The Real Problem With Regressives: They Live In A Fantasy Future

The most marvelous Daniel Greenfield has written (yet another) stellar piece, The Destruction of Contradiction.  He writes (in part, but do read the rest):

People, countries and ideas are destroyed through their inability to resolve their contradictions. The left gained a foothold in America by exploiting the country’s contradiction between its insistence on moral superiority and the actual way that the sausage got made. The left did not resolve this contradiction, instead it pretended that it had transcended the contradiction because when it made the sausage and broke the omelets, it was doing it for the greater good.

Under the old system, human misery was caused by the pragmatic problems of reality. Under the new system, it was caused by the idealistic necessities of the greater good.

For example, before ObamaCare someone who couldn’t get health insurance was suffering for pragmatic reasons. With the advent of ObamaCare, someone losing their doctors and getting stuck with insurance they couldn’t afford was suffering for the idealism of the greater good.

The contradiction between the aspirations of the ideal and the brutal necessities of the real were not resolved. Instead the left made the suffering of individuals and groups irrelevant.

Read that last part again.  It’s key to understanding the seeming heartlessness we perceive in the regressive, statist, and collectivist (i.e. totalitarian) policies of the radical left where “motive” (i.e. intent) matters more than outcome, where the “ends justify the means.”  We see this clearly in decades of failed leftist policies purportedly designed to help the poor; despite hard evidence that poverty is increasing and the middle class shrinking, the left clings to the welfare state not because it works but because they think it should work.  When you ignore reality (in this case measurable poverty for real people) in favor of unrealistic idealistic dreams of outcomes, you end up with Detroit, not a shining city on a hill.

And leftists do this all the time, on every issue.  In their drive for equality, they ignore the fact that everyone is not the same and that “equality” doesn’t and shouldn’t mean “sameness.”  Instead of allowing for this in their blueprint for the perfection of the human race, they plow ahead, lowering the bar for all in every arena they touch, be that education, law enforcement, or the military.

For example, the purportedly “equality-based” push for women to hold combat positions in the United States military sounds great, right?  Women can do anything a man can do as well as any man can do it.  Except we can’t.  Likewise, men can’t do everything we can do as well as we can do it.  That’s the way it is, that’s reality.  Leftists have no time or patience for facts or reality; they think they can bend both to their will.  So instead of carving out roles in the military that foreground women’s abilities and strengths, that take advantage of our superiority in some areas (face it, women are damned good shots, make excellent pilots, are great at strategy, make great diplomats (as long as they aren’t pretending to be men when they do it), etc.), leftists instead insist on their faulty “equality means everyone is the same as” rubric.  As one female Marine and Iraq veteran notes, “the best woman is still no match for the best man” in combat situations.  That’s just fact.  Indeed, leftists have conceded this very point by lowering physical training standards for women.  That’s not okay, and it’s a clear and obvious threat to our national security, but that doesn’t matter to the radical left.  Only that distant (and impossible) future matters.

Everyone should be the “same,” they think, and if they aren’t, we’ll just change “sameness” . . . and, while we’re at it, we’ll also punish people who’ve been “privileged” (be this because they are born white and male–a shameful thing to regressives–or because they are young and/or healthy).  It’s madness.  They don’t want to redistribute only wealth; they want to redistribute race, heritage, heredity, genetics, values, and a host of other things they have no power or control over.  It doesn’t work, can’t work, but they plow “forward!” working on the principle that destruction and misery are just the temporary but necessary steps toward some sort of fantastical Utopia that they envision as some sort of heaven on earth with our government overlords acting as our beneficent and loving council of gods raining manna down on the unwashed masses from their Olympian perches.

