Old Navy Dismantles America, Advocates One World Order In “We Are We” Ad

Before ditching Amazon Prime, I used to watch a good bit of video there, but since I refuse to support a company and owner who literally hate me (I’m “deplorable” don’t you know? And Jeff Bezos doesn’t want my type there), I’ve begun watching other streaming channels.  One of which is the Roku channel.

It’s good enough, no complaints, but getting used to the ads (and to the HUGE volume increase on said ads) is a learning curve. As an aside, I find myself hitting “mute” instead of dealing with the loud (not, I am sure, the advertisers’ intent).

Anyway, I’m not writing to whine about my post-Amazon Prime viewing issues.  Well, maybe I am because I am finding myself assaulted by the most horrendous propaganda.

What have we here?  One of my all-time favorite popsicle snacks (the always delicious in its sweet-tarty unique goodness Firecracker) followed by childish drivel about “one world” and “we are we” seems so innocuous . . . or, at least, is intended to.

The very first thing we see here is the dismantling of the red, white, and blue, of America.  It’s CHOPped up and sent flying in favor of a world with”every voice advocated” (except those pesky people who still think America is exceptional and worth fighting for).

Indeed, there is no mention at all of country, of America, but only of the “world.”  Old Navy promises a world in which global citizens bask in love and acceptance (unless, presumably, you support Trump and crazy stuff like countries and borders and law and order).

This utopian ideal always sucks in the stupid, the ignorant, the idealists, and the losers.  All of whom are ridiculous and deserve our daily ridicule, finger-pointing, and condemnation.

I don’t want to live in a third-world hell-hole laden with graffiti and stinking of human filth; I don’t want my country to be CHAZ/CHOP where vigilante justice reigns and street thugs proclaim themselves “warlords.”  That is not a happy vision of anything; it’s dystopic, scary as hell, and just plain stupid.

What’s wrong with Old Navy spinning out the red, white, and blue in favor of some unattainable regressive Utopian world?


Every. Thing.

Watch what you are watching and watch what your children watch.  Seeing a red, white, and blue popsicle chopped up and sent into the ether may be clear propaganda to you and me, but this is how the left works. When they aren’t being subtle, they are being sledgehammers.  This is the subtle, propaganda phase . . . history tells us that the iron fist is sure to follow.

2 thoughts on “Old Navy Dismantles America, Advocates One World Order In “We Are We” Ad

  1. This is why it’s hard for me to watch tv and movies. Everything is loaded with progressive bullshit propaganda and its nauseating. Sundays have become family movie night and whenever we watch something with an obvious lefty bent, everyone is sure to hear me groaning loudly while I roll my eyes.

    • I know, and it is literally everywhere because these people really believe that racism, sexism, blah blah blah are endemic in this country.

      My mom, also a conservative, used to watch Law and Order, and I pointed out that the show was a progressive nightmare. I haven’t see every episode, but in the ones I saw, all the perps are white, often “white supremacists” or religious zealots, and when there is the odd perp that is black it’s because he needs food to feed his family or is being strong-armed by the evil white guy or some such crap. She hadn’t even noticed, but from then on, she would notice it and eventually stopped watching it unless there was nothing else on that interested her.

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