Election Eve

Well, here it is . . . the night before the big day.  The biggest, most important election of my lifetime.  I find myself wavering between being hopeful and optimistic (those D+11 polls are laugh out loud hilarious; no way are dems showing up in those numbers) and anxious and worried.  I’ve read the predictions, read the polls, read the pundits, and . . . I honestly can’t understand how this election is so close.  It seems impossible to me that Americans can still be taken in by the naked emperor wannabe.  But it seems they are . . . at least enough so for people to be saying that this election is close.

I’m not so sure, and looking at the crowds that are gathering for the humble, competent, balanced Romney and the hottie fiscal genius Ryan, I can’t help but be reminded of obnoxious, petty, petulant, and unhinged 0’s ’08 crowds.  Granted people aren’t swooning and fainting and acting like total idiots, but that’s a good thing in my book.  Leftists–those who aren’t insanely predicting a 0 blow-out–are calling this election “too close to call” and a “tie,” so that’s also a good sign.  They aren’t saying it’s a 0 win, and they would be if they thought it was really too close to call.  I’ve seen exactly one Obama-Biden sign and scores of Romney-Ryan ones, so that’s also heartening.  Florida, at least where I am, seems to be going the right way.

After I vote for Romney/Ryan tomorrow, I’m heading to Chik-Fil-A again–a lot of people on Twitter are talking about this, and I think it’s a great idea.  And then, yummy chicken goodness in hand, I’ll be settling in for the results to roll in.  I would not be in the least surprised by a Romney landslide, but . . .  I’m not counting on it, either. Praying for it, wishing for it, hoping against hope for it, yes, yes, yes.

I hate this.  Hate it.  I hate not knowing what is going to happen to our great country–will we do the right thing and avert true disaster?  Or will we not?  Are we too far gone?


So what are you thinking?  Who do you think will win?  By how much?  And why do you think that?

Paul Ryan: Smart, Savvy, and Sexy

Okay, so the alliteration makes me sound like a fangirl (yeah, yeah, I kind of am), but how wonderful that Mitt Romney chose the marvelous Paul Ryan to be his running mate.  I’m ecstatic.

Good choice, Mitt.  Seriously good choice.

Everyone’s running their favorite Ryan clips, but here are a couple of my faves that I’ve not seen elsewhere:

House Budget Trailer: America Deserves A Better Path

Paul Ryan’s CPAC 2012 Keynote Address

*sigh*  I would have loved (loved) to have seen Paul Ryan on the top of the ticket this year, but this is good, too.  Oh, so good. Don’t forget Ryan on the urgency of the entitlement crisis or on the “contraception ruling” that tramples, if not explicitly revokes, our First Amendment rights to freedom of religion and religious expression.  And note his organized, fact-based response to one of 0’s many lie-laden speeches.

You Eeyores among us, take a break.  A decade-old dog bone dug up and left to fester under the hot Florida sun in a garbage dump  would be a better VP than Biden.  Ryan is everything we’d hope for in a vice president, not the least of which is being actually presidential in both manner and temperament.  As Professor Jacobson notes, this election goes far deeper and is far more meaningful to America than either Romney or (*sigh* #DreamyVP ) Ryan, so Eeyores:  Get on board or get out of the way.

Mitt Romney: You Can Win This Election

Fact 1: 0 is two seconds away from a full-on, total and complete meltdown.  He’s someone who craves, thrives on, gets fuel from adoring masses.  Those adoring masses have shrunk.  A lot.  They’re worried they can’t even fill the stadium for his acceptance speech, for goodness’ sake.  He gets second billing to clown shows or something.  This isn’t new; I remember when he dashed into Massachusetts to “save” Croakley from Scott Brown (didn’t happen, of course), and they couldn’t even fill a crap-sized auditorium at Northeastern University.  They were having trouble giving out free tee-shirts.  Sad.

And nothing has improved since then.  0 has turned into exactly what the “youth vote” hate: a cynical politician dedicated to cronyism and the DC status quo . . . oh, blahdy blah, we know 0 is, easily, the worst president in my lifetime, and arguably, the worst we’ve ever had.

He knows it, too.  He probably knows that four years into his leadership, Hitler still had the German people in his thrall.  So 0’s dying to get out there with his real message, the one he truly, to his heart of hearts, soul of souls believes is the right message:  that at some point you’ve made enough money, that it really is better for everyone if the wealth is spread around, that quite frankly, you didn’t build that.  He believes all this to the core of his commie being.  And he’s dying to tell us; he’s an ideologue, after all.  Give him his wish, his Howard Dean “scream.”  He’s on the edge.  A little push will shove him right into full-blown commie mode.  Give him his chance to make the case that he really wants to make:  that America is evil, that capitalism is the bane of the world, that . . . oh, what the hell ever.  Let him tell America what he believes, let him tell America who he is.  Just push that button, he’ll melt down.  It’ll be funny.

