ISIS, ISIL . . . Barbarians By Any Other Name

Much seems to be being made of what we call the barbarian hordes who are beheading American and British citizens with the stated goal of instilling terror in the hearts of the British and American people.  Personally, I’m not too bothered.  ISIS.  ISIL.  Gutter scum of hell.  Whatever.  They are Islamic nuts who are hell bent on killing everyone on earth who doesn’t follow their loony toon ideology, an ideology that calls for a global Islamic caliphate, an ideology—let’s not pretend otherwise–that Islam itself calls for, that the so-called “moderate” Muslims believe will occur.

I see the beheadings, and I don’t feel fear.  I am not cowed.  I am not terrorized.  Instead, I feel rage.  I feel outrage.  I feel motivated to stop the animals who commit these barbaric, uncivilized, unconscionable acts.  And most of all, I feel closer than ever to my God, a God who eschews the violent “conversion” of followers; my God neither needs nor wants followers who are coerced at the end of a dull blade into sputtering a false belief.  My God doesn’t need such indignity and would be horrified at such actions by His followers.  For all the anti-Christian crap we’ve heard for years, no Christian has yet held hostage a mall and systematically slaughtered anyone who could not recite the Lord’s Prayer (the equivalent of what these godless Islamic beasts did in India, Kenya, and wherever they spread their homicidal intolerance).

All these grasping lefties who can’t see what is right in front of their face, who refuse to see that we are all under attack, keep talking about Christianity as if we still lived in the 12th Century, as if we were still beating back the Muslim hordes of the Middle Ages Crusades.  Even the idiot man-child Obama has muttered Biblical passages and attempted to make sophomoric arguments about the violence of Christians and Jews.  Gee, look, there is a passage about an eye for eye in the Bible!  Oh my God, that must mean HAAAATE!  Never mind, that under Islamic Sharia law, there is a very very literal “eye for an eye” mandate, that hands and heads are severed, that victims of rape are buried up to their neck and stoned to death.  Never mind what actually happens!  Let’s look at what the Bible says, not what Christ’s followers DO.  Uh huh.

The main problem for these blathering idiots whose blinders are so large, so dark, so narrowing is that Christians haven’t beheaded people in the name of Christ in . . . oh, hundreds of years.  We don’t do that.  Well.  Yet.  Obviously, we’ll be drawn into this war that has been declared on and forced upon us, but when we are, we will not flinch, we will not whine, and we will not take the blame for Muslim aggression as we did in the past.


If you haven’t watched one of the ISIS beheading videos, do it.  I’m not kidding.  Watch them conduct their “righteous” “work for Allah”; look at what we are facing.  See it.  I will never forget watching the beheading of Daniel Pearl.  It made me sick to my stomach, it made my heart ache, but it did not make me afraid.  It didn’t instill terror in my heart.

It pissed me off.


Watch one of those videos and then ask me if I care whether we call the barbarian hordes “al Qaeda” or “ISIS” or “ISIL” . . .   Better yet, ask yourself.

Shiny, Happy Faces: What I Learned By Revisiting 2008

I read this now-bizarre and I’m sure embarrassing pre-2008 election article on Obama (of course I didn’t stick it in my full-to-bursting “Post” file and now can’t find it).  You know the sort of thing, though: exuberant, hopey-changey, full-on brain freeze, idealistic, certain that Obama was more than human, maybe even a god.

In other words: delusional.

It was truly sick-making to be pulled back in time to 2008 and read the fawning, deaf, dumb, and blind near-worship that gripped our nation.  I was completely tossed back there:  to the gleeful, shiny faces of Obots en masse, and I was dumbfounded (I so wish I could find that article again, but I can’t even remember where it was posted or what it was called, so can’t do a realistic search for it–“realistic” meaning it won’t take me freaking hours to find it).

I remember sitting across the table from a then-colleague and now former friend (thanks, Divider in Chief) as she waffled on about how fabulous it was that Obama was elected.  Gag.  I smiled, nodded, tried to pretend that I wasn’t heart-broken inside (not because I wanted McCain, who the hell would want that?, but because even McCain would have been better than what we got saddled with. Twice). After some careful questioning, I realized that she-like so many others back then-didn’t really know why she liked Obama, but she did.


