The 0Care Fiasco and Advice for the GOP

Obama’s Down, But Not Out

Things look grim for the radical left, no doubt about it.  But.  Let’s not crack open the champagne just yet because Obama and his traitorous horde will never let 0Care be repealed (if they can help it, and sadly, they can).  It’s not just the legacy thing, it’s not just the “starter home for single payer” thing, and it’s not just the supreme embarrassment of this whole fiasco.  0Care does a lot of other things, some totally unrelated to health care (shocker!), that Obama and his commie puppet masters will not allow to be repealed.

Let us not forget that 0Care hands the entire student loan industry over to the federal government.  That it sets up a “civilian national security force” beholden only to the president.  That it fundamentally changes the work week (from 40 to 30 hours), and with it the work ethic, productivity, and tax revenue of this nation.  That it gives the government unprecedented access to your financial information, including direct access to your bank accounts.  Indeed, your income will be “monitored” for irregularities that pertain to your health care status (!). That it paves the way, explicitly, for all “group” insurance to be brought under one government body within three years (MediCare, Medicaid, the VA, military, “exchanges,” etc.). There’s even a provision for “automatic enrollment“; i.e. against your will or intent.  That it sets up “well child” visits by your favorite government official who must be let into your home … whenever they please. And who knows what else is in there (I only got to page 454). He may have anointed himself Grand Poobah of the World for all we (or anyone) know(s).

The point here is that he’s not going to let those wonderful power grabs and that massive destruction of Americans’ personal liberty go easily.  We can’t get too excited about this cataclysmic 0Care roll-out: he can and will use the full might and power of the United States government against his “enemies.”  These “enemies” are always the American people, never the (former and real) enemies of our nation.  Know that.

The Stupid Party Can Be Counted On To Screw This Up

We all see a major change here, we see opportunity and hope for real change.  You know what the Stupid Party sees?  They see . . . erm, ugh, well, maybe.  The entire nation is set to turn on 0Care and on Obama himself, and the Stupid Party will squander it.  We can pretty much count on that.

You know what’s going to happen? The establishment GOP will get behind some lunatic idea and then turn this total victory into a loss.  It’s what they do. What, you may ask, can they do to screw up, to spit on, to vomit on and return this gift from Heaven?  Oh, any number of things.  They’ll try to impeach Obama before they have the Senate. They’ll keep banging their heads against the repeal wall–again, before they have the Senate (and with no clear plan for health care, more on that in a bit).  They’ll . . . oh, who the hell knows, they’ll do something so stupid that Alinsky will applaud from his grave.  Obama is counting on it.  And I doubt that today’s GOP lets him down.

What the GOP Should Do (But Won’t)

One.  Stop being absolute, condescending morons.  We KNOW that the House cannot repeal 0Care.  Stop the smoke.  Curtain the mirrors.  Those votes, your stupid website, mean NOTHING.

Two. Find a way to make your plans easy to digest.  Obviously, lying is a bad way to go (gee, we’ll cover 30 million extra people, and everyone will pay less and get more and keep their doctor/plan . . . um, dumb.).  Republicans do have good ideas, but selling them will not be easy because we can’t promise to stop the rising of the oceans and a unicorn in every pot.  Hopefully, Americans are past that.

Three.  Embrace the TEA Party.  Failure to do so is a mistake.  We got you the House, and we can get you the Senate. Have we had failed candidates?  Yes.  Have you?  Um, McCain, Romney ring a bell?

Four. Stop with the amnesty nonsense.  It’s over.  We are a party of Americans, and if you insist on going down that failed McCain and Romney path . . .well, failure follows. See history for examples.

Five. Tax and Entitlement reform.  Be bold, be strong.  Freaking do it.  The nation is ready, past ready.  (And leave Paul Ryan out of it, he’s depressingly regressive.)

Six. Stop being weak, whiny, and pale shadows of the regressive left.  If you want that, go there. Just go.  Be Democrats.  Really.  (Yes, I mean you, Christie, Jeb, Rubio, and even Paul Ryan.) Weak, wavering, and whiny doesn’t win hearts, minds, or elections.  Witness 2008 and 2012.  Look at strong conservative voices, at Reagan, at Thatcher.  Trying to be more like the commie regressive Democrats makes you a joke to both sides.  And laughingstocks don’t win.  Ever.

8 thoughts on “The 0Care Fiasco and Advice for the GOP

  1. I have been thinking about number six on your list at the end quite a lot lately. Why don’t the McCains and Grahams, etc., of the party just admit that they’re statists and become democrats? They’ve been so longing for the media to love them, they ought to know they’ll be welcomed with open arms once they change that ‘R’ behind their name to a ‘D’.

  2. The point is not to convince the media or the dems that we’re acting in good faith – it’s to get around them and reach the apolitical who have heard nothing but “Obstructionist Rethuglicans!” for years on end.

  3. What if, like with the sequester, this was all planned? ************* Agree – it is all planned. The targeting by the IRS was a planted exposure. Notice the word “target” – why not use the words abuse of power? And it has not stopped and it won’t stop. They were telling us this is “it”.

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