosie O’Donnell, another big-mouthed bully from New York, I thought I would be popping popcorn, but no, instead, I found them both so repellent and so deeply disgusting that I tuned it out after The Donald observed that O’Donnell had too much poop on her butt when she went to the bathroom.  He was vile.  She was vile.  Both were so completely devoid of character or grace or common decency that I tuned them both out.

Fast forward to the last GOP debate: my sister has gathered her family, among them my ten-year-old niece and six-year-old nephew, to watch as a form of civic engagement.  As soon as The Donald starts bragging about his penis size, my horrified and embarrassed sister rushed the children to bed amid questions about “what’s ‘down there,’ Mommy?”.  Sorry, but my idea of president is not someone you have to treat as R-rated and whose speeches cannot be watched by your children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews because you never know what obscenities this clown will unleash.

A potential American president who needs a seven-second delay?  Seriously?

I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t “get” the Trump mania, and I really don’t.  I get the anger and frustration that voters feel; I feel that myself.  But how does putting a big government proponent who favors the health insurance mandate and loves the idea of private individuals and businesses using eminent domain, a person whose first impulse is to sue and to expand the rights of people to sue journalists, help America?  How is that “making America great again”?

Let’s trample all over the 1st Amendment, says Trump, amid cheers from his adoring fans!

Hey, that whole 4th Amendment?  I don’t know anything about it, but hey, if the government needs access at the expense of your Constitutional right to privacy, that’s that!

Um, the 2nd Amendment?  Well, I love guns, and gun owners love me. But you know, if we confiscated the weapons of legal gun owners, well, hey!  We’d know that only the bad guys and police had guns.  Um.  Or something.

Oh, and the Tenth Amendment?  Naw, that’s just silly. I’m The Donald.  I’ll just mandate stuff that supersedes states’ rights.  Who cares?  I know best!   Look how successful Trump Water, Trump University, Trump Airlines, and a hundred other failed Trump enterprises were!

I create jobs!  You know who I really love to hire?  Illegals!  They work cheap, sleep at the job, and don’t pester you for benefits.  Americans don’t want to be waiters!  So I bring in illegals to do it.  Yay!  I am a great, the greatest really, businessman ever.  Ever.

Remember when Obama called the United States’ military “his” military and declared that they fight for him?  Well, that’s nothing!  According to The Donald, the military will do anything he orders, including following his unlawful orders should be become commander in chief.  Oh, sure, he walked that back, but do you really believe he doesn’t imagine himself CEO of America . . . . and of her military?  You’re excused for not seeing the CEO elements, you unwashed employee masses, because Trump actually refers to his potential presidency as his “reign.”  Woohoo!  He won’t be our “boss”; he’ll be our king.  We love that autocratic totalitarian stuff in America, right?

And he keeps winning.  Trump chumps don’t care about his past, his vulgarity, his vile bragging about buying and selling government officials (which he’s done for decades), or about his pride in being part of the “establishment.”  They don’t care that he sees the United States military exactly as Obama does, as his own personal army.

Trump chumps want to blow up the Republican party  And they may well do that.  In the process, though, they will blow up our republic.

I will never vote Trump.  I will write in my preferred candidate before I validate that walking horror show.


16 thoughts on “Fuzzy Rant: #NeverTrump

  1. I admit, I sort of found him moderately amusing, but mostly because I thought his running for president was a joke. Haha, jokes on me.

    I have long ago stopped trying to figure out what is wrong with people in this country. At 8 something last night Mark told me Kasich won the primary here in Ohio and I was dumbfounded. But then, he won reelection as governor in 2014, which completely floored me, too. People are just dumbasses and they apparently like being dumbasses. Unfortunately, we’re going to get dragged along into this horror show.

    • Heh, I can understand that. When he very very first started his never-quite-realized 2012 run for president, I felt the same way. For a while, anyway. He’s just a vile human being on so many key levels that I wouldn’t be his friend in real life, let alone vote for him as president.

      I’m so not a Kasich fan, but if he were the Republican nominee, I might be able to hold my nose and vote for him (as I did for McCain and Romney). I’d have to think about it, as it’s not really crossed my mind until now; he’s been in the back of the pack all along, and I didn’t think he could get the nomination. I still don’t, actually. He’s a better fit for the Democrat party, but Trump is a best fit for a Progressive Totalitarian Party (if there were one and its adherents were all in that one party and not distributed amongst the GOP and Democrat parties we now have). Actually, Kasich strikes me as a bit of a progressive himself now that I think about it, but I don’t see him as a power-hungry narcissist who would put himself above the law or the country. Trump is and will.

      Yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on America as I know and love her. She’s been gone for so long now that I just don’t see how we’ll ever get her back. One thing I do know, for sure, is that the answer is not a hot-headed, thin-skinned, pouty, whiny baby with the thought-processes and vocabulary of a second grader. A very ill-behaved, poorly-raised second grader.

      • Oh, I think kasich is plenty power-hungry. And he thinks he’s frigging Jesus.

        Whatever happens, whoever becomes president, we are probably screwed. We just need to hunker down and pray we can survive what’s coming.

        • Oh yeah, four to eight years of Kasich preaching his version of the Gospel to support his socialist ideas would be unbearable.