Our friendship dissolved a couple years later, when I could no longer pretend that I was indifferent.  It was weird, really, that incident:  she started attacking Sarah–not at all sure why, really, since it had been a couple years since Teh Won won, but she just kept going on and on about how stupid Sarah is (yes, even citing the SNL “I can see Russia from my house” line as if Sarah had actually said it /smh).  After a while, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and full-knowing the risk I was taking, came back with a few choice dumb-frak asshat drooling idiot remarks that Obama had made.  Oh, erm, that’s different, everyone (insert: “whom I like”) can make a mistake.  Hey, I just hate talking about politics . . . .

Uh huh.

I remember that it took all the tact I had (and I am not endowed with an abundance of that, let’s be honest here) to write a post after the ’08 election debacle saying that “maybe he can.”  It was the low-point in my blogging life, actually, and I wish now I’d never written it.  I tried to find it, but I couldn’t because I guess I didn’t migrate my posts from Multiply (where I was blogging in ’08) to either blogger or WordPress.  Anyway, it’s out there somewhere.  And if it’s not, I remember it.  And feel shame.

I knew better.  I wrote all the way back in 2006 that Obama was sketchy, empty, useless.  Oh sure, back then I wasn’t quite so attuned to the problems we are now facing (read: I was beyond clueless), but I heard him speak for an hour and say absolutely nothing.  That wasn’t just once, that was every time he spoke.  And I knew something was wrong, plus my inner cynic (who very much resembles my outer cynic) recoiled at all the unspecific hopeandchange.  I didn’t like it.

I didn’t like it at all.

I remember sitting at lunch with some leftist loon I worked with as he sung Obama’s praises (almost literally, I half-expected him to hoist his considerable bulk off the chair and start jiggling and singing), and I just sat there wondering what the hell was wrong with everyone.  Finally, when the Obot incantations stopped, I asked this person what Obama stood for, what he represented, what his plans were for America, what “yes we can” even meant in real terms.  The person, after giving a pretty impressive impersonation of a large-mouth bass, mumbled something about “hope” and “change” and how great was the “race speech,” anyway?!

You mean the “race speech” a white guy wrote and that Obama read off a teleprompter?

Eye roll.

These people weren’t alone; there was (nearly) a whole nation under the same spell, and they could easily connect and sing in near-unison the early version of the Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm song.  I was the one who was alone (or felt like it) because I didn’t buy the charade.  I heard what Obama said to Joe the Plumber, I knew about Bill Ayers being his bestest bud and the bad Reverend Wright being his preacher, and I listened hard to his speeches, then I read them.  Then I read them again.

Talk about no there there.

But the media was swooning all the way back to 2006, as was almost everyone I knew.  I have to admit that there were times I doubted myself.  Could all these people be right?  What the hell was wrong with me that I didn’t trust him, didn’t think he should be elected president?  OMG, was I a racist without even knowing it? Was that even possible?  I mean, don’t you have to hate people because of their race to be a racist?  I didn’t hate Obama (not back then, anyway, and even now, I don’t hate him for his race. Obviously.).  Frankly, I didn’t even think about his race (most conservatives don’t think about race, as you know).  So I determined that I wasn’t racist; I was just alone in doubting this person, alone in thinking he was too good to be true, alone in thinking that he was purposefully presenting an empty canvas upon which every voter could paint their own hopes and dreams.

Obama was the second coming, the “one we’ve been waiting for,” the messiah back in ’08.  He was articulate, handsome, presidential.  He was everything and anything to everyone and anyone all the time.  He was intelligent, intellectual.  He was tech savvy and the epitome of the rational man, no knee-jerk “dead or alive” comments from him.  He was going to change everything we hated and double-down on everything we loved (that this varied from person to person didn’t seem important).  He was a unifier:  post-racial, post-partisan, post-American.

Barack Obama:  better than sliced bread, better than sex.  The young, the old, the white, the black, the Hispanic, the Asian, the gay, the straight, the bi and transgendered, the Christian, the Jew, the male, the female, the rich, the poor, the middle-class, the center-right and center-left, the left, the right, the far left (okay, not the far right :P)  . . . nearly everybody loved Obama.  Except me.  I didn’t love him.  I didn’t know him, and I didn’t trust him (I trust no one who can speak for an hour and say absolutely nothing, let alone anyone who can do that and somehow inspire cheers and literal swoons from an adoring throng. Gag.).