Breaking eggs is just part of the process.  Yes, Obama and his hordes, including House and Senate Dems (and Republicans), knew that millions upon millions would lose not only their health insurance plans but also their doctors.  They knew that Sarah Palin was right about death panels.  They also knew that millions upon millions would lose their jobs or have their hours drastically reduced.  This is built into 0Care.  Logic dictates that you don’t screw up a health insurance system that covered 253.4 million people to accommodate 35-50 million (depending on the estimates) people.  Logic dictates that if you have a government panel meting out treatments, you have not only rationing of care but a handful of people in DC deciding who lives and who dies.  Logic dictates that when you reduce the work week from 40 to 30 hours and make it financially onerous for employers to comply with the 0Care mandates, millions upon millions of people will lose their jobs and/or their health insurance.  But we’re not talking about logic.  Or results, at least not immediate results.  We’re talking about that drive toward a perfected human race living in Utopian harmony in the new Garden of Eden.  And yeah, shrugs the regressive, radical leftist, a bunch of people will suffer, even die.  That can’t be helped because some distant, fantasy future is the end goal (and yes, they actually do believe it’s achievable, but they also know that the only people living the new American dream will be the tiny segment of the population who do not live in abject poverty.  They are okay with that.).

So back to Daniel’s point that the suffering of individuals and even large groups does not matter to the self-proclaimed most “compassionate” of all people.  You see this when they attack cancer victims for complaining about losing the health insurance they like, for losing the long-term doctors they trust.  You see this when they dismiss more than 5 million people losing their health insurance as a “small percentage” of the “market.”  We’re not a “market,” we’re actual people, and the inability to grasp that in the here and now is what really distinguishes regressives.  They aren’t interested in the here and now.  They are only interested in that magical future they march in blinkered lockstep toward.

This is why they are totally comfortable trampling the rights of individuals and groups in the present.  It’s all for “The Greater Good” and that distant future they envision.  So a few thousand or even hundred thousand cancer victims die today . . . well, they were really just a drain on society anyway, right?  They can’t contribute to the brave, new world.

Remember when the Occupiers were calling for the overthrow of the government, a return to “nature”?  And remember how they dismissed the fact that millions of people can’t (physically or mentally) live the lifestyle they want?  One interviewee (I think it was in a Breitbart piece, but extra points to anyone who can find it) actually evoked Darwin in stating, with a dismissive shrug, that though it’s “mean” to say, some people have to die to fulfill the leftist mission.  Incredible.  Or not really at all incredible when you understand that the radicals running America into the ground have no compassion for anyone living in the present, their entire purpose is focused on an unrealistic, unachievable future replete with rainbows, sunny skies, and Skittles-pooping unicorns.

Stand in their way and prepare to be trampled under a herd of cloven-hoofed unicorns and to have your trampling cheered by the “compassionate” left.

Fuzzy Shorts: TEA Party’s Future, Taxing the “Rich”/ObamaCare Tax, Israel, and Sadness

There is so much going on that I thought I’d do another “shorts” post in an attempt to clean out my links folder (that’s the one I drop stuff in when it seems like it’s potentially interesting enough to post about and that usually fills to overflowing because so much is going on–always–with this administration, there’s not enough to warrant its own post, or I just lose interest in it for whatever reason).  So let’s start with . . .

Where do we go from here?

Where, indeed.  Good question, and some great answers (including some–very necessary–President Bush/Rove bashing) out there; my two faves so far:

Klavan’s The Long Game and Whittle’s A New Beginning video:

Yes, yes, it’s long, but . . . come on, it’s Bill Whittle!  When is he not worth listening to?

There are also some very awful, truly putrid ideas out there.  Let’s learn those–after all, it’s good to know one’s enemy–but reject them.

For now, I’m good with simply promising that I will not give in, I will not give up, and I will fight until my last breath the establishment Republicans/RINOs and, of course, the regressive lunatics.  How I’ll–how we’ll–do that isn’t yet clear to me in concrete terms, but generally speaking, the plan is what it’s always been:  keep slogging away during every midterm and every presidential election and every special election to seat Constitutional, fiscal conservatives in every possible office from dog catcher/mosquito control dude or dudette/etc. to United States senator . . . and president.  We always knew it wouldn’t be easy, that we’d lose some, win some . . . granted, I guess I thought we’d win more in 2012, but it wasn’t to be.  So.  Onward to 2014 and 2016 and 2018 and 2020 . . . and well beyond if that’s what it takes.

