The Real Problem With Regressives: They Live In A Fantasy Future

The most marvelous Daniel Greenfield has written (yet another) stellar piece, The Destruction of Contradiction.  He writes (in part, but do read the rest):

People, countries and ideas are destroyed through their inability to resolve their contradictions. The left gained a foothold in America by exploiting the country’s contradiction between its insistence on moral superiority and the actual way that the sausage got made. The left did not resolve this contradiction, instead it pretended that it had transcended the contradiction because when it made the sausage and broke the omelets, it was doing it for the greater good.

Under the old system, human misery was caused by the pragmatic problems of reality. Under the new system, it was caused by the idealistic necessities of the greater good.

For example, before ObamaCare someone who couldn’t get health insurance was suffering for pragmatic reasons. With the advent of ObamaCare, someone losing their doctors and getting stuck with insurance they couldn’t afford was suffering for the idealism of the greater good.

The contradiction between the aspirations of the ideal and the brutal necessities of the real were not resolved. Instead the left made the suffering of individuals and groups irrelevant.

Read that last part again.  It’s key to understanding the seeming heartlessness we perceive in the regressive, statist, and collectivist (i.e. totalitarian) policies of the radical left where “motive” (i.e. intent) matters more than outcome, where the “ends justify the means.”  We see this clearly in decades of failed leftist policies purportedly designed to help the poor; despite hard evidence that poverty is increasing and the middle class shrinking, the left clings to the welfare state not because it works but because they think it should work.  When you ignore reality (in this case measurable poverty for real people) in favor of unrealistic idealistic dreams of outcomes, you end up with Detroit, not a shining city on a hill.

And leftists do this all the time, on every issue.  In their drive for equality, they ignore the fact that everyone is not the same and that “equality” doesn’t and shouldn’t mean “sameness.”  Instead of allowing for this in their blueprint for the perfection of the human race, they plow ahead, lowering the bar for all in every arena they touch, be that education, law enforcement, or the military.

For example, the purportedly “equality-based” push for women to hold combat positions in the United States military sounds great, right?  Women can do anything a man can do as well as any man can do it.  Except we can’t.  Likewise, men can’t do everything we can do as well as we can do it.  That’s the way it is, that’s reality.  Leftists have no time or patience for facts or reality; they think they can bend both to their will.  So instead of carving out roles in the military that foreground women’s abilities and strengths, that take advantage of our superiority in some areas (face it, women are damned good shots, make excellent pilots, are great at strategy, make great diplomats (as long as they aren’t pretending to be men when they do it), etc.), leftists instead insist on their faulty “equality means everyone is the same as” rubric.  As one female Marine and Iraq veteran notes, “the best woman is still no match for the best man” in combat situations.  That’s just fact.  Indeed, leftists have conceded this very point by lowering physical training standards for women.  That’s not okay, and it’s a clear and obvious threat to our national security, but that doesn’t matter to the radical left.  Only that distant (and impossible) future matters.

Everyone should be the “same,” they think, and if they aren’t, we’ll just change “sameness” . . . and, while we’re at it, we’ll also punish people who’ve been “privileged” (be this because they are born white and male–a shameful thing to regressives–or because they are young and/or healthy).  It’s madness.  They don’t want to redistribute only wealth; they want to redistribute race, heritage, heredity, genetics, values, and a host of other things they have no power or control over.  It doesn’t work, can’t work, but they plow “forward!” working on the principle that destruction and misery are just the temporary but necessary steps toward some sort of fantastical Utopia that they envision as some sort of heaven on earth with our government overlords acting as our beneficent and loving council of gods raining manna down on the unwashed masses from their Olympian perches.

