Why White Women Like Me Voted for Trump

Over at some blog, a clearly indignant leftist puppet has penned an open letter to her “white friends” in which she proceeds to get everything wrong as she attempts to shame and attack white women who voted for Trump.

As you know, Trump was not my first choice . . . he wasn’t my any choice.  I didn’t want him at all, but as election day neared, I knew that I had no choice but to vote for Trump.  I live in Florida, and Trump needed to win our state, and the polls looked gloomy for him here.  There was no way in hell I was going to have any tiny bit of Hillary being elected president.  She is a horrible human being from her inner soullessness on out.

So I voted for Trump, and since then, I’ve done nothing but feel more confident about his presidency.  He’s making good picks for most cabinet positions (I’m not thrilled with his Secretary of State pick, but he can be gone in a flash if he doesn’t work out).

So, I read that open letter to white women who voted for Trump. As I am one, and I want to respond.

Shabazz writes:

So, you voted for Trump. You don’t have to admit it, I know you did. Granted, I think the fact that some of you won’t admit it is telling. Some of you have said that you have stayed silent because you didn’t want to get dragged for voting for him. If you’re standing by your choice, why won’t you defend it? And to those of you who have been open with your admiration…what exactly do you admire about him?

The choice here, of course, is false.  First, who on earth is not admitting it (except maybe people in ultra-blue areas who understand that the “tolerance” of their leftist lunatic neighbors might land them in the morgue)?  And second, why do I have to defend my vote to anyone?  Anyone. At. All.. Anywhere.

She then blathers through a few old standards before landing on her real point: anyone who voted for Trump is, in her eyes, a fascist, racist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, blah blah blah.

“But I’m not…” You’re not what? Racist? Misogynistic? Anti-semitic? Homophobic? Ableist? Well, you may not think so but you supported someone who has used language suggesting that he is all of the above. And by supporting him, you’ve said that it is okay to be all of the above. The president-elect has elevated hate into a prominent position in the current American landscape. So, you may not feel that way because you know or love someone who falls into one of those categories, but what you’re indirectly saying is that you don’t really care about them.

This sort of thinking is exactly what created the conditions for Trump to win . . . and to win educated white female voters like myself.  We’re the ones who see our and our families’ jobs shipped overseas, we’re the ones whom Obama’s policies trampled and ignored, we’re the ones Hillary Clinton promised to bankrupt and leave jobless in her America-wrecking wake.

Standing up for our own culture, our own country, our own principles and values does not make us any “ist” or “phobe.”  It makes us smart, savvy, independent thinkers who can see what is happening around us and how our country is being decimated while progressives obsess about gender pronouns and letting men in girls’ showers.  That they feel they have the luxury to focus on such things is emblematic of their complete lack of connection to real Americans.  Jobs, family, church, community, America . . . these things take a back seat to social, environmental, and cultural “justice.”

They leave more than half of America behind, and they hope to get away with it by hammering us as bigots and rubes and xenophobes who hate progress.  It’s insulting, it’s wrong, and we’ve had enough.

I’m not privileged because I’m white, and I’m not a racist because I’m white.  I’m not your whipping boy, your scapegoat, your excuse for horrific policy and mind-boggling intolerance and hate.  I’m not your robot with a vagina who will walk in lockstep with your crazy ideas or with your candidate who also happened to have a vagina.  Having a vagina is not an accomplishment.  Being black, Hispanic, Muslim, gay, transgender, or whatever other sacred cow you worship is not an accomplishment.  I reject your worldview resoundingly and completely, and that is why I voted for Trump.

Shabazz  concludes her open letter with:

So, you still voted for Trump. Don’t come trying to get me to see your side of this or convince me to play nice and accept what you had a hand in doing. This isn’t something that I can forgive and forget.

I may still be your friend, but our relationship will never be the same.

I won’t waste my time trying to make you see my side, Shabazz.  You are an intolerant, close-minded leftist parody of a useful idiot and are incapable of understanding anything, including your own worldview, which you vomit out as if you knew what the words meant.

If the election were held today, I would be ten times more confident in my vote for Trump than I was on election day.  And frankly, I don’t care if you forgive, forget, or never want to be my friend.  You mean nothing to me.  What does matter to me is God, America and my family (okay, maybe not in that order).  Trump was absolutely the better choice for this country on November 8th,and he is even more so today.

6 thoughts on “Why White Women Like Me Voted for Trump

  1. Cuzz he’s the RITE side …?
    Leading up to the RITE,
    rather than the left,
    where you dont wanna be
    at our Divine Judgement …?
    What’s NOT to like about MrT??
    The filthy left who advocate abortion,
    even when the Warning comes from God,
    shall still be on the sinister left
    even when they know they shall suffer
    in the Abyss o’Misery for eternity.
    UN #@!!☆ believable…
    just like the filthy UN.
    The LEFT totally deserves everything
    they receive in the Abyss o’Misery
    for diss Jesus in this existence finite.
    C’est la guerre, oui?
    C’est la vie.
    Google+: kold_kadavr _flatliner

  2. Okay, I’ll play Breitbart and proudly yell to the Leftist mob “I love Trump! He’s the fighter we’ve needed for decades.”

    Where I live (Heartland), we don’t hesitate to pat ourselves on the back for not dragging ourselves to the polls in dismay only to NOW say “Oh, look what a good choice I made!” I’m glad for all those who now approve of him. Now how ’bout an appreciation of the Deplorables who were behind him all the time?

    P.S. All that name-calling. “Ableist,” for instance..you talking about the reporter? For all our sake’s, educate yourself. Never happened. Just like the rest of your slurs.

  3. Well, in point of fact, ms Shabazz, Trump won because in addition to the people who voted FOR him, a huge (‘Uge’) portion of the electorate voted AGAINST Hillary, because the election campaign wound down to a question of who would be more dangerous to the nation, the Constitution, our liberty, our livelihoods and our lives.
    Trump wasn’t my last choice, he was my second to last choice, or third, if you count Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders who are tied for that undesirable position.

  4. Personal/Character/Career assassination.
    THAT is why many people do not speak of voting Trump.
    THAT is why the MSM IS INDEED the enemy of the American people.

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