Dear America, I Miss You

Dear America,

I look at you sometimes, lately, and I wonder who you are.  Remember when God, family, flag and country mattered to you?  Remember when you were a melting pot, welcoming legal immigrants into your expansive embrace?  Remember when that meant that people who chose, of their own free will, to come here had to assimilate into their chosen adopted country?  When such immigrants were happy, even proud, to adopt the language and customs of their new, chosen home (or at least to encourage their children to do so)?  Remember when your name inspired pride and unity among your own people and, equally importantly, when that same name inspired (albeit sometimes grudging) respect (and, sometimes, deterrent fear) among the peoples of hostile lands?  Remember when your presidents weren’t longing for a “post-American” world?

I do.  I remember it well, and I miss it, I miss you.  I miss sleeping soundly at night, unafraid of my own government.  I miss awaking (from my now restless sleep) to a world that was relatively (relative to now, that is) peaceful, to a world in which the American president’s “red lines” were actual red lines and that crossing them had consequences, real and dire consequences. Consequences, let’s face it, that were more rhetorical than actionable . . . though if pressed. . . . .I miss knowing that your enemies were ours, that those who would hurt you, hurt me.  Now, it seems, unbelievably, that I am your enemy because I neither agree with nor support the horrible policies of your current president.  Me, an “enemy” of America, land that I love?  It’s just mind-boggling.  How did that happen?

I miss you, America.  You once stood strong beside our allies in Europe and Israel, but now, you do nothing but signal weakness and submissiveness to dangerous nations that once listened very carefully to our soft speech and understood all too well our big stick.

What happened to you, America?

Why are your own people angry and afraid?  Why is there so much despair and heavy sadness across the land?  Why are your people allowing themselves to be pitted one against the other?  Why, America, are you not standing tall?

My America–the old, trite version, apparently–would never fold, would never accept (much less embrace) defeat.  My America, the real America, is not a petri dish for communist ideals and totalitarian tendencies.  No.

Scratch that.

Hell no.

My America, the real you, celebrates unity, not division; encourages patriotism and doesn’t damn it as nationalistic or dangerous; my America believes in its people and doesn’t treat them like half-witted children or pets; my America rejects totalitarianism and embraces liberty and personal responsibility; my America trusts the people.

But . . . well, I have to wonder, is my America still there?   I look at you, today, and I am saddened beyond words.  So many of your people don’t look at and try to understand the failure, for example, that is the welfare state; instead, they blindly seek to expand it.  As if making larger something that doesn’t work will, perhaps miraculously, make it work, you know. . . once it’s big enough:  Gee, my amazing flying machine doesn’t work not because of the laws of physics but simply because it’s not big enough.

Uh huh.

We’ve fed the seemingly bottomless welfare state, catered to every “minority” from blacks to Hispanics to women, and we’ve not made a single dent in poverty since Johnson declared his “war on poverty.”  Instead, we’ve done the opposite and made more poor people, generationally poor people (i.e the people who are, by government’s explicit design, excluded from ever achieving the American Dream).  And at no time is this more evident than during Obama’s “management of America’s decline.”  Your poor are getting poorer, America, no matter their race, but among blacks and Latinos/as, the rate of “new” poverty under Obamanomics is staggering. The first black president is lining the pockets of his political allies, bankers, and health insurers, and his multi-pronged attack on your poor and your middle classes is unprecedented.

But of course this is so, America. Obama wants to make you over, to “fundamentally transform” you, from the richest, strongest, best nation on earth to just another country steeped in corruption, fueled by fear, destined to fail.

Remember when the “norm” after a disaster was for your people to pull together and rebuild (ala Joplin, MO) and not to stand, helpless and scared, waiting for the feds to “solve” everything?  The free people of your country rebuild, on their own, competently and together; the people who’ve been re-enslaved by Democrats sit, wait, become the victims of violence and their own lethargy.  It’s really sad.  Whole neighborhoods were destroyed by Katrina . . . and are still destroyed all these years later.  Look, too, at Hurricane Sandy.  Again, these people depend on the feds.  They are, of course, ill-served, even mocked by Christie.  Americans, real Americans, don’t sit around waiting for the feds; they get to work and rebuild, they thrive.

We used to know this, America.

I miss you, America.  I miss the you who would look at what is happening now, see it for what it is, and reject it.  I miss the fearless you, the you who refuses to be cowed, silenced, oppressed by fear (of being called RAAACIST or imperialist or whatever).  I miss you, America, and I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever see you again.


22 thoughts on “Dear America, I Miss You

  1. Ah, Fuzzy. You break my heart.

    Do take heart, the only places that believe America is on the right path are in DC (where they’re raking in the cash) and the surrounding areas, SF, NYC which will likely change their tune after a few years of DeBlasio– if he’s still using that name– and pockets of Leftist holdouts generally centered around college campuses (I can’t believe that I now can’t say the phrase “college campus” w/o a little bit derision in my mind).

    Obama is doomed to be acknowledged as a failure, and then we will have a real choice to either double down or “fix” his idiocy under Clinton or a RINO (CINO is a better term now) or to put place a real leader (and not somone “ready to rule”) who will actually follow largely follow the people’s will as is customary in a republic.

    Have courage. This too will pass.

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  3. The America you miss is still here, but its true believers are a graying population. Kids aren’t taught about America the way they once were. And the nation is increasingly under the control of those more interested in managing its decline and looting its treasury than protecting our liberty or reviving free market growth and prosperity we once took for granted. There’s still time to turn this all around, but it will take more effort with each passing day.

    • We’re not all graying, Doug! Heh. Anyway, point taken. I think that the “silent majority” has been too silent for too long.

      For some reason there have been a lot shows on lately about Hitler, the Third Reich, etc., and I watch them, and I think (as always) how on earth did the German people let that happen? What the hell was wrong with them? And then I look around at us, and I fear that I see the answer. Complacency, fear, they’re not coming for me syndrome, denial, fervent wishes for a peaceful life, a desire to live and let live (even as genocide takes place down the street) . . . .

      I worry.

      Perhaps too much and all wrong, but I wonder sometimes what happened to that American Spirit that we few seem imbued with.

      • It’s hard to feel motivated in the age of Obama induced malaise, or should I say Obamalaise? We are subjected to just relentless suckiness everywhere and it seems that there is no escape from it anyplace or in any aspect of American life – the progs have infected EVERYTHING. That’s how it looks to me, anyway.
        I love hearing from my friends too, sorry I am grumpy but it is great to see ya nonetheless.

  4. The assimilation you speak of is truly the essence of America. Alistair Cooke touched upon this unique mix in his book, ‘On The Homefront’ (written, by the way, in 1942 but not published until after his death several years ago). Previously to that, Ernie Pyle devoted a paragraph (or maybe it was a page) in his weekly column to Amercia about the integration of the masses. The Irish marrying the French, the Catholic with the Jew, one race with another and so on. And Ernie put his version on paper in the 1930′s! To quote a future world leader, Gordon Brown, “The new world order was (he actually said, “is”) emerging.” All this assimilation was acting on its own, without government interference… by we the people, if you will! But along came the Woodrow Wilsons, John Deweys, Margaret Sangers, Franklin Roosevelts, James Carters, William Clintons, Barack Obamas of the world that pulled the plug on the natural order of the mix and by imposition reverted us back to the things our forefathers ran away from. ~ Norm

    • Heyas Norm, always fantastic to hear from you. Regressives need division, they need angst, even hate. The idea that we can all assimilate and live happily together is abhorrent to them. That makes them evil in my book.

  5. A great post. I feel your pain, don’t think the old America will come back without some serious efforts to stop the destroyers.

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