And you’ll win.

Fact 2: 0’s record sucks. It’s okay to go ahead and chase after every lunatic side- and freak-show that they throw out.  For now.  But I hope you have a plan to pull it all together come late September / early October.  Let them bite at your ankles about stupid crap (dogs, taxes, whatever); it’s funny.  But be preparing something positive, solutions, a way to bring American together again.  Americans want a unified America, at heart.  We want to be one nation under God.  0 knew this in ’08, but he lost it.  You need to find it.  Fast.

Fact 3: McCain lost 2008, 0 didn’t win it.  Got that?  He didn’t win by a landslide, not even close.  Reagan beat Carter far more resoundingly.  Do you know that more PUMAs voted for McCain than actual republicans, than conservatives?  Yes, the onus is on us, as voters, but for God’s sake, for America’s sake, don’t make those same mistakes.  America wants and needs a leader, a conservative American-values leader to stand in sharp contrast to the Food Stamp, kill list president.  Say so.  Don’t surround yourself with RINO nightmares like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John McCain.  Grow a pair.  Fast.

Fact 4: No one really likes or wants you.  Know that.  Use it.  Most of us think you’re a progressive lunatic with answers to every problem rooted in more government study, regulation, and control.  Change.  You’re good at that. It’s time to embrace true Constitutional conservatism and to do so with gusto, as you did in the days after the 0 revelation that he thinks “you didn’t build that.”  Go there.  Go there hard.  And fast.

Fact 5: because no one likes you, you do need a VP who is either another wilting lily like you or an actual conservative.  Don’t go near the RINOs.  Pick someone you can sell as American in spirit–i.e. don’t go with a dhimmi like Christie or a “compassionate conservative” like Jeb Bush.  We don’t like or trust these types . . . anymore than we like or trust you.  And we’ll be watching you, don’t forget that.  We’ll be putting pressure on you to walk the talk you’re talking now.  We’re not going to blindly support craziness from you.  Know that and pick a VP who won’t piss us off.  Fast.

Fact 6: GOTV matters.  And you won’t get it out in the needed numbers if you don’t organize better.  Sure, we’re doing our thing in the TEA Party and locally, but don’t count on it (see Facts 4 and 5 above).  Work that GOTV thing as if you know that ACORN is still out there, just in smaller groups but doing the same damage.  Dead people will vote, illegals will vote, Mickey Mouse will vote (twice), so you need to make sure you rally the rally-able.  Not every Paulbot will vote for you, not every libertarian, but you can still make the case that you are better than 0.  Do it. Fast.

Fact 7:  You can win this election, but it’s important that you don’t overestimate the anti-Obama sentiment in this nation, that you spell out how you will improve the economy, that you have a real plan to protect and defend Israel and our other allies, that you know that what is going on in the world is . . . actually going on.  You have to stand against Fast and Furious, against the Julia dependency model, and FOR America.  That last is most important.  Do that, and you win.

Fuzzy Rant: Dear TEA Party Trump Chumps, Dump Trump! (updated)

Donald Trump for president?  I don’t think anything has so irked me since that image of Herr Pelosi–massive phallic gavel in both hands– strutting to the Capitol throwing her head back in a manic, evil, tyrannical laugh.   This image:

In case you’ve forgotten (and sadly it seems that far too many patriots HAVE forgotten), this was Pelosi’s victory walk.  This was her leading her traitorous horde to the chamber to vote to shove that healthcare monstrosity down our throats.  This is when she was seconds from sealing the deal, forcing a totally-partisan overhaul of 6% of our nation’s economy, handing it over to federal government control.  This was her, strutting with transparent arrogance, greatly pleased with herself for willfully ignoring the will of the people.  Patriots had assembled how many times in DC?  Been vocal in how many town halls?  Made their wishes known, loudly and clearly.  This is Pelosi’s shining moment:  kicking us in the teeth and forcing passage of a bill that she hadn’t read.  THIS is Nancy Pelosi.

And Donald Trump thinks she did an great job.  That she’s fantastic. 

Look, I get it.  I was warming to Trump.  Big.  I even told Adrienne that he was the top of my list of potentials.  But then I started watching him more closely, listening more closely, and doing a fair bit of googling (it’s amazing what pops up when you search “Soros Trump”).  The thing that first garnered my attention and suspicion was the donations to democrat candidates, including (horrifyingly) Harry Reid.  Against Sharron Angle, who was up in the polls.  Not in some distant past, but last November.  OUR November.  “Remember November” November.