Taxing “the rich” and dismantling American health care 

. . . makes me want to vomit.  And not because I am rich (far far far from it) and not because I’m some brain-dead wingnut (though I suppose that’s arguable) programmed to blindly follow and repeat what I’m told like some kind of Occudreg human microphone drone, but because it’s . . . how else to put it?  It’s stupid.  It doesn’t just make zero fiscal sense, it makes negative fiscal sense.  After all, when all those small business owners (who make up the bulk of the people at the $250k mark–remember, it’s NOT millionaires and billionaires being targeted here.  Without actual, meaningful tax reform–a flat or fair tax, they’ll still pay next to nothing) go out of business and/or downsize, that hurts the economy.  It hurts everyone.  Sooner or later the money will run out.  It always does.  And Obama seems to want it run out sooner rather than later.

Further, and as even the most wooly-brained leftist must be noting, businesses will simply work within the parameters of, for example, the Obamacare Tax..  Hmmm, they ponder, if I have more than 50 employees, I’ll get zapped.  I have 55, but you know what? I can get by with 49.  Swimmingly, given the money I’ll save in staying super small.  Forever.  Sure, I’ll never be able to expand and achieve my true potential, but . . . well, obviously, that’s impossible now.  Shrug.  Hmmm, bigger businesses have noted, the ObamaCare Tax monstrosity says that only full-time employees are under their thumb.  I know!  All those people I have working for me, those chumps who currently have full coverage and a plan they like?  Well, how about I make them part-time!  And both of these scenarios are happening all over the country–already playing out within weeks of the American people giving the green light to Obama’s regime.  Indeed, so many people are being laid off or having their hours cut back because of–directly and pointedly–because of the Obamacare Tax that I can barely keep up (I tweet every single one I see, so hit my Twitter feed for specific examples).

But don’t think this an “unintended consequence.”  It isn’t.  It was fully and droolingly intended; why else dismantle a system that served 253.4 million Americans to “help” 45 million people (not all are Americans)?  That makes no sense.  Dismantle a system that provides so many people with quality insurance, quality care to provide substandard care for all?  All, that is, but the very wealthy who will still be able to afford medical tourism and elite private practices . . . oh, and Congress, who exempted themselves from this fantabulous new plan they deemed exceptional and marvelous for everyone.  Except themselves.  And their aids.  And their staff.  And their immediate family.  But it has to be great, right!?  Right?

Right.  Sure.  Uh huh.

Anyway,  what happens next is that Dear Leader escalates his bashing of small, medium-sized, and big business and lays the fault for Americans by the millions (literally,  by the way, not my typical hyperbole) losing the health insurance (and it’s INSURANCE, not “health care,” never forget that–it’s about power and money, not about caring for people or their health) at the feet of . . . anyone but himself and his traitorous horde.  Those businesses, he’ll rail, defiled by the greedy and inhumane and ‘unAmerican’ (according to the Dystopia of 0) idea that they should actually turn a profit, are ::: drum roll, please ::: evil.  Deeply, truly, dripping in the sweat spawned in the hottest pits of Hades, evil.  But hey, guess what!?! There’s a simple solution!  It’s so simple, so obvious, you’d think that it was the plan all along (it was): universal health care, socialized medicine, nationalized heath care . . . whatever you want to call it.  A subpar, faulty, flawed, inadequate, cruel, callous system by any other name and all that.

But yeah, tax those “rich” people.  It’ll be fun.

Until it’s not.


I can’t really write about this yet.  I’m horrified.  And ashamed.  I keep remembering 9/11 and  the dancing, happy “Palestinians” and assorted Hamas-al Queda-equally-vile-terrorist organizations and their sympathizers among “normal” (“moderate,” yeah, right) Middle Eastern people.  And then I remember that Israel, our great friend and ally, stood by us and was among the first nations to reach out to us in total support–in, as they said at the time, “solidarity” with us–at that truly traumatic time:  Sharon declared a national day of mourning in Israel, while the savages in surrounding countries skipped about in the streets, cheered, whooped, and generally had a grand time celebrating–celebrating, wrap your mind around that one–the terrorist attacks on our nation that claimed so many lives, that shocked us to our core and caused the entire nation, left and right, most “identity blocs,” to come together, if only for a brief time.  I’m ashamed that America, this land that I love, is doing absolutely nothing to help Israel (and apparently is doing everything to help her, and our, enemies).