          And yeah, we’re screwed whatever happens at this point (unless by some miracle Cruz were nominated and elected, but that seems highly improbable).

          • Even if Cruz were elected, how much would he really be able to do? We’ve been on the road to ruin for some time now and we’ve done nothing to fix things. We’re already over the cliff, we just haven’t felt the splat yet.

            • He’d be able to work with the GOP, should they retain both houses, to pass legislation he backs (repealing ObamaCare is on the top of his list); he actually has an impressive record of working with people both within the party and across the aisle from his time at the DOJ.

              Most importantly, he will nominate one (maybe as many as three!) Supremes.

              Furthermore, the executive branch is horrifyingly involved in all sorts of crippling regulations, ridiculous and inane powers they enforce that destroy jobs and impoverish the middle classes.

              Cruz has said that he will immediately scrap all of Obama’s unlawful executive orders, and he will stop the EPA, the IRS, the NLRB, etc. in their tracks. No more reams of regulations, no more stopping fracking or drilling, no more attacks on conservatives (from Gibson guitar to the average American who disagrees with Obama). That’s all executive branch stuff over which he will have purview from day one.

              Cruz will also undo the damage that Obama has done to our military and get rid of all the PC military brass who are pushing dangerous policy and undermining our military effectiveness, members of national security who intentionally hide and change intelligence to support false narratives about everything from Benghazi to ISIS, and rolling back policies that leave our Navy SEALs stuck sharing combat rifles and buying their own gear.

              I could go on and on, but a president’s legislative power is relatively weak unless he can and will work with whatever Congress he has; his executive power is horrifyingly immense . . . it’s been amassed and increased by almost every president–and without restraint–for over a century. From the huge to the seemingly trivial, the executive branch has a lot of power and control over our daily lives, our economy, and our national security. Power I will not help put into Trump’s hands.

  2. Welcome back.

    I’m seeing the ‘Trump Phenomenon’ as akin to the ‘Obama Phenomenon’ in 2008: sycophantic, blind followers who WILL not (not ‘cannot’ but WILL not) acknowledge the lack of qualifications for the Presidency.

    • Thanks, Nate! It’s nice to be back. 🙂

      Yeah, the Trump fans and Obots are of the same ilk (not that they see it, of course). As each of the reasons they wanted Trump in the first place falls by the wayside (the wall? well, Trump says, “everything is negotiable”; deportation? well, Trump says, we’ll just do “touch back” amnesty–this one is a bit surprising since he thought, in 2012, that Romney’s idea of curtailing illegals’ benefits and using e-verify to deprive Illegals of a reason for coming or of staying was “too harsh” and “mean”; American jobs? well, Trump says, Americans don’t want to do the jobs illegals do, including he actually said being waiters and waitresses! the list goes on and on and on, and as each “reason” for supporting Trump is shot down by Trump himself), the Trump chumps just cling to something else.

      That something else is their plastering on Trump’s “make America great again” their own beliefs and values, what they think makes America great. In this way, too, he is very like Obama. Blank slates are easy to cover up with all our own hopes for change, after all. Obama knew this, and so does Trump.

      Added to the fact that he’s so fickle and has no core, no principles, no values that don’t change from year to year (and sometimes from day to day) is the fact that he’s uncouth, rude, loud, ostentatious, and a big sweaty, orange bull in a china shop, and I just can’t see him as president. I just can’t. Talk about the “ugly” brash American. What an embarrassment he’d be on the world stage. Stomping around, waving his arms manically, thrusting out his big fat pouty lip, and pulling faces like an unruly child while shouting orders at world leaders (in his very limited vocabulary) . . . ugh! The idea makes me sick.

  3. I’ve not been a Trump supporter either, but if he gets the nomination I WILL VOTE FOR HIM. To do anything else is a vote for Hillary.

    • I totally get this, Odie! I was the exact same way in 2008 and in 2012. To me, McCain or Romney weren’t ideal, but they were going to be better than Obama. This year . . . I’m not so sure that either potential option is “better” than the other. Hillary and Trump are so very much alike in so many key ways that it’s hard to support Trump. For me, it’s not hard, it’s impossible.

      If Trump wins the presidency, he will make Obama look like a Constitutional conservative. He’s already said as much . . . if only people would listen and believe his record. That is one scary guy, and putting him in the WH would be an unmitigated disaster in which I will take no part.

      That said, I do totally understand your worries about Hillary; I cannot stand her, either. But not voting Trump is not the same as voting for Hillary; Trump is being trounced in all head-to-head polls against Hillary, and that’s only going to get worse should they both secure the nomination and the news cycle turns to 24-7 revelations about Trump’s background, dealings (the media won’t go into his close close ties with George Soros, of course, because of Hillary’s equally close ties to him, but there’s plenty there for them to hammer),and his utter and complete ignorance about anything that matters when electing a president: diplomacy, the military, foreign affairs (an American president who promises to be “neutral” on Israel!!!), and the United States Constitution. To him, that document is a quaint historical artifact that doesn’t meet the requirements of the country and the world today. He’s said as much.


      Anyway, I keep getting side-tracked, but I definitely don’t begrudge or fail to understand where you are coming from, Odie. 🙂

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