Breaking eggs is just part of the process.  Yes, Obama and his hordes, including House and Senate Dems (and Republicans), knew that millions upon millions would lose not only their health insurance plans but also their doctors.  They knew that Sarah Palin was right about death panels.  They also knew that millions upon millions would lose their jobs or have their hours drastically reduced.  This is built into 0Care.  Logic dictates that you don’t screw up a health insurance system that covered 253.4 million people to accommodate 35-50 million (depending on the estimates) people.  Logic dictates that if you have a government panel meting out treatments, you have not only rationing of care but a handful of people in DC deciding who lives and who dies.  Logic dictates that when you reduce the work week from 40 to 30 hours and make it financially onerous for employers to comply with the 0Care mandates, millions upon millions of people will lose their jobs and/or their health insurance.  But we’re not talking about logic.  Or results, at least not immediate results.  We’re talking about that drive toward a perfected human race living in Utopian harmony in the new Garden of Eden.  And yeah, shrugs the regressive, radical leftist, a bunch of people will suffer, even die.  That can’t be helped because some distant, fantasy future is the end goal (and yes, they actually do believe it’s achievable, but they also know that the only people living the new American dream will be the tiny segment of the population who do not live in abject poverty.  They are okay with that.).

So back to Daniel’s point that the suffering of individuals and even large groups does not matter to the self-proclaimed most “compassionate” of all people.  You see this when they attack cancer victims for complaining about losing the health insurance they like, for losing the long-term doctors they trust.  You see this when they dismiss more than 5 million people losing their health insurance as a “small percentage” of the “market.”  We’re not a “market,” we’re actual people, and the inability to grasp that in the here and now is what really distinguishes regressives.  They aren’t interested in the here and now.  They are only interested in that magical future they march in blinkered lockstep toward.

This is why they are totally comfortable trampling the rights of individuals and groups in the present.  It’s all for “The Greater Good” and that distant future they envision.  So a few thousand or even hundred thousand cancer victims die today . . . well, they were really just a drain on society anyway, right?  They can’t contribute to the brave, new world.

Remember when the Occupiers were calling for the overthrow of the government, a return to “nature”?  And remember how they dismissed the fact that millions of people can’t (physically or mentally) live the lifestyle they want?  One interviewee (I think it was in a Breitbart piece, but extra points to anyone who can find it) actually evoked Darwin in stating, with a dismissive shrug, that though it’s “mean” to say, some people have to die to fulfill the leftist mission.  Incredible.  Or not really at all incredible when you understand that the radicals running America into the ground have no compassion for anyone living in the present, their entire purpose is focused on an unrealistic, unachievable future replete with rainbows, sunny skies, and Skittles-pooping unicorns.

Stand in their way and prepare to be trampled under a herd of cloven-hoofed unicorns and to have your trampling cheered by the “compassionate” left.

Punishing His Enemies: It’s What Tyrannical Dictators Do

In 2010, Obama told a Latino audience:  “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”  We, in the conservative blogosphere were horrified.  This sounded Nixonian, it sounded banana republic unethical.  Yes, the president sounded petty and self-important, but he was also proud in a bizarre way–as if, punishing enemies and rewarding friends was something that was not beneath him, as we might expect from someone in a position of such power, but was instead something that he actually relished.  It was mind-boggling, really, to think that the president’s political “enemies” (not “opponents,” not “loyal opposition,” but “enemies”!) were going to be labeled by the head of state as essentially “‘enemies’ of the state.”

Even those of us who heard it and understood the implications didn’t know how, exactly, these punishments would be doled out, what form they would take.  Perhaps, we hoped, he’d just keep calling us names, mocking and deriding us, sneering down at us from his Styrofoam pedestal.  Maybe he’d lie about us more than usual, urge his sheeple in the tabloid media and regressive groups to attack and attempt to discredit us more often.  Maybe he’d set up another version of “Flag the Fishy” and “Attack Watch” to get our fellow citizens to turn us into the state . . . for some reason, to locate all the “enemies” he has?  And to what end?  After all, this is America, you can’t “punish” Americans for political dissent or on the whim of a president.

You can’t, right?


This president has taken punishing his enemies (and often simultaneously rewarding his friends) and elevated it to an art form that would make history’s worst tyrants and dictators drool with envy:

His DOJ: in addition to suing Arizona for violating federal immigration laws (while ignoring violations of immigration law in “sanctuary” states and cities, of course–after all, what petty tyrant doesn’t pick and choose which laws he likes best?), also has a well-known policy of never prosecuting blacks for crimes against whites.  0’s DOJ also went after Gibson guitar on bogus “wood” crime allegations.