Election night, 2008: across the country people cheer, dance in the streets, hold up lighters, hug one another (often with tears in their eyes), wave American flags (yes, even leftists!).  The entire nation seemed to have been swept up in the Obama fervor.

It was chilling.  Like witnessing a real-life episode of the Twilight Zone or wondering if everyone had been replaced with pod people.  All those happy, shiny faces, all that glee and joy, all that faith in unclear, nonspecific hopeychangey stuff.


That was leading up to and into November 2008.  By spring 2009, the hopeychangey stuff wasn’t working out so well, and the shiny, happy faces sort of froze into a grimace.  A grimace that still held hope in its eye.  A hope that started fading in 2010 and was pretty much extinguished by 2012.  That’s the year Obama ran not as the messiah who could stop the oceans from rising and heal the planet while simultaneously eliminating poverty, inequity, and those horrible boils unicorns sometimes get, but as the exact opposite.

He ran in 2012 as the divider: everything is about race, class, gender, sexual orientation, red state, blue state; everything is about ensuring that each voting bloc stays not only separate but feeling the Obama “love” (which is very like the Obama “hate” except that with the former he’ll smile at you indulgently and condescendingly as he bankrupts you. If you’re a particularly good Obot, he won’t send the IRS after you.  Or the ATF, FBI, EPA, DOJ, etc.  Yay!?!).

And now, here we are in 2013, and some of us are still feeling the pain and disillusionment from the last election.  But here’s what I learned from my foray into the recent past: there is absolutely no comparison between today’s Obama and the 2008 Obama.  Not only has he shown his true tyrannical and treasonous colors but even his Obots have an inkling that all is not what it seemed with their messiah, their chosen one.

He’s inarticulate (let’s face it, he can barely stutter out a coherent sentence that he hasn’t practiced–probably for days–if he can’t read that practiced line off a teleprompter), he’s not tech savvy (remember the president who had over a million followers on Twitter tell a Chinese audience that he had no idea what Twitter was?), he has nothing new to say (what he does say is either “it’s Bush’s fault” or “I have no idea what the hell is going on in my own administration”), and he has nothing new to offer (the world has seen petty, paranoid dictator wannabe bullies who oppress, intimidate, imprison and otherwise silence opposition).

When Obama was first elected, the dissatisfaction with President Bush was palpable, even amongst die-hard republicans (I don’t consider myself a republican, btw, I’m a Constitutional conservative–the GOP, generally speaking, are not), and Democrats outnumbered Republicans by a somewhat shocking margin.  That changed quickly, and by December 2009, the disillusioned had jumped ship, and the percentage of Democrat and Republican voters evened out again.  Floating indies (who seem to change parties, at least in part, on a whim due to some perceived wrong or because it’s Thursday) tend to be more conservative, at least fiscally, so the numbers aren’t set in stone.  But what they do offer is a glimpse into Obama’s popularity.  Or lack thereof.

His star is falling and falling fast.  Whatever his plans were, he will never be able to fulfill them because there is no way in hell he’ll ever again reach the exalted high he enjoyed in ’08.  America knows him now and has his number; it will take a great deal more than fake Greek columns, phony presidential seals, and dramatic readings of other people’s scripts to get those faces shiny and happy once more.

Pre-SOTU Ponderings

Tonight the big 0 will be delivering yet another State of the Union address.  Sigh.  When at all possible, I avoid listening to this man.  He’s a despicable, horrible, tiny little person in whom I vest no admiration and for whom I have even less respect.  Despite this, I do have a morbid curiosity about what he’ll say this year.  This curiosity is rooted in the strange and troubling transformation he’s undergone since his reelection; the real him is becoming more and more clear to everyone but his most die-hard salivating Obots.  And it’s not pretty.

Besides, I’ve posted on each of his previous SOTU’s (he didn’t deliver one in ’09):

2010: POS BO’s SOTU: WTH?

2011: The SOTU In A Nutshell

2012: BO’s Subterfuge of the Union Address

What do I expect from tonight?  I’m not entirely sure because I’m not sure how much of his hand he’s confident enough to reveal, but based on his inauguration speech, I do expect it to be even more transparently leftist than any previous such speech.  And I expect it to be loaded with buzz words that are designed to unruffle the feathers of center-right Americans.