We mock BO’s insane narcissism, but we embrace Trump?  Someone who is at least as, if not more, narcissistic?  We are concerned by BO’s complete disregard for the balance of power laid out in the Constitution, but we think that Trump would have any more regard for it?  He’s a progressive, he supports big government universal health care and a host of other unAmerican ideas.  He wanted Bush impeached over Iraq, believed that Bush had lied (even though he hadn’t, as we know now from the wikileaks documents).  Do you really think someone with Trump’s strong sense of his own judgment, of himself, would ever listen to the will of the people?  Do you really think that Trump would ever give a rip what we say if we disagree with him or his policies?  If you believe that, you haven’t been paying attention (or haven’t ever seen an episode of The Apprentice).  We disdain BO for being a Soros stooge, placed in that position to advance Soros’ and the leftist agenda (until Soros tired of him and decided to replace him with . . . someone.).  But we ignore Trump’s long-standing and unsavory ties to Soros?

The left has one playbook.  One.  And we are being played.  Oh yes, Trump is a leftist–he’s calling himself a “compassionate conservative” nowadays, and we all know that means nanny state entitlements and big government.  Remember how we’d raise questions about BO to his supporters?  Remember how we’d warn about the “spreading the wealth” red flag?  About his ties to Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright?  And remember how we were told to shut up, that BO’s not a socialist, that it doesn’t matter who his friends or associates or acquaintances were?  Remember how we kept saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”?  And how we were told that was narrow-minded, paranoid, and stoooopid?

I certainly remember.  Very clearly.

And I’m seeing the exact same thing happen now.  Only now we are the dupes, the koolaid-slurping loons who won’t hear a word against our new messiah.  We poo-poo the associations with Soros, the donations to numerous progressives (high-ranking, out-of-the-closet commies) . . . well, he’s just a business man, he’s being shrewd.  So what if Soros and Soros-related organizations (including one that supports “Palestine”) invested in Trump Towers?  Where else would Trump get the money to build his empire?  He’s shrewd, after all.  It doesn’t matter if he and Soros were both named in the same suit for racketeering and fraud and money laundering.  Nothing came of it, after all.  Smoke doesn’t mean there‘s a fire, you’re being stooooopid.  And paranoid.  And narrow-minded.

It’s deja flipping vu all over again, only we’re the sheeple now.  Blindly following our new pied piper whose only tune is destroying BO, causing a constitutional crisis, and unseating the emperor with no clothes.  And seating in his stead another, equally-naked emperor who has the exact same agenda, the exact same ideology.

We can’t be that stupid.



[Update:  I thought I’d share this tidbit with you, too.  Apparently, Trump needed a new parking lot for some hotel or casino in Atlantic City, and in order to get it, he decided to “convince” a state agency to use eminent domain to take a woman’s home (source for all quotes in link).  She’d lived in that home “for more than three decades,” but hey, Trump needed somewhere for his customers to park their limos, so the state stepped in on Trump’s behalf.  She sued.  She won.  

But Trump’s a heartless creep who would always put his own interests before those of the people of this nation.  We know this because we know his record.  Anyone who could raze a woman’s home for a limo parking lot is not fit to be president of this nation.  Eminent domain was never intended for private use, nor to be loosely defined as “community good” or whatever they’re using to justify taking people’s homes against their will to put up shopping malls and parking lots.  This sort of thing is exactly what is wrong with big, over-reaching government.]

[Update II: Please take the time to read Digital Publius’ excellent post on Trump Psychosis and read through the comments, as well.  Point. Set. Match. ]



Musing About 2012: Donald Trump

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?! What is going on with Donald Trump?  I can’t figure him out, but here are some impressions that I have right now about his potential candidacy for president in 2012:

The Cons:

7.  He’s got bad hair.  Now, I know that shouldn’t be a problem, but it rather is (let’s face it, a lot of the Romney zombies like him, in no small part (pun intended), because he has good hair).

6.   He’s got that brash, “ugly American” thing going on.  I’ve never liked it, the ostentatiousness, the gold towers, the planes and bottles of water plastered with his name and/or image.  Yes, I understood that it was about business and brand, but it just seemed so . . . crass.  Is so crass.  In any prior year, this would have been a deal breaker for me, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I could give a rat’s patootey what the frak the world thinks of us.  We tried the guy the world was in love with for his “humility” (HA!) and his “thoughtfulness” (deer in the headlights ineptitude is more like it), and it failed miserably.

5.  He’s rich.  (next bit from a comment I posted at Big Government sums it up): 

I just conducted an unscientific survey of one–the lady who’s cashier at the local liquor store. I asked her if she’d ever vote for Trump, and she sort of snorted, shook her head, and said, “He’s a millionaire, what does he know about working people?” To which I responded, “Well, Obama’s a millionaire, too.” Two beats. Creeping look of incredulity, then confusion, then a shrug, a head duck to the shoulder, and a a “well . . . “. It trailed off and was clearly a “well, that’s different.”