His TSA: in addition to gross abuses of power and zero ability to actually detect an actual terrorist, the TSA considers anyone who “opts out” of their porn scans and gate rapes to be “domestic extremists.”

His DHS: in addition to the unprecedented (and frankly bizarre) stock-piling of ammunition about which they decline to comment, issued a memo in April 2009 telling various law enforcement agencies across the country to be on the lookout for dastardly “. . .. groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority [i.e. that pesky 10th Amendment which protects citizens and states from a too-powerful central government]. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,’ the warning says.” I.e. conservatives, TEA Party groups, patriots.

His military: in addition to forcing its pastors to perform gay “marriages,” has also targeted Christians in a special effort to silence their free speech.  And the army has been told not to consider actual terrorists (Nidal Hissan, for example) as terrorists, but instead to focus on Christians, Jews, and Islamaphobes.

His press secretary: tried to exclude the “enemy” network Fox News from an interview.  Yes, it was one interview, but if they had succeeded, it would have been the end of Fox in the WH press pool.  It was a baby step to see how far they could go in ending the freedom of the press.

His NLRB: targeted Boeing in a bogus lawsuit in an attempt to bully them into opening a new plant where the administration (and its union thug friends) wanted it.

His DOE joined with his DOJ to effectively revoke the First Amendment on all college campuses receiving federal funding (the majority of them, in other words).

His IRS: the recent revelations that the IRS was intentionally and methodically targeting TEA Party, “patriot,” and those groups or individuals “educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” has created deep concern on the right–leftists, not being the targets this time, are perfectly happy to see this gross abuse of power to intimidate and silence opposition.  This isn’t that surprising; after all, if we’ve learned nothing else over the past four years, we’ve learned that leftists are perfectly happy with tyranny and oppression . . .  as long as they are the tyrants and oppressors.  Too bad for them that totalitarian takeovers historically end badly (very very badly) for the regime’s early supporters and apologists.

Not only are we, justly, concerned that political dissent will make us a target of IRS (or FBI, CIA, FDA, DOJ, or any other executive branch agency–keep in mind that the videographer 0 falsely blamed for Benghazi is still in prison.  Sure, he did something unrelated to the video wrong, but odd how he was only picked up after the attack in Benghazi when the president and secretary of state needed a scapegoat.  And believe me, every single person out there is guilty of some crime or violation of some regulation–there are so many that we don’t even know about. You could be harassed for collecting rain water, for growing vegetables or herbs on your porch, for who knows what else. So we are not only concerned about the IRS targeting us as taxpayers), but we also are concerned about what this means with the new role that the IRS has as the 0Care enforcers.  They now have, granted by the 0Care monstrosity, access to our personal bank accounts (actual access, not the power to freeze them–they’ve had that for ages), free reign to monitor our purchases and income, access to our personal medical files, and a list of other means by which to “enforce” the 0Care mandate.  These things could all be used to intimidate, bully, silence, even imprison any person “guilty” of political dissent.

And now we know, for a fact, that 0 is not only willing but actually relishes wielding the power of the presidency to “punish” his “enemies” (no, I won’t rant about his insistence that he can use drones to kill American citizens on American soil because he thinks them an “enemy,” but . . . well, not so tinfoil hatty now, huh?).  We, that is anyone who opposes this administration, are 0’s “enemies,” and no abuse of power, no strong-arm tactics, no bullying thuggery is beneath him.

These are the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls.  Luckily, we are Americans, and this tyrant wannabe will not intimidate, cow, or silence us.  We are not Germans defeated in spirit and nation, we are not Russian or Chinese peasants–isolated and disarmed, we are not, in other words, easy pickings.  And for that, I am forever grateful.

Open Letter to President Obama: This Nation Simply Doesn’t Deserve You

Dear President Obama,

Despite your valiant efforts to cast the pearls of your vision for a “fundamental transformation” of America before the loutish, bitterly-clinging swine who call themselves Americans, you seem to have failed.  And oh, no, Mr. President, please don’t misunderstand me, this is not your failure; you are a man above all others, a visionary who sees the past and strives to achieve regressive goals where all others failed.  No, this is America’s failure.