I have many other thoughts and feelings about this, but they are rooted in my religious beliefs, so perhaps, at least for now, I will keep them to myself.  Suffice to say that Israel is important to God, that her enemies are God’s enemies, and that I can never forget, ignore, or otherwise belittle that Truth.  No matter how many terrorists fake photos and hide behind women and children and then shriek about “abuse” or “genocide.”  As an IDF soldier tweeted, Israel is targeting civilians but has only managed to hit fifty in five days?  “Bad aim?”  Yeah, right.  Israel is treating Gazan patients; Israel did not start this.  Hamas did.  Interestingly, and notably, they held off on this pressing act of jihad in the name of their prophet until after Obama was reelected.

The sad and strange

I’ve not really been following the whole Petraeus affair scandal, at least not very closely. It didn’t come out until the day after the election (so convenient), he stepped down (as he should; he showed faulty judgement and put himself–and, as a result of his position, this country–at great risk), and then he finally gave us the goods, or at least a map to the goods, on Benghazi.  Call me torn.

Apparently, Petraeus’s mistress not only stocked up on classified documents but also on big doses of crazy.  The document thing is worrying enough (and again points to Petraeus’s lack of judgement), but the setting up of multiple online identities to harass someone . . . well, just call the men in the white coats.  Now.  And yes, again, this goes back to Petraeus, but think about this for a minute.  Seriously.  Someone is not giving you the attention or feedback or response or whatever to which you imagine you are entitled, so you . . . create another account to get through to them?  And then another.  And another.  And another.  What goes on in your mind while this is going on?  Gee, this isn’t actually the act of a mentally-unbalanced threat to national security . . . heck! It’s only just barely stalking!  It’s sort of um . . . should I call myself “Sugar Lips” this time?  My head is itchy.  Think I’ll scratch my left big toe.  Wait!  Shhhhhh.   Did you hear that!?!  Maybe I’ll call myself “Sunshine Moonbeam the Loony” this time . . . .

That’s just messed up.  But I suspect this woman is in dire need of more than our nation’s security secrets and the head of the CIA’s intimate bits; she clearly needs psychiatric help.  Post hasty.  A prayer or two may not hurt.

Next up is perhaps the saddest bit of post-election news I’ve read yet (and I’ve read lots and lots of sad stuff since November 6th . . . and anticipate reaching overload by mid-spring).  Apparently, this small business owner in Key West killed himself because Obama won.  I think this is beyond tragic, and my heart goes out to his family and to his partner.

Hate to leave you on that down note, but that’s all I have for now.

Not Hypocrisy: Inequality is the Very Foundation of a Fundamentally-Transformed America

Joel Engel writing for Legal Insurrection has penned an interesting post about Obama’s apparent double-standard when it comes to freedom of speech. From his post “Barack Obama Cannot Be Serious“:

If Barack Obama consciously intended to demonstrate his contempt for this constitutional republic and its citizens—and who knows, maybe he does—he couldn’t do it any more dramatically than tomorrow night’s event.

Think about it.  Just a few days after trying to deprive a man no one had ever heard of from enjoying his free-speech rights because some foreigners claim they were offended, the President of the United States flies off to party with another man who’s earned a pasha’s fortune exercising his own free-speech rights with language that offends many more Americans than not.

Here’s my comment on that post:

Like all leftists, Obama thinks that there is “good” speech (i.e. approved) and “bad” speech (i.e. not approved). The list of things that fall under “bad” speech is far longer than that approved but can be surmised by this administration’s characterization of “terrorists” as Americans who hold conservative values. This was first detailed in the spring of ’09 with a DHS memo that was sent to the nation’s police departments. It has since been codified by other executive branch agencies, including but not limited to the FBI, ATF, and TSA.