He loves to toss out things that sound like he “gets” America but that actually have nothing to do with true American sentiment or our foundational beliefs.  So he’ll talk about guns as if they are only for sport hunting or shooting skeet in mom jeans, saying things like hunting is an American tradition or some such nonsense.  And he’ll talk about rugged individualism . . . in the context of the “federal family” he seeks to impose (it’s very like Hilary’s “village,” by the way, as you’d expect from a collectivist loon).  He’ll talk about “who we are as a people,” and most of us won’t have any idea what he’s talking about because he not only has no idea who we, the people, are, but he doesn’t even understand that he doesn’t understand.

His speech will cover a laundry list of things that are anathema to the majority of American people:

Amnesty, gay marriage, forcing religious institutions and individuals to act against their conscience, global warming (or climate change, whatever the newest catch phrase is for this hoax), raising taxes, fair shares, infrastructure, teachers, guns, and our individual responsibility . . . to the government (i.e. 0 himself) and to a lesser degree to the collective.

Things he won’t mention:

His kill list, his drone attacks on American citizens, Benghazi and our raped and murdered ambassador, the fact that there has not been a federal budget during his entire presidency, the fact that war deaths have sharply increased under his “leadership,” the amassing of ammo by his administration, the numerous unConstitutional executive orders he’s signed and intends to sign, drone activity in the U. S., the fraud that it took to “win” the election, the fact that death panels are indeed a prominent feature of “cost-savings” in the 0CareTax, or the fact that Gitmo is still open and that he not only extended President Bush’s warrantless wiretaps but added to their scope and intrusiveness.

Things he may mention but shouldn’t:  his new healthy housing initiative whereby the federal government imposes requirements on homeowners to meet as yet unclear “healthy” standards (this is in compliance with, added to, and/or justified by the 0CareTax monstrosity), his nuclear disarmament plans (whereby the only country who currently has nukes and won’t in the near future is the United States; all other countries, of course, will keep theirs), the fiscal benefits of the 0CareTax (there are none, so far it’s a complete failure in every way–“not one dime” was a lie; “illegal immigrants won’t be covered” was a lie; “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it” was a lie; “abortion won’t be covered” was a lie; and on and on) except that it does seem it will fulfill its goal of shutting down private health insurers), and his “cyber-security” plans (i.e. a kill switch).

But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us all and actually tell us the real state of the union:  we’re broke, divided, pissed off (on both sides of the aisle), and teetering on the brink of at least two (more) wars.  Three if you count the civil war he seems intent on creating.  Naw, he’s not got an honest bone in his body.  Add that to the fact that he’s a coward, and we can expect more happy BS that sounds right but isn’t.


Fuzzy’s Faux News: ObamaCare Initiatives for the Federal Family

February 21, 2013

Right-wing extremists are in “I told you so” mode in the wake of President Obama’s “healthy housing initiative.”  They claim that they warned that anything related to one’s health would become the target of President Obama’s wonderful Affordable Healthcare Act (what they disparagingly term “ObamaCare,” but what we, in the subjective and wholly-responsible media, deem an edict from our god and reclaim as something wonderful and good).  And now these radical radicals on the radical right claim that the president, our lord and savior, has done exactly what they predicted in “over-stepping his authority” simply because His administration is working night and day to develop new regulations for every American’s home because of the clear and direct link between a citizen’s health and his or her home.  Clearly, these extremists are not only extremely extreme but also ungratefully lacking in grateful gratitude.  We’re shocked here at FFN, shocked, I say!

February 23, 2013

President Obama’s press conference was a delight!  I got to ask my White House-prepared, Valerie Jarrett-approved question. On TV!  Wow.  I’m still a bit giddy from the experience, but here’s what I was told to ask, er, what I asked:

“President Obama, Sir, Lord and Savior, Sir, it’s clear to everyone with a brain that your new healthy housing initiative is a popular and fiscal success.  What, Oh Glorious One, is next in terms of ensuring the full health and safety of the American people, your servants?”

After he deigned to look at the space just over my head and smile in my general direction, the great and glorious President Obama detailed his next health initiative.