Despite one hundred years of conditioning, Americans just aren’t ready for your efforts to breathe new life into an agenda once laughably believed to be dead because of its utter failure (and sure, a few hundred million dead, but hey! that’s the price you pay for Utopia. I get that).  But America, this woefully backward failed nation, is just not worthy of your efforts.  It’s a nation of horrors, war-mongering, greed, and . . . a bunch of other really bad stuff.

We know this because look at the resistance your courageous and bold efforts for The Greater Good have been met with:  “people waving tea bags around,” people who don’t “thank” you for your efforts to increase their taxes and ensure that more and more people are on food stamps, unemployment, and welfare, people who–let’s face it–simply refuse, stubbornly and against their own best interests, to embrace your most excellent and backward-looking brand of “change.”  These people don’t want your help, Sir, they just want to bumble along with that ridiculous “Constitutional Republic” and their “document of negative liberties.”  They are rigidly determined to thwart your best efforts to guide them, to show them that they are much better off if they, like the fabulous Julia–who depends on no man, only the government for assistance (was there ever a more compelling example of women’s equality and ability?), accept your guiding hand and your benevolent, absolute authority.

Instead, these people, these so-called Americans, these capitalist swine, these lovers of “freedom” (how over-rated is that?! How dated!) insist on defending their tired old selfish ways, insisting that equal justice and equal opportunity are better than social or environmental or racial justice and opportunity.  I mean, really!  How nuts is that?  These ignorant people with their fanciful ideas about a free market and a free people are beneath you.  Have you heard them mumbling inanely about how they get rights not from you, our President and Dear Leader, but from . . . wait for it! . . . their “Creator”?  How can you work with these “pro-America,” “pro-God” types who keep willfully misunderstanding your carefully-crafted message?  Why would you even want to do so?

Mr. President, this nation simply doesn’t deserve you.

Look at the way they reject your brilliant take-over of 1/6th of the economy with your “Affordable Healthcare Act.”  Look at the way they stomp their feet when you simply try to “rule” them as is your rightful place!  Look at the way they point to your logical attempts to ensure utter control over their lives and call it “overreach.”  Look at the way they call you a liar simply because you know best how to explain things to them so they’ll like them (and they still don’t! Such disobedience!).  Look at the way they mock you and everything you do; you, the man who inspired such elementary school hits as the “Mmm mmm mmm” song!  It’s unconscionable.

No, Mr. President, you are a man of and for a different era, an era in which the masses understood that they needed a supreme ruler.  You are, after all, a man of such historic and unprecedented potential that even the Nobel committee acknowledged it!  You are a man who wants to force your benevolence and vision on an undeserving nation.  That, I respectfully submit, is beneath you both as a Global Citizen, Visionary, and Ruler and as a man.  Why would you want to lift up and help these despicable rubes?  Why would you waste your time on a people who neither recognize your greatness nor respect it?  Why would you, in short, seek to impose your miraculous vision on such undeserving, ungrateful, unwashed masses?

No, Mr. President, your calling, great and wondrous as it is, must be greater, perhaps to lead the greater nations of this world: the Irans, the Venezualas, the Egypts, and the Syrias.  Heck, I imagine that the EU would be thrilled to have your most excellent, most high understanding of the world and the order you seek to establish.  Ignore these American ingrates, and set your sights on your higher calling where you can pursue your deepest desires amongst throngs who not only acknowledge your greatness but embrace it.  Go global.  America, so horribly out of touch with the rest of the world, is simply beneath you.  Leave it be.  They’ll fall under their own twisted ideas of “freedom” and that quaint notion of “American exceptionalism” . . .  not to mention that the whole checks and balances / three co-equal branches thing is truly hampering your ability to “get things done.” “Co-equal” is just not acceptable.  You must “rule”!

You belittle yourself by associating yourself with the people of America, with the nation of America.  Best to turn your back on her, her people, and her past.  It’s time, Sir, to move on to greener and redder pastures.  Your boundless greatness is wasted here, your magical presence rejected by the stubborn and “free-spirited” American people.  This cannot be tolerated, you must renounce your American citizenship in favor of global citizenship, set an example for the brave who know that globalism is the future!  You must turn your back on a nation that will never support you or your vision.