There is nothing really contradictory here or hypocritical. This is how totalitarianism/tyranny/communism (pick your poison) works: there are literally two separate standards. One for the “friends” of the dictator, one for his “enemies.” We keep being outraged and whinging about apparent contradictions, but there simply are none. Remember when we dems were complaining about the deadlock in Congress, and we pointed out that it’s a feature not a flaw of the Constitution? [note: I fixed a typo. Obviously not “we dems”; while writing, I switched the order of the clauses and didn’t edit carefully enough]  Think of this sort of apparent contradiction as the same thing: it’s how their worldview is constructed. To them, it’s perfectly acceptable, indeed desirable, to claim to support free speech and religious freedom while actively working against it . . . for certain people (i.e. “enemies of the state”: Christians, Jews, conservatives, et al).

Every tyrant has his enemies, and those enemies are always treated to a separate “justice” than his friends. We need to understand this because it’s important. They aren’t thinking as Americans who are bound by and proud of a Constitution that establishes liberty and justice for all. They don’t believe in equal justice, and they don’t believe in individual liberty, so the moral relativism we often engage in (I do it, too) just doesn’t apply.

I wanted to expand on this because I do think it incredibly important, particularly in light of what is going on now in the Middle East.

Conservatives often and quite naturally (and accurately, for that matter) point to the flawed moral relativism of both leftists and Ron Paul libertarians when it comes to Islamofascists and terrorism.  Yet we often forget (again, I include myself here; much of this blog is dedicated to pointing out the “hypocrisies” of the 0 administration) that the 0 “Democrats” are not democrats at all, they are Marxists and as such reject not only our free market economy (well, it’s not now, I guess, but it’s what we want to restore) but also anything that resembles individual freedom, be that freedom of speech or freedom of religion.  Remember, there is no greater enemy of Marxism than God; God means freedom, a power higher than government, real hope, real strength in a people.  Marxism cannot work, of course, but it certainly can’t work on a free, hopeful people who depend on God and not government especially if they are free to express their divergent opinions (divergent opinions are labeled “sedition” and “treason.”).  Leftists revere Mao and Che, they denounce American values and our Constitution; they hate everything we love and love everything we recognize as evil.

While it’s important to point out the vast chasm between what they say and what they do, how they unfairly apply their “justice” and “values,” it’s even more important that we not imagine it will make any difference to them.  They intend, and are fully aware that they intend, to make inequality, censorship, tyranny the order of the day, of the world.  The people we need to show this to are those Americans who’ve not yet awakened, and we cannot show them the true horror of what leftists have in store for America if we merely point to apparent “hypocrisy.”  We must also point out that it’s not actually hypocrisy at all, that unequal justice and unequal application of laws and socio-cultural norms is a part of their plan.  Their entire agenda is build on what we think of as a double standard.  It doesn’t make sense to us because we believe in equal justice, in equal opportunity, in . . . well, equality.

They do not.

We kind of know this; we point it out often enough when we express our outrage at leftist attacks on conservative radio, on Fox News, on conservative bloggers.  We point it out when we express our shock when leftists attack black and female and Latino conservatives while purporting to support and defend women and minorities.  We point it out when leftists suggest censoring conservative speech and disallowing conservative businesses.  We point it out when the administration sends out the IRS or the NLRB or the FCC or the EPA to attack conservative businesses and business owners while ignoring similar or identical offenses from leftists.  We point it out when conservatives are singled-out for legal retribution while leftists committing the same crime are either ignored or heralded.  We point this out in the treatment of the TEA Party versus that of the Occudregs.

What we haven’t managed, yet, to do is to fully grasp that this is not hypocrisy, it’s not intellectually dishonest . . . it’s reflective of their worldview: a homogenous worldview in which everyone must comply with their agenda or be damned as the “enemy,” with the full power of the state brought to bear on them.  Remember, these are people who are proud to say they are “intolerant of intolerance” and that they “hate hate.”  It’s not the intolerance or the hate they dislike, they positively revel in and celebrate their own brand of intolerance and/or hate.