However, he’s got more bitter clinger cred than BO does with normal Americans  (which, if you think about it, isn’t saying a whole lot) because he’s plain-talking and direct, not condescending and sneering.  And he’s not petulant, but he is . . . well, grating.  But he says what he means and means what he says.  There is a great hunger for that right now in this country.  (Well, okay, so that’s the “pro” side of this “con”)

4.  No political experience.  This is a big one for me (and one of the reasons I’m luke-warm about potential candidates like Herman Cain). Trump’s no dummy, and once he’s in the WH, he’d learn way more than we can ever know, AND he’d be able to process it and act on it (unlike the blight and disgrace currently occupying the WH).

3.  He’s got that “cowboy” thing going on that indies are wary of after President Bush went on a progressive big-government, big-spending, amnesty, let’s go to war spree.  I can very much hear Donald Trump say something like:  we want him “dead or alive.”  (I personally don’t have a problem with the cowboy thing, but that’s a biggie for indies and thus is a con for Trump).

2.  He donated to Twinkle Toes, to Chuck I’m a freak of nature Schumer and to Anthony I’m a bigger nutjob than Chuck I’m a freak of nature Schumer Weiner.  This is horrendous, of course, and when you add in Harry I’m a whiny asshat Reid and other dems last November (yes, November 2010!), it’s damning.  Very, very damning.  Very.

1. He donated to Nancy Pelosi’s 2010 campaign (this deserves its own “con” listing–it’s that infuriating) and has said (*shudder*) that he likes her and (*other shudder*) that he thinks she’s “the best.”  This, compounded with his aforementioned donations, is ten kinds of not good, probably a deal-breaker (for me, anyway).

The Pros:

9. He’s got mostly-positive name recognition and is well-liked in a broad cultural sense.  Usually not something I’d care about or count as a “plus” in a presidential race, but this is neither the usual election nor usual times.  As we all know, the general public doesn’t have a clue what is going on in this country, but they know Donald Trump, and they like and admire him (even if that admiration is grudging).  Sure, a bunch of people hate him (a lot of people hate BO, too, but he’s still running), but anyone who watches The Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice likes and respects Trump.  That matters.  Consider:  California elected Ahnold.  Twice.  Independents, heck even lefties, will vote for a celebrity republican.  That’s just fact. 

8. Let’s face it, the “birther” thing is freaking hysterical.  I still get giddy simply remembering the sprogs shrieking about the “invalid” birth certificate he first released and demanding a long-form. Irony lost on them maybe, but not on a lot of people who’d not been paying attention to that point and are now wondering why it’s okay to demand a “real” birth certificate from Trump but not from the sitting president of the United States.  Masterful move.

AND he’s even got investigators on it, and most importantly, if he does find anything, he will definitely release it.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, who knows something (I’m convinced of this), but for whatever reason chose not to release it (oooh, maybe her camp will leak it to the Donald?). 

BUT is he doing this to deflect TEA Party attention from his donations to socialist progressives in the big big big 2010 midterms? 

7.  Trump will make mincemeat, mincemeat, of the Dolt in Chief in any and every debate.  Trump will destroy him, and in such a way that some of the most die-hard, lunatic lefties will cheer.

6. Trump is a respected businessman who knows both the stock market and the real estate market like the back of his hand (this would come in handy given that our economic crisis is due, in no small part, to both).  He’s savvy and smart as a whip when it comes to Wall Street and the real estate markets.  We’re in an economic mess, and he can fix it or at least put us on the path to success.

5.  Trump has more international experience than BO does–not “did” when he ran in 2008, but does,  today.  Trump understands the global market and globalization through and through (he’s also a proud free-market capitalist). 

4.  Trump understands what is happening with Islamofascism.  He not only vehemently rejected the notion of the Ground Zero victory mosque but put his money where his mouth is and proposed an offer for a share of the land, an offer that was “25% more” than was paid for it.  This was rejected by the shareholder, who’d asked for $18 to $20 million  . . . so maybe it wasn’t a serious offer.  (Well, okay, so that’s the “con” side of this “pro”)

3.  The Donald is fearless.  Fearless.  He will not be cowed by anyone, no one.  He will be bullied or blackmailed by no member of Congress, no foreign leader, no lobby, no union, no nothing.  No one.  No way, no how.  He would spot a thug tactic and respond appropriately and swiftly; he would smell a bribe ten miles away, and smack down the fool who dared try it.

2.  Mr. Trump cannot be and will not be bought.  He will not take bribes nor will he be bullied by powerful interests, foreign or domestic.

1.  Donald Trump loves America.  Loves it. 

There are plenty of people who think he can win. Me?  I’m not so sure that’s the most pertinent question (“can he win?”).  I’m interested in hearing why he made those contributions to those sprogs last year.  Maybe we should be asking “should he win?.”

What say you?