Mr. President, with all due respect, it would be best for you and for the world if you rejected your party’s nomination for a second term.  There is much to be done in the world, Sir, and only you–let’s face it–can get it done.  America is weighing you down, embarrassing you with its wealth, ideals, opportunity, morality, and exceptionalism.  You can do better.

Sincerely hoping you choose not to seek a second term,


Fuzzy Shorts: Newt, BO, Unicorns, Income Inequality, and Other Stuff

As anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows, I’m more than a little concerned about the direction our country is heading (so much so that I’ve pulled up stakes in progland Massachusetts and headed for the sunshine state), and I’m also susceptible–when considering the direness of our nation’s situation–to moments (okay, weeks, even months) that can best be summed up by Munch’s The Scream. It’s at those times that I get sort of deer-in-headlights about this blog (so much to say that I can’t figure out even where to begin or how it can possibly matter/help), but I do have other interests and have long-considered setting up another, non-political blog, for those silent scream moments (okay, weeks, even months) when I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around what we are facing.  But then I wonder if anyone really cares about my thoughts on my cute new shoes, my macro shots of random flowers and bugs, my musings about reality television, my latest victories in any of a number of games that I play (oooh, I hear you gasp, did you really just earn 1,000 badges in that game or master soybeans in that other one?  Somehow I think not.).  So Fuzzy Logic sits.  And sits.  And sits.

Sigh.  Enough of that.

So anyway.  Some stuff’s been happening, right? 


Oh good grief.  He’s certainly a progressive, and like all progressives, his totalitarian vision is best for us all, whether we like it or not.  He knows best.  But like all progressives he won’t tell us what his version of “best” is . . . because he, like all progressives, is a coward.  One day, these totalitarian freaks may be in a position to rip the masks off:  America down, Americans beaten into total submission to a fascist (or possibly simply communist) state.  But not today.  And not tomorrow.  And–I hope and pray–not next year.

BO and his Naughty Dissenters Christmas list

Hohoho, it’s off to the gulag we go! 


So this drone miraculously falls into Iran’s hands.  The same hands that BO has steadily fed time to build a nuclear weapon.  Um, okay.

Of unicorns

Harry Reid claims that millionaires who create jobs are like unicorns, “they don’t exist.”  Oh, good grief.  Really?  Oprah is an illusion, Bill Gates a dream, Donald Trump a myth?  Look at Forbes’ 400, according to Reid these men (and women) don’t exist except in the imaginations of Republicans.

So true.  The Waltons don’t create jobs (um, Wal-mart, anyone?); the Koch brothers don’t have a staff or employ massive numbers of people?  (Gee, what about that pet progressive claim that they are funding every conservative in the country?  Paying for millions of bloggers, commenters, lobbyists, and untold numbers of conspiratorial endeavors against BO)?  Facebook, Dell, Microsoft, Mars candy, Google . . . all run by one greedy millionaire billionaire sitting in his (no “hers” there) basement?

Uh huh.

The only unicorns that don’t exist are the utopian skittle-pooping ones that the leftist’s Messiah promised.  You know the ones, the ones who were going to ensure that everyone is “equal” (except him and his cronies, of course), that the oceans would recede, the planet heal, everyone would get a combustible Volt . . . that one.

BO masquerading as . . . 

So, let’s see BO is such an empty, useless POS that he can’t stand on his own . . . not his own two feet, not his own record, not his own policies, not even his own speeches.  He has to pretend to be every president (including Carter and Nixon, though he’s not advertising these).  The latest in the long line of presidents BO has pretended to be (Lincoln, Reagan, Truman, JFK, FDR) is Teddy Roosevelt.  This one is actually a pretty good match given Teddy’s insane progressive views of the role of government (totalitarianism, anyone?).