Their America is a place where there is an established, intended under-class, a set group of people who are singled out for attack, regulation, injustice, suppression, and oppression.  It’s a built-in, baked-in, part of the system they seek to establish.  In their vision for a fundamentally-transformed America, there are supposed to be oppressed, silenced people; there are supposed to be people who are beneath contempt and for whom special and separate laws must be made to ensure that oppression and silence; there are supposed to be people for whom established and future law simply does not apply.

Once we grasp that quite simple fact, we may be in a better position to combat leftism for what it is, for the evil it truly seeks to inflict on this nation and her people.

Duped Dupes Being Duped

While immensely enjoying myself playing the latest BO-sponsored hashtag game on Twitter, I noted that there are a lot of liberals and leftists who just don’t see how they’re being played.  As one of them would manage to tweet something supportive of the 0Care monstrosity to the hijacked-by-conservatives hashtag, I’d shake my head, snort with laughter, or roll my eyes.  It’s really unbelievable how these people think (yes, I’m being generous here; it’s not really thinking so much as mindlessly repeating the lies they’ve been told).

We Are Not A Christian Nation . . . Unless It’s In BO’s Political Interests To Say We Are

A couple of stoic lefties braved the conservative onslaught with little tidbits about how they can’t believe that anyone can call themselves a Christian and not support 0Care.  This one makes me giggle every time.  It’s not only illogical and insane (but, yes, Virginia, the Bible really does say that God wants the government to save your soul.  Um, sure.), but it’s classic BO (I really do think of him as “zero” or “0” these days).

When he’s not attacking and lying about America’s Judeo-Christian foundations (remember “We are not a Christian nation“?), he’s mocking Christianity and trampling on the religious freedoms of Catholics (and soon everyone else’s religious freedoms as well, make no mistake).  Not only did he sit, for 20 years, and listen to Reverend Wright shriek “G-damn America!” and spew bile after 9/11 about “America’s chickens coming home to roost,” but he’s made it clear that the unfettered free rein his administration gives to the occupy loons does not extend to Christian pastors praying outside the White House (he has them arrested).

The attack on freedom of religious conscience has nothing, of course, to do with either contraception or gay marriage, these are merely vehicles for his “fundamental transformation” and for his desire, as his wife stated in 2009, to “change our conversation, … our traditions, our history.” But it does show us, quite clearly, why he (repeatedly) leaves out the “endowed by their Creator” part of The Declaration of Independence. Like all communists and wannabe dictators, BO believes that the government is the source of all rights, so it makes sense that he would omit that pesky business about our Creator endowing us with certain inalienable rights.  If God grants them, he can’t take them away.

So he has a history of ridiculing we “bitter clingers” (who cling out of bitterness to our Bibles/religion or guns, according to that horror show in the White House), our God, our religion, our fundamental rights.

Except when it seems convenient to use his twisted understanding of Christianity to his own ends.  Remember in 2009 when this administration “reached out” to religious leaders in an effort to get them to support that 0Care nightmare . . . in the pulpit (it’s okay to propagandize from the pulpit, of course, but it’s not okay to say anything negative about this regime)?  Remember all that “being neighborly,” “who we are as a people” (according to him, not a people of Judeo-Christian values, though), and “the right thing to do” stuff?  (How can you not, the same speech was recycled constantly throughout ’09 and into 2010 to combat the “messaging problem” the WH stupidly thinks is responsible for the majority of Americans wanting 0Care repealed.)

My very favorite BO quoting the Bible happened in 2009, as well, when he said that anyone who didn’t like 0Care was, and I’m not kidding here, “bearing false witness.”  Not enough to get religious leaders to sermonize on the wonders of 0Care to these nonbeliever heathens? Nope, so his administration organized a “prayer vigil” for 0Care outside the Supreme Court (you can’t make this stuff up); obviously these prayers are acceptable to Teh Won, so these religious leaders won’t be arrested (it starts today and lasts–you guessed it–three days).