The president noted that a six-year-old girl had written to him and told him that her favorite color is purple because it makes her happy.  This, he stated, gave him the idea that happy people are healthy people, so he’s getting the Department of Health and Human Services to begin a new “Paint the Planet Purple” initiative.  He modestly acknowledged that he means only the United States at this time, but that it didn’t start with a “P” and messed up his metaphor.  Some clown from Fox News shouted out that the president probably meant “alliteration,” but he was promptly shot by a passing drone for his unseemly insubordination and challenge to the boss of the United States.  “Such treason will always be dealt with swiftly,” intoned our Dearest of Dear Dearest Leader before he explained his Purple initiative.

Every citizen in the United States will be issued a purple uniform and is encouraged to paint their homes (exterior and interior), cars, out buildings, and any other structures on “their” land purple.  The encouragement consists of the notification to do as the president asks and the choice to not fulfill his fondest wish and be droned.  As always, the great and marvelous president honors free people and allows them to make their own decisions.  It’s humbling, really, to be in the presence of such benevolence.

All citizens will be required to wear their purple uniforms at any time that they are publicly visible.  “Publicly visible” means all the time, thankfully, because our Fantabulous Greatness has drones, cameras, and multiple other classified means of watching every American’s every move.  Isn’t that a comfort!  The Unicorn King has also promised that he will recraft not only the tired old American flag but his very own logo to reflect the new purple, the color of health and fitness.  He noted that his logo, being far superior to the dated American flag, will supplant it.  What a relief!  It’s so much simpler to have one national symbol, don’t you agree?

March 2, 2013

The president is so pleased with his healthy housing and purple initiatives that he called a press conference to announce the next initiative to ensure the health of every American.  President Obama, arriving in his purple ensemble with great fanfare, declared that from this day forward no American would ever again suffer from the myriad health complications associated with fat, sugar, and starch.  Citing a truly long list of health professionals who deem fat, sugar, and starch as the worst offenders in our diet, the things that create the most obesity, diabetes, lethargy, and doldrums, the President announced that all Americans would be receiving prepared meals from the government, that all grocery, convenience, and other stores that sold food stuffs would be abolished immediately.

Meal delivery is dependent on government funding, and as of now, the obstructionists in the Republican Party are refusing to go along with this life-saving plan.  They cite everything from their greedy capitalist belief in the free market (imagine being upset that thousands of factories, farms, stores, means of delivery, etc. would be eliminated!  Can’t they see the big picture? The Greater Good?  Of course not!) to that long-debunked myth about “freedom.”  Freedom?  Really?  Instead of our government working to ensure that we are all equal in every way, healthy beyond our own ability, and just plain happy?  They are truly the most extreme extremists. I’m sure that drones are circling them all as I type this.  If I’m right, then meals should be available to everyone in American within six months.  That, dear reader, is true government efficiency!

The Most High One also proclaimed that every woman would still have complete and total control of her body because abortions would be readily available to all, even if you’re not pregnant.  Or even a woman!  No discrimination in our Greatness’s government.  Americans will always have the choice when it comes to their bodies, assured the president.  As long as that doesn’t include the intake of any government-banned substances like sugar, fat, or starch.  And some other things that don’t even matter because who really wants to wear anything that isn’t a government-issued purple uniform of the people?

Fuzzy Ramblings: Introspection, Blogging, Slavery, Obama

So I took a whole week–a whole week!–away from the internet.  And with that, I also avoided most news (just enough to know that Iran is indeed crafting a nuclear weapon, d’oh, that the world didn’t explode, etc.).  I think that’s the first time in at least a year, maybe more, and it was much needed.  I feel all refreshed and happy.  Of course that probably has to do with Thanksgiving and my counting my blessings (and filling my brain with crap on tv, heh).

I’ve been blogging since 2004; I can’t even believe it, really.  Of course, back then, I was just discovering my conservatism which had been building since at least 9/11 (and I now suspect was a part of me all along, as the Democrats–and Republicans–moved left, I cringed and rebelled.  I’m a conservative at heart, always have been, but I was, back then, . . . a Reagan Democrat.  That best sums it up.).  But I wasn’t all that political (Kerry and Dudge knew me “then,” they can attest to my inane postings about whatever silliness entered my brain and found its way onto my blog).  Oh, sure, by 2004, I knew that my once-naive proclamation to my stunned parents, “well, gee, I’d happily pay 100% of my income to the government to have good roads, education, healthcare, and housing,” was a thing of the distant, stupid, embarrassing past.