On inequality

BO’s latest “populist” stance is that inequality is bad.  That’s not quite how I see it.  Of course.  Waaah, whine the occupy loons, you have more than me, GIMME!!!  BO blathers about the horrors of self reliance and lies (blatantly, shamelessly) about the “failure” of the free market and capitalism

Yes, inherent in capitalism is the fact that there will be some people who do not succeed, who do not prosper, who either fall through or jump into the cracks.  No matter what our progressive loon “friends” want to say, this is a feature not a flaw.  There are two things we can readily understand by looking at both the history of our country and that of non-capitalist economies, particularly those that are socialist and communist: one, capitalism actually takes care of the poor via charities, churches, and individuals/companies; two, socialism and communism does not–it simply destroys the means of aiding the poor, while ensuring that everyone (except the political ruling class) lives in mind- and soul-crushing poverty.  There are variations, degrees, etc., but the basics are plain as day:  equal opportunity outweighs equal outcome by a huge margin, and the more we move toward socialism (and, with BO, toward fascism), the less successful capitalism is (because it isn’t really capitalism anymore).  Watered down, hands-tied capitalism is just as crippling as socialism and nearly as soul-destroying as communism.

But not crippling and soul-destroying enough for the Commie in Chief and his traitorous horde.  Oh no! He wants you to hate success, strive for poverty, and turn to the government for all things.  That, to his mind, is utopia.  Everyone is “equal” (as in equally poor, equally shackled to the government, equally blocked from any hope or dream of wealth.  Wealth is bad–except his own, of course, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Of course.).  Well, almost everyone.  There are prominent exceptions, of course, just as there are in every communist / fascist “utopia,” and just as they are in every such failed and/or failing state, these are the cronies and donors to Dear Leader.  Everyone else, though, is “equal.”  Equally shut out from even the basic dignity, freedom, and opportunity that we’ve too-long taken for granted.

Income inequality coupled with American freedoms and protections and with American capitalism is not something to disparage but something to celebrate.  To cherish.  To protect.  The “income inequality” serves as impetus for many to take advantage of opportunities afforded, to climb out of the poverty classes and into the middle class, to aspire to and achieve more.  In America, at least once upon a time, anyone could do anything.  We don’t have a caste system, we don’t have royalty, we don’t have a set class structure (barring the tiny segment of “elite” who, thankfully, stick to their own “kind” and sneer at the “new rich” or the grubby entrepreneur who accidentally stumbles upon their inbred lairs of refinement).  That’s the beauty of America, we can move–in one generation–from uneducated schlub to multimillionaire.  A “nobody” can rise up from our ghettos and become anything he or she wants to be. 

But if BO and his ilk get their way, everyone will be denied these opportunities.  Everyone except their own kind, their own class, their own.  We will have, in effect, a new class of citizen, that which–as in every other dictatorship in the history of the world–is guaranteed a place at the tables of power and wealth, and we will have a new class of citizen to complement them, that which–like every other oppressed people in the history of the world–survives, works, dies to maintain that unequal, ingrained, status quo.  All without a chance, ever, of scrambling higher, of making it out of that second-class, slave status.  That is not America. 

Income inequality, it seems to me, is a small price to pay for opportunity.  For freedom.  For our souls.



Let’s Spread Some (Entertainment and Fashion Industry) Wealth Around (repost)

[I don’t usually do reposts, but I was thinking about a new Fuzzy’s Faux News post along these lines when I ran across this old post from October 1, 2009.  So without further ado . . .]

You know how the libs are all gung-ho to let the government run our banking system and auto industry, capping salaries and bonuses, firing whomever the president wants?  And you know how they are so eager to hand over our healthcare system to government?  Well, let’s look at this slippery slope a little more closely for some other areas of our economy that need to be government-run in order to reduce prices and increase “competition”:  the film, sports, television,  music, and fashion industries (I didn’t include news outlets because that would impinge on free speech, and more importantly, as the Constitution isn’t really a factor in government decisions these days, the government already has its own outlets in that industry).

If capitalism is the liberals’ nemesis, the monkey on the back of our society that precludes a Utopian ideal of egalitarian glee, then it only makes sense that we take a good long look at these industries, long-fueled by capitalism, indeed some might argue the pinnacle of capitalist success, greed, and excess (of course those would be people who don’t understand the evils inherent in a free and open market and the rube concept of “supply and demand”).  Let’s look at the money they make, and the financial hardship they put on the government’s ability to run Wall Street, Government Motors, and our proposed national healthcare system.