So to sum up, according to BO, America is not a Christian nation, the Bible is just as flawed as the Constitution, and the government, not God, gives us our rights.  At the same exact time, America is a Christian nation that must be appealed to on Biblical principles of “being our brother’s keeper.”  Insane?  Cynical?  Downright blasphemous?  You bet.  And how do the duped dupes on the far left rationalize all this contradiction?  Simple.  They don’t.  They don’t think about it.  At all, apparently.

Corporations Aren’t People, But Big Government Is

One of the favorite leftist memes is that “corporations aren’t people.”  Okay, that point may be arguable, but the strange thing is that they actually believe the massive government we have is, somehow, “people.”  I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around that one, and I really can’t come up with anything that makes sense.  Corporations are greedy, evil, and they lack compassion and good will.  How a not-people can have and/or lack these human characteristics, I have no idea, but that’s what they think.

But then, they look at big government as some sort of benevolent nanny who just needs more power, more of our money, more control to be truly compassionate.  That this has never turned out well in the history of tyrannical totalitarian governments seems to escape them.  It’s bizarre, but the fact that you are a statistic, a nameless, faceless, numbered subject of the government is somehow preferable to being a free citizen in a free market.  Go figure.

Race Isn’t About Race, It’s About Privilege . . . Unless You’re Black and Leftist.  Or Something.

Hispanic is the new white thanks to the box the far left painted itself into when attacking George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin as a “racist” act.  This was when they’d initially jumped to the conclusion that he was white.  He’s not.  Ooops.

But hey, that’s okay, the crazies who brought us “man-made disasters” (terrorist attacks) and “overseas contingency operations” (war) have now come up with a plan: race isn’t actually race, race is really privilege.  Except when it’s not.  With this little gem of illogic, they can cover all their pet bases: if you disagree with BO, it’s because you’re racist; if you disagree with BO and happen to also be black or another minority, you’re a racist, too!  In this (actually quite hilarious circular lunacy) BO is not, despite being exceedingly privileged, now “white”–he’s still black.  If you are in the middle or working classes (having a job is “privilege”) or say, an Hispanic the left thought was white, then you are actually white, even if you’re not (disagreeing with or in any way blowing the leftist narrative automatically makes you “racist” and now “white” via the “privilege” idiocy).

Bizarre squared.

The Word “Hate” (Also) Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

We saw the venom spewed when Andrew Breitbart died, every time Dick Cheney has a health scare (or heart transplant), and every time something violent happens (such as the Arizona shooting and the more recent Florida shooting): leftists are filled to the very brim with the most putrid hatred imaginable.  They curse, they swear, they blame, they agitate violence, they make rape and death threats, they put bounties on people’s heads (including making Wanted Dead or Alive posters that were initially used to mock President Bush but now seem like a great idea. Somehow), they call for the murder of policemen . . . you name it, if it’s repellent and evil, the far left says and does it.  Publicly and with absolutely no self-reflection, filtering, or chagrin.  They’re proud to be irredeemably reprehensible and tell themselves it’s okay because they’re the “compassionate” ones.  Unreal.

Being a leftist means being totally exempt from their own phony standards (does anyone really buy all the faux “outrage” anymore?  I know I don’t.).  We know this, but what’s amazing to me is that they don’t even see it.  They somehow manage to justify calling for the murder of innocent people as . . . what?  I honestly don’t know.  It’s impossible for me to even begin to understand this warped mindset.  But it is one that is certainly shared with their Dear Leader, a man who makes enemies lists, attempts to shut down opposing viewpoints, and has a policy of “rewarding his friends and punishing his enemies.”

They’re being led by the Pied Piper of evil, and most of them love it, being rather evil themselves, they strut along proudly behind their false messiah (Mmm, mmm, mmm!) and support policies that not only blatantly destroy our country but that enslave the very people they claim to want to help.  However, there are those among them, or seemed to be in the Twitter game, who seem genuinely duped.  It’s these people we may be able to reach and shake from their slumber.



Fuzzy Shorts: More on BO’s Tyranny, UI’s, and the GOP "Establishment"

More on BO’s military-style utopia

Well, it seems that I wasn’t the only one alarmed by BO’s SOTU call for us to be citizen “soldiers” in his military-style utopia (read the links there, too. Very interesting.).