I knew, too, by then that I wasn’t “with” the “new” Democrat party (the regressives), not only did I have a job (unlike when I said that to my parents) but I had lived through 9/11, saw what was happening with amnesty talks (McCain-Kennedy inspired a number of posts back then, in between the burblings about Ents I spotted at the park and deciphering “English” English as an American), the war on Judeo-Christian values, and the expansion of government.  I knew the latter meant less freedom for the people, for me.  I was getting a clue.  You know, slowly.

So yeah, I’ve spend the past week putting things in perspective.  You know, sort of.  I’m still of the mind that the American people voted for this crap, so let it fall where it may, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care.  It’s just that reconciling these two views is proving problematic.  To me, everyone who voted for anyone but Romney–or not at all–voted for Obama.  Period.  It may not have been the intent, but it was the result.  So . . . yeah, I’m a bit angry about that, a bit “you voted for it, you got it” about it.  Still.  But I’ll get over it.  You know, slowly.

I left Massachusetts over a year ago.  Yay!  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be among people who cheerily (yes, already) say “Merry Christmas” to you at the stores (I haven’t tested this theory, but I bet I’d be looked at askance if I said, “Happy Holidays”).  I did a post last Christmas that was in part about this, about how new and strange and great it was, and I think this year I’ll take some photos of the many homes that have not only Christmas decorations but also CHRISTmas decorations.  It’s so stunning, so new, so wonderful.  It’s so great to move on with my life and to face a Massachusetts-less future (okay, I miss the snow, but that’s it.  Moving on is good; I highly recommend it.).  Usually my tree is red and gold, but I’m thinking that I might go blue and white this Christmas, in support of Israel.

So what else?  Some craziness about some loon proclaiming Obama his lord and savior . . . or was that “our” lord and savior?  Honestly, what the hell is wrong with these people?  At least people on Twitter, including Obama’s black acolytes (who’ve not managed to figure out that he’s destroying any hope they have for a future that doesn’t include calling him their lord and savior and mindlessly supporting his policies that negatively impact them, in many cases, more than anyone else), disavowed that crazed nonsense.  They may vote for a guy who supports infanticide and the restriction of their religious liberty, but they aren’t ready . . . yet . . . to call him their lord and savior.

That’s something.

I guess.

So I was watching this episode of Top Chef re-runs or whatever, and this one chef–I love her, she’s so sweet and seems so sincere and fabulous–during some weird genealogy bit was stunned, stunned I say, to learn that her grandfather (or maybe it was her great-grandfather?) had gone from being a slave to being a freedman (Emancipation Proclamation, 1863)  to being a business owner in the South.  She was stunned.  Stunned. She thinks him some super hero who beat insurmountable odds and somehow triumphed.  But the fact is that wasn’t at all unusual.

Segregation was later.  Much later.  And it was a Democrat construct.  The United States military was not segregated until regressive hero Woodrow Wilson (president, 1913-1921), who, as president of Princeton University, had a record of barring all blacks from the campus (professors and students!) decided that blacks, being inferior and all, needed to be segregated.  This was at about the same time that Margaret Sanger, another racist, founded Planned Parenthood with the express, clearly-stated purpose of eliminating black people because they were society’s bane.  Wilson, the supreme regressive, even insisted that applicants for government jobs include a photo so that blacks could be eliminated more easily.  These people were behind eugenics, too, the fun thing that Hitler used to eliminate Jews but that was purposed here through abortion and various Democrat government “experiments” with std’s and various other medical “tests” to “cull” black people from “the genetic pool.”  No kidding, that was the regressive goal, the big Democrat pitch for their continued power.

But that’s not really that different from “social” and “racial” and “economic” justice, right?  It’s about barring people who are perceived as “priviledged” and blocking anyone, regardless of their competency, from obtaining a job.  That’s what regressives do.  It may be racist, as it certainly was with Wilson, and it may be “reverse” racism as it certainly is with Eric Holder who bemoans the plight of “his people” and demands redress of grievances from people, like myself, whose white skin nullifies the fact that my own people didn’t get here until well after the Civil War and who were held in as much disdain as blacks and poor, white trash.