If any “businesses” (I almost used Candle‘s famous “so-called” there) need to have salary caps in place, they’re in the entertainment and sports industries.  These people make millions of dollars every year, what’s Oprah’s annual haul?  Michael Moore’s?  Tiger Woods’? Kobe Bryant’s? Johnny Depp’s? Beyonce’s? Julia Roberts’? Or whomever the latest rom-com goddess is?  If high salaries are really an affront to liberals, then let’s go where the money is.  In movies (A-list actresses make what? $27 million a picture?  A-list actors make $65 million a picture?  That’s an outrage.  Actually, the whole “A-list” smacks of social inequity to me, and look at the sexism implicit in these numbers for females and males. Women make a paltry $27 million, while men make more than twice that?  Appalling.) and in music, how much money do recording artists make?  And in television (does anyone really need to make over half a million dollars for a one-hour drama series (no matter how damn good it is or how friggin’ fantastic Kiefer is in every conceivable way?)?  And in fashion?  And in sports?  Far too much according to the logic of the ditzy club who want to cap doctor’s salaries at 100K and investment bankers at whatever other low six-figure range simply because “no one needs to earn that much.”

Government intervention would also provide a “real and meaningful” way of going after video and music pirates, too!  Once the government sets up its own film, television, music, fashion, and sports outlets, we can clamp down on the internet and actually oversee every single transaction, upload, and download that occurs.  We could even imposes taxes on the very acts of up and downloading.  It’ll be brilliant!  We can impose fines and jail time for anyone who views or listens to anything for free (unless they’ve filed Form I=0$ with the Federal Bureau of Entertainment Oversight, Regulation, and Taxation). 

If the government would only take over Hollywood, sports, music, and fashion, think of all the wonderful piles of money that BO would have to “spread around” before we even set up oversight bureaucracies.  It’s all right there, in mansions, multiple homes on multiple continents, million dollar wardrobes, and billion dollar jewel, jet, and car collections (think of the enormous reduction in carbon footprints alone!).  Lavish, languishing mounds of dough just waiting to be redistributed.  And it’s not a bad deal for the average citizen who would like to go to the movies without having to save up for a couple months to buy $15 popcorn, $10 sodas, and $7 candy for each member of the family.  That adds up, especially when it’s piled on the crazy cost of movie tickets, music cds, sports tickets, concerts, and designer fashion (including shoes!).

Let’s get some government competition in there, and get those prices lowered.  Let’s cap salaries, put a national price on how much movie theaters and sports arenas can charge for, and how much entertainers can charge for music concerts.  $1k a ticket is silly.  So is $500.  And $200, for that matter.  Let’s make a national cap of . . (oh, I’ll pull this out of my cute little bottom like BO does his economic policies) . . $5 for all entertainment tickets and (umm) $5.50 for all clothing articles, including shoes.  And of course provide subsidies for anyone who can’t afford that.  We’ll have piles of money once we cap entertainers’, designers’, and athletes’ salaries at . . . (another grab into the air for a figure) . . $250k per year.  Hmmm.  Should these people really make more than doctors and teachers?  No.  Let’s drop that to a nice, living wage of $100k (of course most teachers don’t make half that, but it is for the arts, after all).

We can have government film studios, music studios, sports teams, and fashion studios.  It’ll be great, we can all go out and watch the Boston Red Sox beat the BO Ostriches to win another World Series, and we can cheer as the New England Patriots take on the BO Barracudas in the Super Bowl.  We will finally be able to afford American designers’ clothing because the BO Fashion Emperor-ium will be there to ensure competition is strong (and the government will set prices).  Imagine the possibilities. 

That way entertainment is affordable, and that’s good.  Entertainment also has great health benefits, happy people are healthy people, so there’s an added bonus for every  Americans’ health and quality of life.  We’d be doing it for the common good, after all, to ensure that everyone in America has access to free movies, music, sports, and (perhaps most importantly) fashion.

Three cheers for wealth redistribution!!  Let’s hear it for government “competition” and “oversight”!!!

Heh.  My friend Dudge pointed out this vid to me, and it’s so good I had to add it . . .