More on BO’s power to kill Americans he says are “terrorists”

This is lighting up the leftist blogosphere, but as usual, the right is lagging behind in some kind of “the word ‘terrorist’ only means one thing to us, and it doesn’t matter that it means something totally different to BO” stupor.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: no American president should have the power–sole or otherwise–to decide which American citizen he doesn’t like and should be killed.  Period. So when Leon Panetta tells 60 Minutes that he’s totally fine with BO having the authority to decide who is a terrorist and that their murder without arrest, representation, due process is “a go,” I am beyond horrified.  But hey, don’t worry! BO himself, with no help at all (look Ma! No hands!), “reviews these cases” and “reviews the legal justification.”  Awesome!

(Wait.  “These cases“?  How many are there?  Exactly?  Oh, wait, we can’t know.  It’s double super duper tippy-top secret.)

Even if you weren’t considered a “terrorist” by BO (and you mostly likely are if you are reading this), this should still give you pause.  The Constitution explicitly states that no person can be “deprived of life, liberty, or property” without due process.  No person.  Period.  Not just “most” people or people guilty of X crime.  There are no exceptions, nor should there be when it comes to American citizens.  Making exceptions is what dictators do, fascists do, tyrants do . . . what every scumbag government has always done to “deal with” their enemies, perceived or otherwise.  It is not what America does.  Until now.

It seems to me that we are either Constitutional conservatives or not.  We can’t cherry pick which parts of the Constitution we like and which we don’t (um, isn’t that exactly what BO and his traitorous horde do?).

May 1, Useful Idiots, and a Cross-Country March (sure, go ahead, say it)

According to Big Government, there is a big “cross-country” march of Occupy goons, thugs, rapists, murderers, thieves, and assorted scum planned for this May Day.  Yep, we know, as the organizers know (if not the mindless minions who can’t even bother to find a toilet or de-louse themselves), that May 1st is a big day for commies the world over. The Occutard quoted in the Big Government piece states, “I don’t know why that day, I really don’t, but a lot is happening that day.”  Good grief.  He gives new meaning to the term “useful idiot.”

And it makes me wonder what else this shameful (bowel) “movement” has planned for May 1st.

Pelosi’s Plan to Regain Speakership

The TEA Party needs to wake the hell up.  Dems cannot take the House this fall.  They cannot hold the Senate.  Our only hope to retain and eventually rebuild this republic is to ADD to our limited gains in November 2010; too many so-called patriots are already griping that the entire country wasn’t turned around in one mid-term election or that the GOP-led House (making up one half of one third of government, btw) isn’t performing miracles all by themselves.  They simply can’t do much more than slow things down until WE, the people, send reinforcements in November, still more in 2014, and still more in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

GOP “establishment” / RINOs as Place-Holders

We need to be targeting “establishment” GOP pols at every level and in every one of those elections (and later ones, if any are still around mucking up the works) and electing Constitutional conservatives in their place.  That’s a no-brainer.  Or it should be.

But we also need to understand that the House cannot be lost to Dems again.  It simply cannot be (and no matter who is president, that cannot be allowed to happen).  Better to have some GOP big government RINOs in there as place holders until we can send enough actual conservatives, no? 

Yeah, I sound a bit (okay a lot) pissy right now, but it all kind of came home to me yesterday.  I was at some store, and I overheard someone behind me talking about whom they voted for in the Florida primary.  My ears, of course, perked up (she’d voted for Mittens McRomneyCare, but her clearly very smart mother had voted for Rick Santorum. Anyway,), my ear-perking got the attention of the sales clerk, another useful idiot as it turns out, just of a different variety.  She muttered that they “never discuss that stuff in her house” and then she added (much to my outrage and annoyance) “we never vote.”  I raised an eyebrow in what I hoped wasn’t too judgmental or condemning (I’m sure it was both), and she hurried on by assuring me that her household’s vote doesn’t matter because she’s long-been disgusted by both parties.

And then . . . then she whispered in obvious revulsion that she “sure [doesn’t] understand how that man got elected president.”