Class was and is the main factor (let’s not forget that far far more white people are on food stamps and welfare than blacks or other minorities; that’s simple fact, and it’s not numbers, it’s percentages); we got that class-focus from the English who were actually the ones who first decimated the Native Americans (that happened while we were still a British colony, the people here still British “subjects”; a fact that is happily forgotten by the American-bashing left and the newly-shamed British who want to pretend that they aren’t among history’s worst offenders in terms of colonization, slaughter, rape, and oppression).

Obama and his traitorous, regressive horde want “justice,” not equal justice, of course.  And I’m not suggesting here that anyone who is a descendent of slave-holders should “pay,” in fact, my point is the exact opposite.  My people were Irish.  Poor, illiterate, enslaved Irish.  You will not, ever, find me whining about how unfair our treatment was or how we “deserve” “justice.” That’s freaking nuts.  And yes, we were enslaved, raped, murdered, tortured, treated abysmally for centuries.  Far more time, actually, than American slaves.  In fact, there is no people in history who were enslaved and maltreated for a shorter time than those who can claim they are descendent from slaves here in America (surprisingly few, actually, and inclusive of a great number of white people).  This would have to exclude the time such slaves spent as slaves to black African masters before coming here; after all, if the black African masters and traffickers are given a free pass, then we should also pretend that this slavery did not exist.  Right?

Obviously, this doesn’t excuse the practice.  But I am sick to death of this crazy idea that it’s the be all and end all, that anyone owes anyone anything.  Get over it!  The Irish did, the Scots did, the Welsh did, the African blacks who were (and actually still are, but where’s the outrage?) enslaved by other African blacks did, the Jews did, the Christians did, the Persians did, the Asians did, the South American Indians did, . . . heck, name a freaking people in history who weren’t enslaved, persecuted, raped, tortured, murdered, and you win . . . absolutely nothing because it can’t be done.  Everyone has been, at some time, the victim of/enslaved by someone else.  Period.

The unique thing here in America is pretending that somehow black slaves are worse than white, Irish ones or than any others throughout history.  That we should be riddled with guilt about something that was, frankly, the norm in the world.  And at the time.  And at this time actually.  It’s nuts to think that way, and it’s destructive and divisive.  That chef’s grandfather’s (or maybe great grandfather, wasn’t paying super close attention, obviously) wasn’t the exception, he was the norm.   Blacks, after emancipation, weren’t enslaved and they didn’t feel “owed.”  That came later.  Much later, actually.  In fact, I would venture to guess that this man, who built his own business, would be horrified at the thought that we not only don’t know that was possible but that we later, or that Democrats later to be historically accurate, ensured that his success would no longer be possible.  That he would instead be expected to underachieve and call that his due.

I dunno.  It’s hard to get worked up about anything now.  I mean the American people, this time knowing full well what they were getting, voted for this amateur loser.  I can’t get past, no matter how great this past week has been, that fact.  Got socialism?  Oh yeah.  On the way to tyranny?  Sure.  Is he a destructive force on both our culture and economy?  Uh, yeah, no crap.  Does he look at Morsi assuming near-unlimited power and drool jealously that he doesn’t have that . . . yet?   Oh yes, don’t doubt it.  Will he continue to issue executive orders that undermine or flat-out spit on the Constitution of these United States?  Of course he will.  Will he step up his violations of religious and personal liberty?  Yep.  Big time.  Buuuuuuut, Americans voted for him.  Yes, including the asshats who stayed home or voted for that other guy.

Obama didn’t hide this time, he wasn’t an unknown.  I can’t be mad at him.  I can’t even say what he’s doing is wrong beyond pointing out when it violates the Constitution (which, who cares?!, he’ll soon seat Supremes who think the Constitution is just as dated and worthless as he thinks it is.  BUT we knew that.   And elected him anyway.).  He wasn’t  a blank slate this time, he didn’t even pretend to be centrist or uniting.  I can’t excuse the electorate this time.  He blatantly campaigned on being just the opposite of what he campaigned on in ’08.  And he won.

Read your history. Know your facts. But at this point, Obama is not the problem. And that makes me endlessly sad.